Sexploration Ch. 01

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“Doctor Harden, we are ready to begin.”

Doctor Steven Harden looked at Alice. Alice Chong was his young assistant. She was an Asian woman in her early twenties who happened to have one of the most gorgeous bodies in the world. She had the face of a supermodel and the body of a pornstar. Unlike most Asian women, Alice was gifted with a pair of huge breast that were round, firm and without any sag. Even now, those two lovely orbs were pushing against her white blouse desperately trying to escape her cleavage.

Doctor Harden started to feel the first signs of erection as his eyes admired this Asian sex goddess. If only he wasn’t married. Still, he had nothing to complain about. His wife was just as good looking.

“Doctor Harden?”

“Oh. I’m sorry Alice,” he said raising his eyes from her breasts to her face. “I was just thinking about… about my long weekend.”

Alice smiled. “Four days of vacation will do you good doctor Harden. You’ve been working way too hard these past few weeks.”

“I know. And my wife agrees. She’s the one who was insisting on this vacation. She’s so worried about me. It is really fortunate that our friends left for Europe and are allowing us to spend some time in our villa. You should see that place. It’s almost a palace rather than a house. Maybe one day I’ll invite you there.”

“Probably not,” he thought to himself. “My wife might get jealous. Alice is the only one who could match her beauty. Well, except our daughter of course.”

“That sounds great,” said Alice.

“What sounds great?”

The young woman laughed. “You simply can’t concentrate today doctor. Me coming to that big house sounds great. But I doubt that it will happen.”

“Why? Do you have plans for this weekend?”

“No.” He could see that she was upset, even though she tried to hide it. “I… I don’t… I was about to tell you that we are ready to proceed.”

“Ah yes. So lets begin.”

They entered into the main lab. In its center stood a large cube made from super resistant glass. In the cube there was a large stone. Various tools and instruments suspended on long, mechanical arms entered into the box from outside. All around the cube there were consoles with joysticks and buttons used to control the metallic arms.

“All we are waiting for doctor is your word.”

“Then you have my word.”

A lab technician sat behind one of the consoles and activated one of the mechanical arms. This particular arm had a large circular saw attached to the end. The saw started turning, slowly at first, but after few seconds it was rotating at full speed.

The stone was a meteorite. A farmer found it on his field few weeks ago and sold it to the institute. The rock glowed in the dark and emitted strange radiation. For the past few weeks doctor Harden and his team attempted to solve the mystery of this very unique meteorite. So far they got plenty of questions and very few answers. Today was the big day. After learning everything they could from watching the meteorite’s surface, they were going to cut it open.

The arm with the saw lowered itself to the stone. Sparks flew as it touched the rock. For a moment doctor Harden was afraid that the meteorite will prove too hard, but the saw managed after some struggle to penetrate the surface.

Alice leaned over one of the computers. It was connected to sensors inside the cube. There was a chair next to the computer, but rather than sit Alice bent over the keyboard instead. Her position caused her perfect ass to stick high into the air. From his position doctor Harden has a very good view of those two lovely buns.

“It’s hard as hell,” Alice said without turning from the monitor.

Doctor Harden looked down at his crotch. “It sure is.”

The saw kept cutting. Alice was transfixed by the data appearing on the screen. She was oblivious to everything. “It seems that it is empty inside.”

Doctor Harden barely registered her words. By now most of his brain power was focused on imagining himself fucking that sweet ass. Sure he was married, but there was nothing wrong in having fantasies.

“Looks like it was empty, but I don’t sense any changes in the atmosphere. I think that it was airless vacuum,” Alice continued to report her findings.

He imagined coming up to her from behind, ripping off her panties and sliding his dick deep inside her asshole. He closed his eyes. Now Alice was in the same position, but totally naked. The heat in the lab caused her body to shine from perspiration. He was naked too. His dick was pounding that fantastic ass while her sweaty tits jingled back and forward, back and forward, back…

“Finished!” the technician operating the saw yelled. The horny doctor snapped out of his fantasy.

“This is curious,” Alice commented while ordering the computer to print the data. When it was done, she pulled the paper from the printer and approached her boss. Doctor Harden was grateful for the lab coats they were wearing. They did great job karataş escort bayan at hiding erections.

“How does it look?” he asked.

“We have to do mineral analysis, but the meteorite is just an empty shell, like an egg.”

“This is strange. If it is empty, how did it survive the landing?”

“I know. And look at this doctor Harden.” She pointed something on the sheet and he came closer. His face was just inches away from hers. He could smell her perfume and natural body smell. It caused his member to harden again. “Some sort of energy was released when we cut it. But I don’t know what this energy was.”

“And the radioactivity?” asked doctor Harden.

“This is weird too. The radiation vanished the moment the energy was released.”

He took the paper from her hands and studied it for a moment. “These readings are interesting. Very interesting indeed.” That last comment was made to himself rather than his assistant.

“I know doctor Harden. Are you going to study it over the weekend?”

He smiled apologetically. “Sorry Alice, but I made a promise to my wife that there will be no work this weekend. I’ll go over this when I come back.”

“Very well doctor. I’ll study it over the weekend so that when you come back I will have full report for you.”

“Heavens no Alice. It’s the long weekend. Four days of vacation. Do something fun.”

“For me this is fun.” She sent him a smile and walked away. Doctor Harden kept staring at her, or rather her lovely ass swinging from one side to another.

* * *

The Harden family arrived at the house on early Friday morning. The house was in reality a large luxurious villa three stories tall with a pool and a tennis court. The residence was surrounded by a huge garden shaped into a maze.

The family was delighted at the chance of spending four days in this beautiful, enormous house. It was summer and the weather was very nice, although it was quite hot.

The Hardens unpacked their belongings and started exploring the house. Doctor Harden found a letter addressed to him. Inside were standard greetings from his friend as well as long and detailed instructions about what to do, what not to do and what to pay attention to. He was walking around the house inspecting various places and things mentioned in the letter when he happened to enter the kitchen while his wife was there.

“Look at it,” she said with frustration.

“What is it dear?”

“Come and look,” she said while opening the refrigerator.

He came and looked inside. The frige was almost empty.

“There’s no food. I checked the pantry and there is no food there either; just some cans and old onions. How am I supposed to make decent dinner here?”

“Don’t be angry honey. They left two weeks ago. It’s normal that they left no food. Besides, you know how they are when it comes to sharing food.”

“Still, we need to eat. You have to go to town and buy something.”

“No problem. Just make a list.”

“Ok. And take Billy with you. You might need help.”

Mr. Harden left to continue his inspection. When he returned half an hour later, the list was waiting for him.

“Aren’t you exaggerating?” he asked his wife. “We are going to be here only for four days.”

“Do you want to eat well or not?”

“All right. I know better than to argue with you when it comes to food. I will go get Billy and we’ll go to town right away.”

* * *

Mary Harden, doctor Harden’s wife, was in the kitchen busy washing dishes. She was a woman of great beauty. Although forty years old, she had a body that appeared good fifteen years younger. Right now she was wearing a loose blue dress. The dress ended few inches below her gorgeous ass, which completely exposed her long, shapely legs, and was tied tightly around her slim waist. The dress had deep cleavage that made Mary’s breasts very visible. Even though she was a mature woman, her huge breast were round and very firm with no sag whatsoever. Her face was very beautiful. Her raven black hair were curly and descended to her shoulders, but right now she wore them tied behind her head.

Her husband and son left few minutes ago to buy groceries. Her daughter Nancy was in her room two floors above. Mary thought that she was alone, so she got startled when she felt a presence in the kitchen. She slowly and fearfully turned her head around, and was relieved to see her son.

“Oh Billy, you scared me.”

Billy stood in the middle of the room completely immobile. He was a very handsome boy of eighteen with a muscular, athletic body. Billy loved playing sports and went to gym regularly to work out. He had a body many older men would envy. Mary thought that it was strange she didn’t hear him come in the kitchen.

“I thought you were supposed to go to town with your dad. You two haven’t left yet?”

Billy didn’t answer. In fact, he didn’t even move. He just stood there karkamış escort bayan like a statue while staring at his mother attentively. This was extremely weird. Mary couldn’t recall her son ever acting this way.

“Is something wrong?”

Billy gave no reply. Mary felt strange. Was this some sort of prank? Well, if it was then she was not going to play his game. She turned back to the dishes pretending her son wasn’t there, although she was very much aware of his presence.

It came over her suddenly, for no reason. Horniness. She felt incredibly horny. She couldn’t understand why. She was simply washing dishes and there was nothing erotic going on, and yet her body felt aroused to the maximum. Her nipples hardened to the point where they almost hurt. Since she was not wearing a bra, the stiff nipples became visible through the fabric of her dress. Her vagina became wet and started leaking juices at alarming rate. Mary could feel her panties rapidly becoming soaked.

She didn’t understand what was happening. She was scared, which only added to her arousal and excitement. She had to go to her room and finger herself. It was only way to return to normalcy.

She felt Billy standing close behind her. How did he come so close without her hearing him? Such close presence of a man, even if his man happened to be her son, increased her arousal. She felt his hand touch her naked shoulder. It sent delightful shivers through her body and into her soaked pussy. This was too much. She had to leave now and put her hand between her legs and finger herself to an orgasm.

“Billy, I have to…” She stopped in mid sentence while turning around to face her son. Billy was totally naked. How did he take his clothes so fast? And where were they? She couldn’t see them lying around anywhere. These were the questions that one part of her brain asked. Another part was unable to think because of the shock at seeing her son naked. And then there was also a part that was delighted to see this young, handsome, virile man standing in front of her. She wanted him sexually. She wanted for him to fuck her. And it shocked her.

“Billy. I don’t know what… Oh my god.” She covered her mouth after looking downwards. “Baby, you’re huge.”

Indeed he was. That boy had a ten inch cock that was long and fat and fully hard. It was throbbing happily while it pointed at his mother. A droplet of precum was forming at its tip.

Billy reached out with his right hand and sneaked it into Mary’s cleavage. She made no move to stop him. She was still staring at his magnificent meat. His hand went under her dress and squeezed her left breast. Mary moaned in response.

“Billy,” she whispered half begging him to stop, and half begging to continue.

His fingers located her nipple and started playing with it, squeezing it, fondling it, pulling it and rolling. Mary moaned and closed her eyes. It felt so good. But it was wrong. He was her son. She gathered what little willpower she still had and forced her eyes to open.

“We can’t Billy. We just can’t.”

She placed her hand on his arm, the one that was busy with her tit, and tried to push it away. It was no use. Billy was too strong, and her efforts were half hearted anyway. Part of her wanted this young, naked stud touching her there, as well as other places.

Billy took her hand with his free hand and forced her arm downwards. She didn’t resist him very much. It was easy for him to make her hand touch his penis. Mary stared hypnotized at his member. She could feel blood rushing through his huge, bulging veins. His cock was so big and powerful. She couldn’t resist its call. Her fingers wrapped themselves around it, although it was so huge that she couldn’t encircle it completely.

A droplet of Billy’s precum fell to the floor. Mary licked her lips. She felt sad that his precum was going to waste. It deserved better. It deserved to go into a receptive female mouth. Such a pity that she was his mother. Otherwise, she would have been on her knees pleasuring this magnificent fuck pole.

Seeing her inactivity, Billy took her hand again and started moving it back and forward, thus making his mom jerk him off. After a moment he took his hand away, but his mother continued to move her fingers along his throbbing dick. While she was stroking her son, Billy slid his other hand beneath her dress and started toying with the other breast.

“Ah. Billy. My baby. Ah. Ah. This feels so nice. So good. Play with my breasts. Play with my tits. Aaaah.” Billy increased the speed at which he was torturing her nipples. In her aroused state, it was enough to send Mary over the edge. “Aaaaah. Fuck. Aaaaah. Oh. Oh. Oh. Billy, I’m going to cum. Aaaaah. Shit. Fuck. Fuck. Aaah. Aaaaaaaaaaah. Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk!”

Mary’s body shook. She never had a nipple induced orgasm before, but it was so nice. Perhaps not the best one she ever had, but very nice nevertheless.

Mary was still shaking kilis escort bayan from her orgasm when Billy abandoned her melons and placed his hands on her head. She felt him gently, but decisively pushing her head downwards. She knew what he wanted and she had every intention of giving it to him. She eagerly dropped to her knees and licked the head of his huge cock. Her tongue scooped his precum. She closed her eyes to savor the taste for a moment.

“Mmmm. You taste great baby.”

She licked his huge head few more times and then her lips closed over his shaft. She started to move her head up and down, each time swallowing a little bit more of her son’s meat. But no matter how much she took into her mouth, there was still plenty left outside, so she continued to jack Billy off with her right hand. Her left hand grabbed his impressive balls and started fondling them.

“Do you like it Billy?” she asked while furiously stroking him. “Do you like what your mother is doing to you Billy? Do you like my hand pumping your beautiful cock Billy? Do you like it when I suck it? Are you going to come in mummy’s mouth? I want to drink my baby’s seed. I want to suck you dry.”

Billy groaned and pushed her head back on his cock. Mary started sucking with enthusiasm. She was going crazy from lust. She wanted to feel him explode in her mouth. Soon she got her wish. His cock swelled and then his cum gushed into her waiting mouth. It was like a geyser. She tried to swallow all of it, but there was just too much. She had to pull back and close her mouth. Billy kept coming on her face and hair. In desperation, Mary pointed his cum hose downwards where he coated her cleavage with multiple blasts of hot seed. Eventually, he stopped coming. Mary stroked him few more times to squeeze the last few drops. She then took him into her mouth to clean him and to taste him once more.

“That was fantastic. Billy, you taste great. You will make many girls happy.” Mary stood up and kissed him on the cheek. “Thank you. Oh my god! Look at my dress. It’s covered with your semen. There are going to be stains all over.”

Billy grabbed the dress and in one smooth move ripped it open. Mary gasped half in fear, and half in excitement at this display of power. She was now naked, except for her white panties and sandals. Billy then picked her up in his arms.

“What are you going to do baby?”

He remained silent. His face betrayed no emotion as he placed her on the kitchen counter. Mary was confused for a moment about her son’s intentions, but everything became clear when he took off her panties.

“You want to fuck mommy? You’re going to stick that monster in mommy’s hot, wet cunt?” she asked with a big, hopeful smile.

Her son didn’t want to fuck her, at least not yet. Instead, he surprised her by putting his head between her legs and licking around her steaming snatch. Mary’s pussy was completely shaved and hairless. She gasped when his tongue touched her vaginal lips.

“Oh yes baby. Lick my wet cunt until I come. I’m like a bitch in heat and I need to come very badly.”

Mary kicked her sandals off and placed her feet on her son’s muscular back. Billy paid no attention as he continued to lick her.

“Oh yes baby. Mmmmm. Lick my cunt. Aaaaah. Aaaaah Pleasure me there you young stud. Oh yessss.”

The young man slipped a finger inside her, then another, and then yet another. It didn’t take long before four of his fingers were sliding in and out of his mother’s well lubricated pussy. While he was pleasuring Mary this way, she was busy collecting his jizz from her body and bringing it to her mouth. However, it was difficult for her to concentrate on anything due to the stimulation going on between her legs.

“Fuck. Baby. I’m going to cum all over again. Aaaaaaah. Aaaaaaaah. Fuuuuuuuuck. Yes baby. Keep fucking me with your fingers. I…. Aaaaaaah. I’m going to cuuuuuuuuuuuum. Yeeeeeeeees!”

Mary squeezed Billy’s head between her legs so hard that it looked as if she was going to crush him, although he appeared not to care very much. Her body shook uncontrollably as she screamed.

As soon as her orgasm ended, Mary was again lifted by her son. He carried her exhausted body in his arms across the kitchen to the table that stood in the center. He placed her upper body on the table, letting her ass and legs hang down.

“What now lover?” Mary asked smiling.

Billy grabbed her legs by the ankles and spread them wide. He pointed his erect fuck pole at her pleasure hole.

“Oh. I see. You’re going to fuck me. Well, go ahead then. I need your big, fat cock.”

And indeed he went ahead. Mary moaned as her well hung son slowly slid his throbbing beast inside her. She was so wet that his large meat had no problem completely sliding inside. He then started fucking her with deep and rapid strokes.

“Fuck me Billy. Mmmmm. Fuck your horny mommy. I’m your little whore and I need your beautiful gigantic cock. Aaah. That’s it. Stick it in me. Harder. Faster. Harder! Faster. Fuck me hard! God damn it Billy! Fuck me harder!”

Billy brought one of Mary’s feet to his mouth where he licked and kissed it few times before putting it on his shoulder. He then did the same with the other foot.

“That’s it baby. That’s the spirit. Pleasure me. Fuck me and pleasure me. I need to get fucked so bad.”

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