Shafting the Sleeping Sentry

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For fifteen years after the end of World War II, the British government retained conscription. Young men of eighteen were called up to serve two years National Service in the armed forces. Some guys were sent to fight in wars, some to defend the last turbulent outposts of the British Empire; I was sent to Germany where I got fucked bow legged.

Of all the stupid orders that I had been given since I joined the army this one was the most idiotic. Some fool had driven his Centurion tank into a German farmer’s barn, demolishing a wall. Now, of course, it could have been driven out again but the roof would have collapsed. It was agreed that the tank would stay where it was until civilian builders could prop the roof up, the tank could then be removed and the wall rebuilt. In the meantime, I would have to guard the tank during the hours of darkness.

That evening I was driven to the farm by the orderly sergeant who told me that I did not have to stand to attention all night; I could sit down inside the barn as long as I kept alert. He also told me that the two brothers who owned the farm would look after me. After I was dropped off, I lay down in the hay, propped my Lee Enfield rifle up against a wall, and went to sleep. Of course, I didn’t mean to go to sleep but it was a warm evening and I just dozed off.

I was awoken after about an hour by dogs barking and saw two German guys with the dogs. Both guys were good looking, typical Germans with blond hair and blue eyes. They were in their mid thirties and had lean, tight bodies of those who do a lot of manual work. One of them said, “Good evening, I am Franz and Betturkey this is my brother Willi, and you are a bad sentry for falling asleep.”

I saw that he was holding my rifle and asked him to give it back to me. He laughed and replied, “No, I will give it to your military police, you will be court marshaled and sent to military prison, where bad things will happen to you. For a pretty young man like you, these bad things will include getting fucked in your bottom all day and all night by the guards and other prisoners. Also, you will have to suck so many cocks that your jaw will ache.”

He gave me a questioning look and continued, “The only way to avoid these bad things happening is to let Willi and I fuck you, we will be very gentle, and when we are satisfied you will get a good nights sleep in a soft bed.” All I could think of to say was,” Who will guard the tank?”

“The dogs will guard the tank,” he replied, pointing to the two huge Rotweilers. I walked with the two brothers to the farmhouse where we all stripped off to use the shower, which was in a room next to the kitchen. Before I got under the shower the brothers got me to bend over while a hosepipe was gently inserted into my bottom. The warm, soapy water made me want to void my bowels and I just made in to the toilet seat. After that they used clear water to rinse out my virgin ass, they started to abuse it.

We didn’t reach the bedroom; they had me bent over the large kitchen table with my arms stretched out in front of me. Willi grabbed my wrists while his brother lubed up my ass hole. Suddenly I felt Franz’s helmet pushing Betturkey Giriş between my bum cheeks, then the rest of his cock was gradually inserted into my tight, young ass hole.

Soon he was completely inside me, and after exchanging a few words with his brother, he slowly began to fuck me. Now, we have all heard these stories about guys being in agony the first time that they were shafted, but I found it a pleasant experience right from the start. Sure, my teenage ass was being stretched but not to the extent of causing me any pain. Soon, the shagging became so agreeable that I started to get a hard on, maybe because his helmet was stroking my sphincter at every thrust.

Apart from the physical aspect of being fucked by another guy, I was also affected mentally. I had always considered myself dead straight, but there I was , an eighteen year old guy bent over a table, allowing himself to be used like a woman by a thirty year old man, and loving it. After about ten minutes Franz gasped, he then held his cock deep inside me as jet after jet of hot cum coated my insides.

The two brothers then changed ends and I had to contend with Willi’s longer and fatter organ battering my young, innocent bottom. Willi only lasted about five minutes before cumming inside me, though I was glad that his less well endowed brother had shagged me first as Willi’s tool was a bit too big for virgins.

We made for the bedroom, pushed two beds together and spent the next three hours fucking in different positions. They both had me on my hands and knees, then I lay on my back with my legs up while the randy Betturkey Güncel Giriş Germans shafted me. Finally, they lay on their backs and forced me to lower myself onto their rampant organs.

About one in the morning I finally got to sleep after being shagged eight times, with every fuck lasting longer than the one before as the brothers got used to my tight bottom. Needless to say my poor abused bum was so stretched and sore that I thought it would never recover. The next morning, I was showered, dressed and had just eaten a hot breakfast by the time that my transport had come to take me back to camp.

The next night I learned how to suck cock, which allowed me to satisfy both brothers at the same time, and also gave my poor ass some respite, as I was only fucked four times instead of eight. I did, however, have to contend with having a tongue that ached from overuse. On the last night the brothers went wild. Not only did they impale me at both ends during the night, but in the morning as well.

Willi had me touching my toes in the shower, while he emptied his cock in me. Then, after I got dressed and was waiting for the Champ to arrive, Franz decided to have a final crack at me. I had to drop my battledress trousers and underpants and bend over the kitchen table. As I was being fucked, the corporal arrived to pick me up. Willi went out into the yard and asked him to wait. I could see the corporal leaning against the Austin Champ, having a cigarette, while I was being fucked legless by Franz.

Later on that day the Orderly Officer called me over. “I have good news and bad news; we have got the Centurion out, but the wall of the barn can’t be repaired until Friday. I have, therefore, agreed to the farmer’s request that you continue your night guarding at the farm until Friday. That’s not a problem, is it soldier?”

“No Sir,” I replied. “No problem at all.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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