Sexy Ex

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I’d never wanted Sean again since the moment I had found out he was cheating on me. Not being able to bear looking in his eyes, I had picked my heart up off the floor, turned, and walked away without ever looking back. That was two years before. I haven’t had a boyfriend since. He’s been with her since. Funny how things work out.

It seems like everyone decided to talk to me about sex all of the sudden in the same week. At work someone had mentioned to me that she had her first ever threesome that weekend with another couple. The very next evening the guy who’s warehouse I’m painting begins by telling me about his wife’s lack of interest in sex and follows it up with a lengthy lecture on why I should take up masturbation, since I’m a single woman with “needs” and all. I tell him I disagree. He laughs. The next night I call to tell him I won’t be in to paint for him and we end up having phone sex for nearly an hour. I don’t think his wife would appreciate hearing how sexy her husband’s voice is from me. But phone sex seemed like an appetizer that simply warmed me up for the real thing. As my lust grew, so did the stories.

The cashier at the gas station asked me if I’d had a good lay lately. I smirked and paid for my gas. My best friend called to tell me about the amazing new position she and her boyfriend had tried the night before. An old college roommate sent me a smut-filled e-mail containing great details about the fun tricks her new boyfriend can do that drive her wild. Sex, sex, sex, sex, SEX. It surrounded me, Alanya escort it consumed me, it taunted me. That next Monday Sean called.

I was house-sitting for his parents’ house and he wanted to stop by and use their laundry room. I agreed to a time and decided to take a quick shower before he came, absent mindedly putting on the perfume he had long since given me after drying off. Answering his knock at the door he greeted me with a lingering hug as he mentioned how nice I smelled and pushed his hips a little closer towards mine. As he separated whites and colors I went back to his parent’s bedroom where I had been using the bed to spread out my homework. Easing into my reading in my sweats and T-shirt, I failed to notice how the top of my thong stuck out the back of my pants as I leaned into my work.

Sean did notice, however, and excited me by running a curious finger just under the elastic of it as he entered the room. “I don’t think your girlfriend would appreciate you playing with other women’s underwear,” I warned him as he moved books and papers to the floor to lie down on the bed beside me.

He smiled with his uneven, large black lips that screamed for me to kiss them, to take them between my teeth and tongue. I instinctively licked my own lips, that were “full – for a white person” as he had always described them. I must have exuded desire more than the old perfume, because he plucked the psychology book from my hand and guestured for me to lay next to him.

As I obeyed, Sean Alanya escort bayan recalled all the times I tried to get him to fuck me in his parents bed. He would never do it. I always thought there was some raw, naughty kinkiness to doing “it” in between the Forbidden Parent sheets instead of his own, but the closest he would come to having sex in their room was in their shower one cold winter morning. Smiling, I closed my eyes to try and picture how good it had felt to watch his dark figure hover over me as his long, black cock spread open my pale legs and disappeared within my creamy folds. I was picturing exactly the look that would always cross his face just before he was about to cum when I felt his strong hand move under my T-shirt and up to my breasts.

I cautiously exhaled as I felt my nipples instantly harden under the attention of his fingertips. He rubbed and circled and pinched and twisted for just a few moments before I felt the familiar bugle of his well-hung masculinity begin to burst from his jeans behind me. For just an instant – I hesitated. I sternly grabbed his wrist and took his wandering hand out from my top. Turning to face him I quickly undid his button-fly and dipped down to suck his thick, black cock to full attention.

I had almost forgotten the sweet taste of Sean’s usual pre-cum in my mouth when I felt its warmth seep onto my tongue. This new motivation made me suck harder and faster until he had to reach down and pull my hair to make me stop. Figuring he thought Escort Alanya twice about cheating on his girlfriend, I got up to walk away. Sean instantly jumped to his feet, bent me over his parent’s bed, and jammed his full eight-and-a-half inches into my waiting white pussy without a second thought. It only took a few rough thrusts for me to come all over that familiar black dick. Smacking my ass, Sean turned me over and massaged my swollen clit while still pounding at my pouring pussy.

Grabbing his hand from sensitivity, I licked every last taste of myself off of each of his fingers until they were clean of my come. It was then that I realized where we were – on top of his parents’ bed. Every time I had ever asked he said no. He claimed it was just “too weird” and didn’t even want to try. In quick, short breaths I panted, “We’re on your parent’s bed” to him as he broke a sweat, fucking me harder than he’d ever fucked me before.

“I know,” he replied, jerking his thick cock in and out of my wet pussy as he talked. “That’s what makes it so fucking hot,” he admitted as he thrust his black dick so far inside of my pale pussy I could almost feel it hit my stomach.

“Come,” he demanded as he reached underneath me to grab my ass and pull me further up his cock.

“Can I?” I asked.

“Do it right now,” he commanded as his cock slipped in and out of my tight slit. I gave in to the feel of his fingers gripping my ass while his cock plunged deep inside of me and began to juice – again – all over his black cock. The second he felt my wetness against him he spurted hot, thick loads of cum into me. Still interlocked at the pelvis, we collapsed onto his parent’s bed.

Who knew that a one-night stand with an ex-boyfriend would turn out to be hotter than “making love” ever was?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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