Shyam, Savita Bhabi , Kajal Ch. 04

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Author’s Notes:

To get the best out of this story, I would advise you to start from Ch.01.

Conversations that took place in Hindi are recorded as such in italics, immediately followed by a translation in English. Readers familiar with Hindi might find it rewarding to read through the original Hindi conversations. Others can conveniently skip them.


Since she was still breast feeding her baby, Savita hadn’t started menstruating after her pregnancy. By happenstance, a few weeks before her encounters with Shyam began, she had gotten herself fitted with an intra-uterine device to prevent pregnancy. So she wasn’t worried about herself. However, having experienced Shyam’s virility at first hand, she thought it prudent to put Kajal on the pill. While she believed Shyam when he promised not to take Kajal’s virginity, she’d heard that sometimes pregnancy could happen even if semen merely spilled over the vagina without penetration.

That very evening, Savita asked Kajal to accompany her to her gynecologist. Savita explained that Kajal was soon to get married and asked her to prescribe birth control pills. The gynecologist examined Kajal and explained her about the dosage, necessary precautions, possible side effects etc., wrote out a prescription and wished her good luck. They bought the medicine on their way home and Kajal started on the pill the same day. Not a word was actually said between the sisters on the matter,


On the following afternoon, Kajal once again made her way to Shyam’s kitchen. For a change, she was dressed in a skirt and blouse that she had recently bought after coming to Mumbai. The skirt was made of dark, heavy cotton. It fit snugly on her hips and ended just above her thighs. The blouse was made from a thin, white bias cut cotton fabric, with large sleeves and was tucked into the skirt. It molded itself well on her body, showing off her sexy figure in spite of being loose fitting. The blouse had a shirt like collar and buttons running down the front, the top three being left open. He wore a pretty lace bra underneath, flashes of which could be seen through the neck and also through the large arm holes, as the loose blouse flopped around, depending on her position and movements. Kajal knew how excited Shyam became just by glimpsing her pretty breasts and had deliberately chosen that blouse for the peek a boo show she would be able to put on for his benefit.

“Arre wah! Aaj skirt aur blouse mein tu bilkul bachhi jaisi lag rahi hai!”

“Wow, you look like a little girl in a skirt and blouse today!” Shyam said, whistling appreciatively. He pulled her close and lost no time in unbuttoning the blouse and snapping her bra clasp open.

“Tu kyon bra pehen kar aati hai? Usko utarne ka kaam badh jaata hai. Kal se bina bra ke aaya karna.”

“Why do you wear a bra when you come here? It merely increases my work of taking it off. Please don’t wear it from tomorrow.” Shyam said. But Kajal had lost some of her inhibitions and become quite chirpy by now.

“Bhaiya, lekin meri bra utarne mein aapko bahut maza aata hai. Hai na?”

“But Bhaiya, you do enjoy taking my bra off, don’t you?” Kajal asked cheekily.

Shyam burst out laughing. He pulled Kajal into his arms and gave her a tight squeeze, till she ran out of breath and started struggling. As soon as he loosened his grip, Kajal maneuvered her hands between them and unbuttoned his kurta. He raised his arms to help her take it off. She just loved his hairy chest and ran her fingers through his thick, curly, springy hair. Then, she started to rub her nipples against his chest, eyes dreamily half closed as she enjoyed the sensation of his chest hair brushing against her sensitive nipples. Shyam was of course very happy to see Kajal taking the initiative and held still while his cock grew harder. He rolled her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. Then, suddenly without warning, he pinched them hard. An exquisite mixture of pain and pleasure shot through her nipples and she screamed aloud. Shyam was expecting this and immediately clamped his hand on her mouth to cut off her scream. escort ataşehir He took his hand away and clamped his lips on her mouth, kissing her hard, his tongue plunging between her lips and playing with hers. By the time he released her, she was panting, breathless and aroused.

“Aa, aaj tu mere lund ke saath khelegi.”

“Come, today you’ll play with my cock.” Shyam said. Under his guidance, she loosened his pajamas and eased it down his legs. He sat on a chair and made her kneel on the floor between his legs. She stared at his erect cock bobbing a few inches from her face.

“Le, apne haath mein le le.”

“Come take him in your hand.” He commanded. She closed a hand around his cock, gripping it lightly. It was hotter than she expected and she could feel it throb. She was fascinated by its cigar shape, a swollen vein running down its length, the small slit on the blunt head wet leaking a thin, sticky fluid. More than anything else, she was captivated by its touch – it was hard and rubbery, yet the skin was so hot, soft, so smooth…

“Chamdi ko halke se peeche kar.”

“Pull the foreskin back gently.” Shyam said. Kajal stared at the moist, angry red knob she uncovered. The air, already redolent with his musk, became even more charged with his male smell. Her level of arousal suddenly shot up and she almost swooned.

“Dekh, yeh lollipop tere liye hai. Chaat usey.”

“See, this lollipop is for you. Lick it.” He commanded.

Kajal slowly leaned closer, her hot breath washing over his cock. She hesitantly stuck out her tongue and lightly licked the pee-slit of his cock.

“Ahhh…” Shyam exhaled in pleasure, his hips twitching up. Kajal loved his strong male musk and the rubbery feel of his hot cock. Shyam held her by her hair and guided her tongue and lips around the bulbous head of his cock as she enthusiastically licked it.

“Wah! Tu bahut achhi tarah chaatati hai. Bahut maza aa raha hai. Ab apna muh khol kar lund andar le aur usey choos!”

“Wow! You lick real good. I love it. Now open your mouth, take it in and suck!” He commanded. She willingly complied, giving it all she had. Shyam held a hand behind her head and started to jerk his hips in a shallow fucking motion. His cock hit the back of her throat and she gagged. Shyam pulled back and taught her to tickle and caress his shaft and testicles with her hands.

“Chal, ek baar phir mera lund apne gale me lene ki koshish kar. Gala ekdum dheela chhod.”

“Come, try to take my cock down you throat once more. Just relax your throat.” Shyam cajoled. Kajal gamely tried again but her gagging reflex was too strong. Shyam was very considerate.

“Koi baat nahin. Agli baar phir koshish karenge. Ab sirf usey chaat aur choos.”

“Not to worry. We’ll try again next time. For now, just suck and lick him.” He said.

As Kajal got down to her task in right earnest, he continued to lightly fuck her mouth. Kajal’s face reflected her arousal and her earnestness in trying to please him. Her full, beautiful lips made an O round his thick cock and her naked breasts bobbed as she moved her mouth back and forth over his wet, shiny shaft. Shyam, closed his eyes and enjoyed her hot, young mouth pleasuring his cock. He felt his semen course up through his cock and then burst into her mouth in thick, powerful spurts as he orgasmed.

Kajal of course knew that men discharged semen during sex, but this was the first time she had actually experienced it. She instinctively pulled back as he started spurting, and his semen landed in thick streams over her lips, face, hair and breasts. She was taken aback by the sheer quantity and felt repelled by the strong smell and snotty texture of his semen. Then she glanced up and saw the incredible look of sheer exhilaration and satiation on Shyam’s face. Oh my God! Look how happy I’ve made my Shyam Bhaiya! I’ve given him so much pleasure, she thought, her heart filling with pride and tenderness. I’ll do anything to see that look on his face, it’ll be a small recompense for what he’s doing for me, she thought.

“Kajal, aaj mujhe bahut maza aaya. Pehli kadıköy escort baar mai tere saath jhar gaya. Lekin tujhe shayad achha nahi laga, na?”

Kajal, I had a fabulous time. This is the first time I came with you. But I think you didn’t like it, no?” Shyam asked. He picked up apancha(thin white coarse cotton towel) and tenderly wiped off his semen from her face and body.

“Bhaiya, mai aapko sukh dene ke liye kuchh bhi karoongi. Ussi mein mujhe maza aata hai. Aap sirf mujhe sikhlaiye aur thoda time dijiye.”

“Bhaiya, I’ll do anything to pleasure you. I’ll feel happy doing that. Please teach me and allow me some time.” She responded.

“Haan Kajal. Dheere dheere tum mera lund apne galey me leneko seekh jaogi. Agar tumne kele ke saath practice ki toh jaldi seekh jaogi.”

“Yes Kajal, eventually you’ll be able to take my cock down your throat. Maybe if you practice with a banana, you’ll learn faster.” Shyam suggested.


“Yes.” She said and made up her mind to learn to swallow the entire length of his cock.

Kajal was back on Shyam’s lap as he sat on the chair. Shyam was completely naked while Kajal only had her skirt on, bunched around her hips. Shyam supported her head in the crook of his left arm and his fingers played with her breasts and cunt lips, keeping her hot yet not close to orgasm.

“Kal sham ko Didi mujhe apne doctor ke paas le gayi. Unhone mujhe dawai di. Maine kal hi se goli leni shru kar di hai.”

“Yesterday Didi took me to her doctor. She prescribed medicine for me. I’ve started on the pill since yesterday.” Kajal confided to Shyam.

“Dawai? Goli? Tujhe kya ho gaya… Oh!”

“Medicine? Pills? What’s wrong… Oh!” Shyam exclaimed when it finally dawned on him that she was talking about contraceptive pills.

Shyam’s fingers continued to caress her pussy lips and clit and Kajal’s arousal slowly mounted. She was now moaning continuously and moving her hips jerkily up and down.

“Bhaiya, mujhe… kijiye na!”

“Bhaiya, please do me!” Kajal begged.

“Ari nahi pagli! Mai aise nahi karoonga. Tujhe toh pata hai kyon.”

“Of course not, silly! You very well know why.” Shyam responded.

“Bhaiya, please…?” Kajal pleaded desperately. She needed his cock in her cunt and she needed it NOW!

“Thik hai, ek kaam karte hain. Aao.”

“OK, let’s try one thing.” Shyam said, responding to her desperate pleas.

He placed a pillow on the floor and sat on it, his back resting against a wall and his legs spread out, his hard, erect cock sticking out proudly. He made Kajal squat facing him, her feet on either side of his thighs, her hands resting on his shoulders for support. He gripped his cock just at the ridge behind the head, so that only the head projected out of his fist. With his other hand he guided her hips.

“Le ab teri choot halke halke mere lund par ragad.”

“Come, rub your cunt gently against my cock.” He commanded her.

She started to slowly move her hips so that his cock rubbed against her open inner lips, then slid and rubbed against her stiff clit. The sensations were simply out of this world and she started to tremble all over, muffled moans escaping from her mouth. She couldn’t quite control her limbs now. Suddenly, she felt his cock head fit snugly between her inner lips. She humped her hips up and down, desperately trying to impale herself on his cock. Shyam’s fist held his cock fast just behind the head and so, his cock didn’t get past her inner lips. Had he loosened his grip a bit, it would undoubtedly have ripped through her hymen and hit her cervix. Shyam tried hard to keep the situation in control. However, her hot breath on his face, the wanton look of sheer lust in her eyes and the hard, jerky movements of her hot pussy against his swollen cock soon brought him to orgasm and he felt his semen painfully trying to spurt up his shaft, unable to get past his firmly clenched fist. Shyam placed his free hand under her belly to hold her off and loosened the grip around his cock. He immediately blew his load on her pussy hovering a few inches above his cock. He let go maltepe escort bayan of her and she collapsed on top of him, her legs no longer able to support her.

“Ohhh… Kajal meri jaan. Yeh tu ne kya gazab kar diya!”

“Ohhh… Kajal my love, what have you done!” He exclaimed, thinking that her hymen had been torn. He quickly checked, but found no signs of blood anywhere.

“Shukr hai Bhagwan ka! Aisa nahi hua!”

“Thank God! It didn’t happen!” He sighed, relieved. He hugged and caressed her, his hands moving over the expanse of her bare back as she kept her face buried in his chest.

“Kajal, yeh to teri chudai ke kareeb hi ho gaya. Tu ne mujhe kitna sukh diya hai yeh kaise bataun? Aaj toh mai tere saath do baar jhar gaya.”

“Kajal, this was as good as fucking you. How can I describe the pleasure you’ve given me? Today, I came with you twice.” Shyam said, caressing her shoulders and back, kissing her fragrant hair.

“Bhaiya, mera bojh halka kijiye na!”

“Bhaiya, lighten my burden, please!” Kajal whispered. Shyam realized that Kajal hadn’t cum yet. He pushed her back and lay her down on the bare floor on her back, her legs spread wide apart. Her cum covered pussy was open before him. Using his thumb and fingers, he rubbed and stimulated her clit and pussy lips and made her cum several times, her pussy becoming even wetter with her secretions.

Once again, he lubricated her anus with their combined secretions and fingered it gently. As it relaxed a bit, he could push his finger in about an inch or two. He finger fucked it as she looked at him through half closed eyes. Clearly, she enjoyed what he was doing to her. Shyam had never tried anal sex until then, although he had read about it. He wasn’t even sure whether he’d actually want to insert his cock in there. Nevertheless, he was aroused to see Kajal’s lack of inhibitions and willingness to let him play with her ass. Hmmm… this needs to be explored further, he thought.

“Chal, ab tera jaane ka waqt ho gaya. Aaj tu ne mujhe bahut thaka diya! Didi ko kehna ki aaj main unki duty nahi kar paaonga.”

“It’s time for you to go. You really tired me out today! Tell Didi that I won’t be able to do my duty with her today.” Shyam said. He’d jokingly started to refer to their meetings as his “duty”.


An unspoken understanding developed between Shyam, Savita and Kajal. Although they all knew what was happening between them, and although the sisters were otherwise very close, Savita and Kajal never made any direct reference to their relationship with Shyam when they spoke to each other. Apart from this, they all behaved in a most decorous manner even when only the three of them were together, at least for a long time…

It was left to Shyam to tell each sister what he had done with the other. Shyam was a born raconteur. He soon honed his narrative skills not just to inform and communicate, but also to arouse and excite. He skillfully combined flowery, poetic euphemisms and the crudest vulgarities in the Hindi language to describe the plots and situations, actions and emotions so as to inflame the rawest passions – his own and of his audience.

He was the one in control now, and the two sisters trusted him implicitly. They happily allowed him to do whatever he wished. It was also understood tacitly that Shyam’s bedroom was out of bounds, in deference to the absent Renu. Action took place mostly in his small kitchen, sometimes in his living room and later on, on some memorable occasions in Savita’s apartment.

All fun and games were put on hold when Savita’s husband Kantibhai was in town between his business tours. In those periods, there was strictly no interaction between Shyam and the two sisters. But as soon as Kantibhai was off on his next tour, Shyam had to work extra hard to make up for lost time. After all, Savita and Kajal had both become addicted to the fare served up by him. In fact, Shyam found himself perpetually sleep deprived, what with the triple duty he had to do: the nights in the service of his employer and days servicing the sexy Gujarati sisters. Only his youth and vigor enabled him to keep up. Although he wasn’t complaining, he welcomed the interludes when Kantibhai was in town, since he was then able to catch up on his sleep.


To be continued…

Author’s Note: Suggestions and constructive criticism are welcome.

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