Single Mom Has a Blind Date

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John would post on Craigs List. He would propose go to a steak house for dinner. He got lots of responses and followed up on every one.

He met the girls at the steak house and they were shocked to see that he was 72 years old. He would argue that they were there already and they might as well have a steak. They always gave in.

Over dinner John was polite and interested in their story. Some were ugly, some were pretty and everything in between. For the pretty ones, John would order a couple of extra dinners to go for them and their kids.

John usually got a thank you call the next morning. These girls were desperate. The life of a single mom is often not an easy one. Work, kids, keeping house. Then there was the laundry, the car maintenance and so on.

The typical mom is exhausted, running on empty and discouraged. They do not often date. Having the kids often results in a loose pussy. Single guys catch on to this. And they single moms get saggy.

It becomes a world of only talking to children and constantly working and keeping house. Not a lot of fun.

Then there is the age escort ataşehir factor. They are getting older. Every year they become less attractive. Less desirable. Fewer guys even ask. Finally it becomes a battle for survival. Holding their breath for the next car repair. The next broken appliance. Their phone soon becomes 5 years old, they have out grown the dresses. The last concert was 10 years ago. McDonalds is the norm. They do not work out and feel tired, bloated and stressed.

Then John comes along. Something different. Something fun. The trick is to not let her friends see her with a 72 year old man. But she can meet him at the restaurant. Its all workable.

Of course there are the moments in the middle of the night when she questions what is becoming of her. Dating an old geezer. But then he calls and wants to meet tonight for a steak. And she says yes. Its a free dinner, right.

And then there are the gift cards for Walmart and he picks up the cell bill. Well, actually he goes by and puts $200 on her account. Life is more doable.

And after a while, she just naturally kadıköy escort warms up to him and his old skin and wrinkles.

Then it happens, she slips and calls him honey. She turns beet red and he kindly ignores it.

Then comes the trip to Nordstroms. A pretty dress and then he takes her to the Caddy Club banquet. The age difference is obvious but she will never see these people ever again.

It is like the frog in the pot of warming water.

Then out one day, going to Nordstroms again with him see sees a friend and turns red and hems and haws. John finally steps in and says he is her uncle. She gives a sigh of relief.

Its death by a thousand cuts. Her car breaks down and its going to be $1,500 and the car is not worth that.

Then John presents her with a 5 year old like new Toyota, but keeps it in his name.

She is getting in deeper.

Then he asks for a BJ.

At first she is enraged. He backs off.

But she begins to worry how she will get to work if he pulls the car.

He drops by, gets her drunk and it happens.

Then it happens maltepe escort bayan again.

It starts to become a regular thing.

She is actually not taking money for sex, she is not a prostitute.

Its a relationship and he is just generous.

The BJ’s get more frequent and she must put her foot down. It sex abuse, really.

She is getting nothing out of it and he is.

Now he is simply showing up and expecting.

She can’t say no because of the car.

He is expecting her to swallow.

She had always hated BJs. He husband badgered her.

Now it seems like its every night and then she gets fired from her job. Its downsizing.

He begins paying the rent and he is over there all the time. She feels like she is living on her knees. People call attention to stains on her blouse, she knows they are cum stains, but do they.

Then one day while she is on her knees, her mom walks in.

Its humiliating. Its terrible but worse, her mom talks. And one of her mom’s friend’s daughter’s finds out. Word spreads and guys start asking her out.

Being asked out for blow jobs. Some of her old high school friends begin asking her out again. She is getting to be known as the neighborhood cocksucker. Cat calls are made when she walks by.

Does the whole town know?

Then a video shows on Your Tube. He was recording her somehow.

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