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Sleepy Heads and Spoiled Brats, a collection by Josh Terrence


Author”s note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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Sleepy Head

He”s smiling now, but 10 minutes ago, my Nathan was in a grumpy mood. He”d just gotten out of bed, summoned from the sweet dreams that filled his slumber by the call of his full bladder. He heard me milling around the kitchen with my coffee cup in hand and came to find me. Seeing that my little sleepy head was frowning, I quickly held my hands out for him to come to me so I could pick him up and carry him while he gained his bearings. At 10 years old, he still enjoys being picked up, and who am I to deny my boy?

“You okay, buddy?” I asked him, and he let loose with a yawn while he shook his head no. I used my right palm to rub his back, feeling the warmth of his still sleepy body through his blue pajama top. I placed a kiss on his cheek and felt him nuzzle his head into my shoulder, the he let go of a tired yawn and spoke.

“I was kinda hoping you”d wake me up the special way, daddy,” he told me, his groggy voice somehow still filled with boyish desire.

“Oh yeah?” I said with a hint of amusement in my tone. He only nodded and nuzzled his messy head into my shoulder again while he latched onto my waist with his legs.

Planting another kiss on his cheek, I carried him to the living room and let him rest his tired head on my shoulder while I sipped my coffee. I stood near the sliding glass door, looking out over the patio at the brewing storm clouds while my little guy blinked away the sleep in his eyes. My left hand was supporting his plump bubble butt, and I was enjoying the intense heat that was pouring through the fabric of his underwear and pajama bottoms. When I took my last sip of coffee, he looked down into the empty mug and smiled.

“You ready to get down, champ?” I asked him, and he let go with his legs so he could slide down to his feet. I sat down on the love seat and Nathan moved to stand in front of me, letting loose with a yawn. I listened to his joints cracking as he stretched, then he smiled warmly at me and my heart melted. I set my coffee cup down on the end table, then I reached out and caressed my boy”s smiling face.

“Give daddy a kiss,” I told him, then we puckered up and I shared a smooch on the lips with my boy. When our lips parted, I hooked the waistband of his pajama bottoms while I studied the tiny outline of his erection. I hadn”t noticed it earlier, but now that it had caught my eye, I couldn”t help but take note of the way his boner stood straight up like a little flagpole. He spotted me staring at his concealed boyhood and blushed, so I gave him a wink.

I tugged on his waistband, easing his jammies and undies down so that they were puddled around his feet. His bald little dick came into view, and I once again studied it. There was a visible network of blue and red vessels just beneath the skin, and his little nut sack was pulled so tight it looked like there were Robin eggs nestled under the skin. I leaned forward to take a whiff of his boyhood escort izmit and was greeted by the sweet smell of 10 year old musk and a few shy drops of pee that were emitting their maple scent in my nose.

Disregarding his engorged boyhood, I took my little guy by the hips and steered him so that he was facing away from me.

As soon as Nathan”s plump bubble butt came into view, the luscious aroma of morning boy butt drifted into my nose and I got lightheaded with lust. I quickly parted his ass cheeks and took site of his warm, moist pucker, watching it wink at me while its alluring pheromones rolled into my nose and drew my mouth to its folds. The briny aroma of aroused boy butt was working like an Aphrodisiac, making my loins stir with passion while 98.6 degrees of carnal energy wrapped itself around my face.

Without delay, I latched onto his anus and began to suckle the same way a baby calf suckles on its mama”s teat. Only there was no milk forthcoming from my little angel”s anus. It was pure, unadulterated sweat and ass juice, flowing freely into my mouth while I feasted deep. The brackish flavors were exploding in my mouth in small, continuous bursts while his moans of pleasure filled the room. My own moans were deep, pouring into his crevice while I administered a deep ass eating. As the pleasure consumed us both, Nathan pressed back with his hips, then began gyrating against my mouth. This only added to my bliss, so I intensified my ass eating, letting my tongue take pass after pass against his pucker while he ground his ass back into my mouth.

Out of nowhere, my son”s ass changed course and he was now moving his hips in and up and down motion. At the same time, he let go of a long, sensual call of pleasure while his toes curled, digging into the carpet as he shivered through a powerful anal orgasm. As his climax set in, the aroma pouring out of his ass seemed to strengthen while the flavors in my mouth exploded.

Finally, his moaning calmed down and I knew he was floating into a post climax haze. With a satisfied smile, I pulled my mouth away from my son”s ass and sat up while he fell back into my lap, letting me hold him while his young body shivered with passion.

“You feel better now, buddy?” I asked him, and he nodded.

“Thank you, daddy,” he sighed, resting his messy head on my shoulder once again, only this time with a big grin on his adorable face.

“You”re welcome, champ,” I said, then he puckered up and we shared a kiss on the lips before he snuggled into my arms and recovered from his orgasm.

Spoiled Brat

“Well you”re in a good mood,” Janet remarked, watching with a warm smile as her son Donnie was carried into the kitchen on his new stepfather”s back. “I take it you”re feeling better.”

“Yeah, I”m feeling much better now, mom,” Donnie said, his face glowing with contentment as Jamal craned his neck and winked at the boy. Donnie blushed, then rested his head on his stepdad”s shoulder with a dreamy smile.

An hour earlier, not all was well in the house that Janet Parsons shared with her new husband Jamal and her two kids from her previous marriage, Donnie and Sara. Donnie was in an especially bad mood after school for a myriad of reasons, but mainly because he was a temperamental 13 year old whose body was going through changes. When he was his normal lovable self, everyone in the house was happy, too. When he was in one of his moods, he was less than lovable.

So when his mood took a sharp turn for the worse while he was supposed to be doing his chores, Janet sent him to his room with instructions to “stay there until daddy gets home. I”ll have him come talk to you and we”ll see if you can behave yourself.”

When Jamal izmit escort got home, Janet sent him straight to Donnie”s room to sort his mood out. And sort it out he did.

When he peaked his head in the door, little Donnie was laying on his bed with his arms crossed, tearfully looking up at the ceiling. Seeing his stepson in such a pitiful mood touched the man and he immediately got in the boy”s bed with him.

“You okay, big guy?” Jamal asked in a tender voice, wrapping his massive arm around Donnie”s small frame. The boy nodded, so Jamal asked him, “What can I do to make you smile, buddy?”

“Well, there might be something we can do, but mom and Sara are here…” the boy said, sounding defeated.

“Let Daddy Jamal worry about that part, buddy,” the man told him, using his free hand to unfasten his fly. As soon as his zipper was down, he reached into his boxers and pulled nine thick inches out while he studied Donnie”s mesmerized face. “Will this make it better, buddy?”

Donnie”s expression melted into an instant smile and he cast his innocent gaze up at Jamal”s concerned face, then he breathlessly answered, “Yeah.”

“Have at it, buddy,” Jamal encouraged him, watching as the excited little boy tried to wrap his hand around the stalk. It was so thick that he could only engulf about 2/3 of the massive prick, but he was undetoured as he leaned down and wrapped his lips around the veiny shaft. As soon as the bulbous head was in his throat, the boy sighed with relief and settled into a slow, pleasure filled blow job that he felt privileged to be able to give.

Five minutes later, Donnie pulled off of Jamal”s pleasure stick with a slurp. His pants had long ago come down and his stepdad had quickly found his horny entrance with his man fingers. At first he rubbed the outside while Donnie lustily sucked cock for him. But Donnie”s hot pucker soon bloomed and the man”s digits found their way into his ass, one at a time, then two at a time.

By the time Donnie relinquished the dick he was enjoying so much, his ass was on fire for a fuck. He quickly found himself on his hands and knees, watching over his shoulder as Jamal lined up to his eager entrance and pushed his dick into it. Donnie”s body was consumed by the flames of gay ecstasy as he accepted Jamal”s long trophy. Inch by pleasure filled inch made the boy moan as the rock hard dick slid up his ass. He could feel the massive glans spreading his boy pussy open as it made its journey along the walls of his horny rear end, teasing the hot, moist tissue that was grabbing it in a vain effort to trap it. As each inch entered him, Donnie”s ass constricted tight around the pleasure stick until it was all the way up his ass.

When the hot pole was fully received, Donnie looked over his shoulder and sighed with relief while a smile broke out across his cute face. Acting on sheer instinct, the boy rolled his hips around in a continuous counterclockwise motion, too filled with passion to control himself.

When Jamal started feeding him strokes of hard prick, Donnie”s rear end climaxed immediately. Seemingly undaunted by the chaos that was erupting in the boy”s tight ass, the virile top settled into a steady rhythm. He treated the boy to ten more cock strokes, then Donnie”s plump bubble butt climaxed again. Still more thrusts, then another orgasm for the cute 13 year old. Then it happened again. And again, until the string of anal orgasms grew too long for him to keep track of.

When Jamal pulled out and told him to get on his back, the boy immediately obeyed. Moments later, he was back in the grip of ecstasy as a second wave of anal orgasms rocked his young frame.

When Jamal buried his rod up Donnie”s ass and izmit kendi evi olan escort came, he engaged the cock hungry boy in a deep kiss that put the finishing touches on his rear end service. When Jamal pulled out, Donnie dutifully sucked his new daddy clean, grateful for the opportunity to wrap his lips back around the massive pleasure stick and take it all the way to its base. When he pulled off for the final time, he snuggled into Jamal”s strong arms and let the strong afterglow run its course. When the boy stopped moaning and cooing, they talked about the behavior that landed the boy in hot water with his mom and sister.

“I promise to be sweet to them for the rest of the night,” the sated little boy sang, his voice soft and serene.

“Okay, kiddo,” Jamal said. “How about if you get dressed and we”ll help mom and Sara with dinner?”

“I love you, daddy Jamal,” Donnie declared, then he placed a kiss on the man”s cheek.

“I love you too, big guy,” the man assured him, then they got dressed and rejoined Janet and Sara in the family room. Seeing that her baby boy was in a much better mood, Janet looked on with an approving smile.

“I don”t know what your secret is, honey,” she marveled.

“He just needs a man to spend some time with him, dear,” Jamal told her, giving the boy another wink. “I”ll probably lay down with him before bedtime, just to make sure he”s all set.”

Coming Soon: Kevin loves his daddy and his brothers. But how much attention does his ass need until he”s satisfied? Find out in ota

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