Shy Joanie

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Jack the production manager where I work had announced his resignation so we planned a going away party for him at the local bar. I was hoping to see the foxy secretary Joanie outside of her normal environment. I mentioned to Joanie that we were having a party at the Lucky Dollar and she said that she would try to make it. Joanie was a true babe. Long auburn hair, firm upturned tits a gorgeous ass and perfect legs. She was always well dressed, but she didn’t flaunt her assets. We had flirted back and forth a few times, but she kept her distance because I was married. She was had been divorced for two years and she still seemed hurt by it.

On the night of the party, I was one of the first ones there having a drink with Jack. I knew Joanie had entered the bar, because every guy in the place turned to watch her walk in. She had gone home after work and she came back dressed to the max. She had on a dark green silk blouse that was unbuttoned enough to reveal a light blue low cut bra that could barely contain her sweet tits. Her firm ass was encased in a tight black leather skirt and she had on a pair of come fuck me high-heeled shoes. The skirt was a good eight inches above her knees and her legs looked great in the dark stockings she had on.

Joanie came up and hugged Jack. “We’ll miss you,” she said. Jack stammered for a minute the he said,” I’ll miss you, too.” Joanie leaned on my arm as she swung up onto the barstool next to me. I caught a glimpse of the tops of her thigh highs as she swiveled onto the stool. “How are you doing, Jake?” she asked. “Great, Joanie. You look gorgeous,” I said. “Thanks. You’re lookin pretty good yourself,” she breathed. As she said this, I felt her hand slide up my thigh almost to my balls. I almost jumped, but I maintained my control. Joanie leaned over close to me and said, ” How are they hangin’?” I was shocked til the smell of her breath hit me. Our shy little secretary had obviously started the party a little early. The smell of Jack Daniels was overpowering.

Other people were arriving for our get together. The girls from the shop would come over to Jack and give him a hug or kiss. The guys would slap him on the back or buy him a drink. Joanie announced that she had brought a special present for Jack. She reached into her huge purse and pulled out a bottle of Jack Daniels. The bottle was over half empty and I’m sure the missing contents were now busily Tokat Escort casting aside Joanie’s remaining inhibitions. I made small talk with the other people from work, but my attention was focused on Joanie. Her tits were pushing out the top of her bra and they looked perfect. They were evenly tanned, matching the deep tan of Joanie’s face. As I contemplated the beauty of her tits, Joanie caught me staring and she answered my question before I could ask. “I don’t have tanlines, Silly. I go to a tanning salon, so I tan nude!” My cock, which had been a little restless immediately, sprang to its full seven inches.

The other people in our group had moved to the two pool tables in the bar and were in the middle of a heated team game. I leaned over toward Joanie and I whispered in her delicate ear, “You are really hot, babe. Let’s go over to your place.” She smiled and said,” What do you think your wife would say?” “She’d threaten to cut off my balls, but you’re worth it,” I said. Joanie glanced around for witnesses then she slid her hand up and softly cupped my cum laden balls. “MMM,” she purred, “They feel nice and heavy. I’ll bet there’s a lot of nice hot sticky cum in there for me.” Joanie looked into my eyes as she slid her hand up the length of my bulging hard on. “Very nice. Thick and hard. And hot.” She said. “Maybe after the party you can take me home!” she smiled. With that, she stumbled over to the pool table to join the rest of our group.

I couldn’t join the group until my painfully hard cock softened enough that I could walk. I bought Joanie another drink and joined the others. Joanie had joined the girl’s team and was leaning over the table. I along with the rest of the guys were treated to the sight of her skirt riding up that magnificent ass to reveal the tops of her thigh highs. It was dark in the bar, but I would have sworn that I caught a glimpse of pussy hair. “She isn’t wearing panties,” I thought. When her turn was over, I handed her the drink. She smiled up at me and said,”Thanks, Jake. Is there anything I can do for you?” She licked her full lips and gazed at my crotch before she slammed the drink down in one motion.

The group was dwindling as one after another our co workers wished Jack well and headed home. Jack looked at his watch and said,” Well, Jake, I gotta hit the road. I’ll see you around. And one more thing, if you don’t fuck Joanie tonight, Escort Tokat you are a fool!” Jack punched me in the shoulder, walked over to Joanie and got hot wet kiss and he headed out the door. There were only two or three guys still in the bar. Joanie wanted to play one game of pool. “The winner gets to do anything he wants with the loser,” she giggled. I agreed and we played a quick game of nine ball. I had a couple of drinks, but I easily defeated the tipsy beauty. Joanie said,”I gotta go to the ladies room, then if you’d be so kind you can drop me off at my apartment.” As she went into the ladies room, I thought,” Damn I guess I won’t get laid tonight!” Joanie came out of the ladies’ room with a big smile on her face. She grabbed onto my arm and said,” Home, Jake.”

As we headed for the door, something in her purse caught my eye. It was her light blue bra, casually thrown on top of the mountain of junk in her purse. As she got in my car, I got to see that indeed, sweet innocent little Joanie wasn’t wearing panties. As soon as I was in the car, Joanie was rubbing my thigh. I slid a hand up her hot thigh and was rewarded as my fingers reached her well trimmed pussy. “MMMMMMMMMmmmm,” she moaned as my fingers slid up her hot wet cunt. With my other hand, I unbuttoned a couple buttons of her blouse and those marvelous breasts tumbled out. She fumbled with my zipper as I leaned down to kiss her huge erect nipples. I felt her hand close over the bulbous head of my fiery cock. Joanie jacked me off through my underwear, as I sucked her tits and fingered her clit. “Oh God, Jake,” she whispered, “I want you sooo bad.” She only lived about five minutes from the bar, so I thought we better head to her place rather than get got fucking in a bar parking lot. We pulled up in front of her building and she dug through her purse in search of her key. She handed me the key and I helped her out of the car. She was still pretty drunk but she managed to get up the stairs to her apartment. Once we were inside, she headed right for the bathroom. Well I figured I’d hang around until she came out or fell asleep. I put on some soft music on her stereo and sat on the couch. Joanie opened the bathroom door and yelled for me to turn off the lights. I turned off the lights and Joanie came down the hallway carrying a large candle. She was totally nude.

The candlelight bounced off her sexy body and made her Tokat Escort Bayan look like a true goddess. She came over and we kissed for five minutes while my hands rubbed her gorgeous firm ass. Our tongues pushed and probed deep into one another’s mouth. Joanie slipped my shirt off and unbuckled my pants and slid them down my legs. She knelt on the floor and pulled my briefs down using her teeth. She began licking the length of my hard cock. Her tender hands caressed my heavy swaying balls. I was ready to cum in seconds, but I wasn’t going to be first. I pulled Joanie up to her feet and I hugged her tight agains me. My rigid cock was trapped between our bodies. I kissed her beautiful face and kissed and licked her ears and soft shapely neck. I nibble her collarbones and had her sit on the couch. I knelt on the floor in front of the couch and slowly eased her sexy legs apart. I licked her legs from the knees to her bush darting my tongue from one leg to the other. I softly nibbled her hipbones while my fingers traced their way up her soft sides. As my fingers reached her nipples, my tongue made its first attack on her soft fragrant pussy.

I licked the outer lips of her sweet pussy while my fingers pulled and tugged on her nipples. Joanie softly whispered my name as my tongue began slowly circling her blood engorged clit. I licked up one side of her clit and down the other. Her hips ground up towards my face. She reached down and spread her pussy wide with her hands. I attached my mouth to her clit and began softly sucking and tickling it. Her hips bucked harder and harder. My tongue began circling her clit faster and faster. I eased two well lubed fingers into Joanie’s pussy and I felt her orgasm begin as her tight young cunt spasmed on my fingers again and again. I continued licking pussy as her sweet nectar flowed from deep with her pussy. Finally she put her hands on my head and said,” Stop, babe. It’s your turn now.”

Joanie traded places with me and was soon licking the precum oozing out of the tip of my erection. She played with my balls and soon was sliding that gorgeous mouth up and down the length of my cock. Watching her bob up and down got me going and soon I felt the cum beginning to surge from my balls. Joanie felt my cock throb and she buried my cock deep in her mouth as my jism squirted in jet after hot jet. She pumped my cock with her hand, while sucking in every drop of my boiling thick cum. As she let my softening cock slip out of her mouth, she stuck a finger in her mouth and pulled out a long string of my cum and let it gently drop back into her open mouth. “Jake”, she said softly, “Can you stay any longer?” next installment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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