Snowy Cabin by the Lake

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Big Tits

You write me an email message and tell me to meet you at the cabin by the lake. It hardly ever snows at the cabin but today the snow is falling steadily. You arrive before me and fill a tub. I arrive later and use my key to slip in very quietly. I shake the flakes off of my coat then pad silently over to the bathroom. I see a soft yellow light and can hear small rhythmic splashing noises coming from within. I have an idea about what you are doing so I peek through the crack in the door and see you reclining in the tub. The room is filled with dozens of candles creating a soft sensual light. You look very sexy lying there with your hard nipples piercing the soapy surface. I know you have a warm wet wanting body hiding below the bubbles. I see that your head is back and your breathing is quick. Your arm is moving rhythmically and I now I am sure that you are touching yourself between your legs. I enjoy the show and I have to think long and hard about whether I should enter the bathroom at all. Part of me wants to see what you look like when you give yourself an orgasm. I know it will be very sexy.

I open the door, smile and say, “You look beautiful there in the tub Baby”. Your eyes flash as you use your finger to motion me closer. I over obey and move over by the tub. You lift up out of the water, lean out and grasp my erect penis through the front of my pants. I watch small drops of water form on your nipples and fall sweetly to the floor. You can feel the thickness of my organ even through my jeans and decide that you want it inside your pussy. I was erect and even dripping pre-cum while I was watching you from the door. I touch your wet hair, I feel that wonderful tug and hear the zip of you opening my pants. My dick pushes out but is still encased in my boxer shorts so you have to stretch the elastic out over my swollen helmet. You pull me by the cock close and kiss the slippery head. I enjoy the sensation of the tip of your tongue flicking and licking the sensitive spot just below the front of the head.

You hold it in your hand and stroke your thumb over the smooth circumcised surface while you tongue plays. I stand next to the tub with one knee up on the edge . I close my eyes expecting you to engulf my member with your wet hot mouth but you don’t do that. Instead you push my cock up against my tummy and lick it from top to bottom. You then lick back up to the top wetting the outer side of my turgid shaft. Once at the bottom you take first one testicle in your mouth and then the other. You suck gently on my ball. You stop for a moment and look up at me and smile a sweet smile. You know that what you are doing feels wonderful and that sometime tonight I will have my face buried between your legs. You know I love how you taste. You take my other ball in your mouth. I can feel your hard teeth and your active tongue moving all over it. Your warm soft hand is gripping my dick and just moving it up and down slowly. You keep me on a slow burn.

I reach down to fondle your breast. It feels slippery, very soft and warm. I can feel the hard nipple and take it between my fingers to pull and twist a little. It hangs down as you lean toward my erection. I even lean way down to reach your pussy and pendik escort feel your fingers still inside working slowly in and out. I search for your expanded clitoris and find it. As my fingers slip down each side I feel your wet talented mouth cover the head of my dick. “Oh God Baby” I moan. You swirl your tongue all over the head but don’t let it slide inside. You kiss it and lick the sensitive spot just below the opening. You know how to extend the pleasure. I fondle your clit with my fingers and even push one into the opening to your vagina along with your own fingers. It is a tight fit but we manage to fuck your pussy together with our fingers. It is very exciting to have both of us giving you pleasure together and your tongue feels wonderful on my penis. You decide that you want my cock deep in your mouth. You want to feel its girth fill your mouth and push against the back. You lean out of the tub and push your mouth down on my dick. It spreads your lips and I can feel your teeth against my hard sensitive skin. I rub your clit quickly while you slowly move your mouth up and down the whole length of me. You bend my cock down so you can bob your head forward and back in concert with our fingers as they move in and out of your pussy. I love this but I want more so I pull away and slip into the warm water with you.

The warm soapy liquid complete with your sweet young body is totally sensual. I love your curvaceous body. I rub up against you feeling your lovely breasts, your soft belly and your sensual legs. My hard cock rubs against your thighs as I slip between your legs. I kiss you and can taste my cock on your mouth. It is extremely erotic and exciting to know my cock was deep inside your mouth just moments ago. I push my tongue between your wet lips and can really taste my cock and my pre-cum. I grasp your succulent breast with my hands as we kiss. They are soft and feel especially nice in the tub. I caress them and gently pinch your nipples.

They are firm yet slippery. I move up a little and press my cock against your labia so it slips up and rides over your clit. I move my body up and down. It is so good to feel your swollen vulva rub against the underside of my penis. I reach behind your back to lift you so that your breasts come out of the soapy water. I bend down to lick and kiss them. I take one in my mouth swirling my tongue all over the end. I nuzzle it with my face. I rub all over it as my dick strokes up and down your pussy and swollen clit. I then lift you up out of the water and sit down myself. I guide you down so your legs are on both sides of my thick hard body. I want to feel your breasts against my chest and I want to enter you with my cock. You lower yourself down onto my dick and slip easily onto me. We don’t move we just enjoy the connection. I love the feel of your pussy as you sit on top of me.

I can feel the wet smooth tissue as it covers my prick and I hesitate to move because I just want to kiss you and touch your breasts. I take your face in my hands and kiss you. I open my mouth and connect with you. Our tongues touch and dance together. My hands caress your soapy face as we kiss. I love the feel of your legs as they grip me. I love being connected. maltepe escort I wrap my arms around you pulling you close. I rub my chest against your chest and just enjoy being inside of you. Every once in a while my dick pulses and you squeeze my penis with the muscles of your vagina. I silently ponder the possibility that you might be able to make me cum with those muscles without me actually thrusting in and out of you.

I push my hand down between us to feel our union. It feels sexy. You begin to bounce up and down on my turgid member. You feel very good up on top of me but I notice that your body is covered with goose bumps and that the water is cooling. “Come with me honey. Let’s get under the quilt on the bed”, I suggest. You respond by getting out of the tub. I grab a big towel and dry you off. I especially enjoy drying your tits and your ass. They are sweet. You dry me off and tease me about my erection by saying “Is it hard to dry me off?” The cabin is warm but we still hurry to the big four poster bed. We hop under the covers and move together. I kiss your neck , your chin, your lips and down toward your breasts. I sprinkle your clean naked chest with little kisses. I finally work my way to your breasts and kiss them. I concentrate on your nipples swirling my tongue all over them. I trap one with my teeth biting and sucking at the same time.

I kiss my way down toward the curve just above your hips. My hands run over your ass and down into the crack finding your pussy. It is swollen and wet. I push your legs apart and spread your pussy open with my fingers. I dip my tongue into your opening. It is clean and has that wonderful womanly musky flavor. It turns me on. I put my middle finger into your pussy and curve it up to rub your “G” spot while using my tongue on your clit. I thrust and rub inside of you with my finger and lick and flick your sensitive nub with my tongue. I move around and position myself between your legs. My hands reach up to your breasts and I push my face against your sexual organs. We are angled across the bed so my feet stay under the covers. I grasp your breasts and lick rapidly up and down your clit sometimes changing to a side to side motion. You moan and begin to buck up against me. Just when I think you are about to explode I leave your clitoris and lick down to your pussy. I thrust in and out with my tongue and even lick down to your anal opening for a quick touch since you are very clean.

When I have you on the brink of orgasm I stop and get up beside you. I lift your legs and move my body underneath your thighs. I slip my cock inside of your pussy and wrap my arm under your leg to touch your clitoris. I stroke your clit up and down as I thrust my dick in and out of you. I pace my strokes of your clit to match my arousal level. I want us to explode at the same exact moment. I rub your clit in tight circles with the tip of my finger and slow my pumping a little bit. In a few minutes I can tell you are nearing your orgasm so I make a few rapid thrusts with my cock and climax just as you are cumming yourself. I arch and pulse deep into your pussy. Your lower body almost lifts off the bed you orgasm with such force. We cum and cum together. We kartal escort snuggle together, kissing and telling each other what wonderful lovers we are. The cabin is really beginning to get hot so we throw off the blankets. “What are we going to do next” you ask as you gently stroke my cock to see if you can make it hard again.

I don’t’ say anything I just slip off the bed and go get a chair. I pull the chair so it is directly under a beam. I notice that you have rolled onto your tummy and have your chin resting in your hands. Your elbows are on the bed and you are watching me intently. I enjoy the view of your bare bottom. I go to the closet and take out a mess of ropes and leather. At first you think I am going to put you into bondage but then see me step up onto the chair. It is then that you notice the two rings bolted to the beam of the cabin. They are about three feet apart. I use a snap to attach one rope to the eyebolt. I have to untangle the mess of the contraption but I manage. I find the other snap on the end of the other rope and attach that to the opposite bolt. Now you realize that I have attached a leather swing to the beam for our enjoyment.

I go to the bed, take your hand and lead you to the swing. I help you get up on the chair and then slide into the leather device. There are two sides that go around your thighs leaving your pussy held open and exposed. The rear leaves your bottom exposed but still supports your back. You are surprised to find that it is comfortable. I move the chair away and swing you over for a kiss. You can still taste your womanly flavors on my mouth. I can feel the leather against my legs with your soft wet pussy pressing against my flaccid cock. I lean down to take you breast in my mouth again. They taste salty and sexy. I bite your nipples. My hand trails down to your pussy, which I open with my fingers. My cock is still soft but I hold it in my hand and push it inside of you anyway. The sensations are different but very enjoyable nonetheless. It is still wet and hot inside so I just keep it there while we kiss. Soon I begin to firm up enough to move back and forth and not be squeezed out of your pussy. When I finally became totally hard I began to swing you back and forth. It is amazingly sexy to have you supported and held at the exact right height for me to fuck you with each swing. You feel almost weightless as I let you swing forward until my cock slips inside all the way then swing back freeing my cock again. Back and forth you swing each time sheathing me to the hilt with your wet swollen vagina. I then hold your legs and swing you back and forth quickly so I can fuck my cock in and out of you with wild abandon.

I feel your pussy squeeze my cock and after a long time I feel the approach of my explosion. I swing you rapidly a couple more times and then hold tight and cum deep inside of your pussy. I release all of my sperm inside of you over and over. I am surprised at the amount since I had an orgasm just a little while ago but he excitement of using the swing really turned me on and so I produced lots of juices. Just as my orgasm almost finishes I feel you hold me tight and shudder then arch and call out my name over and over. You contract and contract as you have another wild orgasm. “Did you like the swing too?” I whisper. You smile and kiss me. “I have another attachment for this swing honey and I am going to use it next time we cum out here” I tell you. “What is it like? You ask.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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