Shelby Ch. 03

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Big Tits

It was rare that Shelby and Jason were the only ones in the house. For the next few days whenever she passed him in the hallway, or they encountered each other in the kitchen alone she would hug him and feel his cock and it would leap to attention. Her mere presence left him breathless with desire.

He would watch her by the pool marveling at her tiny, fit body as she lounged or swam with her brothers. Every detail of her form seemed perfect to Jason. He lived in a constant state of arousal.

For the first couple days Shelby seemed to think it were a game, she teased and flirted with a smile and touched him to see how hard he was, but then laughed and left the room. Then the sexual tension seemed to get to her as well. Soon the touches became more insistent, needy and even desperate.

Sometimes, even when others were in the room, Shelby would gaze at Jason with such open longing that he feared others would notice. Jason particularly feared Nen, Shelby’s mother, noticing. Nen was a smart woman and being very good looking herself she was well aware of the attention a daughter like Shelby would attract. Nen would often chide Shelby about how scantily she dressed around the house, or when going out.

Shelby never dressed like a slut, showing off the goods but she did dress casually in thin t-shirts and short shorts that showed almost as much as something more overtly sexualized. And Shelby’s favorite blue bikini was two years too small. Her breasts were not large, but still they spilled out of the top, and it would often pull off her breasts while she played in the pool. The bottoms bulged over her pubic mound and were devoured by her butt constantly leaving her gleaming globes exposed fully whenever she moved much at all.

Jason loved that bikini.

Jason also started taking any opportunity he could to watch Shelby. The way the summer had been so far he had plenty of chances to see her in her swimwear out by the pool, but after three days of sexual tension and frustration he started to watch her around the house as well.

When she watched T.V. curled up on the couch, her bare feet poking out from under her gorgeous legs, her bum when she bent over to pick something up, the swell of her breasts under a t-shirt, her neck as she spoke… All of it was pure poetry to him.

One morning when the family were all home, but bustling around madly getting ready for work, or day camp or all the various places they were going Jason crept into the bathroom as Shelby was taking a shower. He sat for a moment watching her threw the opaque shower curtain debating announcing his presence.

Just watching her outline through the plastic, the darker shadow of her skin against the paler tile behind her made his cock strain to escape his shorts. When it became unbearable, when his need to touch either her or himself became so strong that he felt he might scream, he stepped forward and cleared his throat.

Shelby froze behind the curtain, the shower still running suddenly seeming loud. Then her hand lifted and she pulled the curtain back and peered around the plastic sheet.

“I thought I felt somebody come in a moment ago.” Was all she said.

Jason reached out and pulled the curtain further back.

Shelby hesitated in taking her hand from the sheet, but then released it and smiled a knowing smile and she allowed Jason to reveal her naked body.

Even though he had memorized every tiny detail of Shelby still this was a powerful moment. She was baring herself for him alone and it was intoxicating.

Shelby stood in the cascade of water her body smooth and perfect to Jason. Her hair was a long stream of brown flowing down her back, her skin was beaded with drops of moisture smooth and tempting.

Shelby’s breasts were red from the heat of the water and her nipples hard and tight. The small tuft of pubic hair was plastered to her outer pussy lips and left her cleft exposed and vulnerable.

Jason sat on the toilet, little drops of water splashing him where he sat. He pulled off his shorts as he sat and his erection made Shelby smile openly her eyes full of glee.

Jason began to stroke his cock and gaziantep minyon escort bayan asked her to continue with her shower.

Shelby resumed cleaning herself and With one eye on her cousin she washed her hair and let the shampoo ooze down her luscious body.

Jason had still never touched Shelby, it seemed too much to him, but as she caressed her own body cleaning herself ostentatiously for his masturbatory pleasure he had suffered from the lack. It was still too great a taboo to him.

Then Shelby, his eighteen year old second cousin began to masturbate herself.

Her fingers began to stroke her labia and she turned so that she was facing Jason from two feet away. She opened her lips and showed him the pink of her slit. This was the closest he had been to her succulent cunt and it fired Jason up immensely. His fist became a blur on his shaft as she lightly stroked her clit for him.

Somewhere else in the house somebody shouted something, but in this room all was still and quiet save the shower and the stroking hands of the two cousins masturbating for each other.

Shelby’s other hand lifted to her breasts and she began to caress them as well, pulling on her tight nipples and squeezing the firm mounds.

Jason felt an orgasm approaching fast and he stood up ready to shoot into the shower.

Shelby dropped to her knees in the gush of water. It now passed over her head, only the mist of droplets landing on her head.

Still frigging herself, but now doing it to pleasure herself not her “Uncle” Shelby tilted back her head and opened her mouth showing Jason she wanted to taste his cum.

That permission was all he needed and his climax blasted out of him shooting his cum the foot between them and landing on her face staining one of her beautiful cheeks. The next gout of cum landed across her lips and on her tongue and it felt to Jason like he had broken a World Record at the Olympics he was so proud of that shot.

Shelby’s tongue darted out and licked more cum from her lips as he fired more and more sperm onto her face and down her neck. It was the most erotically charged moment in Jason’s life spraying his little cousin with cum. He wished his orgasm could go on forever.

But all too soon he fell back onto the toilet seat his climax complete and his body too weak to hold him upright.

Shelby still frantically masturbated, her face spattered with his load, her tongue tasting him as much as possible, reaching for the sperm still within reach of her questing appendage while she tugged her nipples and began to climax herself.

A tightening of her muscles, and shuddering of her entire body told Jason she was cumming, her mouth gaped open and she squeezed her eyes shut, the perfect portrait of a woman in the wild throes of intense pleasure.

It made Jason’s balls twitch in sympathetic desire.

Then she relaxed and smiled at him. Lifting a hand she scooped up some more of his jism and ate it seductively, almost coyly, her twinkling eyes peering at him from beneath lowered lids.

She did it once more then stood up and allowed the shower to clean her of his spunk.

Without another word Jason stood back up and pulled up his pants. He slipped out of the bathroom carefully astonished at what he had just done, and that she had enjoyed it so much as well.

The week after he had first seen Shelby in the pool with her boy she approached Jason’s little balcony while her brothers and some of their friends played in the water, yelling and being boisterous.

“Uncle Jason?” she opened, and he knew something was up. The only time Shelby called him Uncle Jason now was when she was horny and wanted to get him riled up. The way she said it, in a little girl voice, looking up at him coyly got him horny immediately, which was no doubt her point. “Tonight everyone will be gone and I am inviting a friend over to play. Do you mind babysitting us?”

There were a few damp towels hanging from the railing around the balcony covering the view onto from the pool area. Shelby slipped a hand inside the perimeter of nizip escort bayan the railing and groped his crotch.

Today she was wearing her blue bikini again with a pair of jean shorts on her bottom. She was standing on a deck chair to talk to him, which she and the boys did often. Her head was near the top of the railing and her arm could easily reach his cock as she stood fondling him almost in plain view of the half dozen boys messing around in the pool.

“I’ll be around if you need me to keep an eye on things.” Jason replied after her hand began to stroke along his shaft.

“I do need that. I need it so badly.” Shelby then climbed over the railing, her lithe frame easily scrambling over the wooden barricade. The balcony was small, and there was only room for the one chair, but Shelby knelt beside him, the top of her head not even clearing the towel covered rail.

“Uncle Jason is it weird that I am so horny all the time?”

“Not at all. I am too now with you around.” Her hand was once more stroking his cock as she pulled him out of his shorts and gazed at his length.

“What I find funny,” she murmured, “Is that I only feel this horny when I know you are watching me. I can’t get enough of the way you look at me. I feel like I’m not really a sexual person unless your eyes are on me. Is that too perverted?”

“Well, I guess you might be an exhibitionist.”

“What is that exactly?” She looked into his eyes now, not at his cock, she seemed to really not know what an exhibitionist was.

“An exhibitionist is a person who gets sexual pleasure from showing themselves to others.”

“Wow, there is a name for everything. That is me exactly. But it only counts if it is you.” Shelby pulled her top down and exposed her breasts to him and then resumed stroking his aching cock.

Jason glanced at the boys playing so close by, but none was paying any attention to the proceedings on the balcony.

“You know I think you get off on others seeing you too.” Jason said. “You love to drive your brother’s friends crazy. They all want to play here because they get to see you in a bikini. Every one of those kids has a crush on you. You are always showing off around them”

“I know.” She whispered. “I’m pretty bad aren’t I?”


Shelby’s brown eyes gleamed as she massaged her second cousin’s cock, bare breasted in the bright sunshine hidden by a wind-rippled barrier of damp cloth.

“Uncle Jason,” she spoke to the tip of his cock, her mouth fractions of an inch from his straining knob. “I can’t wait to be fucked by you tonight after I give Liam my virginity.” She kissed his tip softly and he twitched. “I can’t fuck you first because I have had a crush on him for years. I always wanted him to be my first. I doubt that now sometimes because of you, but I’m going to do it. Then I’m going to take your cock deep inside me. I don’t care how wrong it is, I want you so badly.”

Then Shelby took his engorged boner into her mouth and swallowed his length to the very back of her throat. Jason had to clamp down on his bottom lip to stop from moaning out loud as his little teenage cousin deep-throated him for the first time.

Mere feet away, unaware of what was happening on the balcony, one of the boys stood on the edge of the pool shouting about something while his sister sat on her haunches gobbling their Dad’s oldest friend’s dong. The intense eroticism of the moment, the sheer depravity of it had him so overwhelmed that Jason broke through his barrier of passivity and finally engaged wholeheartedly in the debauchery.

Reaching down he took hold of one of Shelby’s sweet breasts for the first time and began to pull her nipple and mash the pliant flesh. The girl froze with his prick deep in her face and she moaned around his cock. He couldn’t hear it over the boys, but he could feel the vibration, and it was great.

Once Shelby started working over his cock once more Jason felt deliciously wicked, a hand full of her breast and her mouth on him made him feel invincible.

“Hey Even!” Jason called the older of his cousins. Jason leaned forward nurdağı escort bayan and held Shelby’s head to his cock when she made to pull back alarmed. Still stroking her tit Jason spoke to the boys in the yard where they all stopped playing to find out what the grown-up wanted.

“You guys know the game Marco Polo?” Shelby kept still, so Jason began to use his hands and hips to fuck her face, encouraging her to go back to blowing him.

The boys didn’t know the game.

Jason took his time explaining the game while the gorgeous Shelby began to get into the other game she and Jason were playing. Shelby used ever skill she had in her limited repertoire to try and distract Jason while he spoke to the boys; meanwhile Jason tried not to let on that his cock was being mauled by a sexy teenager just out of sight.

Jason only just managed to finish explaining Marco Polo before Shelby’s wonderful attention to his cock won out over his interest in playing this game with her. She was stroking him quickly and suckling his knob while massaging his tightening balls. Jason wasn’t close to cumming, but he wanted to pay attention to what she was doing.

Looking down at her pretty face full of his thick cock had him so horny he could hardly stand it. In all his years Jason couldn’t remember being with a more good looking woman than Shelby. The fact that they were related made it even more amazing that she loved to suck his cock so much.

And love it she clearly did. This was the third time she had blown him, and he was only touching her bare breast for the first time.

It was her breasts that made the difference this time.

Alternating which breast he massaged Jason fondled the young woman happily while the echoes of “Marco!” and “Polo!” filled the back yard. Feeling those pert titties got him off and he pulled out of Shelby’s slurping mouth as he began to spurt. He pushed her back and sprayed her chest with his sperm, shooting his sticky jism all over her tender buds.

Rubbing his knob over her nipples he defiled her teenage bosom with his cum and she gaped at him, her mouth open wide, shocked by his messy deposit.

Then Shelby got over her surprise and she began to take over, stroking his throbbing rod and smearing his load all around her breasts. Then she took him back in her mouth and cleaned the jizz from his softening tool, tasting his cum and moaning.

When he could take no more Jason pushed her gently off his twitching member, and she sat back and looked down at her sperm stained chest.

“That was hot.” She said. Her fingers began to play with his cum, rubbing it into her hard nipples and then tasting her fingers periodically.

Watching her got Jason hard again and she smiled at his rising member.

“God I can’t wait to feel that inside me.’ She leaned over and quickly gave his cock head a smooch, then she sat back and adjusted her top over her tits once more. Her chest was glistening from his cum, but there were no more large gobbets of spooge. Satisfied that it wasn’t totally obvious Shelby stood up and looked out over the boys playing in the pool.

“I’m so wet thinking about anyone seeing your cum on my tits.” She said and her face was flushed in a deep blush. She climbed over the rail and went to a deck chair, pulling off her shorts she halted the game as her ass was teasingly revealed as her bottoms were pulled down by her jean shorts. The younger boys just looked because the older boys were, but the older boys were embarrassingly attentive as she pulled her shorts off of her sculpted legs.

Then making a slight show of it Shelby got herself comfortable in her lounger. It only took a few moments for her to find a comfortable position for her back, and she only had to thrust out her chest a few times to get settled.

It was enough to have the teenage boys completely mesmerized. Her hard nipples were plainly visible through her thin bikini top and the sheen of sperm made her slight cleavage shine enticingly.

Once she was settled in for a sunbathe the boys resumed their game, though it was noticeably muted, and a couple boys continued watching her whenever they could.

Jason sat stroking his cock during all of this, then he held off and put his boner back into his shorts. He wanted to save his cum for tonight.

Tonight he would fuck that sexy little woman getting all that attention out there.

All he had to do was watch her fuck some boy first, then he would finally have sex with his eighteen year old second cousin.

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