SIL and the Black Janitor Pt. 01

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I have a very hot sister in law, who had been flirting with me for years, but who recently really started stepping up the sexual innuendo. Well, one thing led to another, and we started fucking on a very regular basis. But that’s another set of earlier stories… These stories deals with what happened when I made her get black fucked for the first time.

So, since my sister in law, Elizabeth, had basically become my slut and been awakened to her big sexual drive, she began to look at other men around her in a different light. While we would have sex, she would talk about the urges she was now feeling to go ahead and fuck other guys.

One guy she had mentioned kind of caught my kinky ear. She said there was a black janitor at her work (the high school that she was an administrator at) that would ALWAYS hit on her whenever he saw her. She said he was quite a bit older than her (he was 55, whereby she was 46), with a lot of gray hair.

Well, the idea of her getting fucked by an older black guy really started turning her on, so after a while I started pretending I was him while I was fucking her. At first she wasn’t into it. But, after a while, I couldn’t NOT pretend to be him, otherwise she wouldn’t cum as hard. So, finally, I told her, as my sex slut, that she HAD to fuck him. She kind of balked at this, but when I told her she HAD to do it, otherwise I would never fuck her again, she reluctantly agreed.

About a week later, she called me from her cel phone, panting and purring. I asked her what had happened and she told me she had just fucked the janitor. These are the details as she told me.

Often in her job, she had to check out some of the off-limits, or closed, parts of the school, just to make sure no students were in there messing around, doing drugs, vandalizing, etc. She did this two to three times a week, in a rotation with other school officials bursa eskort and teachers. She was checking the hardly used equipment rooms over the gym when she ran into the black janitor, named Carl. She said she was instantly both surprised to run into him and embarrassed, as she recalled everything we had been saying about him while we had been having sex.

He told her it was funny running into her up there, as it used to be the place he used to come to sneak in some smooching from his high school girlfriends (he had gone to school there). She said she laughed nervously, but told him she was just making sure no one was up there doing something wrong. He then told her that the only thing he had ever caught people doing up there was some boys beating off to some dirty magazines. She was shocked about this, and told him so, and he said it was true and went to a desk and pulled out the magazines. He opened a few of them up and they were full-on sex magazines with pictorials of couples having sex. She asked him why they were still here and she said he just looked at her and grinned evilly and said because he liked to come up there and “read them”, too, once in a while. She knew he was baiting her, but she had to take it.

She then asked if that was why he was up there right now and he smiled again and said yes, then started to rub his crotch a bit. She said she looked at it and he seemed to have quite a big bulge down there. He asked her if he would get in trouble if he did what he used to catch the boys doing to themselves. She said she was speechless. On one hand, she couldn’t believe he had said that. And on the other hand, after fantasizing about him while we had been making love, she now realized that she was pretty curious about seeing his cock. Then, without asking her again, he actually DID take it out and she said it amazed her at how big and black it görükle escort was. She told him it was really big, and he laughed and said, “I know” (modest guy, lol), and then he told her to come take a closer look.

That was it. She came over and dropped to her knees, looked up at him and said, “I’ve been wanting to feel your big, black cock down the back of my throat for a looooong time, baby.” She said she then started stroking it before she started to lick and swallow the end of it. She said he seemed to be surprised by her sudden attack on his penis, but he recovered well enough and then told her that he knew she was a hot slut ever since he first met her and told her to suck it like one. She said his words turned her on, because it was something close to what I had told her while I was role-playing at being him, and said she started devouring that thing like it was the last dick on earth. He grabbed her hair from behind and started stuffing his cock down her throat like he was fucking a pussy, telling her he always knew she was a hot, Mexican slut. She said she would gag on it once in a while, but that he would just stuff it right back down her throat and she was loving being treated like that, as all her other lovers had felt bad and apologized about being so rough. The janitor offered no apologies and just kept fucking her mouth and calling her his hot Latin whore, which all turned her on even more. She said she could feel the front of her blouse getting wet from her saliva pouring down on it off the tip of his dick, as well as all the pre-cum that was really flowing out of the tip of his cock.

After about ten minutes of face-fucking her, she said he told her to stand up and take her clothes off. She got up and said she couldn’t get her clothes off fast enough, she was that turned on. She had never been with a black guy in her life bursa escort bayan and now this sexy, mature one was getting ready to fuck her with one of the biggest dicks she had ever seen. He then pulled her onto the desk and told her to spread her legs, which she promptly did.

He started finger-fucking her as he started making out with her. She said she reached down and started stroking his rock hard cock while he kept soul-kissing her. She said his big lips and hot tongue felt amazing. He also started tweaking and pinching her nipples while grabbing and shaking her tits around.

Finally, he spread her legs open wide, then placed his big cock at the opening of her pussy, before plunging in about half way. She said it felt incredible and thinks she let out a scream. He then started fucking her with long and very hard strokes that she said completely filled her up. She said they kept hungrily looking into each other’s eyes as he kept calling her his new Mexican slut and she just kept agreeing with him. Before long he flipped her around and started fucking her from behind, while grabbing and pulling both her hair and her tits. This was when she had her first of five orgasms. And he kept relentlessly fucking her through all of them. He started slapping her ass, and she said she loved it. She also said he kept calling her all sorts of dirty names and it turned her on even more to feel like all of those names were now very well deserved. She said he then told her that her pussy was his and that he would get to fuck his pussy anytime he wanted. This totally turned her on and she agreed while orgasming some more on his big black fuckstick. Finally he said he was going to cum, and she asked him to pull out, but he said no and came what she said felt like a bucket full of cum inside of her very wet pussy. She started cumming again, too, and she said they both ended up panting on the floor together after they were done with the throes of their orgasms.

Afterwards, they made an agreement to try and get together in that very same room, and other unused ones around the school, for more sex. And they have. But that’s just the beginning…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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