Should have Married her Sister Ch. 03

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Joe has sex with his slut of a 22-year-old daughter.

Revised, Rewritten, and Continued from Chapter 02:

“Is that your wife,” asked a man at a pub while giving Kathy the eye? Not waiting for Joe to respond, the man continued. “If you don’t mind me saying so, she’s very beautiful and quite sexy.”

Obviously, enamored with her, the man stared longer and harder at Kathy than what was deemed acceptably polite. Undressing her with his eyes, the man looked at her as if she was naked. Now that Joe had the spy camera video of his sister-in-law naked downloaded to his computer, whether dressed or naked, indeed, she was a very beautiful and sexy woman. A daily routine, and adding new videos of her every day, he masturbated daily while watching his sister-in-law dress and undress.

“You’re a lucky man, a very lucky man, indeed,” said the man pausing to stare at Kathy leaning across the pool table again. “I have a thing about tall, sexy redheads and she’s extraordinary,” he said. “A taller version of Amy Adams, she’s as sexy as Christina Hendricks. By far, she’s one of the most beautiful and sexiest women I’ve ever seen.”

As if he had forgotten how beautiful she was, but knowing now, Joe looked at her with new eyes. No longer thinking of her as the years passed, he watched Kathy playing pool with his daughter, Samantha. At 5’9″ tall, and with the average height of women being 5’4″ tall, Kathy was quite tall for a woman, especially when she wore her heels which she was wearing today.

Adding definition to her shapely calves, she was 6′ tall with heels. An attractive woman with shapely legs playing pool in a low-cut top, a mini-skirt, and heels was a rare delight and such a sexy sight to see. She had the kind of shapely behind that men covet and dream about. Glad that he installed that hidden camera in her bedroom, he had masturbated over touching, feeling, and fondling every square inch of her naked body.

“She’s not my wife,” she Joe while wishing that Kathy was his wife. “She’s my wife’s, kid sister. She’s my sister-in-law,” he said while thinking back to the first time he saw her.

Regretting not doing it now, he should have broken up with Maureen to date Kathy. If he had, he wouldn’t be secretly videoing her. If he had, he wouldn’t be dreaming about her, lusting over her, and masturbating while imagining her naked and having sex with him. Without a doubt, such a fool, he should have married her sister.

Taking the old man’s comments as compliments, Joe was satisfied that this stranger thought that Kathy was very beautiful, quite sexy, and extraordinary. He looked at her again, now, as if he hadn’t noticed before, he agreed with the man’s assessment of his sister-in-law. Especially now that he had seen her naked, he thought that Kathy was very beautiful, too, especially with her hair and makeup done. An extraordinary woman, especially now that he’s gotten to know her better with her staying with them, she was quite sexy.

Even without her hair and makeup done, she was still quite pretty and so very sexy. With her red hair, blue eyes, and shapely body, seemingly, one of a kind, she was, indeed, extraordinary. Now, with his eyes wide open, there was something extraordinarily sexy about a tall, good-looking, and shapely, redheaded woman. With her sense of humor and intelligence, Kathy was all of those things and more.

As if he was having a sexual fantasy of having sex with both women, the man continued staring at Kathy and Samantha leaning over the pool table while shooting pool. Had the man not been elderly, feeling obligated to defend their honor, Joe would have taken offense that this stranger was staring and leering at his sister-in-law and his daughter. Yet, with nothing to disagree with him over, he agreed with everything that the stranger had said.

Not quite exposing their panties in an upskirt peeks, but they were giving the onlooker plenty of long, shapely, bare leg to see. Especially, when they leaned forward, over the table to make a shot, they gave the man a perfect view of their shapely, mini-skirt clad asses. Then, when facing him while shooting pool and bending at the waist to closer to the table, they gave Joe and his horny, new friend the perfect down-blouse view of the cleavages and bras.

“Is that her daughter, your niece,” asked the man while looking at Joe with sexual admiration? “She’s very pretty and very sexy, too. They look so very much alike. With her fair skin, red hair, and freckles, they could have done one of those mother and daughter Dove commercials of old. She looks just like her mother.”

Something that he obviously, never noticed; Joe looked over at Kathy playing pool with his daughter, Samantha, and laughed. Samantha did look a lot alike Kathy. They easily could pass for mother and daughter. Adding to his sexual desire for his sister-in-law, now, again, Joe wished that he had married Kathy instead of her sister Maureen. If he married her now, with Samantha looking so very much like her aunt, gaziantep ofise gelen escort bayan he’d have the perfect blended family. Only, she was already happily married.

“She’s my daughter playing pool with her aunt,” said Joe.

The man continued sipping his ale while staring at the two women. He stared at the shape of their asses when they bent in front of him. He stared at all that he could see of their cleavages and low-cut bras when they leaned forward in front of him. As if teasing him for their sexual attention, he wouldn’t be surprised if this man had an erection from ogling his sister-in-law and his daughter.

“It’s always been my sexual fantasy to have sex with two women,” said the man looking from the women to look at Joe while testing the limits of what he could say without offending his new drinking buddy. “Now, that I’ve seen your sister-in-law and your daughter together, I’ll be taking the sexy thoughts of them to bed with me tonight,” said the man with a laugh while looking at Joe again. “I only wished I was a younger man. Then, I might have challenged them to a game,” said the man giving Joe a wink.

Not taking offense because he felt the same, sexual way, Joe laughed at the old man’s comments as he was obviously thinking the same thing. Especially with him having already masturbated over the naked videos of Kathy, he had taken her to bed with him every night since she arrived to stay at his house. Every night he masturbated over having sex with his sister-in-law. Every night, he imagined making love to her and fucking her. Every night he imagined her blowing him and him cumming in her mouth.

Only, now, after what the stranger said about Samantha, Joe would be taking her to bed with him, too. In the way that the man admitted to Joe that he’d love to have sex with Kathy and with Samantha, Joe would love to have sex his sister-in-law, his mother-in-law, and his daughter, too. With him having already installed a camera in the guest bedroom, he considered installing a hidden camera in his daughter’s bedroom, too. Now, that he had seen his wife’s sister naked, he’d love to see his daughter naked, too.

‘Only, I can’t do that. I can’t invade my daughter’s privacy in such a perverted and incestuous way. I’m her father. I’m her Dad. That’s wrong violate my daughter by spying on her. That’s nasty to masturbate over Samantha while imagining having sex with her naked body,’ he thought.

Joe continued staring at his daughter and sister-in-law. Obviously, he had married the wrong woman. He tortured himself for making such a tragic, life-altering mistake. He wished that Maureen looked more like and acted more like her sister. How can two sisters be so different?

“You should see my mother-in-law,” said Joe out of the blue while suddenly imagining Irene topless. “She has enormous breasts. She has the biggest tits that I’ve never seen,” he said with a dirty laugh while holding out his hands in front of his chest. “Something that I’m not proud of doing, but I’ve sexually imagined having incestuous sex, a threesome with my daughter, my sister-in-law, and my mother-in-law,” said Joe with a dirty laugh.

The man gave Joe a smile and shook his hand.

“I don’t blame you. If that was my sister-in-law and daughter, I’d be sexually fantasizing about having sex with them, too. If your sister-in-law and daughter looks this good, I can only imagine what your mother-in-law looks like for you to be sexually lusting over her, too. Your family has made this old man very happy,” he said. “I apologize for my crude, rude, and disrespectful remarks but I’ve had a little too much to drink. Good night,” he said walking out of the bar.

After what the stranger had said about Kathy and Samantha looking alike, adding salt to his still opened wound, Joe realized again that he should have married Kathy and not her sister, Maureen, his deceased wife. Only, no longer available, Kathy was married to Brian and has two children, identical twin boys, Mathew and Michael. Too late now, he missed his opportunity. He should have jumped at the chance to have Kathy in his life and as his wife instead of Maureen.

Chapter 03:

When Joe returned home with his sister-in-law and his daughter, he retired to his bedroom. He was eager to watch Kathy undress for bed. He couldn’t wait to see his sister-in-law naked gain. In readiness to masturbate himself, he stripped himself naked while slowly stroked himself to a nice erection. He booted up his computer and donned his headphones for privacy. The last thing that he wanted was for his daughter and/or his sister-in-law to hear the echoed reverberation of their voices coming from his computer.

Especially after what the old man had said about how beautiful and sexy Kathy was, he wanted to watch her undress while masturbating himself. He wanted to imagine her climbing into bed with him while she watched him undress. He wanted to imagine gaziantep öğrenci escort bayan having sex with her. Only, unbeknownst to him, with him so distracted watching Kathy strip herself naked, he never heard his daughter open his bedroom door without knocking.

When Samantha saw her father naked and stroking himself while watching her aunt on his computer, she was as shocked as she was sexually aroused. The first time seeing her Dad’s hard, erect, and naked cock, she couldn’t believe he was spying on her mother’s sister. Instead of leaving, not making her presence known, she stayed to watch her father’s masturbation show.

She silently and stealthily closed his bedroom door behind her and stayed to watch him masturbating. Already getting caught up in the sexual action, she fondled her C cup breasts through her blouse and her bra while fingering her emerging nipples. Mesmerized by the motion of the up and down movement of his hand, she was hypnotized by seeing her father’s big, naked prick.

As if she had never seen a man masturbating himself before, she watched her father stroking his prick harder and faster. Then, she lifted the front of her short skirt to rub her clit through her white, sheer, bikini panties. As if already having sex, father and daughter masturbated themselves together.

In the way that Joe was watching Kathy remove her blouse, her short skirt, her bra, and her panties to don her nightgown for bed, Samantha watched her aunt strip naked on the computer feed, too. Then, taking the cue from her nearly, naked father, while watching him stroke his cock harder and faster, she unbuttoned her blouse. With her seeing her father’s naked prick and knowing that he was watching her aunt undress, seemingly she didn’t care if her father caught her naked and masturbating herself.

As if she was a Japanese mother and son watching X-rated, pornographic videos together instead of a father and daughter watching Aunt Kathy strip herself naked, they masturbated themselves together. In the way that a Japanese mother hid her masturbation from her son, Samantha hid her masturbation from her father. In the way that a Japanese son hid his masturbation from his mother, Joe hid his masturbation from his daughter.

“I can’t believe he hid a camera in the guest bedroom,” said Samantha softly. “I can’t believe he watches Aunt Kathy undress while masturbating himself. I wonder if he has a hidden camera in my bedroom, too. I wonder if he watches me undress. I wonder if he’s seen me naked. I wonder if he’s masturbated over watching me undress in the way that he masturbates while watching Aunt Kathy undress.”

# # #

Samantha removed her blouse and allowed it to fall to the floor in front of her. Now, dressed only in her short skirt and low-cut brassiere, she continued watching her father masturbating himself while watching her aunt undress on spy cam. While watching her father stroking his cock and watching her aunt stripping naked, becoming even more sexually aroused, she continued feeling her tits and fingering her nipples through her bra.

Not stopping there and not leaving her father’s bedroom before being detected, she remained. Obviously, she didn’t care if he knew that she was there undressing and masturbating herself while watching him masturbating himself, too. Next, she unbuttoned and unzipped her short skirt and allowed that to fall to the floor in front of her, too. While he continued stroking his prick, becoming even more sexually aroused, she stuck her hand inside of her panties to rub her clit and fingerfuck her pussy.

Seemingly, in the way that she caught her father masturbating himself, she wanted him to catch her masturbating herself, too. Ready to strip herself naked, clearly, in the way that her father was seeing her aunt without her clothes, clearly, Samantha wanted her Dad to catch her and see her without her clothes. Obviously, in the way that her Dad wished he could have forbidden sex with Aunt Kathy, Samantha wanted to have incestuous sex with her father.

Dressed only in her low-cut bra and her sheer, sexy, white bikini panties, she took a big breath for courage before walking over to her father. While standing over him, and with him still unaware that she was there, ogling his naked prick, she stared down at his cock. As soon as she stood beside him, ready to take him in her hand to stroke him before taking him in her mouth to suck him, she moved to her knees.

Too preoccupied staring at his computer screen while wearing his headphones, oblivious to her and, obviously, he didn’t hear her nor see her. Too late to get up and leave now, Joe was unaware that his daughter was kneeling beside him and prepared to pounce on his naked prick. He was unaware that his slut of a daughter wanted to have incestuous sex with him. Clearly, ready to take her father’s prick in her hand to give him a hand job, she was prepared to take him in her mouth to oğuzeli escort bayan give him a blowjob.

She stared at his naked, erect prick as if she had never seen a naked, erect prick before. Then, finally making her presence known, pushing his hand away to replace his hand with her hand, she reached out her soft, warm hand and wrapped her fingers around his hard, erect prick. In that brief moment before her father reacted, she was holding her Dad’s erect, naked prick in her hand in the way that he wished his sister-in-law would hold his erect, naked prick in her hand.

“Samantha! Oh, my God. Why are you in my room? I’m so embarrassed,” said Joe jumping up from his chair and removing his headphones.

He stared down at his daughter’s hand holding his erect, naked prick before staring up at her. She was dressed in her low-cut, sexy, white bra and her sheer, bikini panties. He stared at the patch of his daughter’s red, trimmed, pubic hair before pulling away from her and speaking again.

“Oh, my God, Samantha. What are you doing? No. You mustn’t do that. I’m your father and you’re my daughter. We can’t have sex. We mustn’t have sex.”

# # #

Samantha gave her father a sexy smile and a naughty look. Indeed, she really did look like a younger version of Kathy. Now, that he was seeing his daughter dressed in her sexy underwear, Joe wanted to have sex with her. Something that his wife would never do, he wanted his daughter to blow him. He wanted her to suck his prick while stroking his prick. He needed to cum in her mouth, his daughter’s mouth.

Again, something that his wife would never allow him to do, he wanted to cum in his daughter’s mouth. He wanted to give her a cum bath. In the way that he wanted to fuck her aunt, now he wanted to fuck his daughter, too. If he couldn’t have sex with Kathy, he’d settle for having sex with Samantha. Not realizing it before, he realized it now. His daughter looked like Kathy the first time he met her. With his daughter acting as his sexual surrogate, this was his second chance to have sex with Kathy.

“Let me give you a hand, Daddy. This is something that I’m really good at doing. I love stroking pricks as much as I love sucking them,” she said while taking his stiff prick in her hand again. “I bet you didn’t know that your daughter is a cocksucker,” she said with a dirty laugh.

She slowly stroked her father while staring up at him with her big, blue eyes. He watched her stroking him harder and faster. Then, giving her the unnecessary, sexual suggestion, he put a gentle hand behind her pretty head and stroked her long, lush, red hair.

“I want to see you cum, Daddy. I want to watch you cum,” said Samantha. “I want to blow you. I want you to cum in my mouth, Daddy. I want you to give me a cum bath. I want you to cum all over my face and across my naked breast,” she said.

She temporarily let go of his prick to reach behind her to undo her bra. She removed her bra and looked down at her naked breasts as if looking to see what her father was seeing. Her father stared down at her naked breasts with her. He took her tits in his hand, first one and then the other while pulling, turning, and twisting her nipples. Then, as if proud of her big tits, she puffed out her chest before taking his prick in her soft, warm hand again.

“Touch me, Daddy. Feel my tits and finger my nipples again. I love having my tits felt and my nipples fingered while I’m sucking cock,” she said lowering her mouth down to take her father’s cock in her mouth.

She stroked him faster and harder while sucking him deeper. Continuing to suck her father, she continued stroking him harder and faster. Determined to have her Dad cum in her mouth, obviously, she wanted him to cum in her mouth. Clearly, she wanted to swallow his cum. Without a doubt, she wanted him to give her a cum bath.

“Cum, Daddy. Cum. Cum in my mouth. I want you to cum in my mouth,” she said removing his prick from her mouth to speak before reinserting his erect cock. “I want to taste your cum. I want to swallow your cum.”

Before ejaculating his cum in his daughter’s mouth, he stopped. He pulled away and pushed her away. This wasn’t some whore that he brought home for the night. This was his daughter. Even if she was the one who initiated it, how dare he have incestuous sex with his daughter. His wife must be rolling over in her grave.

# # #

She looked at the computer screen before removing her father’s prick from her mouth again. Obviously, curious to know, she smiled up at him. Knowing why already, she gave her father a naughty look.

“Why do you have a hidden camera in the guest bedroom? Why are you watching Aunt Kathy strip naked? Do you like her, Daddy? She does have an amazing body,” said Samantha.

Not waiting for her father to answer her question, she continued firing questions at him as if she was a police detective and he was her prisoner.

“Do you wish you could have sex with her? Do you wish you could fuck her, Daddy? She’s so sexy and so beautiful that I’d do her if I could,” she said with a dirty laugh. “Do you wish that she would blow you in the way that I sucked you?”

Having just confessed to her father that she was bi-sexual, he looked at his daughter stunned. Samantha looked up at her father with sexual arousal from the sexual anticipation of his answer to her question while he looked at her with nervousness.

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