Son of a Preacher man

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Dale’s eyes slowly moved over the shapely legs of the woman sitting in the pew in front of him. She wore pantyhose that had a silky sheen to them and they caressed her muscular calves. He could feel his dick begin to tighten against the zipper of his new Sunday suit. His palms began to sweat as the urge to run his hands over those silk covered calves was becoming harder and harder to control.

He forced his eyes away from her legs and slowly took in the rest of her appearance. She was an older woman but in great shape. Her body was still firm and shapely. She wore her hair long and as he looked at her she flipped it with her hand as if she could feel him looking at it. She was white and her hair was dark and satin straight. Dale wondered how her pale skin would look against his dark black skin. The sweat was now beading up on his forehead and he pulled at his collar nervously. He imagined those smooth thighs still clad in the satiny hose wrapped around his shoulders. He pushed the palm of his hand against his hardened dick and let out just the slightest groan.

Sandra could feel the man in the pew behind her staring at her. Her body was flush from the sexual energy he was putting off. She felt the warmth rushing up from her chest to her neck and then her face. She shifted in her seat causing her vulva to rub against the fabric of her pantyhose. It felt good against her swollen lips and she squirmed again. She turned her head slightly and caught a glimpse of his chiseled good looks and the cleft in his chin. He was a nice dark chocolate shade and she wondered if his dick was hard, if he was as excited by her as she was becoming. She turned slightly more as she heard him let out a soft groan. Sandra smiled at him and let her eyes take in his shaved head and the goatee on his handsome face before letting her eyes meet his. Sexy almond shaped brown eyes….

Dale looked into the cool green eyes and gulped. She put out a burning sexual air that set sparks of static electricity straight to the back of his neck and made the hair stand up on his arms. He pushed against his erection again, afraid that people would start to notice it. She let her gaze fall to his lap…. She had noticed.

Sandra stood up quickly and walked to the back of the church. She asked an usher where the restroom was located and slipped out the double doors and down the stairs to where he had directed her. This was her first visit to this church and she hadn’t realized until she got there that the congregation was mainly black, not that she minded but as a single woman she knew it might be an issue to the women parishioners. She also knew it might be an issue for herself as she had a huge weakness for black men.

She found the restroom and pushed through the door quickly. She looked into the mirror and saw the desire on her face. Her vagina was throbbing and her nipples pushed against the material of her dress. She took a stall and allowed her hands to brush gently against the taunt nubs. She didn’t allow herself to touch her vagina because she secretly enjoyed the feeling of overwhelming desire but she allowed her hands to run over her stocking covered legs and up to her silky thighs stopping just short of her crotch. She could feel the moisture gathering in her crotch and smell the soft musk of desire as she imagined the man from the pew behind her caressing her legs just as she was.

Sandra left the bathroom even hotter than when she had entered and headed down the hallway in the basement toward the stairs.

Dale turned his head and watched the woman leave the nave. Her hair hanging to her round bottom and her sexy legs in the high heels made him want to follow her. He tried to listen to the sermon but it was useless, there was just something about that woman that had him so turned on. He waited about 5 minutes and then headed to the bathroom hoping to release some of the tension that she had brought on before she just suddenly left. She must have decided to get out of there before the weirdo with the erection could attack her. He thought to himself.

He stepped off the last step and turned left into the hallway running straight into her….The force of his body slamming into her smaller frame sent her body backward and he reach for her to keep her from falling. “Oh!” she called out as he pulled her up against her. Her hands sprayed out against his chest to steady herself she could feel his heart racing. Her knee buckled and caused her lower body to slam against his groin. She could feel his erect penis pressed against her lower stomach and bursa eskort instinctively she felt her body grind against it. She quickly realized what her body was doing and stopped and pulled back. “Please excuse me I am so sorry!” Her whole body flushed with desire and embarrassment her voice came out raspy and unsteady.

Dale had not missed the grinding motion and could see she was sexually aroused by the flush on her chest and face and the hardened nipples that pointed out toward him. He also knew she had seen and felt what she had done to him. He wanted to slam her up against the wall and give her what she obviously wanted from him but as the son of a preacher man he had been taught some control. As a matter of fact the son of the preacher that was at this moment up on the pulpit of this very church. “No it is entirely my fault. I made the turn too fast.” He smiled at her for the first time and it was a very charming and gorgeous smile.

Sandra felt her knees try to buckle again as he charmed her with that smile. She smiled back and forced the stiffness back to her knees. “Well I guess we both need to look before we leap.” He caught the double meaning and cocked one eyebrow. “My name is Sandra.” She stepped back as she extended her hand for him to shake.

Dale took her hand in his and felt the electricity in it. He did not shake it he just held it. “Nice to meet you, my name is Dale. Welcome to our church.”

Sandra looked at her hand engulfed in his and also felt the tingle of the shock. “Oh so you are a regular here?” She looked up into his beautiful brown eyes.

“Well actually yes, my father is the Preacher…” He let that statement hang in the air as he saw the shock in her pale green eyes. “Don’t let that scare you away though.” He laughed nervously.

“Away from you or the church?” it slipped out before she could bit it back. She blushed an even darker shade of red.

“Either.” He bravely blurted out. Hell his dick was still raging hard so what the hell.

Sandra slowly pulled her hand away and giggled. “I maybe in over my head or maybe you are. I think I had better get back upstairs.” She squeezed past his large frame and started up the stairs. She could feel him watching her as she ascended the stairs and knew that this young black man could be serious trouble for her.

As she returned to her seat she looked up at the reverend and saw him looking back questioningly and she smiled up at him. So daddy knows his son has a weakness for white women?

A few minutes later the prodigal son returned to his seat behind her and she could feel herself getting warm all over again. The service quickly came to an end and everyone started for the vestibule. Sandra purposely avoided the Reverend and slipped out the main entrance.

Dale rushed out behind her and called out to her as she opened her car door. “Sandra…. Ms. Sandra…” She turned to him. He took hold of her forearm as if she might get away from him. “I just wanted to invite you back next week. We would love to have you back.”

She gave him an unbelieving look. “I think maybe you are not speaking for everyone.”

“Why what do you mean?” Dale looked around to see if someone had said something or for a clue to what she was talking about.

“Well I don’t think your father was too happy that we had disappeared during service together.” She pointed out.

“Oh no you must have misunderstood he isn’t like that at all.” He smiled reassuringly. “But either way, I would love to see you again.” He let his hand slide up to her shoulder and wrapped a strand of her hair around his index finger in an unconscious gesture. A shiver ran through her body and she knew then that she would be back.

“I don’t know, we will see. It was nice meeting you. I really must go now…” She put her hand on his to remove it from her hair and as his hand slid out of her hair he let his finger softly glance over her left nipple which was pointing out toward him the whole time. Sandra’s lips parted and her tongue darted out to wet her lips nervously. Dale leaned in and she quickly ducked and slid into the car.

Dale closed the door for her and as he turned from watching her leave he saw his father staring at him from the church doorway.

Sandra went home and tried to get him off her mind but it just wasn’t working. It seemed as though no matter what she did her thoughts kept turning back to the preacher’s son. She knew she had to be at least 15 yrs older than him and really didn’t know what to make of this young man. While she görükle escort had been with younger men before she just felt that there was something different about this one. So the next Sunday she found herself heading back to the church and knowing she was headed for trouble.

She found a seat quickly and looked around trying not to be obvious that she was looking for him. She scanned the room but didn’t see him anywhere. Soon the choir started to sing and as everyone stood up she felt someone slide into the pew beside her. She turned her head, it was him… The choir finished the song and the Reverend took his place behind the pulpit. The congregation sat down. Sandra sat down and realized that Dale had not given her much room, his thigh was pressed right up against hers and her shoulder nestled tight against his. He whispered against her ear. “You look very nice today, I am glad you came back.”

Sandra felt the warm flush of desire hit her just from the sound of his voice. She blushed and felt as if everyone was looking at them. “Thank you.” She whispered back.

Dale couldn’t believe his eyes when he had walked in. He thought for sure he had chased her away. Her perfume hit his nose as he slid into the pew beside her and he knew he was going to have her. His dick had already jumped to alert as soon as he saw her. It seemed as if it just stayed hard in her presence. He looked up at the choir and saw his wife smiling and singing unaware of what was going on. No, Sandra didn’t know about his wife either but would she care? He would cross that bridge when he came to it.

She had on a short dress; it was not tight to her legs, more flared. The hem came to about 4 inches above her knees and her smooth legs were pressed together and his right leg was pressed against her left leg. The temptation to place his hand on her nylon covered knee was almost overwhelming. The idea of sliding his hand up her stocking clad thighs made him shiver. The notion that he could bury his face between them made him weak. These are the thoughts that had haunted his every thought for the last week. His palms were sweating again and he wiped them on his slacks. He leaned in close to her ear and whispered. “Come down stairs with me.”

Sandra looked at him in shock. “No.” she whispered back. Her eyes turned back to the front of the church and met the Reverend’s. She looked away quickly. Why did she come back? But she knew why, she wanted to go to the basement with him.

She sucked in her breath as she felt his finger slowly slide up the side of her leg from her knee to the hem of her dress. That soft, gentle caress made the fine hair on her arms and the back of her neck stand up on end and butterflies took flight in her belly. He let his finger wander up and down that thigh over and over every time daring to inch further and further up and under her skirt. She knew she should stop him but she honestly did not want to.

Dale enjoyed every quiver that shook her body as his finger meandered up and down her thigh. The crotch of his pants was getting tighter and tighter with each gasp that escaped her lips. He wanted her more than he could remember wanting anyone else in his life. He was doing crazy things he would have never dared to do before; sitting in his father’s church with his wife smiling at him from the choir box, rubbing this woman’s thigh. The very sinfulness of it all pushes his desire even higher.

He whispers again “If you don’t go down stairs with me I am going to put my hand under your skirt and rub your pussy right here, right now.”

Sandra’s eyes opened wide and she pondered if he would actually do such a thing right there with people on every side of them, people that knew him and his father…. She came to the conclusion that he would as his hand, palm down started for the hem of her skirt. “Okay… but how; If we both walk out people will notice.”

“Don’t worry about that, we are about to take up the offering, I am an usher and I will be helping with that. After offering you go out and I will slip away to you while the other ushers are counting it and no one will notice I am missing.” As if on cue they announced offering and he slipped out of the pew and took his place.

Sandra waited until the offering plate passed past her and then slipped out and made her way to the door. She quickly went down the stairs and to the bathroom. Her heart was racing as she waited to hear his footsteps in the hall. It seemed an eternity and just as she had decided he wasn’t going to show the bursa escort bayan door opened and he was upon her.

She gasped as he took her face in his big hands and his mouth closed over hers stealing the breath from her. She gripped his smoothly shaved head in her hands and kissed him back deep and hard. Her tongue darting against his and nibbling on his bottom lip. She moaned out as his hands gripped her bottom and lifted her up positioning her against his swollen cock. Her legs clasped around his waist and he pushed her up against the wall grinding against her. The material of her pantyhose and his slacks the only barrier between her wetness and the extreme hardness of his huge penis.

Dale’s hand caressed her ass though the silky hose and he allowed his fingers to dig into the softness of her bottom. He moved toward the vanity top and sat her down on it. He released her mouth and stood back. He placed her feet onto the edge of the countertop and allowed his hands to slide from her feet up her calves and over her knees then up the inside of her thighs pushing her legs apart and her skirt up. His thumbs coming to rest upon her mound and then sliding up and down over the wetness he found there.

Sandra’s head fell back and rested against the mirror, her pelvis rose up to his hands and she moaned in sheer pleasure. She wanted him to take her, to rip the pantyhose off and shove his huge dick inside of her hotness! To fuck her hard and deep in this house of God!

Dale pulled off her high heels and placed her right foot against his neck. His mouth connected with the soft material of the stockings at her ankle and he ran a trail of kisses up her calf all the while allowing the silky cloth to caress his face. His hands trailing along behind his mouth and tickling her skin through the material making her senses scream out. He continued to make his way toward her sweetness. His face now buried between her thighs he rubbed his face all over her crotch.

Sandra arched up to his face and he nibbled and licked her through the pantyhose. She started to push the pantyhose down and he stopped her by placing his hand over hers. Suddenly he grabbed the crotch of the hose and tore a it open. Sandra gasped out loud as he stood up, dropped his pants and shoved his swollen cock deep inside of her. His dick was so engorged with desire that it was hard as a rock and throbbing as he thrust into her harder and harder. His hands gripping her ass and pulling her up to meet each thrust. Sandra bit her lip to keep from screaming out in pleasure. It had been a long time since she had been taken like this and even longer since she had such a hard dick as his. Her body convulsed and spasm after spasm took over her body.

Dale felt her cum all over his hard dick and drove it in to her deeper then ground his pelvis against hers causing a gushing of fluids to escape from her womb. She started to make loud moaning sounds and he placed his hand over her mouth to prevent the sounds

His felt like it was hitting the back of her womb and filled her vagina perfectly. She tightened her vaginal muscles around it and squeezed as if milking the cum from him. His hand over her mouth only added to her excitement and made her want to scream out loud for him to fuck her harder. The knowledge that there was an entire church full of people were right above them made her crazy horny. She wrapped her legs around his waist, gripped his neck in her hands and rode his cock hard!

Dale had to wrap his arm around her neck to keep his hand over her mouth as she bounced up and down on his engorged dick. He had never met a woman that turned him on this much and his cock was harder than he could ever recall it being before. The feel of her warm wet pussy spasming around his dick was pure pleasured torcher. He slammed his cock into her over and over again and soon felt his release building and bubbling up from his testicles. His hand tightened over her mouth and his body began to shake as he filled her tight white pussy with his hot sperm.

Sandra struggled to catch a breath as his hand was cutting off most of her air supply, the lack of air causing her orgasm to intensify as she felt her pussy being invaded by this stranger’s cum. Her body trembled and quaked as she allowed the pleasure to rake over her. Finally spent and weak they both collapsed against the vanity and after a few moments they straightened up their clothes and she tried to smooth her hair.

She looked up at him nervously and embarrassed by her wanton actions. “Well, I am just going to slip out the basement door and leave.” She picked her pocket book up off the floor where it had fallen when he made room for her on the vanity.

Dale pulled her against him. “Come back next week.” He whispered against her neck.

She nodded thoughtlessly…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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