Shower Time

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Our walk was wonderful and exhilarating. The air was crisp and full of tantalizing aromas. We held hands and talked and laughed as we ran through the piles of autumn leaves. We stole several deep, lingering kisses along the way. The butterflies in my stomach were doing somersaults by the time we reached the house. Our cheeks pink from the crisp autumn air, we were going to have a shower to warm up.

Once inside, you promptly open a bottle of wine and pour us each a glass. I wrap my arms around you from behind, nuzzling my lips into the nape of your neck. I can feel the shivers run down your back. As my hands slip further down, I could feel that those same tingles have worked their way to your cock too!! You turn around in my arms and kiss me deeply. My turn for the tingles!!!! I can feel my nipples become very pert and stiff. I start to shiver, as much from anticipation of what is to come, as from the chill of our walk. You grab the two glasses and motion for me to follow you upstairs to the bathroom. I follow, watching your cute, sexy ass climb the stairs ahead of me.

You lead the way into the bathroom, putting the glasses down. The strike of a match, a few candles lit and we are suddenly enveloped in a warm, seductive cave. You take a sip of wine from your glass and then hold it to my lips. I take a sip, the cold nectar warming me up as it travels downwards. You lean forward and lick the drops of wine off my lips. I close my eyes and sigh deeply. You begin to undress me, slowly, tenderly. Your hands fumble several times with the catch of my bra. I giggle as you swear under your breath.

Finally, my breasts are freed from their warm confinement and sway majestically before your eyes. They are large, milky white and sit high on top of my ribcage. You bury your face between the valley they create and inhale the warm sweet scent of me. Your mouth slides across a soft mound and licks around my nipple. I gasp and throw my head back, savouring the feel of your teeth gently biting me. There is a direct connection to my pussy, which begins flowing sweet juices immediately.

It isn’t long before I am standing in front of you, pink nipples puckered and erect from the anticipation of what is about to happen. Your eyes drink in every detail of my body. I feel their heat searing into my skin as they linger on my breasts, then my freshly shaven pussy. Suddenly, I feel very self concious escort ataşehir and place my arms across my breasts. You laugh and kiss me, drawing me tightly against you then, letting me go, you turn on the shower.

I grab you back towards me, pulling at your clothes. Your eyes darken with laughter and you give me a quick kiss, tongue and all. I do not linger as much as you did, my hands working quickly on your clothes. The only place I linger is at the zipper to your jeans.

I notice your bulge immediately and firmly begin stroking you through the fabric of your jeans. You groan and fumble with the button. I laugh and push your hands away, kneeling down in front of you. I deftly undo the button, pull the zipper down and slide your jeans down over your hips to your knees.

Your cock is twitching in your briefs like a caged animal. I bury my face into your crotch, breathing hot warm air directly against your bulge. You groan and run your hands through my silky hair. I nuzzle your cock through your briefs, feeling a wet spot from the oozing precum.

I hook my fingers into the waistband of your briefs, sliding them down to your knees. I then duck my head and gulp your cock down my throat, my nose buried in your stomach. I swallow several times, my throat convulsing around your cock. I look up at you and smile with my eyes as a strangled cry erupts from you. I feel your cumm boiling up inside you. Your cock pops out of my mouth and you cry even louder with protest. It’s not time to cumm yet. I have more plans for you yet!

I stand up and snuggle up against your warm body, giggling as you growl into my ear, “Ohhhhh, you’re going to pay for that!

I lean back in your arms and laughingly reply, “I can’t wait!!”

You reach into the shower, test the water temperature and in one swift movement, grab me and pull me in beside you, jumping in quickly behind me, closing the door.

I squeal with surprise as the hot water hits my skin. I look up at you, through the hot steamy water and grin as I grab your still hard cock. You respond by pulling me roughly against you, covering my mouth with yours. Your tongue hungrily searches for mine. Mine teasingly darts in and out of your mouth, playing hide ‘n seek with yours. My hand slips between us and begins to stroke your cock. Your hand slides down my tummy to my pussy. I spread my legs to accommodate your kadıköy escort inquisitive fingers. They soon find what they are searching for. Your fingers find my sensitive nub and circle around it, probing and coaxing it out of its sheath. I jump and start to hump your hand, grinding my clit against your fingers.

Our tongues dance and play, very aware of what is going on below. I clutch at your shoulders as you insert one finger, then two into my pussy. I am very wet and gooey, so your fingers slide inside easily. I thrust my pussy against your fingers like I am fucking your cock. I can feel your cock prodding my mound, anxious to get into the action too! I feel my orgasm begin the climb up the hill and I begin sucking on your tongue like it is your cock. My nipples begin to ache and I know that my orgasm is imminent.

Your fingers swirl around my clit, stroking and pulling on the nub, which by now has grown to resemble a very small, very erect penis. Each time you touch it, my body goes into spasms. I feel the orgasm spiral out of control as something bursts inside me. Wave after wave of pleasure explodes deeply, making me tremble and cry out. My knees buckle and I grab onto your shoulders to stop myself from collapsing. I bury my head into your shoulder whimpering as the waves slowly subside. The water cascading over my body feels good and the drops of water drip between my legs and soothe my aching pussy. You slide your hand up my body, popping your fingers inside your mouth.

“Mmmmmmmmm!” you say. “Yummy!”

I weakly look up at you, grinning and reply, “You kill me!!!! How am I ever going to repay you?”

“I’m sure you will find a way!” you reply.

Grinning, I reply, “Oh. I’m sure I can think of something appropriate!”

I slip into your arms and nuzzle against your wet, slippery body, my lips seeking yours. We kiss, tongues once again, hungrily playing tag. My hands slide up and down your sides, my body pressing hard against yours. I grab your ass cheeks, pulling you closer to me. I feel your cock hard against my pussy. My lips slide down your jaw, to your neck, nibbling lightly on my way down your body. I stop at your nipples, drawing one into my mouth, gently nibbling. Your cock bounces up against the bottom of my tits, hungrily seeking its own release. Your nipple becomes erect as my tongue swirls around and around.

I continue sliding maltepe escort bayan down your body, until I am on my knees in front of you, your cock staring at me in the face. The hot water from the shower cascades down my body as I lick my lips in anticipation. I love sucking your cock. I love the feel of your hardness in my mouth, feeling it throb and pulsate in my mouth. I love the taste of your cumm as it floods my mouth.

I bury my face into your crotch, licking your balls and the base of your cock. My hands slide up and down your thighs, gently trailing my nails along your wet, slippery skin. The steamy water drips from my lips as I kiss your cock. I drag my tongue up and down the length of your pole, swirling around the purple head each time I make a pass. I tickle the sweet spot and you thrust your cock against my tongue, seeking entrance into my mouth. I open my mouth wide and you slip your cock in between my lips. As your cock head passes my lips, I close them around your shaft, holding your cock tight in my mouth. I sink my lips to the root of your cock and swallow around you with my throat.

You groan and begin to fuck my throat with small, short thrusts. I slide my mouth off your cock and kiss the tip, tongue dancing and prancing along the ridge. Your body jerks involuntarily each time my tongue sweeps over the sensitive ridge.

I know that your cumm is building. I can feel it and sense it. My hand cups your balls and squeezes gently, yet firmly. They sit heavily in my hand, full of a rich, tasty treat to tantalize my tastebuds. My finger slips along the crack of your ass, to your asshole. You groan and press against my hand.

My mouth is sliding up and down your rigid, purple headed monster. My finger begins to massage around your asshole, tentatively pressing against your hole. I slip my finger inside your tight hole and you buck against my face. I slowly push further and press against your prostate. Suddenly, your cock begins to squirt copious amounts of cumm, filling my mouth to overflowing. I have a hard time swallowing it all and it starts to leak out of my mouth, spilling down my chin. I swallow furiously to keep up with your load. Finally the torrent of sperm ceases and your cock begins to deflate. I gently withdraw my finger from your ass and hold your limp dick gently in my mouth, kissing it before releasing it.

You pull me from my knees and bring my face to yours, kissing me deeply.

“Wow!” you whisper, as the water drips down our faces. “That was brilliant! That was fucking amazing!”

I grin back at you, replying, “Well, paybacks are a bitch!”

You say, “You can pay me back anytime!”

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