Something for the Weekend

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Jaquie is a fairly ordinary looking woman a reasonable figure in a bed sitter I would have called him a friend, not a “boyfriend” although I wouldn’t have refused him. Joe lived not far from my parents, a bit older than me and a bit of a “square” but he was alright.

It became quite a regular event for me to get a lift from him when I wanted to visit my parents. He would collect me from my flat and drop me at my parent’s door. That saved me the cost and annoyance of public transport.

We became quite good friends and our conversations were quite saucy at times, but he was a real gentleman. Of course he knew of my reputation and he knew I was supposed to have loose elastic in my knickers, and had he tried I would have welcomed him into my bed, but he made no attempt.

Things changed in a way I could never have guessed one summer Thursday afternoon.

Wednesday, I was busy at work when Joe passed my position.

“Joe, Ok for a lift home on Friday?” I asked.

Joe stopped.

“‘fraid not, I am away on Thursday, and not back for a few days. A problem at the dentists. You know you are always welcome otherwise.”

“Ok,” I whispered, “how about Thursday?”

“No problem, provided you don’t mind the wait at the dentists. I am working Thursday morning, so I would collect you about one ish.”

“Fine! See you then.”

That, in a nutshell was the start of it.

Thursday, about one ish, I had skipped work, phoned in with the usual “women’s problems”, hoping to be Ok by Monday.

Imagine the situation, one ish, two ish, three, and still no sign of Joe. About three thirty there was an urgent rapping at my flat door accompanied by a similar urgent ringing of the door bell.

As I opened the door, Joe pushed past me into the flat.

“Where’s the toilet?…Quick!”

“Round to the right!”

Joe ran in unzipping his trousers as he went. I followed on.

“What happened?”

He hadn’t closed the door, and I stood behind him as he pissed noisily into the pan. As his flow was subsiding I stepped up behind him, reached round and took his dick in my hand directing the flow as it died.

Joe did not pull away.

“Bloody traffic!” he exclaimed, “I left work just before one, and have been stuck in the traffic since… Some sort of protest and an accident…My dentist’s appointment is well missed, and by heck I needed that piss.”

That was the most coarse I had ever heard from Joe, I was to hear more before the weekend was over. As he ceased to piss his dick started to thicken.

“You know what Joe, I have been dying to get my hands on your dick virtually ever since I started to travel with you. I have damned near wet my knickers often in your car just longing for it.”

His dick by now was like a bar of steel.

“Well, now that you have it, what are you going to do with it?”

“All I can think is how I want to ride it! You know, get it up me.”

What followed was crude in the extreme, Joe turned to face me, I grabbed hold of his cock again, he pushed me against the bathroom wall, shoved his hand up my skirt, raising it then tugged my knickers aside, poked his fingers in my hole then pulled them out… wet.

I just roughly aimed his dick at the area and hoped for the best. I was wet enough for it to just slide full length into me and we just fucked. I got my legs up and locked them behind his back as he hammered my pussy, I creamed in one continuous orgasm from the time he hit bottom until well after he spunked me. When he subsided and dropped out of me I said.

“I suppose you want a drink or something.”

“That would be nice.”

I staggered pendik escort towards the kitchen, my knees wobbling as I held furniture and door frames to steady myself.

“Shiiit.” I thought, “why didn’t you go for it sooner you stupid bitch, It’s better than anything you have had since you popped your bubble.”

Holding firmly to the kitchen work surfaces; my legs had gone, I made black coffee. It had to be black, two reasons, I was broke, the main reason I wanted to go to my parent’s, and payday wasn’t until Monday. I’ll tell you, I had to take the coffee into the lounge one cup at a time, I had to have one hand free to steady myself, I had been very well fucked and my legs were as weak as water.

“Black Coffee? Is that the best you can do?” Joe was clearly unimpressed.

“Sorry, I’ve got no milk. I ran out of both milk and funds yesterday hence I was going home to my mum’s.”

“I’ll go to the corner shop” Joe volunteered

He took very few minutes to return with milk, and I used the time he was away to try to compose myself. I couldn’t get away from the sensation I had of the hole in my body that had been vacated by his cock.

It still felt stretched but at this time not filled. The orgasms had died away when he dropped out of me but I felt absolutely shagged and at the same time both elated and hungry for more, more of that steel hard vigorous rampant cock.

“Milk!…you want some in your coffee?” Joe was back and after adding milk to both coffees he resettled himself in my favourite easy chair.

“What’s this broke business?” Joe asked.

“Just that, I had a bit of a spend at the sales and I haven’t enough to get through till payday so I decided I live on my mum for the last few days.”

“Is that the only reason to go?”

“I suppose.”

“I am going to the coast for the evening. Got nothing much to do until work on Monday. Would you like to come with me?”

“Would you drop me at mum’s after?”

“Not necessarily.”

” I might go to Tesco’s and buy groceries, bring you back here, and spend the weekend fucking you.”

To say I was shocked by Joe’s directness would be an understatement. No more I suppose than I deserved based upon my interference of him less than an hour ago.

“Well, What do you say? Yes or no?”

It wasn’t long before we were sitting in his car heading for Brean Down, some of you will know it, not far from Weston Super Mare, I had just about made time to change out of my spunk soaked knickers and give my pussy a wash before slipping into fresh silky Frenchies.

Having parked the car we started up to the top of the Down, there were a few stiles to cross on the way, and under the guise of giving me assistance over them Joe’s hand went up under my skirt, I just wriggled my arse.

At the second stile the same happened again, but this time his hand went up the leg of my Frenchies. I was just at that time glad that his other hand was carrying a blanket. The two fingers he got into my pussy did not help me to get over the stile.

Anyway, we got to the top, and had a bit of a wander round, it was dusk, and there was no one else about as we laid out the blanket and sat down to look out over Weston.

I stroked Joe’s leg, leaned over and kissed him, all a bit soppy really, but he responded and stuck his tongue into my mouth, when I returned the compliment, his hand went to my tits and he gave me a good fondling.

The crunch came when he rubbed his thumb across my nipple, I couldn’t avoid moaning with the thrill of it. I had been tit squeezed before, but I had never been fondled so tenderly and so effectively.

Joe maltepe escort crawled round behind me as I sat there, put his arms around me and continued to fondle my tits. I am not joking girls when I tell you, my pussy ached for his cock, which I could feel rigid against the small of my back. I was moaning my needs, mentally begging him to shaft me.

“What’s that down there,” he whispered in my ear.


“Down there… Kneel up.”

I did so. I just knew it was going to happen. The scene was being played out but I had no idea what the script was to be.

“I can’t see anything.”

“You are in the wrong position, kneel forward on your arms.”

I did, acutely aware that my arse was high in the air and Joe was kneeling behind me. I heard a zip, and I felt a cool chill as my skirt was raised above my nether regions.

“I still can’t see what you are looking at.”

He leaned over my back, I could feel his rampant cock nestling between my cheeks. As Joe indicated a point in the distance I put one hand back between my legs, cupped his tight ball bag then with the tip of his cock eased my gusset to the side and made sure that his cock was aimed truly. He thrust forward and measured his length within me.

I just moaned and pushed back into him, I will say this girls, the earth didn’t move but the lights of Weston Super mare certainly bounced with every thrust of that cock and I enjoyed every stroke.

It was so good that I was screaming like a Banshee. So if anyone was in the region of Brean Down that Thursday, July evening in 1980 and were disturbed by my Banshee impression, my apologies, but my needs were being met with a vengeance and the noise had to come out!

All he said as he slackened off and dropped out was,

“I am fucking hungry.”

He rolled onto his side, his wet, dribbling cock lolling against his leg,

Me? I slid forward and lay on my stomach, my legs spread and my pussy gaping. I was hungry too so I needed to compose myself as did Joe, we lay for must have been an hour possibly dozing before Joe decided we should move.

I sat up as he started to pull up his trousers, his cock was stuck to his leg and a snail trail led from the tip across his leg. He winced as he freed his cock then finished dressing.

I was glad that I had stayed where I lay, it gave the juice time to ooze and dry without my thighs sticking together. I decided to remove my silk frenchies which were still damp, so as not to chaffe, I didn’t want to get sore.

By the time we got back down to the car park, I was bursting for a pee. The Ladies toilet was locked and barred,

” Oh…fuck.”

“What’s the matter?”

“I need a pee.”

“Well, go then, what’s stopping you?” we were by the car at the roadside.

“The Ladies is closed.”

“Use the Gents then.”

I hobbled painfully round to the Gents, struggling not to dribble.

“Its locked too.” I wailed.

“Wait till we get into town and find another.”

“Its too urgent.” I was painfully aware of my need. “I must go now.”

“There’s no one about, come over here, do it in the gutter.”

“Now what.”

“Well girl, if you’re that desperate, squat and squirt. Get on with it.”

“Aren’t you going to look away?”

“Why, you have seen me piss.”

I gathered up my coat hem and my skirt, exposing my naked nether regions and let a squirt go. Then stopped.

“So much for desperate.”

I started again, then gushed, the torrent of urine running in the gutter.

“Have you got a tissue?”

Joe produced one from his pocket, thrust his hand between kartal escort my thighs and wiped my dripping pussy as the urine disappeared , turning the dust to almost mud.

We dined on fish and chips in one of Weston’s many restaurants; I won’t let on which one, enough to say I was well groped whilst we ate, discretely of course.

We moved on to Tesco’s on the outskirts of Weston, and here again I have an apology to make, to the elderly gentleman, if he reads this, who turned into the aisle where I had squatted to pick a soft drink from the bottom shelf.

My knees were not together, and I do hope he recovered from his coughing fit. Oooops.

On returning to the car, I removed my coat and as we left the car park I opened my blouse I half turned towards Joe my skirt fell back across my thighs exposing my matted hair, a tissue dampened with some water from a bottle under the seat freshened it up a bit.

I unzipped his trousers and fondled his cock, gradually coaxing life back into it. Down toward Banwell and out toward Chew Magna, once away from the main roads, I crawled over and took his knob into my mouth, licking around the head before attempting to swallow it, sucking and tongueing.

A sharp swerve nearly threw me to the floor of the car, as we slipped from the road to the parking verge at the lake.

“Get out, get out , come round this side.”

We were on the off side so Joe’s side of the vehicle was away from the traffic, not that there was much on this road at night. I went round to him.

“Lean over that fence if I don’t get this juice out by fucking, you will have us in the ditch with your blow job, lift your skirt.”

I did so and he was in me as soon as I reached down to direct his cock. It was as short and sharp as our initial encounter, then his juice and mine mingled as I came with him. We hadn’t even turned the engine off, and were away again as soon as I had licked his cock clean. All the few cars that passed could see was two people looking out over the lake. It was late when we arrived back at my flat, the whole area was in darkness. I grabbed the bags of groceries and headed for the door as Joe secured the car. He came behind me and as I was defenseless with a bag of groceries in each hand he reached round and squeezed my tits. They were still exposed from our journey.

Once inside the flat I just dropped the bags of groceries turned and went straight to the heart of the matter., grabbing his cock, I dragged him to the bedroom, shrugging out of my coat as I did so. Turning my back to the bed, his now rigid cock in my hand I lifted the front of my skirt and fell backwards onto the bed with Joe on top of me, He cock was very quickly in me and I fucked my hips up at him, he rode me thrust for thrust, his hard cock almost leaving me on the downward stroke and hitting my cervix on the upward.

He came, the wads of spunk blasting into me sent me over the top for the first time ever I found myself almost peeing myself with the intensity of the cums. Gradually the blasts of spunk started to fade, and with it the cums I was enjoying.

“I think…” Joe said… “that we need to calm down a bit, maybe have a coffee, and certainly get out of our clothes. I want to see you naked girl.”

“You’ve already seen all my bits.”

“And very very nice bits they are too, but the complete picture dear girl will be a real treat.”

Getting up from the bed he had stepped out of his trousers, his semi flaccid cock hanging from his underpants. He flicked on the light as he headed to the kitchen to make the coffee.

I lay on my back on the bed my legs wantonly splayed , rudely exposing my well used and still hungry pussy, studying the crack in the ceiling, pondering the fact that this was almost the conclusion of the first half day of what promised to be a most enjoyable and hopefully satisfying long weekend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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