Sister-in-Law Affair

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My wife has three of the most beautiful and sexy sisters I have seen, two half sisters and one step sister, all which in an honest moment I would tell you I want to do nasty things to all of them. This is the story of my first encounter taking one of my wife’s sisters; Kristy, Colleen and Michelle, all of them so different, so sexy in their own ways and getting to live with them for some years and them always around didn’t help my fantasy about them, but as time went on my wife and I moved out, while Kristy married, moved out and had her son.

I stopped to see her one day about 6 months after she had her first kid, I stopped because I haven’t seen her in forever, and wanted to show off my new motorcycle. Kristy was very excited to see me, as I was excited to see her, she looked amazing after just having a baby, I couldn’t help but joke with her that she looked that good she would be on baby

in no time. Her hubby was M.I.A., claiming he was working or trying to find work and they were broke, after hearing her stories of the trouble that they were having made me very angry and how her husband could treat her like he does. I couldn’t help but pull out all the cash I had on me so she could get food for her and my nephew, and we talked about options for work, she tried to work but every job she got was the same and didn’t give her many flexible options to be home with her son.

“I wish I could be your sugar daddy but I don’t think I could afford you!” I joked with her as I winked.

We talked to each other like this for years, always having fun and not afraid to tell each other anything and say anything to each other, but while sitting there thinking of her like that, it hit me!

“I have another idea, if you’re up to it?” I ask with a big smile on my face

“Oh yeah, what’s that?” She asks

“I know a bouncer at the strip club, I bet I could get you in.?”

“I couldn’t do that” she spouted.

“Why not, your beautiful, sexy and have a perfect body!” I responded

“Really, I don’t know if I could do it.” She responded

“Well if you want to let me know and we can go down and see what happens”

After spending most of the day chatting and finally giving her a nice long ride on the back of my crotch rocket while her mother-in-law watched the baby, we had a good afternoon of ramming around and getting some ice cream, going very fast on curvy roads I dropped her off. I gave her a big hug, told her to call me and we parted ways for the time being, but about two weeks later, I get a call from Kristy.

“Where you serious about taking me to meet the guy at the strip club?” she asked.

“Absolutely!” I responded as she informed me what was going on with her dead beat hubby.

We discussed the arrangements, setting a night we could go without her sister (my wife) finding out, knowing she would not approve of me going to the strip club and her sister being a stripper.

I went to pick her up for the night, she looked amazing, tight sexy jeans, heels tight blouse that fit her perfectly showing off her lace bra and her nice pendik escort firm “a” cup tits. On the drive down I told her I would introduce her to anyone that asked that she was my wife, in the hopes to keep the creepers from hitting on her while we were there. Kristy was apprehensive when we first arrived, but after I got a beer in her she loosened up just enough to start enjoying herself, this being the first night out of the house without the baby helped that one beer to loosen her up. I brought over my friend and the owner of the club and we talked about it, she left with one of the girls to be shown around so I thanked my friend and headed back to my seat being greeted by two of the hottest ladies dancing asking me questions about Kristy, wanting to know our relationship etc. etc.

Talking with them was fun and interesting and we were having a good time with some lap dances, good conversation, but all that went away when I saw Kristy in her sexy high heels thigh highs, hot little short shorts, her thong strings pulled up so you can see them, and a mesh top and lace bra, on the stage with the girl she left with for her tour. They introduced her as Amanda, but my eyes didn’t leave Kristy (AKA AMANDA) dancing for complete strangers, a little scared at first but soon started having fun with it, with each dollar she received. First her top came off, then bra, finally her short shorts came off, only leaving her thongs, she danced for everyone at the stage seats, she then looks over to me, coming over sitting in front of me and slowly pulls off her thongs right in from of me, spreading her legs wide giving me a show good enough that I gave her a 5 spot and rock hard cock straining to get out of my jeans.

Every guy there seemed to like her, it looked like in the 5 minutes she was up there made 30 bucks, which I think is a great first haul, and she seem very comfortable and happy two as she ran up to the dressing room.

“Hi baby!” Kristy says as he sits on my lap still in her sexy little outfit she wore up on the stage

“They put me up to it, to give my husband the first show! She says as she whispers it in my ear.

“Well it was very much appreciated” I whisper back as I rub her ass and legs

“I know, I can feel how happy it made you, I’m going to work some and then we can head out ok?” She whispers in my ear before leaving for her next set.

Each dollar dance, stage dance made her more and more comfortable and soon was one of the most requested for private dances, she asked me if it was ok and I told her to be careful and have fun. Minutes later she comes back, her G-String full of 1’s, 5’s and a 100’s, very happy and ready to go after she changed. Coming out taking my hand and leading me out the building quickly to the car, the gentlemen I am open the car door for her, and get in the other side.

“Thank you for tonight, it was amazing,what did you think? She asked as I started the car

“Well you are amazing, sexy and every man wanted you, but no one wanted you more than me!” saying, knowing I am crossing a line but I didn’t maltepe escort care, winking at her with a big smile.

Driving down the road, she takes my hand in hers, “well, what if I told you, you can have me!”

Sliding my hand on her leg and pushing it up her inner tight to her pussy, without hesitation I start my fingers started rubbing her pussy thru her very warm and damp jeans as we rolled down the road. Leaning back and enjoying a forbidden touch, she looks up and leans over rubbing my hard cock in my jeans.

We hit a stop light, looking over I lean in and kiss my sister-in-law for the first time, the sparks shot through me, and I could feel them charge her as he melted into me and was eager to get closer to me, knowing I was wrong but didn’t care at that point.

The light turned green, started driving looking for a dark place we could find to park, she couldn’t wait bending over and unzipping my jeans and eagerly gripping and pulling out my hard cock, feeling me throb in her hand as she looks me over before sliding her mouth over the big mushroom head pointing at her. I was in heaven almost driving off the road each time she slid me down her throat, then I remembered about a park not that far away that was just on the outskirts of town, stopping quickly we get out and get in the back of the car, but she came around the car stopping me from getting in and pushed me against the car. She quickly pulled down my jeans, gripping my cock with her hand and working my cock like she was a porn star, it was amazing she couldn’t get enough, gripping her hair pushing my cock in her throat making her choke and them moan after I pulled it out.

Pulling her to me kissing her deeply as I turn us around and pick her ass up onto the hood of my car, unbuttoning her jeans I pull them down with her thongs as she lifts her ass in the air, opening her legs wide I start kissing her inner thighs as move towards my goal. Not being able to hold back anymore I dove my face into her pussy, opening her legs wide, licking all over her, tonguing from her ass to her clit and back again making her squeal, making me work every harder to find all her spots that send her over the edge. My tongue fingers working her pussy, when I get excited I push my tongue into her ass, which made her jump but after a few licks really enjoyed it, but quickly worked back to her clit only to have her start to gush into my mouth.

“God Ben, please cum up here and fuck me!” she moans looking down on me

Doing as I am told I jump up kissing her opening her legs and sliding her knees over my arms up to my elbows as she grip my cock and aims me perfectly to her wet hole, with a quick thrust I was inside her as deep as I could, I was surprised how tight she was and struggled to get every inch into her for the first couple of thrust. After some good pumps I was bottoming outside her every inch deep inside her, we both enjoyed watching me pump her pussy for the first time, looking up only to kiss and pull each other closer.

I pull off her top leaving her bra on, I pull kartal escort her nipples out of the top of the lace and bite and lick them as she lays down, my hands running all over her body looking amazing naked fucking laying on my car hood. Her sexy firm little tits giggling for me with each thrust, balls deep, reaching up and touching her beautiful body, she reaches down and rubs her clit and my cock as it pumps her hard and deep.

“god yes, harder, harder, I’m cumming!” she moans as she starts shaking and bucking hard into m as I pump her pussy hard and as fast as I can.

Pulling her up to me as she cums kissing her deep and hard, I slow down and pull out of her slowly making her shutter, I drop to my knees quickly and star licking her clit and pussy.

“mmm you taste better than I imagined!” I tell her in between licks and sucks of her sweet wet pussy

Standing up kissing her again, pulling her to me and turning her around bending her over the hood of the car, she arches her back pushing her ass up in the air as I enter her deep and slowly making her squeal. Reaching up gripping her hair I start to pound her as hard and deep as I can, my hands cupping and rubbing her sweet perfect little body, spanking her ass and pulling her hair, each time making her squeal and moan louder. I could feel her gushing around my cock dripping down my balls with each pump in her tight pussy, making me want to try even harder to last even longer and not let this end to soon. Looking back at me she asks me to let her ride me, I look around and see a park bench and take her hand as I slide out of her and sit down, she straddles me gripping me right into her as she slides down my shaft.

Face to face she started fucking me, her naked warm body next mine as she bucked, kissing, looking into each other eyes my hands gripping her ass helping her fuck me, my fingers find her ass, making the jump at first then swoon as I slip a finger in her ass.

“Oh Ben, cum for me, please, I need to feel you cum!” she tells me biting her lip as she grinds down on me

Gripping her ass harder as I pump up into her, she leans back as I watch her perfect body ride my cock, her nipples so hard looking so good half naked on me, while working my cock faster and faster leaning back up kissing me as she reaching back pushing my fingers deeper in her ass then down to cup and rub my balls as I slide in and out of her sending me over the edge.

“Yes yes baby, cumming, ahhhhh!” yelling as I pump load after load into her

The first shot inside her sent her to the moon gripping and scratching my back as we drive our bodies together. After a couple of minutes she looks up kisses me, we smile at each other holding her close my hands running all over her body.

“I think that’s been about 8 years in the making!” I state as I bite and lick her neck

“I’ve been trying to get you to take me for years, and I hope this will stay just between us right?” asking the most relevant question

“Yes, as long as this isn’t just a onetime even!” I reply hoping for the right answer

“I was hoping the same thing!” she says smiling at me as she slides off me

“Now let’s get back to your house, I think we need as shower, and need some more fun.” kissing me as he runs off half naked to the car.

it was a great weekend!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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