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My wife and I have been married for about 7 years and although our sex life isn’t boring it has become redundant. After having a conversation we thought maybe we would check out a local swingers club. We are both bisexual and have had sex with the opposite sex independently, and a MFF threesome on a drunken weekend.

My wife being open but not as open as myself we rarely act on our bisexuality. She does enjoy pegging and dominatrix role play but being from a conservative background it’s very much behind closed doors. Her being Hispanic at 5’2 with 36B breast, pierced nipples and slender build she has always been the looker between us. I’m an average build white guy who is 5’10 and stay in shape but not a gym rat who’s shredded.

We have the weekend to ourselves and decide it’s time to go to the swingers club after review the website for “New Comers Weekend” flyer. We decide to pay ahead on the website and take a screenshot of the digital scan bar. We arrive about thirty minutes after opening on the Friday evening about 1030. The location to the swingers club is in the factory area of our city and if driving by it you wouldn’t guess it was a club at all. The hostess is a slim white female dressed in a skin tight mini dress and asks us if we are here for the new comer’s event. After we agreed she offered to take us on a tour which again we agreed.

We go in to the swingers club through a double door and it’s a mix atmosphere, there is a bar, strip club dance poles, pool tables, and then we see the entrance to the back room. As we are being toured around the back the immediate view is to a large room where there is two king size beds with white walls, porn is playing from projectors in all directions of different types of porn. On one of the beds lays a male with a female on top and another guy from behind. Clearly a threesome. I almost missed the hostess tell us ” if you want to participate you must ask and if the party is ok they will tell you, one of our strict rules is consent before participation or we will ban your membership and immediately call the cops.” As if her tour queued it a man walked over said something before offering his member to the lady where she accepted it in her mouth. The hostess continued tour showing us shower rooms, individual rooms with swing sets, and even a bondage room with a full body X mount.

After the tour I and my wife mingled our way to the bar where another couple sat, after ordering our drinks they said they had been members for a while and it’s not all sex it’s also a club to hang out. We talked openly about our experiences and our comfort levels. I noticed that the evi olan gaziantep escort couple would occasionally check their phones and asked are you waiting for someone. They said they had other plans for the night but they were expecting notification soon. It didn’t take too long afterwards to understand they had no intention of playing in the club but had a party to go to elsewhere. Eventually the couple received notifications put their glasses on the bar gave us hugs which threw me off but in the environment I didn’t pay much attention.

My wife decided to use the women’s bathroom and told me she would be back shortly, and as if another que was hit a Hispanic male sitting at the bar struck up a conversation. His physical persona was that of a cooperate worker dressed to impress in slacks dress shoes and build that clearly said gym enthusiasts. As we talked I learned that his name was Angelo and he did indeed work for the federal building downtown and that on occasion he would come in for release of cooperate stress. He openly admitted to being bisexual and although he had a gf she didn’t enjoy or indulge in the swingers or his bisexual tendencies and would tell him to go work it out. As it happened my wife approached and I introduced her to Angelo. She gave me a squeeze on my shoulder ever so lightly and parked herself between us. As we all talked and made ourselves comfortable I said the liquor has gotten to me and I needed to use the restroom. Angelo asked if I knew where it was and I admitted I didn’t he offered to show me. I said I would follow, looking over to my wife who had been watching me intensely. She said “if you take too long I’m gonna have to come and find you don’t make me embarrass you” with a chuckle.

I followed Angelo to the restroom which was right by the large room with two king beds, another show was on but this time one bed had a couple showing off together while the other bed was filled with three females. I stopped at the entrance of the room and watched both shows as most people were watching and said “I think I like this place.” Angelo laughed and said I better hurry before my wife found me starring at the show. I laughed it off went to the bathroom and drained myself. As I walked back out I went to watch the show again curiosity of voyeurism at its best. To my surprise my wife and Angelo found me enjoying the show. My wife said “your enjoying yourself watching without me, how dare you?” She grabbed my arm and tugged at me, I let her lead and followed her around the environment, one room had a Full size bed with a gaziantep evi olan escort bin for sheets off to the side, and she pulled me inside. I didn’t notice Angelo was also following he stopped at the floor way leaning on entrance watching the wife kiss me, she broke off the kiss and grabbed his hand and pulled him in. She pulled a sheet from the bin and told us to undress, she watched us slowly undress to our pants where she said hold on reached around Angelo and closed the door. She told me to drop to my knees, being particularly concerned where this was leading she kissed me and pushed me downward. As I was on my knees she raised back up and told Angelo, “My husband got to watch a show without me, how about you two put on a show for me.” I knew where this was going. Angelo leaned back against the wall as I slowly removed his belt and allowed his slacks to drop, his erection popped free from his pants and hit me square in the face. I took a second glance before I realized this was what I wanted.

What almost seemed like a dream his dick was hard, almost nine inches long and about as thick as a Red bull can, his uncircumcised girth seemed to call to me. I reached up and pushed his skin back with my right hand as I dove face first wrapping my mouth around his head. He reached under my chin as to support it as the other went to the crown of my head to brace me neck. I took me a few minutes to go from lubing his shaft with my saliva to gagging on his shaft in full motion. Eventually he was almost face fucking me as I stroked his shaft with one hand and slurped with my mouth. I grabbed his ass cheek with my available hand and that’s when he buried his cock in my throat releasing a jet stream of cum down my throat. Gagging from the forced thrust down my throat and the desire to drain him I continued to slurp and swallow his cum.

He released his vise grip on my head and slunk into the wall as if it where the bed my wife was watching this from. Unbeknownst to me she had her dress revved up to her slim waist where she plowed her love canal with two fingers enjoying the show. She told me to get on the bed and as I struggled to arise she pulled me onto the bed shoved me down and on my back, she arose, lifted a leg up and prompted it at the edge of the bed. Almost like a stretch she allowed enough space to hoover her canal above my face but enough room to see what was going on. She demanded Angelo “pull his pants off and fuck his tight ass!” with a smile Angelo removed my pants freeing my own shaft from its prison. He grabbed both of my legs under the gaziantep evi olan escort bayan back of my knees and pushed them forward. At this point my wife sat on my face and told me to eat her kitty until she was satisfied. I began to lick and probe her insides as Angelo was preparing to fuck me. I heard my wife say “wrap it up”, I felt his shaft hit my crotch laying on top of my own balls and aching shaft, I could tell he was unwrapping the condom when he lifted it off me and then allowed it to smack down with that rubbery feeling.

Angelo told my wife to help him by supporting my legs, she reached out grabbing behind my knees and holding my legs open for Angelo, a pause happened ever so slightly as I felt a tongue hit my ass after a couple laps and non-sensual pokes with the wet tongue I heard the sound of someone spitting, Angelo hit the bullseye twice with his salvia. He didn’t hesitate he worked his bulb head into my ass, without giving enough time to adjust je started working his shaft into my ass with long slow strides until his member was completely stretching me out and filled me. My wife started to cum on my face at the sight of him fucking my ass. She sat up and worked her way comfortably into the corner of the bed, and began her own porn director position. She asked Angelo if she could record it for herself and pulled out the cell. She began telling him to fuck him stupid, slam into his ass harder, and the vulgar instructions continued as Angelo did as he was instructed. Each time Angelo came, she would bring the phone close and watch him pull the used condom off keeping the cum in the wrapper on the side table. She was enjoying herself as the director.

Angelo strapped on the condom and said “I’m gonna have to call it a night after this” knowing his limit was about to reached. She told him to stop before continuing, my wife climbed over lifted my throbbing erection and eased it into her pussy as he was imbedded in my ass. She removed the top of her dress to flourish her beautiful pierced breast in front of me with her back against Angelo. She grinded on my shaft and as she picked up the pace so did he. My wife riding me as he fucked my ass was so intense I couldn’t control myself for long. Angelo grabbed her one of her breast and held on to my leg with the other. As he pushed into me he gripped her breast tighter and she clinched her love canal tighter onto me. I held out for maybe another five minutes before I started to buckle upward into my beautiful wife and we all came together in one final explosion.

She lifted herself off me with my cum oozing out of her, my ass hanging off the bed feeling stretched, Angelo panting and admiring his work. We slowly recovered ourselves. We slowly dressed ourselves admiring each other still. We opened the door and walked to the shower room.

We cleaned up in the showers my wife kissing me in our stall telling me how much she loved watching me get stretched and fucked. After everything numbers were exchanged back at the bar.

Should I do part 2?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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