Served Cold

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Hands played lightly over her red silk dress. Through the lace of her bra and the smooth fabric of the dress her nipples pressed forward. For the first time in what seemed like ages warmth blossomed deep in her loins. She lifted her arms to tousle and hold her styled hair inviting him, daring him, to go further. Under the strobing lights and pulsing rhythm of the music their hips ground together. She kept herself slightly ahead of his tempo, shifting back and forth a moment before he did, in order to press against him and antagonize the bulge she felt growing beneath his tight pants.

Hands pressed more firmly against the sides of her breasts as he seemed to luxuriate in the expensive material. On the next brush past she felt the bulge pulse slightly in anticipation. He was obviously enjoying himself and probably hoping to get some if he played this right. Little did he know it had been preordained. She had spotted him standing against the wall in the corner, nursing a soda (of all things) and selected him. As expected he took some convincing onto the crowded dance floor. Much to her surprise he had fair moves, tentative to be sure, almost painfully shy, but that only boded well for things to come. If he made love the same as he danced, this was going to be one hell of a night to remember. The passion and desire had been evident from the first, but his pace had been slow, designed to make sure she had every opportunity to enjoy the path.

She felt a stab of unexpected delight. A brief spark flared between her hips as his hands rolled firmly under her supple breasts before gliding upwards. She shivered as she felt a hint of moisture escape her. Her breath caught slightly at her first realization that he was willing to take small liberties amidst the other patrons. She knew she’d gauged him correctly, he would wait until privacy, but the simple thought of him taking her in such conditions transformed that hint into a slow trickle. The spark in her core ignited a full blown heat.

She spun suddenly, realizing she wouldn’t last with all of those compounding sensations. As she moved he leaned in and their lips met. She froze as their eyes met and mouths pressed. Fire poured from his mouth and spilled down through her, filling her core with molten lust. Locked together, eyes, mouths and hips, time froze as her mind reeled in sensations unfelt in years. Then the spell was broken as neighboring dancers bumped into them.

Her breath shallow she held his eyes with hers. “Come with me?” Breast ablaze with confusion and need, her carefully prepared excuses and ploys deserted her. She couldn’t cajole or insist, merely beg. His eyes wide with wonder he nodded. She grabbed his hand and ran for the edge of the floor, deftly sliding past and between couples and singles dancing to the music. The beat pounded, driving itself straight between her thighs. By the time they had claimed their jackets and reached the door the atmosphere was palpable, pressing against her groin, demanding that she feed the beast raging within.

The door opened and the cool spring air hit her like a freight train after the press of bodies. It waged war against the intensity of desire pounding from her breast to her loins. Slowly her breath began to even and the inferno subside. Then his hand landed on her shoulder. An electric touch, as he guided her to his car, rekindled the heat providing it strength to beat back the heavy air. She barely noticed the car as he handed her into the passenger seat. It was soft. The engine sprang to life and she realized he was already driving. He asked where she wanted to go and she replied she had no place to stay tonight. A half truth but it was the only ploy her dream fogged brain could catch. He drove them to his apartment. The entire time his hand traced small, safe, circles on her thigh. Each pass sending a slight jolt up her leg, a pilot light keeping her need banked but alive. Each block they passed a pressure pushed harder outward against her hips.

He parked the car in a garage and Niğde Escort led her in. His hand wrapped around her waist to settle on her hip, holding her close. Warmth poured from his crotch, enveloping her. She had planned for this night, but the strength of her own feelings surprised her. It was a presence all its own, foreign after so many years. As the elevator rose she leaned against him for support, unwilling to flee the energy that contact sent racing along her spine. His hands slid around her to lock at her waist. For a brief instant she felt his stiffness press against her before he deftly shifted her to rest against his thigh. The floors passed too quickly, she wanted to maintain this gentle, nurturing, and protective pose forever.

He unlocked the door and let her enter. He scurried past her to scoop up some trash, likely the remains of his dinner, and clothes before turning to her. He gave her the short tour; kitchen, bathroom, living room, master bedroom and guest room. She could stay in the final room as long as she needed. She had no intention of ever stepping foot in there but thanked him anyway.

He began nervously for the kitchen offering her coffee or a drink but she grabbed his hand as he tried to slip past. Momentum rebounded and took him, surprised, into her. Her arms wrapped around his powerful body, pinning his arms. She savored the heat flowing from his body into her. Her skin crawled pleasantly when she felt him grow, likely in response to her breasts pressing against his chest and the view her upturned head afforded him. She stared into those precious eyes, so full of wonder, and smiled. An arm snaked up to grasp the back of his head and she drew him into another kiss.

She relished the mixed sensations flowing through her; the cool intensity of his passion, the inferno of her need, the electric spark of novelty and desire. At some undefinable point his hands shifted, one sliding to the small of her back while the other reached to caress her hair. Slowly, tentatively, the kiss broke. She couldn’t breath. Most, or perhaps least, surprisingly she discovered her hips pressing forward against him. The bulge, nearly at her stomach due to the height difference, pulsed beneath the fabric in response. He stammered, suggesting the couch and some TV. Breathlessly she agreed.

He sat with one hand on the arm of the couch and the other resting across the back. She kicked off her shoes and sat next to him, curling her legs to the other side and leaning against his strong chest. His arm instinctively left the back to lay across her shoulder and arm. Again her desire and need warred with the soft protection and comfort offered by his embrace.

He brought up the TV listing but she didn’t notice. She watched instead his gift begin to shrink. A single finger drifted up the inside of his thigh and began to trace circles around it. He gasped and began to make excuses, explaining she didn’t need to do anything. “I’m a big girl. I know what I want and I know how to say ‘no’ when I don’t.” She smiled to soften the statement when she looked up and saw him staring to the side, red with embarrassment. Her neck stretched towards him. Her finger lifted to bring his cheek around to meet her. She lost herself in another kiss.

With a jolt her head flew back, breaking the kiss. She tried to take stock of the situation but her nerves sent her wonderful, distracting, signals. Somewhere, beneath her neck, his hand caressed her, flooding her with an electric inferno. One of her hands drifted across the side of his face to tangle in his hair, gripping fiercely under the onslaught. The other she discovered covering his hand over her breast. Her traitor limb goaded him on, sending her further and further from control. She finally managed to realize she had shifted to sitting on his lap, facing away from him, during the kiss.

His arm wrapped around her and his hand caressed her breast firmly. Between each careful squeeze, his thumb and forefinger would clamp together to pinch Niğde Escort Bayan and twist her nipple through the layers of fabric. He had an uncanny accuracy, pinpointing not only the nipple but the most tender spot with each pass. She began to shake as moans poured from her mouth.

His other hand began to glide gently over the smooth fabric covering her leg. She felt herself moisten again as she knew, or rather desperately hoped, where this trail would end. Too soon he reversed course. Back and forth his hand wandered a lengthening path as she moaned, trying to catch her breath from the slow delights he visited upon her. His hand finally slid between her legs but she could only groan, her damned dress prevented him any leverage to provide more then a slight tease to demanding nerves. Once again his hand traveled away.

Desperate she tried to get her mind to work at figuring an acceptable excuse out of her confining clothing. Her mind and breath ceased to function simultaneously as his hand reached her knee and slid under the dress. His hand slid quickly upward, unimpeded due to the deep slit in the side of her dress. She felt his hand catch and push aside the last few perilous inches. A single finger pressed at her depths and her mind shattered.

Panting and moaning her hips ground against his, instinct driving her towards his finger. He casually avoided her attempts to impale herself (impossible anyway through the fabric of her lace thong) and began to work smooth circles around and across her sensitive mound. She began to struggle more fitfully, to drive him faster. His slow constant pressure had built her already beyond her capacity but refused her release. The arm around her pulled tight against his chest in response, hand still carefully tormenting her breast. She didn’t feel trapped, but the restraint only added to her frustration. She screamed for more as she agonized through his slow process. His hand circled and pressed, shifting her bundled nerves to one side before sliding under and releasing them.

Her world fractured as all at once the growing maelstrom consumed her. Her body wracked against his persistent finger. She shifted and twisted, trying to escape heights of pleasure she hadn’t expected, and her body could not cope with. Finally, too soon, his finger left her. Her body shook. Flashes of uncontrolled, sourceless, sensation raced at random between one nerve and another. She heard herself squeak as he shifted her, brushing accidentally against one sensitive location or another. She was draped in the corner of the couch, leaning heavily against the arm.

Smiling she opened her eyes. He was kneeling on the floor, chin resting on hands intertwined over her knees, eyes peering playfully up at her. She tried to thank him but her breathing was still too shallow. The night had already provided her with everything she could have hoped for, everything she felt she had been missing. Her heart skipped when she saw that smile grow into a teasing smirk. She realized what he was hiding when he began to slide the sides of her dress slowly up her legs.

She scrambled to help him by pulling her dress off over her head. He had well earned what came next, even if she didn’t desperately want it. As it was, her body, still not fully back from the heaven of his creation, cried out to feel him throbbing within her. Even before her dress had cleared her head, gentle hands clasped her hips and slid her forward. She could feel him leaning forward to remove her thong as the fabric cleared her mound. But something felt out of place.

A scream erupted from her even as her dulled mind deciphered the inconsistency. He’d removed her underwear while she returned to herself, before she ever got to her dress. To late she realized the portent of his motion. His tongue slid firmly over her mound, traveling down before piercing her depths. She had expected the action, but from a different source. A tongue is far more nimble then his manhood and he slid his deftly in. He traced Escort Niğde the most sensitive nerves and muscles at the top of her opening before sliding out and wandering back up to her engorged lust.

Around the base he flitted, shifting aside protective flesh. Firmly he pressed, tracing the base of her flowering need. Close on the heels to his previous torment she was screaming instantly. His tongue traveled laps around her, his chin pressing tauntingly at the crest of her hole, his lip against the soft, freshly shaved, skin above. White knuckles gripped the arm and back of the couch. His tongue dropped once more to probe the clutching entrance to her core. She struggled to breath through the excruciating ecstasy. Up his tongue returned, chin and lips locking in place and doubling the illusory pressure threatening once again to erase her consciousness. Hips rocked and twisted in a rebellious effort to quicken the process.

His tongue departed for a moment and the world froze. She screamed, pure and loud, her pleasure. Molten joy leapt through her veins, liquid ecstasy racing across every nerve as he did something she had never felt. Petals peeled back and her tiny lust burst forth on its own as he sucked in. Gentle hands became iron manacles about her hips in that timeless moment of initial explosion.

The world returned. She was on fire, yet frozen, as her body sent conflicting reports. She tried to escape, tried to cajole, bargain, beg, threaten, anything! but his hands remained unmoved. He adjusted his mouth and her most sensitive flesh leapt forward and back at his call sending her closer and closer to oblivion.

She fought her body. Aware only of the waves of sensation crashing over her she focused on her hands, prying them open then redirecting their instinctive grip. Hands cupped she gripped his head in a vice, intent on pulling him free. Traitors! Fingers locked behind his head and pressed him harder against her, driving his chin into overwhelmed muscles. Suction pulled her fully exposed, drawing her past her ability to define the enjoyment. Then his tongue snuck forward to revel in the depths of her nakedness. Experience flew from her as she was catapulted through stratospheres of orgasmic exultation. She feared she would lose herself to the rolling cacophony of sensation.

Beyond her control her hands finally pulled his head free. Eyes stared as her own hands pulled him to kneel upright before her. She couldn’t breath, couldn’t even feel beyond a climax unabated despite lack of him. Her hands had found his waist, pulled free his belt and ripped open his pants. Eyes, the only part of her left to control, drifted up to witness the wonder and awe in his gaze. Pants dropped to the floor. She looked back down to see herself grasp his large, straining, member and pull it close. His expression reflected in her eyes as she realized the secret treasure she had selected unknowingly.

The moment she placed him at the entrance to her sacred need, unbearable seconds after she pulled his mouth free, she grabbed his hips and thrust herself forward. Heaven and hell merged in that instant. The pain as his shaft, too wide, was forced deep commingled with the bliss as every nerve and muscle deep within dragged across his solid, naked, flesh. The result was excruciating ecstasy!

Unsure of himself he pulled out only to have her impale herself again, deeper. She felt his tip brush her deepest recesses, bringing her higher then she thought possible. The last, tiny, bastion of reason in her brain reveled in the needlessness of a condom and was quickly consumed as she felt him begin to throb wildly. His hips crushed against hers as he drove himself to his base. Body ravaged she clung to consciousness, awaiting him. He jerked back then forward once more, control lost to his own need. His head pressed against her depths. He pulsed and throbbed as his creamy lust poured forth. Satisfied beyond all measure, beyond all description, she drifted off in his arms.

She had left the house that night looking for an encounter. She had witnessed her husband’s infidelity and was determined revenge was a dish best served cold. What she discovered was new depths and new heights of passion. When her heart could have frozen, she had been purified by heat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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