Slaves of the Desert Compound 10

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Kyla was happy. She adored her mistress Astarte with all her wild heart; for the Mistress’ queenly aura of command and power, for her flowing auburn locks, her tall erect carriage, her delicate exotic scents, her pale satin smooth skin. Astarte had raised her above the other slaves, to become her assistant, charged with the execution of certain penalties incurred by errant members of the household. Kyla had felt no personal animosity when chastising Withna and Jayla, who were her own former mistresses; but she did obtain erotic satisfaction from the screams and squirming of those who came beneath her cane, and the marks that her instruments inflicted on their naked flesh; especially the young women slaves. But she would gladly submit to the same treatment from Astarte, if the latter wished; she had been called once to her mistress’ bed already, where she was transported to never before experienced heights of ecstasy by Astarte’s sophisticated caresses. She would do anything, submit to anything for her Mistress; and tonight, to her joy, she had been summoned again to the bedchamber.

Bathed and wearing a soft musky scent, she presented herself at the appointed place as the evening shadows lengthened. Entering the room, with its aura of incense and fresh flowers, she saw Astarte seated on her massive carved bed, her hair loose and waving, clad in a diaphanous white gown. Unable to restrain her smile, Kyla quickly undid her loincloth and stood naked before her stern lover; then, suddenly afraid she had been too bold, dropped her eyes and tried to make herself small.

“Ah, my darling. You are fresh and desirable as always. Don’t hide your beautiful body; turn around and let me see all of you.”

She obediently turned to present her firm, perfectly shaped buttocks to her mistress’ inspection. Then, emboldened, she bent over and grasped her ankles, revealing all her secrets. Her nipples hardened and a warm sensation pervaded her naked, exposed pussy. As she bent, revealed, Astarte slid off the bed in a rustle of silk, and caressed her smooth back.

“You are a beautiful girl. You please me.”

Taking Kyla’s hand, she drew the girl to the bed, and held her slender, dusky naked form on her lap. She pressed her mouth against Kyla’s soft open lips, and the two began a long kiss. Their tongues intermingled and Kyla’s darted into Astarte’s warm wet mouth. She let her saliva drip from her tongue onto Astarte’s; then drew back and opened further to give herself to her mistress. Kyla’s whole body became soft and yielding as her tall companion put her arm around her neck and kissed her passionately. A hand slid the length of Kyla’s slender back, passed the base of her spine and slid over her puffy soft anus, which swelled to the touch; then glided across the girl’s vaginal lips, which parted beneath her finger. Astarte steadily stroked the girl’s heat; Kyla gasped, pressed her mouth and body against the older woman and went into a shuddering orgasm.. Astarte continued to caress the girl’s hot wet slit, and Kyla squirmed in the intensity of the pleasure. Astarte’s hand moved upwards and a finger circled Kyla’s rear ring of muscle; she pressed against it, and her fingertip slipped a short way into escort bayan ataköy Kyla’s anus, which was smoother inside than the finest satin. With a circular motion she drew the girl to a series of orgasms, and Kyla pushed back on the teasing finger to be penetrated more deeply. Slipping another finger into the girl’s tight, soaking wet vagina, Astarte manipulated her lover in both places till the girl silently screamed out her ecstasy against Astarte’s strong shoulder; then slumped down, limp and yielding totally.

“Did that make you happy? ” Kyla could not speak, just nodded intensely. She pulled back from Astarte; slipped off the fingers that still penetrated her, and went to the floor on her knees, raising the Mistress’ dress and pressing her open mouth against Astarte’s fragrant slit. Shyly she put out her tongue and licked inside; meeting no reproof, she grew bolder and began to explore the warm, wet, unusual tasting entrance.

“Ah! That’s nice. But wait for me a moment.”

Astarte stepped off the bed and moved to the corner of the tiled room, to void her bladder into the pipe installed there for that purpose. As she lowered herself, Kyla slipped down after her. Impulsively, she decided to demonstrate her love for her mistress. Down on her back on the cool floor, she slid forward until her face was positioned directly underneath Astarte’s opening vagina. As Astarte commenced her stream, Kyla opened her mouth and began to drink the warm liquid that poured from her Mistress’ parted labia. She swallowed the strange, acrid fluid eagerly, although a certain amount overflowed and poured across her face. Astarte began to restrain her stream; then sent a series of sudden gushes into her acolyte’s willing mouth. Kyla gratefully received it, savoring the exotic flavor and intimate scent, reveling in this new devotion to her mistress, swallowing with no hesitation at all. Drinking her urine seemed a pure expression of her love and submission. Licking and sucking Astarte’s wet cleft, she finished the last drops before beginning to caress the most sensitive area with her tongue. She would do anything for her Mistress, would happily bend over to be whipped or caned, even branded; which, incidentally, she had seen inflicted on one of the most recalcitrant slaves. Astarte moved sensuously as the young woman served her. Kyla gently caressed her anal entrance with fine boned fingers, and then moved her mouth to attend to the rear opening, working to provide the most exquisite sensations that were in her power, licking the muscular ring and endeavoring to thrust her tongue as deeply as possible into the tight passage. Astarte began to rock back and forth, with an intense near frown on her beautiful, haughty face, eventually enjoying several shuddering orgasms, which excited her servant almost as much as they did her. Entwining her fingers gently in Kyla’s soft springy hair, Astarte drew her up, regarded her sweet face, shining with intimate fluids, and kissed her deeply.

“Come into the bed.”

They embraced, kissing and stroking, Kyla’s mouth sweet of breath yet tasting of her mistress’ most intimate secretions. Their tongues entwined, and their hands caressed the other’s bayan escort istanbul nipples and buttocks. Motioning to Kyla to position herself on hands and knees, Astarte took an ivory phallus from a bedside drawer. Leaning forward, Kyla gripped her own buttocks and drew them apart, revealing a glistening, shaved pink split and a small sooty anal entrance. Intuitively she spat on her fingers and used them to wet her rear opening. Slowly, sensually, her mistress slipped the ivory rod into the girl’s rectum, which opened to receive it; when half its length was hidden inside the passage, Astarte began to slide it in and out, back and forth. It emerged from the girl’s tight rectum, glistening with lubricants, and was then slowly pushed back in, each time a little further. Kyla writhed ecstatically, rubbing her pubis methodically, thrusting her behind back to accept her mistress’ command. Torn by the dual sensations, her excitement rose to a peak and an enormously warm flood of delectable sensation flooded through her body, driving a soft scream from her lungs. Leaving the dildo in place, Astarte smiled, grasped Kyla’s hair, and pushed her face down against her shaved pussy, which the girl commenced to lick and probe furiously, while Astarte continued a steady thrusting of the dildo in and out of the slave’s bowels, eventually inserting it to the hilt, where it remained, held in place by Kyla’s tight little sphincter, gripping the very end of the rod, while she continued to lap at Astarte’s wet slit.

As the two expressed their passion, there came a soft knock at the door. Aspasia rose up from the silk pillows where she had been enjoying Kyla’s fervent attentions, and signaled to the young slave to answer. She did not offer to remove the dildo seated in Kyla’s firm young ass, and the latter tiptoed cautiously to the entrance so as not to dislodge it. It was always wise to steer well clear of anything that might incur Astarte’s displeasure, whether or not your mouth had just been pleasuring her most intimate parts. Opening the heavy wooden door on its scrolled iron hinges, Kyla was surprised to see a young woman, clad only in a short leather shift, who greatly resembled herself except that her hair was light. Both girls were the same height and build, with similar full breasts, flat stomachs, firm protruding buttocks, full lips and high cheekbones; as well as a glow that betokened exceptional youth and health. The new arrival reviewed Kyla’s naked form from head to foot with approbation; then burst into a lascivious smile as she observed Kyla’s cheeks and chin, glistening with her mistress’ juices. She bowed to her Mistress, who beckoned the two – who might have been twins – to the bed. The new girl’s smile broadened as she followed Kyla and observed the sinuous motion of her swaying buttocks, as well as the dildo thrust between her cheeks

“This is my other little Amazon servant. The two of you may perhaps work together. Shura, show us your sweet self.”

Shura immediately stripped off her shift and stood before them, her nipples beginning to stand out under the scrutiny, and her plump bare labia protruding. She opened her mouth as if to welcome in a partner. Then, turning her bayan escort şişli back to them, she gripped her cheeks and, bending forward, displayed her exquisite pink anal bud; which, Kyla noted, gaped open slightly, coated in liquid. Her lewd expression and superb form caused Kyla to return to her previous state of excitement.

“You’ve been with the Master’s son? I trust you pleased him. What did he have you do?”

“Mistress, he was so excited. You know he only returned this morning with the caravan. I sucked him as he likes, but he told me to stop, he was so ready to explode. He had me sit over him and put him in my behind. All I did was squeeze him a little at my entrance, and he came right away in me. It was a fountain! He sent me away till tonight; he said he was tired. So I came to you immediately; I hope you’ll forgive my tardiness.”

“No Shura, you did well. Now, bend back over. Kyla, kneel down and lick your new sister’s behind clean. You will want to make certain that it is done thoroughly, since I told her to come here the moment she was given leave. She has not had time to bathe, so it falls to you to prepare her.”

Kyla obediently went to her knees, albeit with a certain apprehension. Leaning forward, she grasped Shura’s smooth buttocks and parted them. Liquids continued to seep from Shura’s entrance; a blend of come, lubricant, and the lining of her rectum. Though otherwise as clean as a whistle, the slave’s anal area exuded a perfume of sex and a faint odor of shit. Steeling herself, Kyla gingerly extended her tongue to touch the glistening bud; then, taking the plunge, she thrust her face between the girl’s cheeks and began to lap at her ring, delivering broad strokes with her tongue and alternating them with probing into the opening, with its unusual taste. Shura gasped and wriggled her behind, pressing against the other’s steadily working tongue and lips. Placing a hand on her right cheek, she drew it apart to facilitate Kyla’s access, and began to caress herself in front with the other hand. Kyla held back her partner’s left cheek and slipped a finger into her pussy, which was extremely hot and wet. She manipulated the slave in tandem with her oral attentions; having polished Shura’s anal exterior clean, she endeavored to insert her tongue as deeply as possible to extract the liquids inside. Her face ground against Shura’s ass, which seemed to melt in softness; Shura moaned and squirmed, reaching first one orgasm, then a second. Her fingers worked frantically at her clitoris as Kyla began to pant with her strenuous efforts.

“I think that will suffice. Well done, young ones. Now, come to the bed.”

Astarte guided the girls’ mouths, one to her pussy, the other to her ass. As the two commenced to lick and suck, the Mistress lay back in an unusual languor, relaxing as her acolytes worked on her. Enthusiastically licking Astarte’s wet pussy, Kyla felt a touch on her own parts as Shura’s fingers trailed across her thigh, then unerringly found her erect clitoris and began to stroke it in a delightful manner. In the absence of any reprimand from Mistress, Kyla reciprocated Shura’s touch, and the three lay in an exquisite triangle of sensation. Astarte climaxed forcefully; discreetly, the two slaves followed, now covered with perspiration.

“You have both done well. Now you may leave me, bathe and rest. Tomorrow you will be shown your other duties; as my agents of reprimand, thoroughly learning the skills of the whip, cane, crop and twigs.”

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