Skaterboi Ch. 05

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The next few days were peaceful, tranquil. until the day of Kat’s appointment. Val was very sick. It was as if his body took on all of the pain and nausea of Kat’s pregnancy. Although he truly wanted to, he was in no position to accompany us to the ob-gyn.

“I’ll be fine,” Val groaned as he went back to bed.

“Should we call your mom?” I asked Kat.

Kat looked at me like I’d just broke her brain.

“She’s in town.” We had discovered a few days ago that Julia was staying at.

“I don’t want her anywhere near my house.”

“Maybe she could stay for a few hours, and leave before we got back?” would Julia even agree to such a thing? I had no idea. or was I inviting a snake into the rabbit den?

“I will invite my mother if you do something just as painful and humiliating.”

Part of me was hoping she would ask for an amputated finger, human sacrifice or maybe post nudes to Facebook. But alas, I knew the correct answer. “You want me to call my dad?”

“I do.”

I picked up my phone and did the same. This ended with a staredown. Logically we could have both made our respective calls at the same time, each of us wanted to bear witness to the impending conversations. “Do you want me to go first?”

Kat narrowed her eyes, her rage evident. “I,” she spoke through gritted teeth, “do.”

“Ok.” I dialed my Dad’s office number, making sure to put it on speaker. I was halfway tempted to point out how much she resembled her mother.

“What does your father do for a living?” Kat asked, a little calmer.

One ring.

“He runs an ER.”

Two rings.

“He’s a doctor?” Kat actually seemed to be smiling.

“No, admin,” I said with a sigh. “Meaning his head is up his ass even more than the average…”

“Hello, Jack is that you?” His voice was loud and aggressive but also laced with worry.

That annoyed me more than anything. “Did you seriously report me missing like some lost child?”

“Son, you are a lost child. I needed help finding you because I know you wouldn’t reach out otherwise. Tell me I’m wrong?”

“I’m an adult, I can disappear if I want to.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of.”

Putting this call on the speaker was a bad idea.

“You’re a brilliant doctor when you stay sober.”

Kat looked at me with wide eyes, covering her mouth in shock and/or laughter.

“I am sober, Dad! Don’t believe me? You can get your ass out here and see for yourself.” I hurled my phone across the room, luckily it landed on the sofa. “Your turn.”

Kat took out her phone, making a show of deciding what number to dial. The first went to voice mail, the second was disconnected. Her glance met mine. “This is the last one I have.”

“If no one picks up we’ll just skip the appointment.”

“Fine.” Kat dialed the last number putting it on speaker. It rang only once.

“Hello, this is the office of Julia Conner. How may I direct your call?”

“It’s her daughter. I just want to leave a message, if you wish to record this.”

I heard a beep, followed by a click.

“Hello, Mom, this is Kat. I will be out of the house with my loser, skaterboi baby-daddy from two,” she paused for a moment. Her appointment was at 2:30, giving us more than enough time to get checked in. “to let say six? No, I don’t want you here that long. FIVE!”


“Did that last word make it in?”

“What?” Kat shut her phone, putting it in her pocket.

“Should we come back at five or six?”

“If we’re done at three we’re coming back at three.”

“Oh, ok.” This won’t end badly.

I hooked up Val’s dialysis machine, leaving him to vape and watch television or maybe even sleep. “We’ll be back soon.”

“Do you think she’ll come?”

“Julia? Maybe.”

“I’m surprised you trust her.”

Yeah, me too. “I just know you do.” I stayed with him until he managed to close his eyes. It was 1:30, and there was no Julia. I went to the kitchen to find Kat taking selfies.

“Don’t mind me, just updating my Insta,” Kat said while typing.

“Will you be ready to go soon?”

“I’m ready now.” Kat twirled her car keys with two fingers.

We left for the appointment, with enough time to stop for coffee and doughnuts, which we ate in the posh waiting room.

We were called in at exactly 2:30. We were lead to the nicest exam room I had ever seen. Large and spacious with soft lighting and decorative fountains, it almost made me miss the actual medical equipment.

Kat was told to change into a hospital gown; a blue robe that looked more expensive than most hotels. And unlike a regular paper gown, it opened in the front.

Her breasts were small perky, and her stomach was flat. She had the body of an Olympic athlete; gymnast, swimmer, something that would require long elegant limbs and a strong core.

Dr. Jessicia Lam entered the room and shook Kat’s hand. “Nice to meet you, Miss Kepler.” She turned to me. “Are you the baby’s father?”

“Hi, I’m Jack Miller.” I didn’t want to introduce myself as Kat’s boyfriend, in case that was out of line. So as far Yalova Escort as Dr. Lam was concerned I was just a willing sperm donor.

Dr. Lam started the scan; applying the lube, moving the wand over Kat’s stomach. A black and white image appeared on the screen. The resolution was remarkably high. Kat was in fact pregnant.

The little blob was moving; it had a heartbeat, a mind, a soul. I cupped my hand over my mouth, my heart filled with longing.

“Do you want to know the gender?” Dr. Lam asked. “It will require a blood test, but we can also screen for…”

“No,” Kat quickly replied. “I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t an ectopic pregnancy. If I have any further concerns we can address them at a future appointment.”

Dr. Lam nodded and finished recording the data of the scan. “I’ll get you a copy for your records and you can set up your next appointment at your leisure.” With that, the doctor left.

Kat grabbed a towel to wipe off the lube and got dressed. “Did you save my coffee?”

“Kinda cold.”

“No, it’s fine. It’s essentially hot chocolate.”

“No, I mean you.”

“Did you want to know the gender or something?” she asked in a way that seemed more cynical than anything. “You’re not one of those people who want boy are you?”

“It doesn’t matter. Just nevermind.”

Kat patted her stomach as she pulled on her shirt. “You’ll know eventually.” The doctor gave her a folder that included a copy of the ultrasound image. We were out of the office by 3:15, and back home around 3:55.

I expected to see Julia’s car in the driveway but the scene we arrived to was much worse. There was a trailer, camera crew, makeup chairs, and even lighting rigs.

“What the fuck?” Kat groaned as she parked the car in a way that would not obstruct the rest of the vehicles from leaving.

Looking around, I spotted Julia’s assistant. “Hey! What’s going on here?”

“Oh,” she replied in a guilty voice. “Since you said you were going to be gone until six, Miss Conners wanted to shoot a segment for her new web series.”

“Ok, that’s reasonable. You all plan on leaving by six?”

“Just as Kat agreed to in the message.” She pulled out her phone as if to offer proof.

“As long as you’re out by six,” I replied.

Kat gritted her teeth, she knew she had no recourse. “Can you tell us where they’re filming so I can avoid her?”

“They’re currently in the living room, so if you want to hang around outside I would be more then happy to assist you in any way.”

Kat grabbed my arm and lead me to the garden, past the lawn chairs, decorative statues, hopping a fence, to what appeared to be an empty swimming pool.

“What is this?” I asked.

“My skatepark.”

“Are we still on your land?”

“Yup.” She went to a nearby shed and pulled out a few boards. “I have quite the skatergirl collection.”

“I think I’m going to check on your parents.”

“Whatever. I’ll just hang here for a while.”

I made my way back to the garden. I could see Julia and Val sitting on the sofa. He was disconnected from his dialysis, leaving three-hour the process unfinished. They appeared to be discussing the collection of relics on the nearby coffee table. But from where I was I could not hear their exact words.

I quietly opened the door and slipped in, taking a seat behind the lighting operator.

“This one was from our time in Japan,” Julia said as she picked up a carvel crystal piece, the size of a human brain. It was a mix of blue and pink pieces that appeared to be joined together like a puzzle. “I’m surprised you kept it.”

“Alone, I, um. Use it to meditate.” The sentence came out rushed, faked; like the words of a teenager talking to his crush.

They talked a little more about the history (and value) of the item. The work represented the balance of heart and mind.


They placed their hands upon the elaborate puzzle, moving the pieces in perfect harmony until the crystal changed shape. It went from being a flat, brain-like, sphere, to a tall spikey mass.

Julia asked Val to close his eyes and focus, uniting the spirts. They spoke for what felt like hours, about their past adventures, life history, and love. She’d started as a groupie, meeting him when he was a model in Italy. She dropped out of her international studied program to travel with Val as he chased his dreams. And when he started to get signed to various action movies, they traveled to exotic filming locations, from Vietnam to Slovenia. they were truly best friends.

“Cut!” shouted the director from the opposite side of the room. “That’s a rap!”

I looked at the clock, it was only 5:30.

Kat appeared behind me. “You guys are leaving, right?”

The crew was packing up. But my focus was on Julia and Val. “I think your mom should stay. I want to hear her side of things.”

“Whatever. I’ll be spending the rest of the evening with my sick board collection. You can join me when you come to your senses .” Kat left, disappearing into the garden.

I needed Yalova Escort Bayan to speak to Julia because it was the right thing to do, for Val. “Hey, Julia.”

Julia turned to me and sighed. “Let me guess, you want me out?”

“Actually, I wanted to talk.” I didn’t specify ‘alone’ but Val seemed to get the idea.

“Where is my daughter currently sulking?” he asked with a chuckle.

“At her skatepark,” I hesitated the last word, causing Julia to laugh.

She followed me to the kitchen with the promise of wine or whatever we could find. “So, what do you want to talk about?”

“I want to marry your daughter.”

“Go ahead, it’s not like I’d even be invited.”

It struck me as odd that she was concerned with being invited, as opposed to ‘I would never attend.’ That alone gave me hope. “Well, that’s the thing.”

Julia helped herself to a bottle of red wine and a coffee mug. “What thing?”

“I heard Kat’s version of the story, but I want to know your side.”

“You want to know about my brother?”

“Do you think he was innocent?”

“He was my brother, my family.” Julia seemed to be getting emotional at the memory.

That made me a little pissed. “So, do you think your daughter is a liar?”

My question was met with silence as Julia took a long sip, her eyes never once blinking. “You wouldn’t understand.”

“I want to understand.”

Julia’s eyes glanced towards the doorway as if she was considering cutting our convo short.

“Do you need another drink?” I asked in a teasing voice. If she wanted to think of me as a skaterboi then I could think of her as an addict who required mental poison to function.

Julia took a breath the sighed. “I left home really young, my baby brother, Joseph was just a kid. And my parents, of God.” She blinked tears from her eyes and took another long sip, finishing off the coffee mug and refilling it before continuing. “It’s my fault Val did what he did. But it’s Katerina’s fault that he’s dead.”

My mouth hung open. “Kat told me that Val beat up Joseph and he later died of his injuries. I think you’d be more upset at Val.”

“I was,” she said as she finished off the wine. “I am.” Julia headed to the cabinet. “Does my daughter have anything stronger?”

I knew she was asking rhetorically.

Once she found an unlabeled bottle of a clear liquid, Julia took a sniff and sat down to continue. “I bet you anything this belongs to Val. He always loved high-quality vodka.” She took a drink from the bottle, then smiled. “What Val did was an accident. He’s never been mentally well. I always assumed it was the fact he grew up in a meth lab.” She took another sip, drinking until her body started to shake.

“My daughter exploited his emotions by telling him every gory detail while pouring drinks down his throat.”

Her answer made sense, it would explain Val’s lenient plea deal. “Then why did you come back?”

“When I saw the picture of your kiss, it made me realize what I walked away from.”

“Do you want to stay?”

“I really shouldn’t,” her voice was breaking. “But I’ll be around. Napa is a big place. If I run out of places to film, I can move down the coast.” She took another drink of vodka, chugging it like water. “You know he’ll never love you the way he loved me.”

“I know.”

“You know?” Julia laughed. “Did you know, the only reason Katerina let you put your dick in her was that you’re so much like him. She’s a Daddy’s girl.”

I grabbed the bottle, moving it away. “You really should stay.”

“I’ll only stay but only if you keep my skater-slut daughter away from me.”

“I think I can manage that.”

“Good.” With that Julia passed out.

I was legitimately concerned for a moment, before she sprang back up, standing on shaky legs. “Did you take something?”

“Take a lot of things,” she said with a coy smile. “I’m going to go to bed.”

I trusted that Julia knew the way to ‘her bedroom’ while I said goodbye to the remainder of the filming crew.

Julia’s assistant offered to pick her up the next morning. Since Val had kept many of her things, she had a change of clothing, for when she regained consciousness.

I went to the bedroom to Val already in bed. Wearing earbuds, he was listening to something on his phone.

Kat appeared behind me. “Dad was feeling dizzy so I brought him inside in case it was another seizure.” She looked at Julia’s limp body, flopped down on the bed in a rather akward manner. “Please tell me she’s dead.”

Val sat up, and turned off his music, before helping me move Julia off his legs. “She’s just in her element.”

Kat leaned against the doorway, clearly wanting to leave. “Element of being human trash.” She kicked something behind her. It was a skateboard; blur and pink with neon yellow stickers. “See ya.” She proceeded to skate back through the living room, back out to the garden.

I turned my attention to Val. “How are you feeling.”

“I’m sorry for ending the dialysis early.”

“But how are you feeling?”

Val Escort Yalova smiled a wide, bright grin. “I’m happy.” He removed his earbuds, waking a few breaths before continuing, “but I think I need you to restart the dialysis.”

I hooked up the IV and restarted the session. “Did Kat show you the ultrasound?”

Val nodded, blinking tears from his eyes. “I know it’s too soon to celebrate.” He patted Julia’s head, stroking her hair. “Julia lost a few before we were blessed with our little Katie.”

“You called her Katie?” I asked with a chuckle. The name did not fit the supermodel with the mouth of a sailor, who was currently sitting in a garden-skate park.

“She was much different as a little girl, before,” Val’s voice went soft. “I-It’s not for me to say.”

“Kat already told me about her uncle.” I held Val’s hand giving it a tender squeeze. I needed him to know I wasn’t leaving.

“Then, you know what I did.”

“I know you killed a man.”

Val nodded. He swallowed hard, taking several quick breaths.

I knew he was having an anxiety attack. I massaged his palm with deep pressure, working in long strokes. “Deep breaths in, and out. I’m not going anywhere.”

That seemed to calm Val enough to allow him to compose his thought. “The day my daughter was born, was the moment I knew true love.”

I understood. Kat was the only real family he had.

“I want to marry her, maybe after the baby’s born.”

“You have my blessing.”

I kissed his fingertips, from his thumb to his ring finger.

I started to lick down its length, kissing Val’s palm. I heard him softly moan. So I kissed the tip of his pointer finger. I sucked and teased his hand. His skin felt rough but somehow he tasted sweet.

Val was wearing the formal pants he’d been wearing during the day, just without a belt. He looked very comfortable.

I moved my free hand to his already open button fly. “I think you need to take these off.”

Val reached out his other hand to pull me close, but with Julia (and being attached to an IV) that idea was not feasible.

I carefully moved his hand away, focusing my attention back to his fingers. “I want to watch you.”

Val closed his eyes, relaxing his body as he started to jerk off. He was already wet with precum, supplying sufficient lube to go full force on his shaft.

I mirrored Val’s actions on his finger, licking and sucking with such force, I could practically taste his climax.

“Could I get my hand back for a second?” Val asked.

I looked to see what he was doing. I would have laughed my ass off if he stuck his cock in Julia’s mouth, but given her unconscious state that would be dangerous for multiple reasons.

Instead, Val ejaculated all over her face. He moved her into position, making sure to get his man-juice all over her hair, cheeks, and lips. When he was done he left her on his lap. I had to admit, I was a little envious of the view she was going to wake up to.

I kissed Val goodnight and left to find Kat. The outdoor lights were off, making it difficult to navigate. That is until I found Kat’s magic wonderland. The pool was decorated with led lights. It was clearly a long-term project. “Kat? where are you?”

“In the pool.”

“The empty pool?” I looked down and sure enough there she was, watching videos on her phone.

“Happy Birthday,” echoed the sound of the video. “We miss you!” A chorus of cheerful girls took turns sending messages of love and support.

I was more ashamed than confused. “When was your birthday?”

“Today,” she replied while texting.

“And you didn’t say anything?”

She just shrugged. “I got the ultimate present; my pregnancy is not in my fallopian tube! Yeah for me!”

I could see the reason for her sarcasm. All of her actual friends were half a world away. “I still would have wanted to…” Wish her a happy birthday? No that was fucking lame. Was I going to get her a gift?- What do you even get a millionaire heiress whose house you’re living in?

Kat continued to type. “Living it up in CA with my old man and my new man.” she looked up at me. “picture?”

“You want us to take a picture?”

“Why not? Aren’t we friends?” She pouted her lower lip.

“Ok, fine,” I took a seat next to her, resting my head on her shoulder. “I owe you a birthday gift.”

I placed my hand over her long elegant fingers as we snapped the pic together. For whatever reason, I thought it would be funny to bit her lower lip and snap a pic.

“Ow,” she groaned.

I awkwardly released my teeth, biting my own lip with a half-smile. “Sorry.”

Kat cupped my face and kissed me. First softly, her lips grazing mine. Then she went back for a second and a third, slipping her tongue in my mouth. She tasted like chapstick and gummy candy.

We kissed, her hands sneaking up my chest. She pressed the phone against my ribcage, stroking the cold surface down my abs. “What are you doing?”

“Helping myself to a dick-pic.” She slipped the phone down my pants and clicked the button.

“A little close.”

“I wanted it to be true to life.”

My erection was already pressing against her thigh, once she freed me from my boxers, I would not be able to control myself.

Kat gave my balls a tender squeeze as she placed her lips to my ear. “Did you fuck my Dad?”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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