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My younger sister had friends spending the night just about every weekend. They would come over in the evening, eat dinner with us and after my parents went to bed they would put on their little nighties, watch TV or movies for hours and finally go to bed. One particular girlfriend of my sister’s was a little hottie. She was petite, fair skinned with long black hair, and green eyes. Her name was Angela. Every time she spent the night she would put on the same white nightie. It was just long enough to cover her ass; even the slightest movement would cause it to rise just enough for me to get a glimpse. I was positive she did this on purpose.

She would always ask me if I thought she was pretty and I would respond hesitantly, telling her I thought she was. Each and every time she spent the night I found myself masturbating at least four times before I could go to sleep. One night Angela came to sleep over with my sister again but this time I couldn’t contain myself. She performed her normal routine, prancing around, seemingly ignorant to my yearning. After my parents had gone to bed, I was lying on the couch watching television. Angela walked into the living room and slowly arched her back, pushing her ass out, and bent over to lay down on the floor which caused her nightie to slide up, exposing her thin white panties and her creamy, white thighs. I felt my cock stiffening and I covered my lap with a pillow to avoid detection.

As Angela lay on the floor with her chin on a pillow I could see right up her nightie. Now my cock was so bloated I couldn’t resist secretly tugging and rubbing my tight head beneath the cover of the pillow. I could have easily cum after about three minutes of seeing Angela move around on the floor, trying to make herself comfortable. I had finally had enough, I quickly stood up and walked to my room. I had my shorts around my ankles and my cock in my hand before the door was closed. I stroked my cock imagining entering Angela from behind with her nightie hiked up above her waist and her panties moved over just enough for me to get inside. I came in seconds, moaning aloud at each of the last few strokes. I decided to stay in my room for the rest of the night fearing I would really attempt to make this fantasy reality.

I tried to occupy myself by reading or just thinking of other things but no matter what I did all I could think about was walking out there and thrusting my cock into my sister’s friend’s pussy. Two hours had gone by and I was sure Angela and my sister had gone to bed. I imagined her lying in bed having removed her nightie to make herself more comfortable. My cock became hard again and my heart began to race. I had decided to sneak into my sister’s room and try to get a glimpse of Angela sleeping. After pacing back and forth from one side of my bed room to the other Yozgat Escort I worked up the nerve to do it. I left my room, walked down the hall and stood at my sister’s bedroom door. It was open just a crack and I put my eye up to the door knowing they could hear my heart pounding.

My cock throbbed as I stood there, excited, nervous, and a little guilty. I could see Angela positioned on the bed with the blankets down below her knees, and just as I had hoped, she had removed her nightie, her white panties and her little, firm breasts there for the taking. I took out my cock and began to stroke it in the hall right outside my parents’ door. Suddenly, without thinking, I held my breath and as silently as possible I pushed the bedroom door open just wide enough to enter the room. I crept over to Angela. I still had my cock out and continued to stroke it. My heart pounded and I did everything I could to maintain a steady rhythm on my cock without cumming.

I had to stop. I released my cock and stood there for a while just staring at her tight, young, white body. Her hips were shapely and full and her breasts were perfectly tiny. I decided that I could not go back to my room unless I could touch her first. I stood there frozen, unable to act for what seemed like hours. I listened and looked for the slightest hint that Angela or my sister might awaken. Finally I leaned over and touched Angela right on her soft, young mound. I made sure to touch her gently so she wouldn’t wake up. I removed my hand, crept out of my sister’s room and dashed down the hall, closed my bedroom door as quickly and silently as possible and got into bed in the dark. I began stroking my cock frantically but I made a conscious effort to make it last, not to cum too quickly.

I savored the feeling of Angela’s hot little mound under my hand. I could feel her soft fur through her panties and knew I would be beating off to this experience for years. Just as I settled into a steady rhythm, I heard my door creek open and a figure stood there not moving. It was Angela. I thought I was dead meat. I thought she would start screaming at me and my parents would come out of their bedroom and castrate me. But she didn’t scream at me. Instead she told me she knew what I had done, that she was awake the whole time. She said she knew I was standing there touching myself.

She closed my door behind her and disappeared into the dark, the image of her standing in my door, wearing only her panties, burned into my mind. Suddenly the bed creaked and Angela was beside me, my cock making a tent out of my comforter. Angela didn’t say a word. My eyes had finally adjusted to the dark and I could see her outline. She slipped out of her panties as she lay beside me. She squirmed her way under the covers and I felt her fleshy hip against my own. Yozgat Escort Bayan My heart pounded with anticipation as Angela slowly moved her leg around my waist and cupped my face with her hand. I kissed her softly trying to contain myself. Angela moved on top of me and I felt her soaking wet pussy against my stomach just out of my cock’s reach.

Without the utmost self control I would have cum right then. I had never felt such soft skin. I ran my hands softly across her breasts, ribs and finally, gently squeezed the flesh around her full hips. Angela moved down lightly brushing her wet mound against the head of my prick as she bit and sucked my neck. She licked and kissed her way down my body and, without hesitation, took my cock into her mouth. Her teeth grazed the head and her tongue massaged the shaft as I arched my back and clutched my toes. My eyes rolled back into my head as I lay there getting the best blow job in the history of human kind. I simply could not believe this was happening. Each time Angela bobbed her head I thought I would fill her mouth. But I wasn’t about to allow myself to miss out on fucking Angela’s brains out. Luckily I had beaten off earlier.

I pulled her off of my cock and laid her on her back. I took her left nipple into my teeth and lips and flicked it gently with my tongue. She moaned, arching her back and clawing mine. I made my way down her ribs and stomach, kissing, biting, and sucking every inch on the way. She was the youngest girl I had ever been with. Her body was so lightweight and flexible. I kissed her navel and bit her just under her stomach, above her fur. She gently pulled my hair and scratched my scalp as I finally tasted her. Her lips were pink and tight and they matched the rhythm of my tongue as I French kissed her pussy. I pressed my chin against her asshole trying to get my tongue as far inside her as possible.

She tasted bitter and I savored her young cunt as I closed my eyes and fucked her hole with my fingers and tongue. I came up and lay beside her, intertwining our legs and bringing her close to me, face to face. She kissed me softly, deeply and sucked my neck. I asked, “have you ever had sex before?”

“I had sex with my boyfriend for the first time about a week ago. He only lasted a few seconds. But I steal my older sister’s dildo all the time and I broke my own hymen when I was only twelve. I want to be fucked for real, the way I fuck myself with my sister’s dildo when I get home from school. Will you fuck me like that Matthew? Please just fuck me right now and cum in my pussy. God, I can’t believe I’m saying this stuff. Like, I just had sex for the first time a week ago and I’m talking like a porn star or whatever.”

I grabbed the back of her knee and lifted her leg up against her chest, her knee squeezing Escort Yozgat her breast. I rolled on top of her, straddling her left leg, with my right knee up near her left hip. I rammed my dick into her pink snatch and held it deep, listening to her scream pain and pleasure. I held my cock all the way inside Angela’s hot fuck hole and felt her ass tickle the hair on my testicles. Angela squirmed her hips offering her pussy to me. I rubbed her nipples with the palms of my hands as she kneaded my ass. I grabbed her by the backs of her knees and lifted her ass four inches off the bed.

I quickened my jousts and tongued her mouth fiercely. I couldn’t contain myself, I clawed her ass and legs and bit her neck and shoulders, fucking her cunt as deep, hard, and fast as I could.

“You’re hurting me”, she said. I didn’t let up, her protests only intensified the experience.

I said, “you know you want my cock you little slut…you came in here, now you’re going to get fucked”. She began to cry and fought to get off the bed. I forced her back down on the bed, face down. I noticed her silky, white ass, my cock pounded. I spread her ass cheeks and pierced her ass hole with my tongue. I licked her hot hole and tongue fucked her pussy. She struggled to free herself but I refused to let her escape. She didn’t scream though.

I knew that if she did get away she wouldn’t tell. She had come to my room, taken off her panties, and sucked my cock. No one would believe her if she said I did anything bad to her. I positioned my swollen crown against her ass hole. She still cried quietly but she did not continue to struggle. She just lay there. I eased my cock into her ass hole and my stomach started as I felt her tight hole encircle my head. The tightness was delightfully painful. I held my cock deep within her ass. I felt her ass hole relax and stretch to fit my bulging rod.

I had licked her before I started to butt fuck but that was the only lubrication I applied. Angela’s ass was getting dry, my cock was getting raw as she began moaning mutely into the pillow. Her moaning and the friction burns I was having made me really hot. I poked Angela’s ass hole in and out, squeezing her hips for leverage and bouncing my pelvis off her ass. Angela lay, seemingly lifeless as I continued to fill her with my thickness. I fucked harder and told her what a little prick tease she was and how she deserved to have her little hole raped by a real man. I explained to her how she had no right to prance around in her nightie practically every weekend and not give up the pussy. I continued to tool her forcefully quickening the pace as I anticipated a very intense climax.

I couldn’t contain my moans as I rammed and poked Angela’s tiny, brown hole. Finally, I knew I was going to cum, I held my poker deep within Angela’s shit hole and felt my balls convulse as I topped her off with my dense, pearl seed. I stood up, leaving Angela in the bed, practically dead, as I sat at my desk and logged on to the internet. As an afterthought, I said, over my shoulder, “Oh…you can leave now, I already came.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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