Side Dish Ch. 02

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Rose woke up feeling warm and dreamy. She had that giddy euphoria that accompanied a good night’s sleep. She yawned while smiling to herself, covering her mouth with the back of her hand as the other arm stretched. Her whole body felt nice and tingly. She hadn’t slept that well in ages. But, then again, she always slept well after an orgasm.

An orgasm? Holy shit, Rose thought, I slept with Julia!

Her heart sped up a pace, and she glanced beside her. Julia was there all right: tangled up in the blanket, sleeping on her front, her face tipped to the side Rose was on. A sleepy smile was on her face too. Her wavy blonde hair was a dishevelled mess. Rose had to grin to see Julia’s kittenish sleepy face. She looked so cute!

Rose’s tummy did a few cartwheels. How was she suddenly finding Julia’s sleeping face endearing? That was couple stuff. They weren’t a couple. They had just hooked up almost by mistake last night spontaneously. Neither one of them had ever even been with a girl before! Why was she finding her sleeping room-mate irresistibly cute? She wasn’t gay!

Was she?

Rose sighed. Early morning was no time for existential questions on identity. She rubbed her head. She needed a shower, and then she needed to fix her hair, which was even more chaotic than Julia’s. Julia was a natural blonde with wavy locks down to her shoulders. Her hair was soft and easy to manage by comparison to Rose’s red mess. Her hair was longer and very curly, but it looked terrible cut short, kind of like a clown’s afro.

Both girls were of similar builds, slender with pert breasts and long legs, and often borrowed each other’s clothes. Rose envied Julia’s tan, as she freckled instead. She had never stared so long at her before, though. She noticed that there were just a few little freckles speckled along Julia’s adorable nose.

Adorable? Rose blushed. There she was, admiring her roomie again. What the heck?

Rose rolled over. Should she get up? Shower? Make breakfast? Wait for Julia and talk about last night? Wake her? What was the protocol? Was there any? She almost laughed. Protocol for a one night stand with your best friend. Yeah, there probably weren’t etiquette guides on that one.

Julia stirred behind her. Rose rolled back over. The blonde’s eyes flickered and then opened halfway. She saw Rose and her dreamy smile extended in the corners, widening.

“Hi,” she murmured.

“Good morning,” Rose said softly.

Julia stretched like a cat, backing up. Her butt went in the air, arms out above her head. She yawned and then sat up, making the blankets fall down behind her. She was still naked. The blonde scratched her scalp, massaging her head through her hair, smacking her lips. Even her wake-up routine seemed adorable to Rose, who blushed as she watched.

Rose sat up in the bed and plucked at the part of the blanket that was still covering her legs. She squirmed nervously. Julia stretched her hands up towards the ceiling, showing off the tone in her lean muscles. The stretch was for her back, but it had the advantage in Rose’s eyes of lifting up the blonde’s pretty breasts, making them more prominent. Her taut tummy was showing off too. Rose bit her lip. These weren’t her ordinary Sunday morning thoughts.

Julia yawned and then opened her eyes, looking at Rose. She grinned.

“Good morning,” she said emphatically.

She started to crawl towards Rose. Rose felt a shiver. There was a glint in Julia’s eye that looked a lot like lust. Naughty intentions. Sex. Rose had never seen anything like it on Julia’s face before, and it created a warm, nervous energy in her middle.

“What are you doing?” Rose asked, squirming. As she was against the headboard, there wasn’t really anywhere for her to go unless she felt like rolling right off the bed.

Julia kept coming. “Getting a good morning kiss.”

Rose blushed. “Um, I probably have morning breath. I need to shower and brush my teeth.”

Julia shrugged and leaned over her friend. She was still catlike, but now a stalking lioness more than a sleepy kitten. Her presence over Rose was making her wet, as her intention was obvious and insistent.

“I have morning breath too. We can shower together.”

The blonde pressed her lips to Rose’s mouth. The redhead sighed and gave into the kiss. Julia’s lips were so soft it was hard to resist. And there wasn’t so much morning breath as there was a warm, sticky tang, probably leftover from the pussy-eating they had done the night before. This made Rose blush worse than ever, and heat flooded her head. She was tasting her own pussy on Julia’s mouth!

Julia didn’t seem too worried about it. She had her arms on either side of Rose’s body, their breasts were rubbing together, and their tongues were swirling and dancing. She was leaning over her friend, taking charge of the kiss, and enjoying every second of it. Rose moaned as they kissed deeply. No guy had ever been so thorough, so attentive. Kissing had just been a stop on the way to other escort beşiktaş things.

Rose moaned as Julia pulled away and looked into her eyes. They were forehead to forehead, and there was an intensity in the blonde’s expression. Hunger. Rose quivered and licked her lips.

“What are we doing?”

“Making out,”Julia smiled.

Rose nodded, blushing. “Yeah, I noticed. Um, what does it mean?”

In answer, Julia covered Rose’s mouth again with her own, and this time her tongue did a deep exploration, swirling along her teeth, reaching for her tonsils, fucking her lips. Rose groaned with lust, and her hands stroked through Julia’s hair with a mind of their own. Julia shifted her arm and cupped Rose’s pussy, stroking through her wet slit with one finger. Rose shivered against her.

She squirmed against Julia’s hand, feeling the finger dip into her juices, then further. Soon Julia was pushing into her, thrusting, and Rose clutched her shoulders and moaned. They hadn’t done anything like this last night! Julia was penetrating her. Julia was inside her! Fingering her pussy… Ohhh fuck it felt good too!

Julia’s finger was thrusting, which meant the heel of her palm was rubbing Rose’s clit. She squirmed to rub herself against her friend’s hand harder. She clutched Julia’s arms and whimpered as they kissed, feeling pleasure coursing through her body. Julia took this as encouragement and added a second finger, making Rose shudder. She was pretty tight, and the two fingers were making her feel deliciously full. She moaned louder.

The pretty blonde showed no signs of stopping. She curled her fingers inside Rose’s dripping tunnel, rubbing along the inside wall. Rose arched her back and thrust her fingers forward, grinding against Julia’s hand. Her legs and arms were trembling as she squirmed against the headboard. Julia grinned, enjoying seeing how much pleasure she was causing, and increased the pace. She stopped kissing the redhead, and tilted her neck so she could suck one of her pink nipples into her mouth. Rose cried out with enjoyment.


She felt her inner walls clenching, squeezing Julia’s fingers. Instead of relenting, Julia pushed in further, holding the fingers in deep as Rose’s climax hit. She squirmed, moaning, crying out, arching her neck back and screaming as a huge orgasm tore through her body. She was trembling all over as the waves shook her. Julia let her push forward, so she could fall back on the bed instead of sitting against the headboard, but she didn’t take her fingers out. She kept fingering and Rose kept shivering and shaking. It felt like there was no air in the room, and her body was twisting and turning to find it.

“Oh! OH! Ohhhhhhhhhh! Stop… stop… ohhh stop…” Rose panted once she could breathe.

The funny thing was that at that point Julia had already stopped. Her fingers were still inside the redhead, but they weren’t moving. Julia was watching her friend with some amusement, grinning at the way she reacted sensitively to every little movement. Once Rose’s body had calmed enough she finally pulled her hand back, making Rose gasp as her fingers slid free. Every part of her seemed to tingle.

“It’s fun watching you cum,” Julia observed.

Rose had her eyes closed. She opened them and laughed at her friend’s comment. She caressed her fingers up her sensitive tummy and breasts, amazed at how alive her body felt after an orgasm. The rest of the time it seemed disconnected from the world. Now it was almost humming, like a fine-tuned guitar string.

“It’s fun cumming because of you,” Rose said, and then blushed.

“Yeah?” Julia asked, her tone sending a shiver through Rose’s body. It was a pleased, confident, eager sound, one that Rose had trouble giving just one descriptor to. Proud, maybe.

The blonde stalked up the bed until her face was hovering over Rose’s. Her legs were on either side of the pretty redhead. Rose looked up into Julia’s eyes and bit her lip.

“Hi,” she said nervously.

“Hello there,” Julia said, still with that confident tone.

Rose chewed her lip as she felt the heat between them making her tummy fill with drunken butterflies, wobbling all over the place.

“What’s up?” Rose ventured.

“Thinking about more fun,” Julia grinned.

That made Rose blush even more.

“Yeah?” she asked.

Julia nodded. “I mean, since we’re both having fun, more seems like a good idea, right?”

She had a point there. Rose nodded. “I guess so.”

“Good,” Julia said.

She walked her knees up and sat back, so that her mound was right above Rose’s face. The redhead squirmed at the sight, knowing that she was about to lick Julia’s pussy again, and this time she was looking forward to it. Anticipating. Before, it had been sort of a spontaneous thing. Now Julia’s movements were creating an expectation. This was something they did now. Rose ate Julia’s pussy. It was a thing.

That made Rose really, really wet.

Julia eskort istanbul looked down at her, and the look in her eyes and the smile on her face told Rose that Julia liked it too. That made her even wetter. Then she had no more time to think, as the blonde lowered herself, and her slit rubbed against Rose’s waiting mouth. She moaned with desire, opened up, and started to lick and suck. Her hands slid up to cup Julia’s perfect ass, holding her to Rose’s mouth so she could drink her in.

Her blonde roomie slid one hand down, tugging Rose’s hair, and the other grasped the headboard of the bed for balance. Julia pressed herself against Rose’s mouth and tongue, moaning delightedly as the redhead licked and nibbled. She closed her eyes and started to ride Rose’s mouth. The other girl eagerly suckled on her labia, squeezing her buttocks and servicing her pussy with enthusiasm.

Julia gasped as Rose’s tongue went deeper, sliding between her folds to prod and thrust in her wet depths. That felt really good. Rose made soft wet noises of appreciation, enjoying the taste as much as Julia enjoyed the sensation. She groped and squeezed the round tight bum in her hands, stimulating her roommate further. Julia held tight to the headboard, wriggling and gasping with pleasure as her climax approached.

Rose was really enjoying herself. She had never imagined it in her life, but there was something so sexy about having Julia’s wet slit on her mouth, tasting her friend, kneading her soft skin and perky bottom. The sounds she made were sweet and sensual, the way she tasted was surprisingly delicious, and the way she felt was just so soft and warm and wonderful. Rose closed her eyes and savoured every taste and texture as her tongue swirled in her friend’s pussy. The way Julia was humping against her face as her orgasm approached was entirely erotic.

Even the way Julia was tugging her hair was turning Rose on. It was passionate and hot. She flicked her tongue up through her friend’s slit and found Julia’s clit, latching on with her lips. Julia cried out and stiffened, and started to really buck against Rose’s face. Her body went tense as her back arched.


The little room filled with Julia’s voice as she cried out in climax, bucking against Rose, riding her face not with controlled pleasure but uncontrollable release. She shuddered and shook, and Rose felt a little gush of juice against her lips and chin. That was indescribably hot! She rolled her tongue through it and cherished the taste. Then she let go of Julia’s body, letting the blonde relax against her face and the headboard, catching her breath.

Julia sat back, so her bottom rested on Rose’s chest, with most of her weight on her knees. She smiled down at Rose.

“I have to give you credit, you lick pussy better than any guy I’ve met,” Julia told her.

Rose blushed. “Yeah?”

“Ohhhh yeah,” Julia said emphatically. “And considering that’s always been my favourite thing during sex, it gives new meaning to the term ‘best friend.'”

Rose really blushed. Julia slid off her and lay back down on the bed beside her, sighing happily. Rose glanced over at her and saw that Julia had a satisfied smile on her face, with her eyes closed.

“You’re not going back to sleep, are you?”

Julia opened her eyes and looked at Rose. “No, just basking in the afterglow.”

Rose smiled. “Okay. Cool. Um, so, best friend, what did you mean?”

“About what?”

“New meaning to the term.”

Julia raised an eyebrow. “Well, you were already my best friend. Now you’re also my friend who’s the best at licking pussy. I was just making a bad play on words.”

“That’s all you were doing?”

Julia scrunched up her face. “Am I supposed to be doing something else?”

Rose saw the blonde’s confusion and sighed. “Maybe now isn’t the time to get into it.”

“Into what?”

“Well… we are still friends, right?”

Julia sat up and looked a bit concerned. “Of course, why?”

“I mean, this is a big difference from say, yesterday. We never got naked and ate each other out before.”

Julia giggled. “Right, and?”

“Well, that doesn’t change our friendship a bit?”

Julia shrugged. “It sure doesn’t make me like you less, if that helps.”

Rose sighed again and sat up, hugging her own arms.

“What’s wrong?” Julia asked.

Rose shrugged. “I don’t know. I just… we’ve never done anything like this, either of us. You just got out of a relationship. What does it mean that we’re enjoying this so much?”

Julia shuffled closer and put an arm around Rose’s shoulders, snuggling up to her.

“Does it have to mean anything major? We are best friends. We enjoyed each other. We always have fun together, this was just a new way to do it. I am not expecting you to go buy a ring or anything. There’s no pressure.”

Rose blushed at the comment about buying a ring. “So it doesn’t mean we’re gay?”

Julia laughed and laughed. escort kağıthane She would look at Rose’s face and then start laughing again. She had to wipe her eyes and catch her breath before she could speak again. Rose sat there with her belly in knots, wondering what Julia was laughing about.

“Oh, honey, I don’t think eating pussy one time makes you gay. It’s not like an infection or something. What a weird thing to worry about. It’s not a disease or something,” Julia said, hugging her shoulder again.

Rose blushed and hid her face in Julia’s shoulder and neck. She felt embarrassed.

“I didn’t mean it was like a disease,” she said, a bit muffled. “I just didn’t know what it meant.”

“Right now it means we both have someone to have fun with, right here in the apartment,” Julia said. “I don’t need to worry about anything else. We both have jobs, you have grad school to worry about, and until we meet a guy that sweeps us off our feet or grosses us out, we don’t need to really worry about whether we’re going to be lesbians, okay?”

She rubbed Rose’s arm affectionately, and kissed her forehead.

“Okay,” Rose agreed.

“Now let’s go have that shower,” Julia suggested.


Rose had to admit, Julia had a point. Having fun together was, well, fun! Showering, for instance. Until today, showering had been a practical thing – you get in, get wet, use shampoo, rinse and get out. Now, it was a pleasure – Julia had her pressed up against the wall with hot water spraying her while Julia knelt behind, eating her pussy and holding her ass cheeks open to really dig her tongue into Rose. The redhead whimpered and moaned. The shower spray was like a thousand extra tongues warmly stimulating her skin all over while Julia licked her deeply. This was much nicer than the average shower, by far.

Julia’s hands were kneading her butt cheeks, and everything felt wet and slippery and sexy. Her tongue was proving to be very agile, swirling along Rose’s slit and then deeper into her soaking vagina. She closed her eyes, leaning into the wall for support, and concentrated on all the delectable sensations Julia was causing inside her.

She gasped when Julia lifted her hand up and started to strum Rose’s clit, digging her tongue deep into the redhead’s pussy. Rose started to tremble as the blonde worked her sensitive pearl. There was so much stimulation everywhere that she could hardly think, she was lost in just feeling. That was a good thing, Rose realized, she was in her head too much most of the time. Julia had always been the more spontaneous one, so maybe having fun together would make that rub off on Rose a little.

Rose widened her stance, letting Julia tongue her deeper and work her clit with more access. Her legs were trembling a bit, but it felt so good. She gasped and whimpered as Julia licked and licked. She reached back with one hand and tugged the blonde’s wet hair, pulling her in closer. Julia’s tongue thrusted, getting Rose’s drift, and she sighed with pleasure.

Julia was rolling her tongue around expertly, really getting in there, and her fingers were rubbing in circles over Rose’s engorged clitty. The redhead moaned and started squirming as the intensity built inside her, feeling Julia’s fingers strumming over her faster and faster, vibrating her clitoris. She arched her neck, crying out. Julia stood up behind her and pushed her against the wall. There was something really sexy about feeling her wet, slippery breasts against Rose’s back. Rose felt so erotic, pinned to the wall as her friend worked her clit in circles. She gasped and moaned, wriggling against Julia’s hand.

Julia pushed her thumb into Rose’s pussy as she worked the redhead’s nub, and Rose arched her head back with a gasp, resting it on Julia’s shoulder. She smiled and spoke into her friend’s ear.

“That’s it, Rose, cum for me. Cum for Julia. Cum all over my hand.”

Rose moaned deeply. No one had ever talked dirty to her, and it was something she’d always secretly wanted. As a bookish girl, words meant alot to her, and she’d always wanted someone to utilize their power for eroticism. That it had been Julia to do it first gave the moment a unique taboo thrill. Her best friend was talking dirty to her!

Rose started to cum, and came hard, her walls clenching down on Julia’s thumb as she shivered and moaned. Julia cooed in her ear, telling her she was a “good girl,” and that what she was doing was “so hot.” Every word just made her shiver more, as she came and came.

Julia held her as she went limp, keeping her from slipping in the shower. She hugged her friend tight, and Rose didn’t know if she found that comforting or arousing. For one thing, her best friend was hugging and protecting her. For the other, she was naked and her nipples were sensually rubbing Rose’s back. It was confusing to feel both things. Friendship and lust. She sighed, trying not to worry about it, and just relaxed into Julia’s embrace.

“We need to dry off soon,” Julia whispered. “I think we’re going to run out of hot water soon.”

Rose laughed and nodded. They got out just as the spray started to go cold, proving Julia’s prediction true. They giggled as they got the knobs turned off and hurried to get out and wrap each other in towels.

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