Shaurya Conquers

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Grey skies and lazily falling thick drops of rain made the aura ‘no-mood-for-work’. Shaurya had been desperately waiting for his lunch-time to commence so that he too may hear the thud and splatter of the rains outside. At one twenty-five he lifted himself from his chair and jolted outside, his mind racing with random thoughts. He took the lift from the twenty-first floor towards the ground. He was almost squeezed between the people inside the elevator. He stood with his hands over his crotch and head tilted at an angle downwards. On floor fourteenth, the elevator door opened.

“Ok, I’ll talk to you later,” saying this, a girl cut the call and stepped foot inside. She had a maroon and white coloured checkered shirt on, buttons done just until a hint of bosom showed. She had a tropical tan and hair pulled on over her left shoulder. She came and stood right in front of Shaurya, facing him. His head was filled by the scent emanating from her body. He didn’t make any effort to change the angle of his head which was directly looking into her shirt. Shaurya noticed that as the floors lowered her chest heaved much heavily, giving shape to a handsome cleavage.

Moments later Shaurya had completely forgotten about this female whose face hadn’t been introduced to his eyes. For all the time he had in his lunch break he enjoyed the view of the rain while he ate his meal sitting on the stairs of the building. Sooner, the crowd started retreating back upstairs and there was this queue starting to form for the elevators and Shaurya joined them. His lazily wandering eyes locked up to the sight of the same shaded curls and checkered shirt which ended just to show her glistening waist over her rich blue coloured denims. This time he stared at her rear. The girl didn’t move much while she stood patiently in the queue but just as the elevator doors parted she made a move. With every step she took, Shaurya had a sensation of electricity passing through him. As she placed her right foot ahead, the left buttock swelled, and so did the part of her bare waist above it. Same with the other half. Only a couple of steps further down and she was out of sight, the elevator doors closed and she rose. Shaurya took the next one.

…and so just as a reader perhaps you are now busy picturing her bare waist, Shaurya, too was by now lost in her trance. At work, sitting in front of the monitor, all he could see was what he observed earlier. Shaurya was someone with average looks, average physique and a hopeless sense of humour which resulted in his poor level of confidence. Certainly he knew that he couldn’t muster up the courage to go and ask her out. He was even not willing to ask her name!

A week or so passed, everything was just as normal, same old Shaurya, wearing those dusky shaded shirts with full sleeves, his laptop computer, his cubicle with photos of Deities and his noisy typist-chair. He was quite engrossed in his work when a female voice greeted him from the top of his cubicle.

“Hello, there!” the girl said.

Shaurya looked up at the figure and he didn’t took a second more to realise that it was her!

“My name is Damini. I have recently joined and as from today I shall be on your team. Earlier I was on floor fourteenth working with the Omega project team.”

“Hi, my name is Shaurya.”

Shaurya saw her straining shirt buttons and her legs covered up in a thigh-length skirt- enough for him to launch like a rocket. He was excited and he knew it, for his insides stirred. He saw that she had brown eyes and her lip gloss made her lips seem suckable like jelly to Shaurya. Her belly was impressively flat. During all this conversation Shaurya preferred to sit so that he could have an unrestricted view at her chest. After some pleasantries she resumed back to her cubicle. Shaurya was spellbound. A rush of severe lust flowed over his entire body. A feeling so good but so foreign.

Shaurya was not a person who was likely to start hitting on a girl with some pickup lines or some extroverted gestures. All he could manage to do was search Damini on Facebook. With intense thinking and immense courage he managed to hit the ‘Add friend’ icon. Surprisingly he got notified almost immediately that ‘Damini Sen has accepted your friend request’. As a consequence, his feet froze, poor guy! He had no idea what to do next. So he started browsing her now accessible photo album. One of the photos that Shaurya had been staring at had Damini in an Indian outfit- saree. There was some unexplainable charm in her bare waist that intoxicated him. The see-through fabric of the saree allowed a glimpse of her bosom. His eyes were glued to the cleavage and he was re-orienting his head to have a look at them from different angles.

“Damini Sen sent a sticker,” he received a notification and was almost startled.

He felt just like she had caught him red-handed staring at her breasts. He opened the message, it was a smiling emoticon.

“Hi!” Shaurya wrote.

“Hello, Shaurya! Someone has been going through my photos huh! :P”

“Umm…just a few…but how did you know!?”

“Few!? Ha ha ha! I received more than 200 notifications of you ‘liking’ my pics! :P”


(Damini is typing)…but before she could finish, another message flashed in her inbox from Shaurya.

“You’re so beautiful, Damini.”

“Awww…thanks so much Shaurya. That compliment was a stress buster. :)”

“You look so classy Rize Escort in your pics.”

“Thanks dear, I’m flattered. So, what’s happening, apart from liking my pics, of course, ha ha ha!?”

“Nothing much Damini…relaxing a bit, have an early start tomorrow.”

“Oh yeah, me too, ever since I am shifted at your floor I have been slogging.”

“You may ask for any help, if you need.”

“Awww…thanks Shaurya, perhaps I’ll hit the bed now, and would advice you to do the same. No need to look at my pics anymore, you’ll see me live and exclusive tomorrow morning anyway. ;)”

“Ha ha ha! Oh yeah, good night!”

“Good night Shaurya!”

Shaurya couldn’t believe what had just happened to him. He was sailing high on waves of confidence. He felt so proud of himself. Yeah, a very strange feeling but, that’s how he felt.

Shaurya and Damini were there at office almost at the same time. She was wearing a navy coloured satin shirt, buttoned up-so no cleavage. However, the shirt was just her second skin, highlighting perhaps even the stitches in her bra. Her black trousers complemented and completed her outfit. Well, but the centre of attention today was Shaurya. His sharp body-language, vibrant colours, classy tie and unprecedented confidence made him the centre of attraction today. Shaurya was loving it – the take-two looks of all. It was eleven-thirty, Shaurya was occasionally sipping his coffee, eyes at the monitor and fingers juggling between the keyboard and the mouse, then that a message popped in his Facebook window.

“;)” Damini sent a sticker.

“Oh hi! How is it going Damini?” Shaurya typed, now oozing with confidence.

“Not too bad. Just thought of talking to you. *giggles*”

“Oh! Then I’m not too far, just a few feet away. Ha ha ha. Anyway, you look stunning today.” (There was a five seconds pause and intense thinking before sending this one).

“He he he! I was expecting that from you. The way you were looking at me, I can say that you’re a connoisseur of beauty. You too look great today, especially your shirt looks smart and elegant.”

“Thanks Damini. See you during lunch.”


Lunch was just a quick affair. Both had to hit back at a very short notice. After a two and half hour long-stretched training session both were occupied at their desks…until they called it a day. Shaurya walked down to Damini’s desk to see her off but saw that she was packing up as well. Seeing him at her desk, she looked up and faintly smiled. Shaurya said that he was there to bid her bye but Damini asked him if he could wait for a few minutes so that they would leave together. He agreed, obviously, and she headed towards the restroom. Meanwhile, Shaurya had a riot of random thoughts and vague assumptions. His whole world perhaps came to a still. He sat on her chair, admiring her work desk; her scent lured faintly in the air. The next moment, he went numb, absolutely stunned by what he saw. Damini, arrived, her hair done differently, freshly put lipstick and her sway which made him crazy. She casually took her handbag and signalled Shaurya to move. He maintained his composure and moved along. The elevator doors opened. They moved in and he pressed the ground floor button.

“What time are you coming……row?” saying Shaurya turned towards her and saw her looking at him. Her face had a faint smile, her eyes subtly bright, showcasing how mischievous and mysterious she is. There was something witchy in that look that made him stammer. He knew what was it, but the more he thought of it, the more his heart banged against his chest. Damini could somehow decipher the effect she was having on him but she herself wanted to surrender to him. The moment was too brief to behold and too huge to push it out of the mind. When they reached downstairs, Damini waved her bye, with hundred percent composure this time.

“At nine! You didn’t even bother to ask me second time. :P,” a message popped in Shaurya’s inbox while he was laying around lazily on the couch.

“Umm…don’t know but I thought you didn’t wanna say, by the look you gave.” Shaurya wrote back.


No reply.

Shaurya reached office by nine as well. First thing he set his eyes on were on Damini obviously. She gave her a faint smile and casual waving hand gesture. Shaurya sank into his chair and his heart followed by sinking in his chest. After the look she gave yesterday, Shaurya expected a lot more than just a casual smile and a wave. He made up his mind that all that he had imagined was simply too far from reality. That night again, he bade her and was almost leaving that she called and offered to leave together. His hopes jumped up again. He now allowed himself to have a good look at her. Lavender shirt with a black trousers made her look beautiful. The shirt ended showing just her puffed up waist. A bit of casual talk while he waited and they were off. As they approached the elevator she appeared more and more nervous and Shaurya turned more blank. They started the descent. The air between them was strained, crying for someone to break the conversation. Shaurya looked at her, she was looking away.

“Damini!?”, his voice was confident, yet gentle and sounded so inviting.

She took a step ahead and dared to look straight into his eyes this time which were piercing hers. Shaurya knew this was the moment. His brain stopped thinking, his heart stopped beating and Rize Escort Bayan all emotions came to a halt. Last thing he saw was Damini’s eyes just a few inches from his own. Next thing he felt was her moistened lower lip between his lips. He couldn’t dare put his arms around her until the moment he felt hers on his back. Her shirt had risen further up. He lay his palms directly on her waist. Squeezed it; passing a sensation in both bodies. Their kissing intensified. She was enjoying her breasts being mauled against his chest. He was loving his now erect member touching her body. Her body and his mind were now in total possession, each lost in a trance, savouring each other like either one of them is getting fired tomorrow and won’t see the other ever after. The passion had triggered in both and they were turning wild…just then, they hit the ground floor. They repelled like like poles of a magnet brought together. Shaurya was almost gonna burst out of happiness and Damini, she wanted this to never end. No one spoke for the next five minutes until they reached their cars.

Shaurya, being the gentleman escorted the lady to her car, opened her the door but didn’t talk, she neither. Last sight that Shaurya had of Damini before heading towards his car was she holding the steering wheel and her head on it, lost. Shaurya walked towards his car, opened the door and sat. The place was dark and quiet. He threw his head back on the headrest and closed his eyes, lost too. He was experiencing bliss. Absolute happiness! He was so overwhelmed with emotions that he could break into tears and burst into a huge laughter at the same time. He envisioned the scene that had just occurred, his hands on that waist, the way those breasts felt, the burning passion with which he was kissed…just then, out of nowhere, the car door opened and before he could make out in the darkness who it was, the familiar scent hit him. The next thing to hit him were Damini’s lips on his.

This time the passion was fierce. She pulled him by his collar, ran her hands through his hair, held him by his neck, left wet trails of her saliva on his upper chest…well, she had almost possessed him. A remotely passing vehicle brought both of them back to their senses. They let go of each other; the repelling force this time, however, was very meek. They still had their hands on each others’ bodies. Finally, Shaurya took the call, tidied himself, sorted his hair, turned on the ignition and started off. For the next forty minutes nobody spoke. Shaurya opened the door of his apartment and let themselves in. They took a few steps inside and Damini ran and hugged him from behind. She stayed for a while before letting him go. Shaurya held her hand and led towards his bedroom. The heat in their bodies dazzling now. He brought her to bedside and signalled her to sit. He sat besides her. The light in the room was faint and for some reason Shaurya found her eyes more appealing and inviting. He kept staring at her as if she was a priced possession. A strand of hair slipped over her face and she raised her arm to push it back. Just then, Shaurya, quickly brushed his hand against her cheek and passed it through her hair, all this while not losing eye contact with his woman.

At last he spoke, “Thank-you!”

“For?” she had spoken after a very long time.

“For making me enjoy every moment ever since I met you. For making me feel good. For making me love my life. For everything!” Shaurya said cutely.

“Shau…” she started but was cut in the middle.

“Damini…I’m in love…(a long pause) with you.”

“Me…too!” was all she could manage to say. Her bright eyes doing most of the talking.

They came closer, Damini laid her head on his chest while he cuddled her up. After what seemed like an eternity to both, Damini looked up in his eyes and smiled lovingly, with immense content. She perched upwards and softly placed her lips on his. Shaurya, in turn, kissed them, just lightly. She looked back at him. Her eyes inviting him and he did no mistake in reading them. They kissed. Or perhaps massaged each other’s lips. Shaurya lifted his hand from his lap and placed it on Damini’s breast but didn’t do anything apart from gently feeling the orb. He went on unbuttoning her shirt. He undid two of them and looked down. Her boobs heaved heavily and were straining against the ‘V’ of her shirt. Her cleavage looked so erotic to him. He cupped her boobs from bottom and lifted them upwards forming a much generous cleavage, the sight of which drove him crazy. He immediately pulled himself down and buried his face between her boobs. The feeling was ecstatic. The way her skin felt against his lips and cheeks, Shaurya wouldn’t regret even if he died next moment. Damini shut her eyes tight and pushed his head within, tighter. Shaurya had been kissing, no, licking, no, no, lapping on the naked flesh of her boobs. Sooner, the shirt was off her front side. Every wobble of her now bra-encased boobs intensified the beast within him. Damini was so high that she couldn’t talk, not even a moan escaped her lips. Sitting on the edge of the bed she only ran her hands wildly across his back and shoulders or occasionally caressed his face while she had him face first in her bra. It was so enlivening for her that she was elated. She was brought back to reality when all of a sudden Shaurya jumped to his feet.

She opened her eyes and looked up at him, and saw him unbuttoning Escort Rize his shirt. The more of his naked torso revealed, automatically her hands raised to hold him by his hips. He didn’t take much time to get it off and she equalled it by pulling her own off, now exposing her gorgeously slender shoulders, in which her bra-straps dug comfortably. She looked up at him, calmly but confidently. She knew he was having the best view of her cleavage from up there and she was proud and pretty certain of the effect she was having on him. The next thing she knew from his look was that he was gonna get back to her boobs but just before he started to bend, Damini held his crotch and squeezed whatever she could cup. Every nerve in his cock was pulsing, now it actually throbbed. This only got him more wild. She traced his cock over his trousers and was rubbing her soft palm over it. She then pulled the zipper down but got her bracelet stuck in it. Both were too excited to bother about that silly thing. She rummaged with it for a few seconds without success, gave a hmpf and frowned. Shaurya tried. He was just at it now, when Damini passed a finger inside his trousers, and felt his member over his underwear. Gradually, she let her whole hand go in, grabbed it firmly, pressed it occasionally and let her other hand take a tour of his bare chest. She was excited like hell and Shaurya was only waiting for the bracelet to release, so that he may unleash himself. Fortunately, it did get released before he would snap it into two. Their eyes were now locked. Shaurya got his hands on her cheeks, lifted her to her feet and melted her with a kiss. He got his tongue working on the sides of her neck increasing the heat between the two bodies. The next thing he saw was the aubergine coloured strap running over her shoulder, so tight that it was fairly dug deep. With one gasp of whatever air he could manage to breathe he attacked her shoulder by his lips and pulled off the other strap by his hand. Her bra lowered, exposing more of her hefty cleavage now. The effect of the sight was maddening. He brought his lips back to hers and kissed them like he had kissed them for the first time, unclasped the hooks, pulled the other strap down and pulled the bra off from between their tightly glued bodies. He felt her sturdy but soft nipples against his chest but couldn’t dare to look down, afraid that he might die out of intoxication of the sight. With his lips still caressing hers, he caught hold of her waist firmly, took one deep breath and lifted her in the air and Damini, out of reflex, snaked her legs around his hips. His face was covered by her hair and the barely visible skin on her boobs. She pulled her head behind whipping her hair behind her head and Shaurya had a sight of his life.

“I like your boobs!” he said it in almost a second.

Damini went wild hearing this. She pulled his head on her left one and he took her boob in the mouth by her nipple. Sucked deeply; frantically! She was in heaven. It was a sight to behold – two bodies so perfectly in unison. With more and more of Shaurya’s attention on her boobs, Damini was getting hotter, literally sweating. The way he lifted and held her, her pussy was exactly positioned above his now vertical and erect cock. Out of her female instinct, she gradually begun moving her hips over his erect member. After a while, the harder he sucked her boobs the faster she gyrated over his cock. She wanted it…and he knew it!

Shaurya threw her on the squishy bed making her now wet boobs jiggle vigorously. Her hair were all over the bed, her arms over her head and her eyes fixed on his, inviting him. In a moment that lasted not too long Shaurya undid her pants and pulled them out in a flash. She made no movements whatsoever – none at all. Her panty too had slim straps which were dug deep in her fleshy waist. Her thighs glistened. Shaurya travelled his fingers from her knees, to thighs, gently brushing the mound and resting them on her waist like an expert. He came closer, his fingers tucked in her panty’s straps. Slowly he started pulling them towards him. Damini was enjoying being explored. She was enjoying getting naked, the kick was someone else was stripping her. The fact that his eyes would now venture on her most intimate part gave her an unexplainable thrill. She shivered more than once out of excitement. Shaurya on the other hand wanted this moment to last forever. He took all the time to pull off her last piece of clothing, very slowly revealing her mound. The more he pulled it down, the stronger the aroma turned. Further down he pulled and Damini felt Shaurya’s breath on her now bare pussy. Threads of wetness clung to the now soaked fabric. Shaurya was bursting out of excitement but he had somehow managed to compose himself. He slowly ran the tip of his tongue between the slit. Damini breathed her lover’s name, eyes shut tight. The taste was pungent but the feeling was sensuous. He had held her by the waist, his fingers feeling warm against her skin. Shaurya gave her a gentle squeeze and she responded by spreading her legs a bit more. This time he kissed her pussy lips. He then turned his head upwards to see her face but was greeted by the sight of her prominent nipples. The girl was lost in ecstasy. He attacked her. He had no idea what he was doing. Her inner thighs, her mound, her lips, all were generously licked. He wriggled his tongue on her pussy. The juices kept dribbling, on the sheets via her thighs and the rest in his mouth. He pushed his tongue deeper and Damini started snaking uncontrollably all over the bed. He sucked the lips, held them in his mouth for a while and released them. He was toying with her pussy now and she was getting high!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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