Sex Club for Nerds and Geeks Ch. 05

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“Hi Carl,” said Margery as she slid onto the couch next to me. “Haven’t seen you around lately. How’ve you been?”

Five weeks ago Margery had taken my virginity in a fuck-filled night that left me exhausted. We’d parted after breakfast as she promised to “spread the word” about my virility, or perhaps the little squeaky sounds I made as she blew me into a blinding orgasm. Of course I fell in love with her but my roommate Pete cautioned that Margery liked to get around, so I let her go. She became just a friend at the regular Sunday-afternoon club meetings held at the old Victorian house owned by the president, Ruth McGowen.

Since then, the club had provided me with three new lovers and I’d lived for two weeks with one of them. My last “date” had turned me into a quivering mass of psychologically-disturbed doubt that took nearly a week of shrinking to get past. I’d blown off a date with another member of the club but made amends by taking her to a lacrosse game, where she took a photograph with my camera that made the front page of the college paper. We’d agreed to meet again at the club today but she hadn’t shown up.

So here was Margery. Again.

“It’s been an interesting month,” I smiled, awkwardly. “But one good thing was I got to know Ruth a little. She’s really nice. And she really cares about us.”

“Ruth’s kept the club going for a long time,” Margery replied, then paused. There was something on her mind.

“Carl, can we talk?”

“Sure. My place or yours?” Dumb and crude, and I regretted it instantly.

“Union. Coffee. Half an hour?”

“Sure.” (Phew! She wasn’t offended.)

I spotted Margery at a back-of-the-room table. She waved and smiled that smile.

“Tea, right?”

“You remembered.”

While we waited for our orders, she mused on the new “talent” that had joined the club since New Year’s. “There are so many newbies, they seem to think of the club as a place to post a help-wanted note, nothing more.

“Pete and I were thinking about how to get everybody more involved, as a club, with each other. We decided to have a potluck picnic like there used to be.”

“That sounds great! Pete told me about them, but I’ve never been to one. They stopped a year ago, right?”

“Yes. They’re really a lot of work. But Pete and I think it’s worth having one before exams. In fact, we want to have it next Saturday.”

“Not much time.”

“Plenty of time if we can get a few people to help out.”

“Okay, what can I do?”

“Great! I knew you’d pitch in!” and she leaned across the table and kissed me.

The picnic would be, as before, in Ruth’s spacious back yard. Every member of the club would be assigned a contribution. A setup committee, a serving committee, and a cleanup committee, totaling 10 individuals, would manage everything. Expenses for paper goods, fuel for the gas grill, ice, and the like would be met by passing the hat.

All the members would be asked to come, as a show of support for Ruth and for the club that was doing so much for them. As always, they would be encouraged to invite potential new members.

“It surprises me how reluctant people are to reach out to their friends and say, ‘hey, there’s a group I hang out with that you’d like.’ It’s not like joining a sorority, we’re all too involved in our own worlds for that kind of life. But there are benefits,” and she grinned that raffish grin.

Since Thursday was my no-class day, I volunteered to run the assorted errands, picking up what had to be bought or fetched. Margery just happened to have a detailed list in her pocket.

“Pretty sure of yourself, aren’t you?” I teased.

“I know you well enough,” she teased back.

“Wanta eat dinner?”



“You remembered.”

We wrapped up the potluck arrangements conversation and segued into more personal things. She had just landed, as a mere sophomore, a teaching assistantship for next year. If teaching didn’t work out, she was thinking of going into publishing, since she read a lot and liked editing other people’s work — “and I’m the best fact-checker I know.”

I neglected to mention my recent bout of impotence, regaling her instead with tales of my and Cindy’s two-week dorm-cleaning stint. Then I picked up her theme of what the club meant to me.

“For the first time in my life, I’m hanging out with very different people, talking to them, listening to them, instead of being with just my camera, alone and shooting loneliness pictures. I got Carol to go to a lacrosse game and we took action pictures. She’s got a real eye for sports photography, much better than mine. Did you see her shot on the front page this morning?”

“That was hers? The rag is improving.”

I asked her advice about a major. “I’m thinking about sociology or psychology. I don’t really have any passion for them, but they want a decision by the end of finals. I’ve done well enough in the classes, but . . .”

“Sometimes you pick a major that’s like a safety school Niğde Escort when you were applying to college. Remember?”

“Oh yeah. God that was awful.”

“Well, this isn’t nearly as bad. You stay in the College of Liberal Arts, you’re safe. It’s the skills you develop that matter. How you handle language, how you communicate your interest to others. You’re good at that. You’ve made a lot of friends in the club, everybody likes you. Even Ruth, who’s not easily impressed.”

We finished dinner around seven and I signaled the waiter for the check, pulling out my student union debit card. Margery put her hand over the card. “Dutch,” she said.


The spring light was fading when we arrived at my apartment. I ogled her ass as she climbed the stairs ahead of me. We sat on the couch and eyed each other.

I moved toward her and kissed her neck, holding myself in check. Her fingers in my hair and her hand moving slowly up my thigh encouraged my mouth to move to her lips and my hands to her breasts. She sighed as I tweaked the nipple of her left breast and she stroked my cock through my pants.

“C’mon, we need room,” I said. “I’m not going to dump you on the floor like last time.” She giggled.

I locked my door and we slow-motion came together, kissing and fumbling. When we broke for air, I knelt and slowly undid the closest sneaker, rolled off her sock, and took her big toe in my mouth.

“Oh! That’s, that’s, oh my,” she said, and held onto my shoulder for balance. I ran my hands up her thighs, stood, and kissed her hard, passionately. She ground her hips into me.

Back on my knees for the other sneaker, this time I kissed the instep, then blew on the lingering saliva to cool it. My hands trickled up her thighs to the fly of her jeans and I palmed her pussy from the outside as I lowered the zipper.

Popping the button, I dropped her jeans and she stepped out of them. I reached inside her panties, squeezed the receptive cheeks of her ass, and drew them down and off.

Looking up, I saw her neatly trimmed bush. Her heat reached my nostrils as I ran my tongue over my lips. Pulling her hips to my face, I buried my mouth in the fur and sucked her pussy lips. “Oh god, that’s sooooo nice,” she said softly. I trickled my tongue over her whole mound, slithered in and out of the lips, and sucked them again.

She pulled my head hard into her pussy and writhed against my face. She lost her balance and fell backwards onto the bed, with her legs spread and open. “Don’t you dare stop!” she husked.

Now it was my grin that was raffish.

I resumed roaming her pussy, fluttering my tongue to release her clitoral button as she squealed and jerked against me.

“Oh god, I’m going to cum! I’m gonna cum! YOU’RE MAKING ME CUM!” and her juices squirted, suddenly, all over my face.

I persisted. Having caused this first climax, I didn’t want to lose my momentum. I inhaled her clit and sucked its tip.

“Oh my godddddddddd!” she yelled as she practically levitated off the edge of the bed. I was so tight into her that I was yanked along.

When she came down I slid my middle finger into her and twirled it. She moaned as she slowly tightened her thighs against my head. The more I moved my finger, the tighter that grip got. She bucked against my face and came again, but quietly.

She came down slowly. I knew she was back on earth when she started stroking my earlobe.

“Oh Carl, Carl, Carl, that was good, so good.”

I was exhilarated. Margery had taken me to heaven for my first time and now I had pushed her skyward.

“God you are a good man,” she panted as my face moved to hers.

“And you are a very sexy woman,” I said, and stuck my tongue into her mouth. We pulled each other close and kissed till we ran out of air.

Standing, I pulled her up. “Let’s get naked.”

“Oh you say the sweetest things,” she teased.

Our hands collided as I reached for her blouse and hers headed for my polo. We laughed and entwined our arms as we undid each other. “Arms up,” she said, and lifted my shirt off.

Then she sucked MY nipple with HER lips! She held my torso against her mouth as she sucked and swirled her tongue, making that useless thing hard and my cock harder.

What little presence of mind I had left I used to finish unbuttoning her blouse and reach around to unclasp her bra. She stepped back and shrugged everything off, then pounced on my pants.

Belt-button-zipper, they were at my feet. I tried to pull my sneakers through but couldn’t, then lost MY balance and topped past her, landing face down on the bed.

“Now I gotcha!” she said triumphantly and she spanked me playfully, then kissed the redness. Swiftly untying the laces, she yanked my sneakers off, completing my exposure.

She hopped onto the bed and I rolled onto my side to face her. My cock met her tufted pussy and I reached for her proffered breasts, and suckled.

“Oh yes, so soft, you’re so soft,” which certainly wasn’t Niğde Escort Bayan true about my cock, which she was stroking rhythmically. I was getting really excited but didn’t want to cum that way.

“C’mon cowgirl, ride me, I really like the view,” I panted.

“Good horsey, nice —” and the rest was lost as she took my cock into her mouth for lubrication. Satisfied, she popped off, mounted my hips and bent me just enough to get us joined.

“Off to the races! C’mon Carl, let’s sprint!” This was no slow-gaited trail ride, she wanted to gallop. I tried for her breasts but she was moving too fast, so I held onto her hips and met her thrust for thrust.

Her hair was loose and flew around as she swung her head and torso frantically. I pumped in and out of her pussy like never before, struggling to keep up as her pelvis banged against me and she twirled herself around my stiffness.

Then she exploded!

“God yes! I’m cumming cumming cumming! Fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK MEEEE!” She was right on top of me, balancing herself on her hands as she pole-danced around my cock.

“I’m gonna cum too, oh Marg—” and I blasted two weeks of accumulated sperm into her, mindlessly pumping my cock in and out.

She collapsed onto me and I held her as tight as I’d ever held anything in my life. We struggled for air, slowly recovering.

As she gave my softening cock a pleasant squeeze with her pussy walls, she rolled us onto our sides and delivered a fierce kiss.

“Goddamn Carl, that was heaven! I haven’t fucked like that in I don’t know how long.”

“Well, I can say I’ve NEVER been fucked like that. You’re a tiger! You should have seen yourself when you were bouncing on top of me! Your breasts smacked your chin as you rode up and down. It was spectacular!”

My soften cock slid out of her and I felt that pang of loss. She must have felt something similar as she sighed.

“Stay still, I’ll get a cloth,” I said softly, pecking her on the lips. By the time I got back, she was under the covers, snoring softly. I swabbed the blanket and pulled back the sheets so I could gently clean her thighs and pussy. She stirred, dreamily murmured “nice,” and drifted off. I spooned her and drifted away myself.


Having your balls tickled by your lover’s tongue is a nice way to be woken up. My not disinterested cock lay off to one side as Margery worked her way across my scrotum to its base. She slowly chased the cockhead as it mounted skyward. Maybe ten minutes later, as I luxuriated in her kissing and licking, she had turned it into a tower of power.

I glanced at the clock: 1:15.

To keep up with my swiftly-rising cockhead, Margery had to shift her body and now her chest was closer to my hands. I tickled and twisted her nipples and was rewarded with “ummmmmm” as she moved along. She took my erection into her mouth and squeezed the head with her lips, then licked all around. Ummmmm.

“I want you,” I whispered in her ear.

“Slowly, please, I’m a little sore,” she whispered back.

Rolling her into position, I steadied myself on all fours and began kissing her neck. I moved to her shoulders, then back to her earlobes. Slowly I invaded her ear with my tongue, and she moaned.

She opened her legs as I slid between them to work her breasts from below. My chest felt the warmth and moisture of her pussy as I alternately licked and tweaked her nipples.

“Harder, please, pull it, oh there, that’s it, I like that,” she said about my efforts on her left nipple. “It’s too sensitive, just lick, use your mouth, no not your teeth, there, now suck, yesssss” on her right one.

As I moved aside to work on her pussy, she shifted to open herself as wide as possible, bending her outside leg up and away. The moonlight glanced off the wetness of her vaginal lips as I lubricated my finger in her moisture. She was stroking my hair and letting out those soft moans I loved to hear as I sought her clit with my tongue.

It had already pushed aside the folded skin so I sucked it completely into my mouth, holding it steady with my lips, and ever-so-gently tongued the shaft and then the head.

“Ohhhhh, yessssss, god so good, so gooooood, so goddamned gooood,” she moaned as she humped against my face. I tried to hold onto her hips as she started, but she shook me off. She clamped my face to her and swiveled her hips left and right, then up and down before gradually settling back onto the bed, sweating and panting.

She wasn’t there five seconds before my moistened cockhead slipped into her. “Oh thank god you’re there, I really need this, I need your fucking,” she urged, calling my reserves of strength up from somewhere.

No further encouragement was required for me to stroke deep, then slowly slide almost out, then deeply in, again and again, but as slow as I could. I was intent on her face, which at first was peaceful but which slowly took on a predatory cast as licked her lips.

“Umpf, umpf, yessss, that’s good, Escort Niğde slow, go slow” gave way to “it’s okay to go faster, there, yessssss, a little more, yessss.”

Her heels suddenly clamped me to her and the bucking was a shot of adrenalin to my cock. “I’m gonna cum! You’ll have me all over you if —” I started to say, but she jammed her mouth on mine and sucked my tongue into her even as she pulled me off my precarious balance and onto her.

I came, hard, again and again, unrestrained, gushing out from some hidden reservoir. Just as I finished she humped me practically through the roof and started her own climax of grunting, repeating “oh yeah! Fuck me! Fuck me!” Every inch of her radiated heat.

On television I’d watched trainers walking Kentucky Derby horses after they won the race, cooling them down from the high of the sprint. I couldn’t do that here, but I did lie next to her and stroked her face, her belly, and her thighs after I pulled out.

“Do you do this to all your lovers?” she croaked.

“If I did, I think I’d be long dead,” I replied, not completely untruthfully.

“Well, good, let’s keep it our little secret. Do you have an early class tomorrow?”

“Eleven. You?”

“Free day. Good. I need to pee.” As we got up, she looked at the bed.

“These sheets are soaked, we’ve probably soaked the mattress pad too.” While she was peeing, I stripped the bed and was glad to find that the pad was barely damp, so I rotated it and remade the bed with fresh sheets.

Margery came back with a big pitcher of water, two glasses, and a hand towel. I puzzled at the towel.

“We’re both dehydrated, so we need the water. And if I’m recalling the last four hours correctly, there’s going to be so much cum leaking out of me that neither one of us will be comfortable sleeping on it, so I’m going to put this under me.”

We lay back against the headboard, thigh to thigh, drinking. A couple of times she looked down and showed me just how much had leaked out of her pussy. She was right.

She wanted to talk some more about the club. “It’s getting to be too much for Ruth, I can tell. She’s been a great den mother but she’s thirty-eight now and not married. I know she has enough money to keep going, but there’s no guy in her life.”

“Nobody?” I couldn’t imagine being without.

“She’s very discreet about her personal life, but I’ve never seen evidence of a guy. Never.”

She took a deep breath, then exhaled. “The club saved me. I came here three years ago, a nice conservative Catholic virgin from upstate, intent on being the next Frederick Jackson Turner.

“Within two weeks I’d dumped the ‘Catholic’ part — the chaplain said mine was the second-fastest loss of faith he’d seen in twenty years! And within a month I got rid of the ‘virgin’ and pretty quickly acquired a huge case of gonorrhea and two STIs from several guys I’ll never remember during a three-night marathon at some fraternities one weekend. The treatments were degrading and miserable. I sank into such a depression that I failed every one of my courses.

“My parents were stunned when I told them I’d flunked out.

“They made me get a job. I got to be pretty good at bagging groceries and restocking shelves.

“Five months of being bossed around and hit on by the manager, a guy I’d loathed in high school, plus the fact that I had to pay room and board at home, convinced me I wanted to go back to school. However, since I’d failed every one of my first-semester courses, my chances for readmission were probably less than zero.

“One day, out of the blue, mom announced that she’d made an appointment for me with the parish priest. I flipped!

” ‘Are you nuts? He’s a man who wears a dress! His Latin is awful! He stinks of cigarettes! He’s probably fucking the housekeeper, but if not he’s buggering the choir boys! What use can he possibly be to me?’

“She let me finish my rant, then smiled. ‘His brother is the assistant dean of the faculty at the university.’

“Father Harrigan was unruffled. For a small-town priest, he was surprisingly understanding of my turmoil. ‘My child, I remember you were always reading. You have a mind that deserves to learn. I believe you can succeed at the university. Will you let me help you?’ “

“They re-admitted me with the same financial aid package and started me out all over again as a 19-year old freshman. I had to sign a contract to maintain a B average, report weekly to a faculty advisor, and limit my social life to essentially nothing for the first year.

“I hit the books like a woman possessed and pulled straight A’s the first semester. But there was something missing.

“One February afternoon I showed up for my regular session with Dr. Schwarzkopf, my geezer faculty advisor, at his house. He was in bed with a nasty cold, so his wife invited me for chicken soup in her kitchen. It wasn’t ten minutes before I was blubbering my loneliness to this grandmotherly woman.

” ‘David didn’t have the heart to be the disciplinarian with our children, he knows too much about teenagers and college students than to enforce that part of the contract. You should ask him.’ “

” ‘I’m afraid, Dotty’ (she asked me to call her “Dotty”). I can’t mess this up. But I am so lonely.’ “

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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