Sexual Feeding Time

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Big Tits

Just a little note for my valued readers: there is no dom-sub going on here. Just Blue and I playing around a few nights ago with a concept that excites both of us.

Also, please know, I reply to every e-mail I receive, but I can’t if you don’t include your e-mail address in the text. Thank-you!


Naked as always, just the way Blue wants me, I climbed on the bed where she was sitting against the headboard, also naked as always. With my long hair dragging on the mattress, I looked into her eyes with my bangs hanging in my face and she smiled, spreading her legs for me. She knew it was time to feed the woman she loves – the woman who loves her – the woman who makes her cum anytime and as many times as she desires.

That’s what I live for and right now, I was starving and needed lots of Blue’s sweet cum in my tummy.

My hot woman set aside the book she was reading. “Aaaawww, you’re so hungry. Come to my pussy, baby.”

She wriggled her hot ass and slid down, propping her head on her pillows. Her legs spread wider as I slid my arms under her thighs and my hands held onto them. She would have to be held in place through the hard, uncontrollable orgasms that would rock her body.

Yes, orgasms. Blue’s cum is what I need, and her orgasms are how I get it.

She certainly seems to enjoy it, so…

My wide-open mouth went quickly to her pussy and she squealed. I plunged my long tongue deeply into her and she screamed loudly, pulling my hair while I hungrily sucked her outer lips into my warm, wet escort mecidiyeköy mouth. She pushed herself more against my face – her muscles gripped my tongue and I sucked harder, making her back arch and her entire body tighten.

I had to hold onto her tightly…her body bucked hard and she screamed louder with her first orgasm, sending a mouthful of her luscious ladycum to me. Still with her outer lips in my mouth, I swallowed it, loving how it burned my throat, then felt sooooooo warm in my tummy.

I licked and licked and licked her, causing sexy little squeals to come from her mouth…with her knees raised, she lifted her ass and inhaled hard when I slid my tongue in and out of her, making lots of wet, sexy noises. My tummy needed more of her cum. Lots more. I only TOUCHED her swollen clit with one of my fingers and her second orgasm nailed her…while she yelled out loud, her pussy pulsed in my mouth and gave me much more of her than before.

I needed more, and gave her five more orgasms to get it. Holding onto her to keep her spasms from wriggling her body away from me, my mouth rode her pussy nonstop through all five hard, rocking orgasms…

Well? When you’re a woman with your own personal fuckslut, you have to feed her.

Properly fed, I was ready, now.

I moved up her body, staying on my hands and knees so she could catch her breath. Her thigh muscles were quivering, her tummy muscles contracting, her chest rising and falling…

I lowered myself to my elbows and brushed escort bayan istanbul my lips on hers. “Ready to cum some more, my love?”

Her breath was hot against my mouth. “More? More cumming?”

“I can make you cum as many times as I want, or as many times as YOU want, baby. That was nothing. Seven times. Your record is 10 times.”

With her eyes wide open, she replied, “And I almost died!”

“Not even close. You only passed out, and made a remarkable recovery.”

I slid my lips and tongue to her favorite spot on her neck, just under her ear. I pressed my lips to her there and sucked her skin, purring to her. She whimpered back to me with her arms around me. My lips brushed her neck while I softly spoke to her. “I know you want it…I can feel more heat rising from your pussy.”

She held tightly to me with her breathing deeper again. “I want more. Fuck, I do want more…”

She moved her hands to her tummy where my pussy had been dripping on her, and rubbed my juices all over her tummy and her breasts…fuck, what a turnon she is! I lowered my hot, swollen, throbbing pussy onto her tummy…she reached around and slid one finger in my ass…I yelled out in pleasure and rub-fucked myself on her tummy muscles, cumming oh-so-quickly and soaking her while she smiled, loving every bit of my orgasm…

I tossed my hair and lowered myself back down on top of her, making her purr to me with my breasts rubbing hers while we kissed, deeply devouring each other. I separated our lips only slightly escort bayan şişli and told her, “Now, turn over and give your hot ass to your fuckslut, baby.”

My perfect lover squealed with delight and turned over under me…I put my weight on her body with my hips rubbing her ass and my mouth on the back of her neck, speaking hotly, “Your ass is mine.” With my mouth wide open so I wouldn’t hurt her, I bit the back of her neck. She screamed anyway and raised her ass, pressing it against my hips.

I slid down, trailing my wet tongue down the middle of her back from her shoulders to her ass. She pressed her forehead on the matttress, breathing heavily…I could feel her ass muscles tightening under my tummy, then my breasts. She squeal more when my tongue slid between her lovely asscheeks. “Oh…fuck…yes…give it to me Sunny…”

I spread her asscheeks and slid my tongue around her sweet opening, licking her hot pussyjuices that had covered it earlier…she whimpered loudly and pushed her ass upward against my face and my tongue slid into her…deeply…deeper…with my lips pressed against her rim, and purring into her ass, vibrating her body.

My hand massaged her pussy with her clit between my fingers…her screaming was non-stop now and I fucked her convulsing ass harder with my tongue, pushing my face more into her cheeks…her body shook violently and she came ferociously with her ass squeezing my tongue!

I lay beside her and snuggled her, wrapping her with my arms and legs and cuddling her in my breasts…I rubbed my face in her hair and spoke softly, “I love you, I love you, I love you.”

She murmered into my breasts with her arms around me, “As I love you, love you, love you…and I love being fucked by you.”

That made us both smile as we fell off to sleep.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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