Snow Ch. 02

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Author’s note: I’d originally planned for “Snow” to be a oneshot, but enough ideas came to me for new scenes that I think I’ll expand it a bit. At this point, I have ideas for two or three more chapters.

Please do leave feedback if there’s anything you particularly like, or any criticism, recommendations, or requests. I love to hear back from readers of my work!


It took me a moment after waking up before the world fell into place. It had been so long since I’d woken up in bed with a guy that I thought I was still dreaming until my mind managed to piece together what had happened. And then it was another minute until I recalled how early it was when I’d fallen asleep. It had to still be evening, right?

I pushed myself up on my elbow so I could look over Snow – or should I be calling him Terry now? – to check my clock. Not even 9 yet. That was about right. Snow was good, certainly, but not good enough to knock me out for the whole night. At least, not this early. If we’d done this a few hours later, he probably would have managed it. Or perhaps I could manage it with him… I did owe him one for dinner. And possibly another one for that fuck earlier. I kinda did ask him for it. Or… challenge him to it. Well, he’d met my demands, so I owed him for that.

How to pay him back, though? Maybe wake him up with a nice blowjob? Eh… he might not be into that. Most guys would be, but it wasn’t a risk worth taking. I had to at least give him a chance to say no. What else was he into, though? He probably enjoyed himself earlier, but was he doing that for me, for himself, or for both of us? Well, there was no way to know without asking him.

For now I could let him get some sleep, though. And maybe grab some more condoms for next time so we didn’t have to interrupt things. He did promise me that things weren’t over yet, and I planned to hold him to that.

I rolled over and off the bed, then headed around to the other side. I opened up my supply drawer and pulled out a few more condoms. As I grabbed them, a memory of earlier came back to me. I’d let Snow get a condom from here, and I’d gotten worried about what he might see. But from this angle, it really wasn’t anything that embarrassing. Just a couple vibrators, some lube, and a couple pairs of handcuffs at the front. The handcuffs were the only thing even slightly kinky, but I doubt he was surprised by that. The more embarrassing toys – the fruits of late-night drunk online shopping after porn-watching – were all out of sight in the back of the drawer. I let out a relieved breath. Okay, no need to explain anything there.

“Find what you’re looking for?” came Snow’s voice from behind me. Because of course he’d choose this moment to wake up.

“Erm, yeah,” I said, quickly closing up the drawers. Suspicious? I wasn’t acting suspicious at all. I dropped two of the condoms on the bedside table as I turned around. I looked into Snow’s eyes, hoping I’d be able to quickly change the subject. “I still owe you for dinner,” I said, going with the first thing to come to mind. I glanced down at him and noted that, just like me, he’d never bothered to get under the sheets when he’d fallen asleep. And his cock was already beginning to show signs of excitement as well. My lips curled up in a grin as I held up one of the condoms between my fingers. “Any requests?” I asked, giving him a cocky grin.

Snow was silent for a minute, his expression unreadable. At first, his eyes were locked with mine, but then his eyes drifted downward slowly, taking in every inch of my body. Despite all we’d done earlier, I had to fight the urge to cover myself up. He’d already seen everything by this point; he was just taking another look. So why did I suddenly feel so exposed? It had to be something in the way he was looking at me. There was a certain hunger in his gaze.

At last, Snow’s eyes came up to meet mine again, and he gave me a smile. I couldn’t exactly figure out what was behind that smile, though. This certainly wasn’t fair, considering how easily he seemed to be able to see through me. I still knew almost nothing about this man.

“I can think of a couple things,” Snow said. “One won’t work right now, though. The other might. But I stand by my decision from earlier. I’m not going to let you pay me back with anything sexual.”

I narrowed my gaze at him. He was still giving me nothing. “Fine,” I said. It was time to take things into my own hands. I tore open the condom’s packaging, and I leaned over to take his cock in my hand. Hearing no sign of protest from him, I stroked his cock for a couple moments to make sure it was fully erect, and then slid the condom onto it. Once it was ready, I climbed up onto the bed on top of Snow, straddling him.

I had to admit, I was surprised that Snow was actually Yozgat Escort letting me do this without taking control himself. But I wasn’t going to waste the opportunity. I brought my pussy toward his cock, and I moved by hips to let the tip gently rub against my slit. As I did this, I felt Snow’s hands move up to my hips. I half-expected him to pull me down, but instead he simply rubbed his hands up and down as I gently rubbed against his cock. After a moment, I dropped myself down and back a bit, letting the length of his cock slide against my slit.

Once I was seated in Snow’s lap, I took a moment to look up at his face once more. “Here’s what we’re going to do,” I said, not intending to leave him any room for debate. “I’m going to fuck you, taking whatever pleasure I want from this dick of yours. If you’re lucky, you’ll enjoy it too. And while we fuck, we’re going to talk.” I slowly pushed myself forward, and then back again, grinding against his cock while I gazed into Snow’s eyes. Oh yes, he was going to enjoy this.

“Talk?” Snow said, raising an eyebrow. “Dirty talk, you mean?”

“Nope,” I said. “A conversation. No relationship stuff, though – it’s too easy to lie about that during sex. Anything else is fair game. You answer my questions, and I’ll answer yours. I’m going to learn one thing or another about you.” After a few more moments of grinding against his cock, the warmth within my slit let me know that I was ready for him. I pulled myself back up and reached a hand down to guide his head into my pussy.

I closed my eyes and let out a soft moan as I slowly descended onto Snow’s cock. Damn this felt good. I could feel my cunt being pushed open inch by inch, slowly filling me up. As I moved down, Snow’s hands slid upward, moving toward my breasts. He cupped a breast in each of his hands and gently squeezed in on them. Mm… good boy. I brought my hands to his, holding them against my breasts to make sure he knew to keep them there. With a bit more wiggling of my hips, I felt his cock bottom out in my pussy.

For a minute, I simply let myself enjoy our position. It had been far too long since I’d been this intimate with a man. Feeling us joined together like this was pure bliss. I gently began to rock my hips, simply so I could feel more of his cock inside of me. I pulled his hands in to my breasts a bit more, hoping he’d take the hint and start massaging them.

As Snow’s hands began to work on my breasts, I let me hands drop down. I placed them on his chest, leaning forward slightly as I opened my eyes. “Time to talk, Snow. First question: What we did earlier. Rough, you dominating me like that. Did you like it? Love it? Or do it just for me?” I felt Snow’s cock twitch within my cunt. I think I had my answer right there. It wasn’t going to be easy for him to lie to me while we were doing this. Finally, I was going to be able to get something out of him.

“I did it for both of us,” Snow said, his eyes meeting mine. For the first time, I felt like I was able to actually see into them a little. “I love having a woman like you at my mercy, but especially when you enjoy it as much as you did.” My lips curled up as I heard this. That was one thing I knew about him now. “My question,” Snow continued, his hands gently squeezing in on my breasts. “If I wanted to get even rougher with you, or even kinkier, do you think you could take it? And do you think you’d enjoy it?”

I let out a brief chuckle. I pulled my hips slowly up, and then pushed back down on his cock. “You saw the handcuffs, I’m sure. So you know part of that. That’s certainly fun, but you’ll need to work to get me restrained. Beyond that… Well, I haven’t tried much rougher yet. I might enjoy it, but no promises. You’ve probably noticed I like to resist, so don’t worry about any protests from me unless I use my safeword – which, by the way, you’d damn well better respect if I need to use it.” I brought my fingers to his nipple and gave it a quick pinch. He’d probably be fine, but I was serious about this point. “If I can’t trust you, it’s over. No second chances.”

Snow nodded slowly. “Understood.” His hand slowly moved down, his fingers coming to my own nipple. I tensed up, expecting him to pinch it in turn, but no pinch was forthcoming. Snow quickly let out a chuckle. “Well, it doesn’t exactly work as revenge if you want me to do it, now does it?”

I scoffed at this. “No revenge, either. You don’t like something, you can damn well tell me and I’ll stop. Now pinch my fucking nip- ahh…” There it was. I threw my head back and let out a moan as Snow’s fingers pinched in firmly on my nipple.

I could feel a blush coming to my cheeks from this reaction, but I didn’t care right now. It hurt, but that was a damn good pain. I idly rubbed Snow’s nipple Yozgat Escort Bayan with my fingers, as a silent apology for the pinch. Alright, that wasn’t his thing. Good to know.

After a moment, the pinch lessened, and I looked down at Snow again. My turn for another question. “Now, you mentioned two things you might like to do earlier. What are they? I might just do one or both of them if I know what they are.” As I spoke, I began to slowly pull my hips up and down, focusing on the feeling of Snow’s cock fill me up with each push of my hips.

Snow’s hands began to work a bit harder on my breasts now. He was leaving my nipples alone for the time being, but he periodically squeezed in with a firm grip and rolled the flesh within his hands. “Well, for the first,” Snow said. “I love a good striptease. Of course, that doesn’t exactly work right now, now does it?”

I let out a chuckle at this. That wasn’t exactly a request I was expecting to hear from a man while I was bare-ass naked and fucking him. “Oh really? Haven’t you already seen everything?” I said, an eyebrow raised.

Snow shook his head. “Even so, it’s all in the reveal. But I don’t think most kinks hold up to logic if you think about them too much.”

My chuckle turned into a laugh at this. “Alright, that’s certainly true. Well, I’ll keep that in mind, then. Maybe you’ll be lucky some day. Now, what about the other?” I slid my hands down to Snow’s sides now, stroking up and down as I looked into his face, waiting for a reply. It was a bit slow to come, though. “Come on. I’m asking. As long as it’s not illegal and not any no-safe-word stuff, I won’t get mad or offended.”

Snow’s expression was still inscrutable, but I felt him pinch in firmly on my nipples and pull me down toward him. Well, if that’s what it takes. I smiled as I leaned down, and he brought his lips up to mine, planting a quick kiss on them. He worked his way over to my ear with a series of kisses, and his hands moved around behind me, coming to cup my ass.

“I want,” Snow said, his voice becoming rough, “to dominate you completely, utterly. Fuck you hard, just like before. And then, to top it all off, to drive home just how much you’re my bitch at that moment…” Snow squeezed his hands in firmly on my ass. His voice was slowly getting more and more dominant as he spoke, and I found myself nearly shivering from anticipation. I let out a soft moan, encouraging him to go on, as I wondered what he had in mind. “I’ll finish off by fucking you deep in your ass,” Snow said, his hands squeezing in almost painfully hard on my ass now. “And I’ll make you scream with a deep, raw orgasm as I take you.”

My mind seemed to go blank as he said this. I felt a rush of fear, but the idea also sounded damn hot. And possibly painful. But maybe a good pain. Or maybe not. I tried to regain control of my thoughts as I pulled back from him. I sat back up and went straight back to fucking his cock. I could feel a rush of blood coming to my cheeks as images flashed through my mind. “Um…” I tried to reply. “I… that is… I’m not saying no! I just…”

“Never done it before?” Snow said. I looked down at him, and I let out a breath as I saw that he’d let go of the fiercely dominant persona he’d assumed just moments ago. “Well, I won’t force you. Without a safe word, at least.” Snow gave me a small smile as he said this.

“Mm… alright,” I said. I lifted my hips up again, and I picked up the pace now as I dropped back down, trying to focus on the moment right now. In particular, I was desperately trying not to think of the unused butt-plug I’d stuffed at the back of my drawer of toys. Somehow that had seemed like a good idea after I’d been watching a particularly hot porn scene which ended in anal, but I’d never gotten up the courage to try it out. If things progressed with Snow though, it would probably be best to give it a try before taking on the real thing.

“-lie… Nathalie!” Snow said, his voice snapping me out of my thoughts.

I shook my head. “Wha- sorry. Um, focusing on your cock right now,” I said. It was at least partly true. His cock did feel damn good right now. I shifted my hips around a bit, feeling as it pushed against all my walls. I leaned back a bit to let it push against my front wall as I fucked him, and I closed my eyes to focus on the pleasure.

“My turn for a question,” Snow said. I let out a bit of a moan as he drew me out of my thoughts, but that was only fair. “What about you? Any deep fantasy you might like to try out?”

“Mmm…” I kept my eyes closed as I thought. The feeling of his cock sliding in and out of me made it hard to think, but perhaps that was for the best. I wouldn’t be able to come up with any lies this way. That was the point of all this, after all. “Slow Escort Yozgat and romantic is nice, but only in an actual relationship. Only if there’s real romance to earn it. Otherwise… I dunno… two guys at once? Mm, not ready for that though…” It took my mind a moment to realize what I’d just said, but by that point it was too late. “What you could do, though…? Fuck… like earlier… you’re gonna have to earn it, big boy. And then take me hard, tie me up, spank me hard, make me your… haa… oh fuck…” I trailed off as a wave of pleasure overtook my mind and I lost my train of thought. I wasn’t going to be able to last much longer here.

“Earn it, you say?” Snow said. His hands found my breasts once more, and he squeezed in hard on them. “Then here’s what we’re going to do. Try to make me come. If I come first, you’re safe. If you come first, you’re mine.” Snow’s fingers moved in to pinch both of my nipples hard. Even if I’d wanted to, I wouldn’t have been able to protest right then. That felt too damn good.

“Ugh… ahh…” I let out a moan. Damn it. This wasn’t fair; I’d already pushed myself too close. Damn him. I wasn’t going to make this easy for him, at least. And it was going to be fair. “Urgh, no. You come first, you’re mine,” I said, trying to regain some semblance of coherent thought. I forced my eyes open and looked down at him. I was in a good position for this, at least. My eyes locked with his, and I began pounding my hips hard against him. I squeezed in on his cock within my cunt, trying to milk it for all it was worth.

Snow met my gaze with a cocky grin. He left one hand on my breast, while the other moved down to my cunt. He turned his hand over and slid his fingers into my slit, digging around for my clit. Oh damn… I wasn’t going to last long if he found it. I picked up my pace, hoping that I’d be able to get him off quickly, and perhaps dislodge his fingers while I was at it. Unfortunately, as I pushed down on him, this simply resulted in pushing my clit into his fingers, and I let out a yelp as a sharp wave of pleasure shot through my cunt.

Snow capitalized on this moment, and he pushed his fingers up firmly into my clit. “Ugh… no… damn you…” I said, trying to resist him. Snow did seem to hesitate for a moment, but he soon resumed. I hadn’t used my safe word after all, so he was in the clear. That didn’t mean he was playing fair, though. “Fuck… no, fuck… fuck!” I cried out as he fingers rapidly stroked at my clit. Damn it. I couldn’t… I couldn’t… “Yes… right there… Ahhh!”

I let out a deep scream as Snow tore out an orgasm from my cunt. All of my resistance only seemed to have pushed me closer to the peak. My body lit on fire as waves of pleasure washed over me. I kept moving my hips, trying to squeeze out more and more pleasure from Snow’s cock and prolong my orgasm. At last, my body had had all it could take, and I nearly collapsed down on top of Snow. I whimpered a bit as I felt him begin to move his hips, continuing to push his cock in and out of me, until at last he came as well.

Damn it. I wasn’t even close to winning. “Ugh… fucking cheater…” I muttered as I felt his cock finally stop moving inside of me. I leaned in and rested my head against his shoulder, trying to take a moment to recover.

“Mm… A cheater, am I? And how did I cheat?” Snow said. He leaned in to plant a quick kiss on my cheek. Damn him. That was too sweet a gesture. He was going to make me melt here.

“You waited till I was too close to cumming when you challenged me,” I said, though I found myself smiling as I said this. “No way I could win.”

“I didn’t hear you complain when I made my challenge,” Snow said. “In fact, I remember you proposing your own deal. But when you lose, now I’m a cheater? No, I don’t think that’ll fly.” Snow’s hands moved around to my ass, and he gave it a pinch and a bit of a squeeze.

“Haa… fine, you win,” I said. He had a point I felt a rush of warmth come to my chest again. I had practically asked for this, after all. “Just, um, let me rest a bit first. Plenty of time…” I took a few deep breaths, trying to steady myself now. Once I felt capable, I pulled myself off of his cock and rolled over onto my side beside him. After a few moments to catch my breath, I looked up at his face. “Tell you what, Snow. You can stay the night as thanks for dinner,” I said. I brought up my hand and poked my finger against his chest. “But if you don’t take advantage of the time, I will. Got it?”

Snow rolled over onto his side as well, and he caught my gaze. He brought a hand up to my chin, and he held it gently as he leaned in to capture my lips in another kiss. His lips moved slowly against mine, and I found myself melting into the bed from this display of affection. I let out a soft whimper. Damn it, Snow… It just wasn’t fair that he could do this to me. Eventually, Snow pulled back, and I let out a sigh.

“Got it,” Snow said. I felt his weight shift on the bed as he rolled away from me, and I felt a flutter in my chest as I wondered what was coming next.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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