Social Isolation – Impulsive 02

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As comfortable as I was sitting there with Kate, I had to get up and start the engine before we drifted into shallow water. I gave Kate a final squeeze and she climbed off my lap. Grabbing my shorts, I pulled them on before I stood up-we were pretty close to shore, and I could see other boats moving around out in the channel.

“Suddenly modest, are we?” Kate laughed from the bow.

“Suddenly back in the public eye!” I responded.

“Does that mean the ride is over?” she asked with an exaggerated pout.

I glanced at my watch and did some mental calculations of family, time, and tide.

“Nope. It just means we’re going to drift into someone’s front yard if we don’t get out of here!”

“Well let’s not do that-they might be elderly and have a heart attack, and then I’d have to live with THAT on my conscience forever!”

“Right. Let’s be safe and head out to sea. I’ve got another 2 hours before I have to be home.”

Her expression changed slightly at the mention of my home, but the moment passed and as usual, she decided to roll with the opportunity.

“Can I stay right here and work on my tan, Skipper?” she asked coyly, laying back on the cushions and propping herself on her elbows.

My eyes traveled from her dark red toenails up to the swell of her calves, then slid down the slope of her thighs. Standing above her, I could see the well-groomed patch of hair covering her mound, the flat planes of her belly, and the soft upward swell of her breasts, each one capped by a darker tan nipple that still held the tightness of her earlier arousal. When I finally made it to her face, I saw her watching me as I drank in her body. She extended one foot and stroked it gently against my calf.

“Hello?” she asked playfully.

“You can stay there for as long as you want as long as you stay all beautiful and naked!” I told her emphatically. “I’ll try not to crash the boat.”

“You do that,” she said with a smile. “I’ll lay here and be lonely and beautiful, and you take us somewhere far away from other people so I can show you how much I appreciate the boat ride!”

“That may be the second best offer I’ve had all day!” I said, smiling back at her as I turned and stepped behind the console.

The engine started right up, and with a quick look around I turned us out to sea again. Kate lay back and covered her eyes with her forearms to keep the glare down. I spent the next five minutes looking at the water for a moment and then her body for a lot of moments. Although I wasn’t going fast, the bow skipped a little bit as it parted the waves and her breasts jiggled delightfully with each bounce.

I wish I could say I spent that time reflecting on my situation or regretting anything, but I would be lying. I stared at her body and controlled my impatience to join her on the cushions again. My only thought for the future lay in finding out what she meant by showing me how much she appreciated the boat ride! My mind slipped over a dozen possibilities.

We were much farther away from shore when Kate uncovered her eyes. She rolled over onto her stomach and pushed up onto her elbows. This allowed her to see over the bow and get a sense of where we were headed. It also allowed me a chance to admire the lean muscles of her legs as they blended into the amazing curves of her firm, tanned ass. Even better, her legs were parted slightly and I could see the shadowy line of her pussy hiding there, beckoning me forward. Above that, the small of her back arched down and then rose in long, sensuous lines of muscle to her shoulders-not bulky and unfeminine, but lithe and sexy in a very healthy way. God how I wanted to stop the engine and jump on her!

Turning on one elbow, Kate looked back over her shoulder.

“How much further?” she called.

“Five minutes?” I told her.

“Would you get down here quicker if you were going faster?” she asked with a smile.

“Hell, yes!” I told her, pushing the throttle firmly forward.

Caught off balance for a second, Kate wobbled on her elbow and then righted herself. She resumed facing forward, but this time the wind fluttered her hair and the bouncing was more pronounced. Every time the bow smacked down into the trough of a wave, her ass tightened alluringly and the graceful muscles of her legs, arms, and back flex beneath her golden skin.

Looking around carefully, I saw from the bell buoy up ahead that we were near the first deepwater channel. The tide was going one way and the wind was from the other, so I guessed we’d stay pretty still on the surface. Good-I didn’t want to throw out the anchor because that would make the rocking a lot more pronounced. One more look told me that there were no boats for a long way in either direction. With a grin, I cut the engine and stepped around the console. The boat kept going for a little bit, bouncing more and more slowly.

In the sudden silence, Kate turned onto her side to look back at me. One leg curled up into a sultry pose, and I smiled appreciatively at the sudden pendik escort tableau of curved hip, rounded breast, and impish smile that waited for me on the cushions.

“Hey sailor!” she said her best vampy voice. “Come here often?”

“Every chance I get!” I said eagerly.

“Well come sit, then!” she said, curling herself up onto her knees.

She was irresistible in that pose, and I didn’t even try. I took two steps toward her and she reached down, picked up a cushion, and threw it on the bench to her right. Then she reached again and took my hand, pulling me close in front of her.

“Now that we’re all alone,” she said, smiling up at me, “there are no old people we need to worry about, right?”

I nodded, my mouth suddenly dry. Her fingers rose to my waistband and tugged my shorts swiftly down to my ankles again, freeing my semi-erect cock in front of her face. I lifted one foot and then the other at her silent urging and kicked the shorts aside. My hands were on her shoulders for balance, and I looked down at her in anticipation as she leaned forward. Her palms slid up my thighs just as she opened her mouth and took me in, her tongue slithering along the underside as she sucked gently. I closed my eyes in bliss and let what she was doing take me.

Without letting me out of her mouth, Kate leaned back, tugging my cock straight out. Her suction increased to hold me there, and when she leaned forward, I could feel my cock swelling. Her palms slid up a little more and suddenly her thumbs were at the base of my cock, holding me firmly as she began to slide her lips back and forth. As I grew stiffer, she only took half my shaft with each bob of her head, flicking her tongue out when she was at the bottom of her stroke to tickle what she couldn’t inhale. At the top of each rising motion, she sucked extra hard and flicked the tip of her tongue along the notch of my crown. God, she was amazing!

I was still holding her shoulders as she lavished her oral attention on me, and I could feel myself swaying with a combination of pleasure and giddiness. Kate felt it, too, and took action. Pulling off me with a pop, she used her palms to push me toward the cushioned bench. I sank down gratefully and spread my knees. Kate scooted her cushion to the base of the seat and adjusted herself to kneel in front of me. Her thumbs took their place again at the bottom of my shaft and her eyes gleamed as she looked briefly up at me. She bit her lip and looked at me lustfully.

“I think you’re gonna like this!” she said smugly.

“I have no doubt!” I assured her, leaning back against the railing.

Like a proud artisan, Kate went back to work on me. Her head moved up and down again, twisting wickedly from side to side as she caressed my shaft with her lips and tongue. Every millimeter of my cock was getting tweaked at the same time, and my eyes closed again. Then, to change things up, she laced her fingers together and stroked the full, throbbing length of my shaft from base to crown, using her cupped palms to replace her mouth at the top. The sensation was totally new to me and totally overwhelming! I opened my eyes and watched in rapture as she toyed with me.

Very quickly, Kate’s hands had me starting to thrust upward, yearning for completion. When she felt that, though, she stopped and squeezed the base tightly, not stroking me at all, just containing the wave of sensation. My cock gave one throb and a jolt of clear, slippery precum leaked from the top. Looking directly into my eyes, she licked up the underside of my cock, gathering every drop, and then swirled her tongue around to clean me off completely.

“You’re not done yet!” she said chidingly, running her thumbs down over my aching balls.

“Such a bully!” I said, smiling and shaking my head.

“That’s me,” she agreed with a grin, “heartless and mean as a snake.”

Before I could say anything else, she resumed her torment. This time, though, she used her forefingers, to hold my cock at a steep downward angle, pulling it tightly toward herself. She sucked the head meditatively into her mouth, then took me in until I felt my cock bump the back of her throat. After a couple of strokes like that, I heard her take a deep breath. When she went back down, she hesitated only a moment when I touched her tonsils and then lunged forward, swallowing to get me past the ring of her throat. I gasped when I felt the sudden rigid grip of her esophagus replace the clinging heat of her mouth. Kate let me stay there just long enough for her to swipe with her tongue across the very bottom of my cock before pulling back up. When I was back in her mouth, she took another deep breath through her nose and resumed sucking, taking me only as far as was comfortable for a few strokes.

Looking down, I saw her eyes were watering.

“Kate…” I said softly, “you don’t have to…” My voice trailed off.

She popped off my cock for a moment, her face determined.

“I got this!” she said firmly. “It’s just been a while.”

WIth maltepe escort a quick flash of a smile, she was back at it. My cock filled her mouth, and after a deep breath through her nose, Kate pushed herself down firmly. Once again, I felt the ridges deep inside her squeezing my cockhead, the tight ring of her throat clasping my shaft. Settling herself momentarily, she tilted her head up a little bit and pushed forward another inch, her nose burying itself against my lower abdomen. Then she rocked back and forth that last inch a few times before pulling back to breath.

“There!” she gasped between inhalations. “Now it’s coming back to me!”

I took a deep breath myself as she resumed her ministrations. A dozen up-and-downs, a pause, and then a lunge forward to deep throat me, coupled with that incredible last inch. After a few repetitions, I knew that I couldn’t last.

Kate must have felt my cock swelling as well because she paused and stroked me with just one hand, looking up at me with a sly smile.

“Getting ready to pop, there, mister?” she asked in a bored, sarcastic tone.

“Damn right!” I growled back.

“Well don’t hold back on my account!” she said in a friendlier tone, her smile returning.

“I wouldn’t do that even if I could…you’re amazing!” I told her, smiling back.

“Flattery!” she muttered, still smiling, as she bowed her head again.

This time she was all business. One hand cupped my balls, tugging them gently. The other groped the spit-slick shaft of my cock and stroked me firmly, her thumb milking the ridged channel on the underside. Her mouth exerted constant suction, pulling me in and then easing back, her hand following her lips up and down. In short order, I was a goner!

When I felt the final tension building, I began to thrust my hips involuntarily. Kate knew full well what that meant and she responded like a pro, tightening her grip and speeding up her motion. Within seconds, the dam inside me burst. Kate held the head of my cock in her mouth and sucked voraciously, rubbing her thumb up and down my shaft in time with my throbbing orgasm. Each jolt of sperm vanished into her mouth and was quickly swallowed, her tongue maintaining its vacuum perfectly throughout. When my spasms diminished, she kept sucking and stroking, teasing every last drop out of my sensitive crown. Only when my cock began to deflate did she release her lips from me.

On her knees in front of me, she held my cock almost tenderly and smiled proudly at my exhaustion grin. My eyes closed against the bright sunshine as it beat down on my body, and I slumped back against the railing, heedless of the discomfort.

“Do you ever swim out here?” she asked quietly, almost reluctant to disturb my reverie.

I opened my eyes and saw her grey gaze beneath inquisitively raised eyebrows.

“All the time,” I told her. “I just have to be careful not to let the boat drift away from me!”

“Yeah…that would be a problem!” she agreed.

“Do you want to swim?” I asked her. “I sure could use a cool-off.”

“You?” she asked incredulously. “I was the one doing all the work!”

“And you exhausted me!” I grinned back.

“Fine. We both need a swim. How do we do that without losing the boat?”

“Figure out which way we’re drifting and stay downwind of it,” I told her. “Or hold on.”

She looked around, watching our progress across the surface. There were little clues everywhere-the buoy south of us, the direction of the wind and waves, and the passing of flotsam and seaweed just below the surface. She took those things in and then pointed.

“That side, right?”

“Absolutely,” I told her. “You pass.” I was oddly pleased that she had figured it out.

Without further ado, Kate stood up. She paused momentarily to stretch her arms up over her head and then bent forward, her hair brushing my knees briefly, to loosen up her legs after the time she spent so well kneeling. Then her mischievous smile returned and she stepped up on the seat beside me, her hand using my shoulder for balance. I turned to look up at her limber, golden body, but before I could catch more than a glimpse of her there, she leaned forward and dived neatly into the blue-green water. She made barely a splash, and I turned around to watch her come up. After a few seconds of kicking feet and a rush of bubbles, her head broke the surface and her hands came up to slick back her hair. Her breasts looked amazing just below the surface and as she cleared the water from her eyes, she smiled up at my leering eyes.

“You just going to stare at me, or are you going to bring your naked self in here?”

“Oh, I’m coming!” I assured her. “I usually put the swim ladder down first, though, so I don’t have to haul myself over the side like a giant fish!”

She laughed, treading water easily. “That sounds like a good idea,” she admitted.

A twist of the ratchet, a quick lift, and then the ladder splashed into place at the stern. Not wanting to be outdone, kartal escort I held the bimini brace and stepped up onto the railing, balancing my nude frame three feet above the surface. Mindful of my form, I pushed off into a racing dive and knifed into the water, the boat scudding backward a few feet from my takeoff. When I surfaced, I pushed my hair out of my eyes as well and swam a few strokes back toward where Kate was treading water.

“Hi,” she said as she wrapped her arms around my neck.

“Hi yourself,” I said softly, pulling her in for a kiss.

Our knees bumped occasionally as we kept ourselves afloat, but the combination of a warm, soft body in my arms, the cool water surrounding us, and the perpetual thrill of being naked in the deep waters offshore was totally worthwhile. She was a perfect partner-she didn’t cling, and her kiss was a revelation of passion and softness. Her nipples were hard again from the water and they grazed my chest enticingly. Kicking only with my legs, I moved my hands to her waist and then stroked her wherever I could reach from there. Her belly, her gently pumping thighs, her back, and even her ass became targets of opportunity.

As the boat caught up, its shadow loomed over us. I reached up and caught the gunwale with one hand and held us in place so that we drifted along with the boat. Free of the need to tread water, Kate continued to hold me around my neck but wrapped her legs around my waist as well. The stretch was a little much, though, as my arm took our combined weight, so I slid my hand along until we reached the stern, then grabbed the side of the swim ladder. This brought us back into the sun and also let me hold on without the awkward extension above me. I nudged Kate back against the ladder and her thighs bumped a submerged rung.

With her body twined about me and held in place, Kate smiled and leaned forward to kiss me. I responded eagerly, savoring the salty tang of her lips against mine. She pressed her body into me, crushing her breasts against the muscles of my chest. Her legs squeezed me close as well, and even under the water, I could feel the heat of her pussy as it lay against my abdomen. Further down, my cock was hardening in the cool water.

After a few minutes, we had to break our kiss and catch our breath. Kate kept her face close to mine, smiling gently into my eyes and occasionally laying soft kisses on my cheeks, lips, and neck. I did the same for her, enjoying the closeness.

In the back of my mind, though, two thoughts vied for attention. I wanted more of her, and I knew our time together couldn’t last. That goaded me into action when I would rather have stayed like that all day.

“Hey,” I whispered into her ear, “move up so you’re sitting on the top step.”

Kate lowered one arm, felt behind her until she found the swim platform, and then scooted herself back and up, resting her sweet little butt on its surface. The platform was designed to ride just above the water line, so this had the effect of taking her out of the water except her lower legs-perfect for what I had in mind! As she rose up, I stayed in place holding onto the ladder side and I wound up treading water between her thighs, my face level with her belly button. I switched my grip to her knees and let my body float free, looking up into her gray eyes.

“Oh, hi!” she said, smiling down at me.

“Oh, hi!” I answered.

With a slight kick, I moved forward an inch or two. I turned my head and planted a kiss midway up her thigh, then turned the other way and did the same.

“What are you doing down there?” she asked playfully.

“Just checking,” I said in what I hoped was a mysterious voice.

“Checking what?” she asked seriously.

“Whether you need more salt!” I told her with a grin, licking her inner thigh and smacking my lips. “And the answer is no-you taste just right!”

Her hands came down to hold either side of my head and she looked deeply into my eyes.

“Are you sure?” she said with an arch to her eyebrows. “You might want to check again!”

“If you say so…” I replied reluctantly, trying not to smile.

My hands switched to her thighs and I pulled myself closer. I planted a kiss on her belly button, then licked a broad stripe just below it.

“Hmm…” I said softly, “not bad.”

She giggled.

My next taste was accomplished by trailing my tongue across her mound, using just the tip to dart through the damp mat of her pubic hair.

“Better,” I admitted with a tilt of my head.

When I lowered myself even more, Kate widened her legs accommodatingly. My tongue was only an inch or two above the water’s surface when I made contact with the soft, pale skin beneath her pussy. She gasped somewhere above me, and I took that as a good sign, broadening my tongue and giving her a long, slow lap from bottom to top, slipping my tongue between her lips, skating across her opening, and carefully passing over her hooded clit before I was done. Then I looked up.

“Just perfect!” I pronounced officiously. Again, I was rewarded with a giggle.

“I’m SO glad you approve!” she chimed in sarcastically, “but I don’t think you were very thorough, she added, her tone shifting like she was talking to a negligent employee.

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