Sex in the Office Continued

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Angie’s Dream

Angie was the vice president of manufacturing for our company. Even when she dressed to kill she appeared business-like and professional. It was only recently I had noticed her watching me in the break room during the afternoon break. Not that I minded, of course, who would mind a raven-haired beauty giving her the eye?

We had just returned from a long weekend break and the week seemed to be dragging. But, as the saying goes, “Thank God it is Friday.” Just ten minutes to go until the afternoon break and I couldn’t wait. Just then I heard the unmistakeable click of Angie’s heels as she came across the polished office floor. Before I had time to form a lump in my throat, she was at my door and said, “Liz, I need five minutes of your time.”

She walked right in and took a seat in my side chair. I managed to stammer a response to her, “Yes, ma’am, of course, ma’am.”

Angie started out by saying, “I’ve been hearing rumors about you and the way you run the office. I won’t embarrass you by asking you here in the office. I feel that would be unprofessional and you know how I feel about unprofessional behavior in the office. Instead, I propose you and I have a drink tonight and we can discuss it in a more friendly atmosphere.”

“That is of course if you don’t have any other plans,” she said smiling.

I gathered my thoughts quickly and replied, “No, Angie, I have no plans tonight. I am completely at your disposal.”

“One other thing, Liz, when we meet this evening I want you to fulfill my fantasy of unexpected hook-up. I don’t want it to feel planned. In fact, we will pretend that we don’t know each other. Are you okay with that?”

“Absolutely ma’am, I’m very much into fulfilling fantasies as you will find out.”

Liz couldn’t wait for work to be over. After all, it was a Friday night and she would be looking for some fun. A few drinks or more to relax then hopefully she would find that raven-haired beauty alone and she would be looking as though she wanted some company.

Angie’s first Bacardi and coke went down very smoothly. She was about to order another one when the Redhead walked in accentuating the sway in her hips. Like tossing a lure out for those that might show some interest. She selected a table not far from Angie’s own and before sitting she made eye contact with Angie giving her a little wink. She took her seat facing Angie and motioned the waitress over to take her order.

When the waitress arrived she gave the redhead the once over and asked, “What’ll it be, lass?”

Liz smiled wryly and said, “I think I’ll have a Red Headed Slut to start with.” Angie nearly spit a mouthful of her drink out when she overheard Liz say that.

Liz leaned toward Angie and said softly, “I didn’t mean to catch you mid swallow when I was talking to the waitress. She’s kind of cute but, she has nothing on you, sweetheart! Would you care to join me? My name is Liz but, you can call me anything you want.”

Angie replied, “I’m Angie.”

Angie thought about it for a bit. This was the redhead she had been eyeing at work for some time now. She never expected her to be so forward but, in all honesty, it kind of turned her on. As Angie was thinking about bursa escort bayanlar it she was lost in her own daydream about what might be that is when Liz appeared at her chair sliding it out and offering a hand to Angie. With little or no thought at all, Angie rose and followed Liz’s lead to the empty seat at the redhead’s table. Liz wasted no time in motioning to the waitress that they would have two more drinks. When the waitress arrived with the drinks, Liz told her to put Angie’s tab with hers, there was no need to complicate things.

“Before we go any further, I have something to say to you, Liz. What happens in the office can stay in the office as long as everyone is getting their work done. I showed up at your office today under orders from the Human Resources group. On my return I told them I duly chastised you and let you know that if your behavior continued, you would receive a written warning. As far as I am concerned, if you keep the ship moving forward and we aren’t missing deadlines, you’re golden. You will have an occasional drink commitment with me, however.”

After several drinks, it was like they had been best friends for years. Liz found Angie easy to talk to and much better than average to look at. Liz had a sense that this was going to be a special night and perhaps the beginning of something very special.

After several more drinks along with some bar snacks, the conversation turned to what might happen later that evening. The two women couldn’t help but giggle at some of the happenings around them.

Suddenly Liz seemed to get very serious. She reached across the table and grabbed both of Angie’s hands. Looking deep into Angie’s eyes she asked, “What would you say about coming back to my place when we are through here tonight?”

It was minutes before Angie answered. “Liz, I would feel more comfortable if we went to my place. I have enough nosey neighbors that would know if I didn’t come home. I’m a creature of habit and catch the same bus each morning for work and see the same people on the way. So if it is all the same to you, if we are going to actually do this it will have to be at my place.”

With that, Liz leaned closer and brought Angie’s hands to her lips and kissed them both gently. As she continued to massage Angie’s hands she smiled and said, “Deal.”

Angie smiled and that brought a huge grin to Liz’s face. Liz said, “I promise you won’t regret this and I know I won’t regret this. You have a playful attitude about you that is exceptionally sexy. I can’t tell you when I have been so in awe of another woman.”

Come a little closer I know how to fix that. Feel my hand on your thigh resting softly as I begin to stoke your soft leg higher and higher until I can feel the heat of your dreams. Leaning closer I move my lips to your ear just before I softly blow hot air into your ear. I can see the goosebumps on your alabaster skin. Then I whisper, I want you, I need you, I’ve got to have you. Turning you by your chin I kiss you softly as my tongue runs over your lips. Feel my emotion. Feel my need. Feel my lust for your very being.

A kiss between your big toes!

Behind your knee is so sensitive. I kiss bayan sarisin escort bursa and use a little tongue and like magic your legs open as if calling me to proceed.

Holding your instep to my soft cheek I love the softness of our skin touching. I kiss the soul of your foot upward to your toes. First kissing your little toe before sucking it between my lips as my tongue caresses it like an erect clit. Moving to the next toe I am to repeat the process on the next toe only longer this time with more passion. Moving to the next toe I move it seductively in and out of my sucking mouth. Just then I pick up the scent of your ecstasy. I move directly to your big toe where I suck passionately. I step between your parted legs as our passion builds. I begin kissing up your leg as I stoop to bring our sexes closer together. Kissing behind your knee I know how this drives you crazy.

Just then I drop the remaining 6 inches and our pussies come together. We grind wetly together with to our mutual satisfaction.

I continue to suck on your toes until I slide my tongue down the bottom of your foot. Into the arch where I kiss and suck as I continue to grind pussy to pussy feeling your heat rise to meet mine. I’m staring into your eyes as I reach down with my left hand and rub your very erect clit.

Dipping my finger into your soaked slit I draw it back slowly over your clit then begin rubbing the right side briskly. I can feel you start to squirm but, I don’t let you go. I continue my ministrations of your most sensitive places. I feel myself dripping into your open slit. “Can you feel my hot juices?”, I whisper to Angie.

My thumb begins to strum your hardening clit as I feel you bucking against me. The faster it moves the harder you thrust against my soaked middle.

I continue strumming your clit until I see that loving smile come across your face and I know you are starting to feel the love and ecstasy I am sharing with you. I can feel you begin to grind at the heel of my hand as I press firmly on your soaked labia. Rotating my hand so the heel is up and my fingers have full access to you I spread open your flower and begin to gently stroke the edges of your inner labia. I feel the quivering there and I smile at you as I bend and kiss you deeply. My tongue continues to stroke your lips as it teases its way into your hot mouth where our tongues begin a waltz of love.

I feel your need and slowly begin to move my head downward. Sucking each nipple in its turn as I continue my journey. My fingers tracing down your sides and creating much anticipation in your loins.

Finally reaching the top of your crease, I lick gently and slowly. Reaching lower with each lick. Soon I am sliding over her entire hood. I can feel the throbbing. I love the feeling. Dipping lower I touch her tip and brush her back and forth. I hear a moan escape your beautiful lips and it thrills me to the core. My bottom lip slides up under her and holds her in place while my top lip sucks her in between them gently yet firmly. When I have a good grasp of her I begin to HUMMMMMMMMMM. I watch as your eyes widen. My finger slides into your soaked womanhood and curls up behind your clit. bayan esmer escort bursa I easily find that smooth spot, OUR SPOT, and begin to massage it in circles pressing, releasing over and over as my lips and tongue worship your clit.

Stroking OUR SPOT faster, deeper, harder I want you to spend all your juices in my eager mouth. Licking, sucking, stroking, loving you more than ever. “Cum for me, Sweet Angie. Fill my mouth.” I beg of her.

Reaching over to the side table I pick up our favorite toy. The two ends are pink and not too large. Halfway across the 26-inch length is a wire for the remote control. As we intertwine our legs I watch the smile come to your face. Using the handy bottle of lube I ensure that both ends are slick. Then I squirt some on myself and leaning over I cover you as well. Slowly rubbing the head on our clits as we move a bit closer I hot a switch on the remote and the toy begins to vibrate and squirm at the same time. I slide your end past your now puffy lips. You reach down and do the same to me. As we begin to move closer moans fill the room punctuated by a squeal here and there. As the toy slides deeper, we get closer.

Pushing onto the toy brings so much joy I am panting almost to the point of breathlessness.

We are close enough now to touch each other. I stroke your clit as you rub mine. With my free hand, I pull you up to me. I need to kiss you. I need to play with your tongue as you play with mine. All the while the toy is dancing deep within us. I reach out and tweak your large and firm left nipple. We soon have a rhythm on the toy. We push it deep inside each other. pumping hard and fast. I increase the rate of the squirm of the toy and the vibration as well. The toy begins to swell and get hot.

I pull you close to me and hug you as I can’t help but start to cum. Your response to my actions has made me so hot I’m cumming madly as I kiss and hug you. Your moaning tells me you are close. I tug one nipple then the other. Their response is evident by their length and firmness. I twist the left one and you begin to pant heavily. The second I touch the right one your eyes widen and you begin to cum hard on the toy. Rocking back and forth and causing further stimulation to my already sensitive pussy. I pull you close to me and as our tits mash together I start cumming along with you.

Touching you always sets me off. Your soft skin makes my heart race and my breath quicken.

One look from those sexy eyes and I am enraptured. I’m immediately wet. As I sit here thinking about you I’m getting goosebumps and I want you in my bed or me in yours. We don’t require toys as long as we have fingers, tongues, and lips.

Rubbing together clit to clit we give a new meaning to tribbing. Sliding my hand under the pillow I pull out a pair of vibrators I know you love so much. Covering them well with the warming lube I hand you one then begin by sliding over your very aroused clit. I begin to do the same to myself as I pull you up and kiss you deeply. I whisper in your ear, “Put it in me, please!

Fill me with our love toy. Let me do the same to you.” Squirming onto an end of a soaked toy I feel it slide effortlessly into my love canal. I hold the other to your petals and watch as you move onto it. Your squirming is so damn sexy I feel my pussy begin to gush. I need us together. I have to fuck you as you fuck me. As we take turns pushing the squirming toy deeper into each other, I feel myself flushing the bright red I get whenever you make me cum.

“Don’t stop, my love, don’t ever stop”!

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