Sis lets me

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Sis was laying out on the carpeted floor, her short, short baby blue athletic shorts on and a white t-shirt. I was giving her the massage that we had worked out a few years earlier as young children when I was 10 and she 6. It was a tease game we played when mom and dad were not home. I was now 15 and she was 11. Sis was a short, cute blond with long straight hair to her shoulders. Thin and with a fair complexion she was everything I ever desired in a girl. I had been lusting after her since I was a small boy and we had experimented off and on for years, getting bolder and often times backing off because Mom or Dad would catch us and warn us that what we were doing was not right. We always cooled it for a while and began again each time a little more cautious with the when and where of our games. The rubdowns had continued though through all the “dry” times though, a safe way for us to explore each other without getting a scolding about inappropriate behavior from our parents if we were caught. Often I would rub her down until I reached her ‘limits” and then I would volunteer for a rub down, which she usually agreed too.

I had the baby oil nearby and was rubbing down her legs, “massaging” them. Really it was a sort of cat and mouse game that usually ended in us both stopping short when mom or dad got home or when I had gone “too far”. Going too far though had progressed over the years to more and more boundaries being broken. Funny thing was as often as Sis would say that I was always going too far she would always be the first to change into her blue shorts when mom and dad left. She would also consent to the rubdowns each time or even ask for them. I liked her blue shorts and she knew it, they were very short and loose allowing me peeks of her panties and at times her sweet smooth pussy while I massaged her.

“Do my back, Danny” she murmured to me. I was feeling good now, she was relaxing. I now straddled her thighs,my legs on either side of her legs and I pushed her shirt up to her neck, while she adjusted the shirt beneath her keeping her now newly forming breasts covered. I poured some oil in my hand and applied it to her back, rubbing up and down her back rubbing and pushing Anadolu Yakası Escort high with my hands and coming to a rest on the top of her shorts. After a few moments of this I began my “push” I rubbed all the way to her neck, going from the center of her back at her waistband to her neck then sweeping each palm to her side and down to her waist band again this time though pushing it down a little. I continued this routine as she turned her head to her side and closed her eyes. With each return to her waistband I pushed it lower, exposing her sweet shapely butt a little more each time. Within about ten rotations of my hands I had her sweet butt cheeks half way exposed. I added a rubbing the cheeks of her butt with my palms as I did her back. I was so hard at this point, my jean shorts were putting pressure on my cock and I could feel my wetness beneath my underwear. This routine always aroused me so much.

At this point I got up and asked her to spread her legs, she knew what was coming and I poured more baby oil in my hand and began at her ankles with both hands on one leg rubbing it up the entire length of her left leg up to just under the slight roundness of her ass. I loved that feeling of her bottom, the roundness of it and the softness of the skin. I did this a couple of times each time coming up and stopping a little higher and finally resting against her panties. I then moved to the other leg running my hands up her legs and back down each time going higher, stopping again after a few rounds of this coming to rest on her pantie covered pussy. I loved her smell while I did this and I became super charged sexually whenever I massaged her.

I then pushed her legs back together and I straddled her again and began to massage her half naked butt cheeks. Surprisingly today she was not protesting, some days she did, others she did not. I rubbed the exposed parts and then moved to the parts that were covered rubbing in circular motions with the palms of my hands. MMMMMMMM sis cooed again, “That’s good.” I got bolder and pushed the shorts down even more, again waiting for protest but there was none. Ohh the sight was getting better, I loved the split of her Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan butt cheeks, and I was getting closer to disrobing her completely today. I continued my massage and finally the shorts were rolled against the bottom of her round bottom exposing the globes fully. I was in heaven, such a sweet sight! It had been a while since I had seen her this way, it reminded me of when were a bit younger and we got completely naked with each other until one afternoon when Mom had caught us in the act, but that is another story.

I shifted my focus of the massage now to moving from her buttocks to the top of her neck feeling the soft shapeliness of her sweet young body. On my first round up to her neck I kept it innocent enough just sliding my palms up the sides of her buttocks and to the center of her back up to her neck. Then I pushed my hands outward and came down each side of her body to her hips. I then pushed my hands together toward the center of her butt cheeks and slowly pushed outward on each side, exposing her sweet little asshole. “My God!” I thought to myself, I was being treated today! I had such a fine sight her sweet hairless asshole and just the hint of the lips of her tight pussy were visible! I slowed but did not stop my massage there and worked my way back up to her neck. I came down again and this time did the same thing only spreading them just a bit more exposing more of that sweet hole.

“Ohhhh that’s good, Danny” she said “keep massaging me.” She still had her head lying on her arms turned to the side and her eyes shut. I was so excited! I continued this routine each time spending a small moment spreading her cheeks on each rotation of my hands. Never a complaint never a “that’s enough” today. On the fourth round she slowly lifted her ass just a bit into the air, and as I came down to rub and spread her cheeks her ass was totally exposed now, and much more of her sweet pussy was showing. I acted impulsively this time, I had lost my control that I usually had and as I spread her ass I pushed them wider than before.I had been reading in my stashed porn mags about rimming and I impulsively bent down and licked that sweet asshole. Escort Anadolu Yakası I was tingling with fear, delight and lust! I looked up at her head half expecting a shriek or a quick grab for her shorts as she has done before. That didn’t happen, she tightened up for minute and opened her eyes but didn’t say anything, then closed her eyes again. A sort of permission to continue as it were. I kept her ass spread and licked again, I was trying to remember the stories and pictures I had seen about rimming and began to poke at it with my tongue. Sis responded by pushing back onto my face!
I nearly came in my pants! I could smell her sweet smell and the slight musk of her pussy lower down. Sis remained still and even pushed into my face even more as I continued probing her little bud with my tongue. I grew bolder now and licked from the top the crack of her ass to the edge of her pussy, a strange taste but not one that I was passing up!
I reached up now and pulled her shorts down lower to her knees, afraid to really get crazy, holding on to control as best I could. Sis allowed it, only moaning as I continued to lick her ass crack and bud. She pushed herself into a doggie position with her head still on the floor but her ass high in the air. She spread her legs as far as the shorts around her knees would allow and now I had a full-unbridled view of her sweet ass and pussy. I licked again starting at the top of her ass and this time proceeded down to her pussy. I was very tentative when I reached her pussy sliding my tongue across the outer folds of her cunt not pushing to the soft folds below, yet. The taste was tangy and strong. I could smell her sweat and something else, her musk, I guess, strongly. I was in heaven! I was doing just like the porn mags described, eating her pussy (albeit a bit clumsily) but doing it none the less!
I was just pushing my head up to the top of her buttocks again when I heard the engine of the car entering the driveway! They were home! We had lost track of time, normally she and I kept track and our little games and ended them 15 to twenty minutes before they got home, so we could get changed and pretend we had been doing the chores all along. Quickly we both jumped up and she pulled her shorts up and ran for her room and I for the kitchen to open the fridge door and pretend I was looking for a snack. Just in time, as I heard sis’s door close the front door opened and mom and dad walked in.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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