Shopping Gets Interesting

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The pile of clothes is building up on the bed as one by one I pull outfit after outfit from the wardrobe, look at it for a moment and discard it on the bed.

“I can’t find a single thing to wear for the party tonight!” I shout to you in the next room.

I hear a mumbled reply so walk in there to find you sitting with a beer watching TV. I can tell that you’re completely uninterested in my complaint as you just nod and reply nonchalantly that you’re sure I can find something.

“That’s it, I’ve decided that you’re taking me shopping… no, I don’t care, you’re taking me!” I exclaim as you try and stop me, pointing to the TV like it’s more important. I pick up your wallet and car keys and grab your hand pulling you up and towards the door.

We’ve been walking around for 2 hours, looking in too many shops to remember, trying on countless dresses when finally I find one that I really like and go to try it on in the changing rooms. I pull open the curtain and you go to walk in behind me but I turn around and stop you, shaking my head and pointing to the chair just outside.

“So I don’t even get the fun bit of watching you change to brighten up the trip?” you complain, but it’s useless, I tell you to go wait over there anyway.

I close the curtain behind me standing facing the mirror ahead of me and start to undress. You soon notice that I haven’t quite pulled the curtain across and you can see me standing there in my underwear, stepping into the dress and slowly pull it up, running my hands up my body, smoothing the dress over my curves. As I turn around you quickly look away, trying to act like you hadn’t been watching, mesmerised, while I smile slightly, knowing full well that you saw because I wanted you to.

I pull open the curtain and stand sideways and ask, “Does my bum look big in this?”

I watch the small moment of fear in your eyes before you pick up on the hint of humour in my voice before telling me I look beautiful. I smile and walk towards you, slightly hitching up the dress so that it sits around my thighs. Straddling across your lap I lean towards you, hovering for a moment, teasing you before letting my lips meet yours, firmly. Your hands running up and down my back, over my bum, pulling me closer to you as the kiss gets more and more passionate until I break it. Standing up I pull the dress back down and walk back into changing room. Pulling the curtain closed behind me I hear a moan and sign come from behind me, from you, I know the kiss has got you slightly frustrated, I smile to myself as I change back into my own clothes.

I pick up the dress and take you by the hand leading you to the front counter to buy the dress. I hand it to the sales assistant who smiles politely and takes it from me. While she bags and rings it up, I stand there smiling, playing with your hand, stroking the tips of my fingers over the palm of your hand, along your fingers.

“That’ll be £165 please.” came the voice of the sales assistant, placing the bag on the counter. I smile at you and we stand there for a moment before you get the picture and reach into your back pocket. Sighing you hand over your bankcard, a small chuckle coming from both myself and the sales assistant.

“Well,” you say with a tone of relief Van Escort in your voice “it’s almost worth it just so we can go home.”

“Who said anything about going home just yet?” I reply while leading you out of the store. This time as I walk through the shopping centre, I walk with a little more determination, I know exactly where I’m going. After a few minutes we arrive outside my favourite lingerie store, smiling at you we walk inside.

“Now this is my kind of shopping!” I hear from you a few steps behind me, I turn around and smile, biting my lip slightly. I take you by the hand and ask you to show me what you like. I stop by a section of bras combined with thongs.

“What about this?” I ask holding a set up against me, “No, I don’t think that’s quite your style is it?” I put it back on the rack move along looking around me. Next I stop and pick up a pair of granny hold me in pants.

“What about these sexy things?” I say holding it against me slightly swaying and wiggling my hips. You just laugh and lean in to kiss me, taking the granny pants and putting them back on the rack. “I’ll take that as I no then.” I mumble as you break the kiss. Walking towards the back of the store you stop and pick up something from one of the racks.

“Now this is more like it,” you say grinning at me. I look at what you’ve got in your hand, and smile, knowing full well when we walked in you’d go for something just like it. In your hand you have a black lacy bra with matching french knickers. I take them from you walking towards the corner of the store where the fitting room is. You see me pick something else up, when you ask what I just smile at you and carry on walking.

When we get to the changing room I again order you to take a seat and wait for me. This time you make more of a protest but I insist. Seeing that I’m not going to give up and you’re losing the battle you reluctantly sit down. I quickly change into what you chose, plus my little surprise. I know that behind that door you’re itching to see, so I wait, and wait, until you tap on the door asking if I’m done yet. I don’t reply, just open the door and stand there wearing the lingerie you chose plus the stockings that I picked up myself and the heels that I was already wearing. You take a step back, your eyes moving down my body, taking in all that you see before stepping forward, your hands on my waist, pushing me back into the cubicle closing and locking the door behind you.

“You like then?” I smile as you move me back against the wall, your hands run up and down my sides. Your response a muffled “mmhmm” as your lips roam over my neck. My back arches against you as your kissing on my neck gets more insistent, your hands running down my back over my bum to my thighs where you get a tighter grip to pull me up against you, bringing my legs up around you.

Your kisses move further down my neck, over the mounds of my breasts not covered by the bra, your tongue flicking over my nipple through the material making me moan with pleasure. But it’s not enough, you don’t want that barrier so you deftly remove the bra that you so carefully chose and discard it on the floor beside us. You resume your attention on my breasts, this time there’s no barrier stopping you and you close Van Escort Bayan your lips around my left nipple, sucking, gently biting down making me gasp in surprise, pain and pleasure all at the same time. Moving between both of my nipples you continue to give this sense of pain and pleasure, getting slightly harder and firmer each time.

Placing my feet firmly on the ground again you start to kiss down my body, over my stomach. I feel butterflies fluttering inside me as you kiss over my tummy, you look up and smile at me, knowing how much I like when you do that. You keep kissing further down, still looking me in the eye. Your hands continue sliding down my side and reach the knickers you chose for me and I expect you to pull them down, but you don’t. Instead you take hold of my hips and start to kiss over my covered mound, kissing, then licking, you can feel me getting wet through them. And that’s exactly what you were waiting for. Standing up you pull the knickers to one side and slide your middle finger deep inside my pussy, making me moan. Taking it out you bring it up and put it to my lips, parting them I take your finger into mouth and suck my juices off of it.

“How does it taste?” you ask smiling.

“Why don’t you see for yourself?” I grin back at you.

You reach down and slide your middle finger back into my pussy, this time harder, and deeper. Slowly sliding it out you carefully curve it in a come here motion, knowing it’ll rub against my g spot making me moan audibly. This time you bring it to your lips and taste your finger.

“Well?” I ask.

A mumbled “mmmm” is your only reply as you press your lips against mine. I can taste my juices on your tips. I can taste myself on your tongue. It turns me on even more and I reach down and slide my knickers down to the floor. Suddenly I realise that I’m standing there, almost totally naked, wearing just hold up stockings and heels while you’re fully dressed. Trying to remedy this, I start to strip you of your clothes as quickly as I can, hungry for you. Soon you’re as naked as I am and are reaching down to pull my legs up around your waist again. As you push my warm back against the hard, cold mirrored wall I reach down and take your cock in my hand. I’m pleased to find that you’re already rock hard, my thumb running over the tip of your cock finds it slightly damp with pre-cum. I bring my thumb to my mouth and gently suck on it, tasting you, then leaning in to kiss you, this time it’s your time to taste yourself on my tongue.

We continue to kiss as I reach down and again take your cock into my hand again, stroking it as I guide you towards my hot, wet pussy. As if your own wetness wasn’t enough, I run the tip up and down my wetness before lowering myself down so that your cock slides deep inside my warm, wet and tight pussy. You start to moan loudly but I silence you with a kiss, not wanting anyone to hear. Breaking the kiss I look to the mirrors either side of us, watching you fuck me. Just seeing your cock slide in and out of me is enough to push me over the edge and I start to cum on your cock, gripping your cock as my pussy starts to spasm, hard. So hard that I can’t control my moans and this time it’s your turn to muffle my moans with a kiss.

You lower Escort Van me to the floor and spin me around. Your hand a heavy weight on my shoulders you push my torso down and forwards, my hands against the mirror to stabilise myself. Standing behind me your place your hands on my hips, turning your head towards the mirror you watch your cock slide into my pussy again. Your thrusting this time is differently, it’s harder, faster, deeper, hungrier, and more urgent. One hand reaches round and plays with my breasts, pinching my nipples, twisting them, again making me gasp and moan in a mixture of pain and pleasure. The other hand reaches down and plays with my clit, slapping your fingers against it, not hard enough to really hurt, but enough for a slight twinge of pain mixed with pleasure. You continue to tease and punish my clit, taking it between your thumb and forefinger, squeezing it, rolling it. You thrust deep inside me and stop, holding there for a moment before pulling out.

Pulling out you spin me around and push me down on to my knees. Your hand holding under my chin, you turn your head to look in the mirror again as you thrust forward, watching your cock disappear into my mouth. The tip of your cock hits the back of my throat as you’re buried to the hilt in my mouth, gagging slightly I’m determined to be able to take all of you into my mouth, enjoying the look of pleasure on your face as you fuck my mouth. My hand running over your balls, squeezing them gently, stroking and massaging them. I can tell from your moans and the look on your face that you’re getting close to cumming.

“Where do you want me to cum?” You ask looking down at me. You can’t understand my muffled reply as your cock is still buried in my mouth. Slowly sliding out, my lips tight around you so there’s an audible pop you leave my mouth free so I can reply.

“On my face.” I can tell by the look on your face that you’re surprised by my answer, but after studying my own face and seeing that I’m serious, a grin appears on yours. I’m kneeling in front of you still as you take your cock in your hand and start to stroke it, getting faster and faster. My hands on your thighs, my eyes on yours, waiting for you to give me what I’m waiting for. A loud moan lets me know that I won’t have to wait long and soon your knees buck slightly as your hot cum shoots out all over my face. I lean in and suck the last little bit of cum from your cock. Taking my finger I scoop your cum off of my face and into my mouth, loving the taste of you.

We both get cleaned up and redressed. Grins across both of our faces. Both totally satisfied and feeling rather naughty because of what we’ve just done. You reach down pick up the discarded knickers and bra from earlier.

“Well I guess we should buy these after that shouldn’t we!” You say holding them out to me.

“I think they’re worth it, even just as a memento” I smile taking them from you “Don’t you?”

We both walk out of the changing rooms into the store, and towards the till. I’m sure that the people around us know, the grins across both our faces are a bit of a giveaway!

“Oh these are very popular. I’m sure you’ll both enjoy them tonight!” She says as she takes them from my hand.

“Oh we have, I mean, will!” I grin back at her.

Taking the bag we walk towards the front of the store, both ready to head home.

“Happy birthday baby.” I say, kissing your cheek, taking hold of your hand and leading you back to the car.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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