She’s Not On Her Knees Today

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When they finally reached the door that opened to his room at the end of the hall, they smiled. Inside the closed room they felt relieved and hugged each other closely. During this embrace she stated quietly ‘I love you’ he smiled and held her closer to him. She purred and rubbed his back, stretching up on her toes to kiss his neck. She slowly nibbled on his earlobe and licked playfully at his earrings.

She could feel how excited he was getting by the bulge growing in his pants. She pushed herself against him and moaned into his ear. She slowly looked around his wide shoulders and out the door into the hall. She lowered herself to her knees and looked up at him with begging eyes.

He knew what she wanted, all the dirty things running through her mind. So he turned and shut the door, taking care to lock it. Then he faced her again, the crotch of his pants in front of her face. She smiled up at him and grabbed for the button of his pants. He took a step back and wagged his finger in the air. She pouted, “why not?” He grinned, “Strip.” This was something she loved to do for him. While she was stripping he would just stand there and admire her beautiful body and she could watch the lust building in him.

So she stood up and took him by the collar of his work-shirt. She sat him down on his bed and took a few steps back. She unbuttoned a few of the bottom buttons of her shirt and then a few of the top, until finally it hung, exposing her round breasts. The shirt fell to the floor with the bra following shortly behind. Restrained, he only stared. He swallowed loudly and she moaned slightly, loving his enjoyment. She lifted her right leg and put it next to his left side, slowly untying her boots and slipping them off. Then the other boot. She slowly unzipped her skirt and it fell onto the pile of clothes. She stood in her thong and thigh-his smiling down on him. After she did not move for a moment, he became more lively, “Take the rest off” She flushed with heat knowing he was about to take control. She obeyed silently by daintily removing her stockings and slowly sliding her thong down her long smooth legs.

She stood naked before him, becoming moist at her own dirty thoughts. He smirked and stood. “Lay on the bed” She looked at him confused for a moment, wanting him now. “Now.” She sat on the bed and looked up at him for more instructions. He crossed his arms and stared down at her. “Make yourself cum.” She blinked and hesitated. He picked up a crop and tapped it against his leg. She immediately reached for her hot wet cunt and stroked along it playfully getting her fingers wet.

He relaxed, and she continued, putting a finger inside of her and letting a gasp escape. Shortly after a second finger entered her and soon she was dripping. She watched him whenever she could manage to keep her eyes open. She decided to move on without him asking and slowly withdrew one finger, placing it on her tight ass hole kaçak iddaa she rubbed until it was wet. Returning the finger to her pussy she rewetted it and then pushed it inside of her other tight hole. He stood up and groaned slightly and this drove her wild. She pushed farther and played with her tit with her other hand

He ripped off his shirt and seemed about to give her exactly what she wanted, but then he stopped and crossed his arms once again. She looked dup at him between strokes and got hotter. She loved his body and now she could see his beautiful chest and stomach covered with his fur and his broad manly shoulders. She closed her eyes again and played with herself harder until she moaned loudly.

This seemed to make him happy as he moaned quietly. She was now pushing hard into herself and moaning loudly enough that the neighbors could hear her for sure. She clenched her teeth and with a gasp of air she came and soaked her fingers. Already knowing what he would want, she licked her fingers clean and looked up at him, waiting.

She leaned forward and kissed his stomach and slowly undid his button on his pants, looking up at him to make sure this did not displease him. He nodded and se continued and removed his pants. She sat directly in front of him and by reflex she grabbed his huge cock in her tiny hand and lowered her mouth onto it

First she wet the head and licked just around it and inside of his foreskin. She loved his cock so much and this was making her wet. She slowly began to start taking more and more of his cock into her mouth, until she was letting it slide down into her throat. This pleased her so much that she was soaking his sheets. He reached down and ran his fingers halfway through her hair allowing them to get tangled in it and then he made a fist, causing her head to pull back towards his hand. He now had control of her head and slowly and gently guided her mouth up and down his shaft.

She was wet and moaning, she loved it when he was rough with her. She wanted him to be rougher but never knew how to tell him. Sometimes she would disobey just so that she could feel the hot sting of a spanking, but by now she knew he was catching on to her dirty fantasies. He removed her head from his cock but still gripped it in his hand. She stuck her tongue out in effort to taste him again. He lifted her slowly and she stood in front of him, waiting.

He did not move again for what seemed like an eternity, and this only made her wetter. He was watching her and she suddenly felt useless. She waited and he finally placed her on the bed. She lay on her back and he shook his head, she turned over onto her stomach. He did not get on the bed right away but instructed her not to look.

She heard rustling and wanted so bad to cheat and turn, but she thought he would spank her. Then she remembered the crop, and she desired to have it smack her ass and to feel the sting. This would be so new kaçak bahis and exciting. She turned her head in his direction and her smirked at her.

Without a word he raised the hand which was holding the crop and smacked it quickly against her skin. She winced and lay there feeling the burn sink deep into her skin and noticing the wetness grow between her legs. She knew this was going to be incredible. He put a hand gently between her legs to feel the wetness grow and cooed “you like that?” She nodded against the pillow furiously and he mockingly slapped her ass again. She tossed and turned a bit wanting him to fill her.

She waited for another eternity until he was on the bed hovering over her. She thrust her hips up to meet his and when she reached the tip of his penis he drew back, denying her the pleasure. She groaned and thrusted towards him again. He chuckled softly, “do you want… this?” he asked mockingly as he pressed the head of his penis against her. She nodded into the pillow again. “I can’t hear you”

“yes!” she gasped out, but still he did not fill her, Instead he brought his face to her and licked her wet pussy and entered her slowly with his tongue. She rocked against him “Don’t move” he scolded her with a sharp pat on the ass. She enjoyed the hot feeling and decided to move again a few licks later, just to enjoy the pain of another spanking. After she was spanked a few more times he knew she would not listen and withdrew. She moaned and thrusted towards him and he responded with another painful whack of the crop. She lay on the bed feeling the pain ooze though her skin as he lowered himself on her. “Please fuck me” she whimpered. “I want you to fuck me”

He placed the head of his penis right up to her slit again just to hear her beg. “Please? Oh please fuck me!” She thrusted back and succeeded in getting the head into her and she moaned and came instantly. As soon as she finished shuddering he withdrew and pounded full into her with a smack on the ass at the same time. She threw herself back into him and screamed out in pleasure. He felt her clamp down on him and soak him, and he knew she had cum again so soon. He reached under her and squeezed her breasts as hard as he could, letting her rock back and forth along his dick.

He then took the finger and got it wet with her juices and placed it on her tight asshole. Following just as she had done for him minutes before he entered her asshole with his finger, feeling her jerk back and groan out to him “yes!” This excited him and he began to fuck her, hard and fast and he loved feeling it through her asshole, so he wet a second finger and it quickly joined in stretching her ass for him. She grunted and leaned back on him so hard he retaliated with a hard smack of the crop across her ass cheeks. This made her cum one again and she pushed herself back onto him hard and he felt all her muscles clinging to him, not letting him move an inch.

He illegal bahis decided he wanted a change and he halted everything. “Get up” She whimpered but a smack of the crop got her up and standing staring at him. She had millions of ideas running through her head on how he could please her and how she could please him “Get on your knees and clean me off” She immediately dropped to her knees and took his huge cock into her mouth, licking every single inch and sucking off all their combined juices, this making her so wet she is dripping down her thigh.

When she finished cleaning she continued to suck on him but looked up for more instructions. “Get up” So she rose to her feet. He pointed to the bed and she lay on her stomach again. “No, turn over” and he spanked her. She flipped immediately and watched him intently

He did not sit on the bed; instead he sat on a chair and motioned for her to come to him. She obeyed and sat on his lap. He pulled her to him and they kissed passionately as his cock pushed against her stomach. She raised her hips and lowered herself onto him. He placed a finger on her asshole and rubbed it again. And all in one movement she raised herself off of his cock and lowered herself slowly so that it was against her asshole. She slowly lowered down past his head, letting the feeling sink in and feeling the heat rise up in her pussy and start to drip more. She lowered down onto his shaft and let herself adjust to this huge shaft inside of her. She had never had anything so big in her before and her tight ass felt as though it may split, but the painful pleasure was too much and she finally lowered herself all the way down. “oh My god….” was all he muttered as her bit her neck leaving definite marks and squeezed her tits until she raised herself again and lowered. With each slow stiff stroke she became accustomed and soon she was rocking on him and moaning.

He put a hand down between her legs and rubbed her clit to make her fuck him harder.

And she responded just how he wanted and fucked him harder until she exploded in another orgasm. The fluids dripped out of her and pooled onto him making everything even easier. He was breathing heavy and she knew soon she would be able to feel his cum shooting against her walls and this made her so hot. She fucked him harder and raked her nails into his back, probably drawing blood. Her grabbed her ass in his hand and squeezed her and spanked her to keep her excited. And she fucked him so hard until he moaned and grunted incredibly loudly.

Finally when she thought she might die he screamed out “oh my god I’m going to cum… oh… im cumming!” And she drove him into her hard and as soon as she felt him pumping into her she could no longer hold it and she came too, exhausting herself and soaking them both. She lay up against him and panted and he was beaming. He patted her ass roughly and she jumped and shuddered a bit and he smiled.

She kissed his neck and whispered “I love you” he smiled as she shuddered again “I love you too.” She rolled off of him and they lay together panting on the bed until they fell asleep exhausted in each others arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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