Sex in the Afternoon

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Sometimes you have to grab from life what you can in small slices of pleasure.

He watched his hand slide slowly over her soft, sweat slicked skin, the pulse beneath it beating hard in tandem along with his own pounding pulse, and his fingers splayed wide as he swept his hand down, over the curve of her breast, down, slowly down, until he felt the hard tight rigid pebble of her nipple against his palm. Cupping and squeezing gently, he heard her moan in his ear and then the nails of her fingers sweep down his naked back, raking at the tightly bunched muscles covered by his own sweat slicked skin.

Inhaling deeply, her musky scent filled his head, and with his mouth, lips hot and hard, he sucked at the side of her neck as his fingertips moved to pinch the dark, blood infused nipple.

Her body arched upwards and she panted, legs moving restlessly beneath him. Her hand moved up to cup the back of his head, fingers threading through his dark black hair, pulling his head down, trying to get him to put the sensitive bud into his mouth.

He moved his thigh between her thighs, rubbing his hair roughened leg against her hot throbbing damp apex. Her fingers clenched against his skull, her head bent forward, her own small teeth biting down on his shoulder where it was most sensitive, and then he heard her beg, “Please……more…..please.”

Softly he whispered in her ear, his breath warm and arousing, “Baby want it……want it hard?”

He felt her tug at his head, her thighs squeezed tight against his own thigh, a restless begging, “Yessss………I need it now…..”

His hand slowly moved down leaving her breast, moving towards what she wanted. His mouth replaced his fingers, the warm wet cavern of his mouth closing over the yearning teat, sucking, then his tongue teasing it, back and forth before he suddenly bit down hard making her cry out, not in pain, but in pleasure.

Hand moving down further, over the gentle roundness of her belly, over the mound of her womanhood, he cupped her sex, his middle finger rubbing gently the wet hard point between the folds, then flicking with his nail, once, twice and then again. She bucked, and moaned, and he sucked hard on her breast as his finger worked her.

Reaching up and grabbing at the metal struts of the old brass headboard she held on, head thrown back, legs open wide as the pleasure coursed through her body, lost in a mass of sensation as his mouth moved to her other breast, his teeth closing over the other nipple, biting down and flicking with the tip of his tongue causing an almost electrical charge to rush down from her breasts, down to where her pulsing, throbbing clitoris was being played.

Hot dark eyes watched her straining arching breasts being offered up, his saliva coating the dark swollen buds, and he felt the muscles in his belly tense even tighter, the blood coursing into his penis, the hard throbbing need pool there, and then he moved down, mouth and tongue lapping at her salty glistening skin, occasionally nipping with his teeth, until he reach her navel where his tongue swirled into the indentation, the musky smell of her sex growing stronger with every breath he took, filling up his head and his mind.

Her hands left the bedstead where she had been gripping tightly and rushed to push at his head, urging him down as she lifted up her hips, soft mewing sounds emitting from her in anticipation. Slowly his head moved on until she felt the first hot swirl of his wet tongue over her clit. A finger thrusted up into her needy hole, her own fingers clutching in his hair she shouted out as the first wave of orgasm hit her.

He rose over her, his body tight and ready, hands placed each side of her head kartal escort bayan and looking down at her, his blue eyes gazing into her wide pleasure laden green eyes, he slowly entered her, his rock hard prick filling her up, sliding into the slickly wet, pulsing, grabbing opening. Teeth gritted he settled in and held his position, savouring the feeling of being surrounded by her, of the tight hot fit of her, and then he moved his hips, slowly back, almost withdrawing from her, and then thrusting down hard and deep, making her scream out with delirious delight. Her knees rose up, bent, and he felt her legs wrap tight around him, her heels pressing down on his buttocks, and he repeated the move, slowly withdrawing and then plunging deep and hard, again, and again and again. Slow, deep, hard and measured, he rode her.

Watching as her head rocked from side to side, eyes wide and unseeing in her rise to orgasm, he looked down between their joined bodies watching as his strong movements into her made her breasts jiggle, dark rose nipples pointing high on the firm moving mounds.

Picking up speed he moved inside her, the feel of her muscles holding and rubbing him, pulling at him, feeling like heaven. His balls tightening he threw back his head, teeth bared and growled deep in his chest as his frantic thrusting increased, mindless of anything but the pull of the tension about to explode.

“Deeper……..deeper….” he heard her beg and he shifted slightly, his hand leaving the bed where it supported him to place his arm hooked under one of her knees and pushed it up towards her shoulder to open her up a little and he banged away feeling the tip of his cock hit the bottom of her cervix, a blunt bump as each thrust bottomed out inside of her.

He heard her shout of satisfaction just as his own explosion of come erupted from deep down inside of him, filling her up. A few more thrusts and he collapsed on top of her, exhausted and limp, every muscle in his body quivering from effort and pleasure.

After a while he became aware of her heated body under him, her fingers stroking his back, the sounds of the traffic coming through the open window along with a slight breeze that cooled his heated skin. Turning his head to the left he kissed her hair where is lay damp against her head, a soft shiny silky brown, all damp curls.

“You ok?”


“Not too heavy?….”

“No.” And he smiled to himself and kissed her hair again for he knew that he must be squashing her slim frame with his own larger one. Shifting off her and onto his back he scooped her up so she was now sprawled half off and half on him, her head on his chest, her hair tickling his skin. Wrapping his arms around her he gave a soft squeeze and told her, “We’ve got a few hours yet….”

This time she was the one to smile to herself. Running a single finger over his pectoral muscle and flicking his small nipple that nestled amongst the dark springy hair, “I love hearing the rumble in your chest when you talk after making love, its sooo sexy.”

“And I love the little mewling noises you make when you’re desperate for me to go down on you.”

Looking up at his face, resting her chin on his chest she laughed. “Then I had better meow a lot more….” and she made the sound of a stray cat begging to be let in. Loud and raucous.

“Not that kind of cat sound….”

Sitting up, her naked breasts bouncing she leaned over him, “Not like that……like this?” and this time she made the sound of a cat caterwauling. Laughing he lurched up and grabbed her, twisting her over onto her back and kissed her. A deep wet kiss, tongue teasing and swirling around her tongue. She made a small noise escort maltepe in the back of her throat and he lifted his head a little, “Yeah, just like that…..that’s the sound I like.” And he kissed her again.

She rubbed her foot up and down the back of his calf, and her hand ran down his back to reach his bottom. One long slender finger, the manicured nail painted a deep red made a long strong sweep up the crack between his buttocks, from the front where his balls lay, up past his anus and along to the small of his back. She knew he like that, like to be touched there, to feel her touch the sensitive skin that very rarely got touched. The two globes of his bottom quivered in pleasure and his tongue pushed deeper into her mouth as he deepened the kiss.

“I love you…..”

“I know…..”

“I promise……”

Putting her hand over his mouth to stop him saying whatever he was about to say she told him, “Don’t make promises. Let’s just take what we can, when we can.”

Laying a gentle kiss on the end of her nose he whispered, “It’s not enough……..not for me……I want to wake up every morning next to you. Go to sleep each night holding you. Knowing you’re mine…..not his. I hate leaving you and going back to her………I dread walking into the house……”

“I know baby……..I know.” she pulled his head down for a kiss, her arms around him, a deep reassuring kiss. Their bodies entwined they rolled over in the bed, putting all their feelings into the kisses as their mouths slanted, joined, sucked, nipped and gave pleasure. Hands roamed over skin, feeling, kneading, rubbing, stroking. The afternoon light that illuminated the room bathed their skin to a bright golden glow and it seemed that for them they were the only two people in the world for just a while.

Her mouth left his and rained small little kisses along his jaw line to his ear, down his neck to where the dip of his breast bone met the bulge of his chest muscles. She worshiped her love, and she whispered, “Just until the children are old enough……then we can leave and be together…..” But in her heart she knew he would never leave his children so she would grab what she could with him, and then would go back to her own husband whom she hadn’t loved for years.

Nibbling on one of his nipples she felt the muscle under it tense and quiver. Using her tongue she played with it, feeling the small hard pebble tighten and grow. He loved her to do to him just what he had earlier done to her so she used her nails to scrape over the other nipple as she sucked and nipped the other. His eyes closed as he lay back letting her play with his body, his arms spread out each side of him, hands grabbing the creased white sheet, head slightly back. He felt his cock twitch and grow, the feelings in his body tightening like a coil, stomach muscles contracting, his whole focus now on her mouth and teeth where they played with him.

Her head moved down, kisses raining down on his body, her shoulder length hair where it trailed tickling his sensitive skin, her hands then cupped his manhood, fondling and stroking it as it continued to grow harder as his blood flooded into the prick. She formed a circle with her fingers and running her hand back and forth masturbated him, moving the velvet skin of his penis gently and slowly up and down, then as she did this she took the end into her mouth swirling her tongue around and over the top, touching the small hole with the tip of her tongue. Moving her mouth down to replace her hand she sucked as she moved her mouth, feeling the long hard appendage filling her mouth, and her hand then cupped his balls, holding them, manipulating them, letting her finger flick at the pendik escort sensitive skin just behind them. His body moved restlessly and she heard his deep groan as his hips rose up and moved to meet her head movements as she gave him head.

Faster and deeper she took him, sucking and swirling with her wet hot tongue, mimicking the inside of her cunt so that he was helpless as she brought him higher and higher towards completion.

His shout of satisfaction was ripped from deep inside of him as he shot his cum into her mouth and his body seemed to stay arched for long moments as it pulsed out of him, and then he collapsed and lay there exhausted drifting in a half sleep as she sat next to him drinking in his face and body so that she could remember how he looked during the next week until they could meet up again. The stolen moments together.

After a while she left the bed and walked to the bathroom attached to the bedroom and stepped into the shower. She needed to make sure that all smell of him and the wonderful smell of sex were no longer on her body for her husband to find. It was something she regretted as she would love to have lain in bed tonight, dreaming of him and being able to smell him on herself, but it was not to be.

When she returned to the bedroom he was propped up in bed, arms folded behind his head, his dark blue eyes watching her. “I love watching you dress……it’s so sensual……”

Dropping the towel and then stepping into her panties and pulling them up she laughed, “I think you love undressing me more!”

“That’s true.”

Putting on her lacy white bra she asked him, “Will you be coming back to the city next week?”

“Yeah……I’ll probably make it towards the end of the week, say Thursday. You ok for Friday afternoon. I’ll book the plane to go back late Friday night. Maybe we can grab something to eat together afterwards but before I go to the airport.”

She stopped as she was pulling on her top and looked at him. “Friday is ok with me but I’ll need to get back before six so the meal is out.”

“Alright….I’ll book the room……maybe the week after we can fit in a meal together?”

Walking over to the bed she bent over him, kissed him and told him, “Just order room service. We can have something to nibble here.”

Reaching up he cupped her face with his palm, “I want to have a real meal in a real restaurant with you. Like a real date. Two people doing what real couples do.”

She stroked back his hair that was messed and sticking up and nodded, “So do I baby but not next week. Friday we’re going to his parents for supper and I need to get home early to get ready and meet him so we can leave in time to get to their place by eight. They kick up a fuss if we’re late.”

He watched her roll her stockings onto her legs, put on her skirt, step into her shoes, the high heels lengthening her already long shapely legs. The legs were the first thing he had noticed all those long months ago about her at the convention they both had attended. Sexy they had grabbed his attention and then he had looked up and their eyes had met across the room and he knew he had to have her and have those long legs wrapped around his body. And the affair had started that night.

She took her earrings from the dresser and hooked them onto her ears, picked up her bag, gave one last look in the mirror on the wall, smoothed her hair back behind her ears, turned and gave him one last smile. “Next week, same place, same time.”

Sitting up he replied with the usual statement, “Until then I’ll store my love up for you.”

Crossing the room she sat on the edge of the bed and they kissed. Not a passionate kiss but one of deep affection and love. As their lips drifted apart she whispered, “I love you….”

And he told her, “I know.”

One last smile and she stood, turned, and opening the door left.

Suddenly the room felt empty for him and he lay back already counting the minutes until next week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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