Son Strips at Friends Bridal Shower

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I’m a 38 year old woman and I have a true story about my son. My first husband and I married at an early age due to my pregnancy at age 16. He became a successful lawyer and I an administrative assistant. We had one son but my husband and I never got along very well. After a few years of fighting, we divorced and he used his legal knowledge to make it so I would not be able to see my son, David, until he was of age and could decide for himself.

Many years had passed and I had moved to another city. I remarried but never had another child. One day I got a letter from David, who was now 22 years old, saying he had been thinking about me and was interested in getting together and re-establishing our mother /son relationship. For months we wrote each other and exchanged photos. He was very handsome and I was proud that he had become a clean cut, good looking young man. He told me that I looked younger than he had expected and that he thought that I looked beautiful.

Then one day he wrote and told me that he was hoping to further his education and had applied to a school near me. A friend of his had helped him land a job working in a nightclub where he dances on Lady’s Nights. I hadn’t seen David since he was a toddler and had no idea that he was the type to dance in those kinds of clubs. I had been to the club where he works with some friends and new that they were pretty tame, no nudity. But I guess if he could make good money that way, then why not.

We exchanged numbers and he called soon after to ask if we could meet Saturday night. He told me he had the night off but had something to do during the day but would be ready by 7 or 8 o’clock. I said it was too bad my husband was out of town and that he would miss meeting him this time around, but I had planned to attend a wedding shower that day anyway, so that night would be ok.

Saturday afternoon came and I arrived at the wedding shower. The bride, Tammy, was a young friend of mine from work. I knew a few of the other girls from work, but most of the girls at the shower were a little younger than me, in their late twenties or so. I had talked about my son to my friends only briefly, but hadn’t mentioned that he had moved to town or where he worked.

One of the bride’s maids, Candi, was a sexy, outgoing girl, and she was instigating some serious partying. She was all giddy about the fact that they had hired a male stripper from a local nightclub and he was hot. When I heard this my stomach dropped to the floor and I thought my heart would thump right out of my chest. “Oh my god,” I thought, please don’t let it be David, please. That would not be a good way for the two of us to meet after so many years.

I made a quick decision to leave a little early on the outside chance that it would be David arriving to strip for this rowdy group of half drunk females.

Just as I was saying my goodbyes to a chorus of “Oh, no you don’t,” the doorbell rang. Screams filled the room and Candi rushed for the door. I looked around for an escape, but found I was cornered into the back of the room. Some of the girls started moving chairs into a circle to give the dancer more room. In all the confusion, I was plunked down in a chair with a far away look in my eyes trying to figure out how to avoid an unpleasant encounter with the son I hadn’t seen in over 14 years, IF in fact it was David who walked through that door. I crossed my fingers that it would be someone else.

Suddenly, Candi came around the corner and behind her was a 6 foot 2 inch hunk of a young man in a policeman’s uniform. I immediately put my hands to my face in case he saw me first. I let my eyes peek through my fingers and looked hard at the face of this man and nearly had a heart attack. It was David! I knew it was. I had studied his photos almost every night over the last two weeks. I could tell by the features of his face. I had never seen his adult body in person, but by the photos he had sent me, it was him. The rest of the girls sat down while this big, handsome young man, dressed as a policeman, started whacking his nightstick in his hand and saying something about the bride being under arrest for being a very bad girl. Up to this point he was mostly facing away from me, so he hadn’t seen me yet.

Then he started to dance and move around the room. When he got over to where I was sitting I must have had a sheepish look on my face and must have turned 10 shades of red. He looked at me while he was dancing and did a hard double-take. He almost stopped dancing when he suddenly realized who I was. I quickly gave him a covert shake of my head signaling him to not say anything and simply go about his routine. He got the hint and slowly moved on to the other girls next to me. I looked around to see if the others had noticed anything. Luckily they were all glued to his moves and what he was doing and saying. I could tell by the way he would dart little glances my way that he was uncomfortable about us seeing each other this way. I felt the tension between us and knew that I was going to get more escort bayan şanlıurfa than I bargained for. Little did I know…

Soon he was removing his clothing a little at a time. Too little by the screams of the girls. They wanted him to take it all off…now. While looking at him dance I started to notice just how well proportioned and muscular he was. I was proud and nervous at the same time. After a while I became a little more comfortable. He was good at what he did and the girls were going nuts. I must say that I was starting to go nuts too. I had had a few drinks and was feeling the effects. Pretty soon I was smiling and laughing and thinking, “This isn’t so bad… he’ll get down to his G string, the girls will tuck a few bucks and he’ll go home.”

I was actually looking forward to seeing my son in a G string. Hell, I was proud I had a son that looked like that. I didn’t look too bad either, I thought. I had worn a nice outfit that showed off my curves. I was also proud of how I looked now that he was also getting a look at me for the first time since he was a child. I had worn a short jacket over my thin white blouse. It was starting to get hot in there, so I removed the jacket. Once I removed it I remembered the reason I wear that jacket with that top is because the top has a tendency to show a little too much cleavage and the sides of my breasts poke out a little. It was more of a gathered halter top. I was also wearing a lacy bra, and you could see it through the material. My breasts are bigger than the average girl, and I’m very proud of them. But this top can be a little revealing at times, and this was one of them.

David noticed that I had become a lot more relaxed and it caused him to relax as well. He was glancing in my direction more often and looking at me like this was some sort of fun game. It started to make me a little high. He was giving me these flirtatious looks and smoldering stares… of course he was doing that to all the girls. But it really had an affect on me. I was getting a little worked up just thinking about this young man stripping down and dancing in front of us…. and he was my son!

When David got down to his G-string I just about dropped my jaw on the floor… He was beautiful. Tan, muscular with wavy dark hair. I could not keep my eyes off of him. He noticed and it made him smile. I could tell he was more comfortable than before and was really getting into his moves. He was dancing right in front of Tammy and her friends, making a conscious effort not to dance right in front of me the way he was for the other girls. He’d put one leg up on the back of the chair and stick his crotch right in the face of the girl he was dancing for. This made the other girls scream with delight. I also noticed it had an effect on David.

I could swear the bulge in my son’s G-string was getting bigger and bigger. The material hiding what was no doubt a giant penis was stretched tight. His thighs were so lean and strong looking, all the way up to his shaved crotch. I remember thinking that I should not look so hard, but I couldn’t help it, and David was catching me staring at him. The girls were tucking dollars in his front and this caused David to really get turned on, and me too. Some girls let their hands linger inside his G-string, teasing him to no end. I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. I was getting so turned on watching this, I almost forgot he was my son!

Just then I noticed Candi had walked up behind David and started running her hands over his body. David made no attempt to stop her, he had obviously done this before. When she got to his G-string, she started to play like she was going to slip it off. I thought, “OK, time for me to go.” I looked at David and saw that he was smiling at me while Candi was starting to remove his G-string. By now his bulge had caused the G-string to tent away from his crotch. Everyone could see inside the G-string and saw that he was completely shaved. Candi was now reaching around David and caressing the bulge of his G-string, rubbing his penis through the material and running her fingers along the opening made by his growing penis between the G-string and his crotch. I had a hard time removing my eyes from what was about to happen. I now knew, like everyone else, that my son had a massive penis and it was very hard and it was about to be exposed to everyone in the room, including me. I was beside myself with nerves, I also noticed that I had worked up a nice wet spot on my panties. I was steaming down there and wet for this hunky stripper… my son!

Suddenly, Candi pulled the G-string down enough that David’s penis popped out the top. The girls screamed with delight and I sat there and stared. My son’s penis stuck straight out and up from under his washboard stomach. I couldn’t help from licking my lips. That was a gorgeous hunk of flesh. It must have been at least nine inches, maybe ten, and it was very big around. It had a large pink mushroom shaped head that looked soft escort gaziantep sarışın bayan and clean. The shaft looked veiny and hard. I took my eyes away from my son’s massive hardon and looked up to see him looking at me. At first he wasn’t smiling. He looked a little worried – probably that I might freak out, or something – I didn’t and he cracked a wicked smile as I looked back down at his erect penis in amazement while the girls were oohing and ah’ing and giggling about how hot my son looked and how hard and beautiful his penis looked.

Candi grabbed it and began to stick it in front of Tammy’s face. All the girls were giggling and screaming and taunting her to kiss it. She wouldn’t, but one of the other brides maids, Lisa, did. She moved in close and got her hands around my David’s manhood and moved her face ever closer until her lips were right on top of the head. Her tongue snaked out of her mouth and did a little dance underneath David’s penis. Everyone looked on in disbelief at the size and length of Lisa’s tongue. I was literally squirming in my seat as were most of the other girls, mesmerized by the scene that was unfolding in front of us. Once in a while I would look up at David who was looking all around at the girls that had gathered around him. He looked at me and kind of shrugged his shoulders and smiled. I guess we both thought that it was just a show and I would stay where I was and that was it.

Most of the girls had taken turns either stroking my son’s penis or had even taken him in their mouths! He was pretty worked up and I could see that he was sweating and having a very tough time holding back from ejaculating all over the girls sitting in front of him. Candi was still behind him and was sticking her fingers up his ass. “Oh, yeah, that feels good,” David began to moan and spread his legs apart enough so that hands and arms were reaching, grabbing, stroking and poking from front and back.

Pretty soon Candi noticed that I was just sitting there watching and not participating like the rest of the girls. She motioned for me to come over and have some. I said that was “OK, I’ll just watch.” But that only caused the rest of the girls to haller and chant that it was my turn. They would not let up. I saw that David had a slightly worried look on his face. I think he had not expected this to go that far.

I was so nervous, I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. I knew that I couldn’t do this, at the same time, I couldn’t take my eyes off my son’s lovely erect penis and wanted desperately to grab a hold of it. I looked up at David and he now looked equally as nervous. He looked around the room and was apparently not sure what to do. I looked at his penis and it was rock hard and sticking straight up in the air. Some of the girls were still stroking and teasing him. The taunting from the girls was not going to stop and I was turned on and felt like I was in a dreamlike state. I soon found myself moving ever closer to my son as Candi was guiding him to stand in front of me.

I got down in front of him with a couple of the other girls and looked up at him. My son’s large, incredibly erect penis was only inches from my face. A fact that neither I or David could ignore. I slowly raised my hands to grab his penis but only got as far as his strong thighs. That’s when I noticed his face had changed. He appeared to have this glassy look in his eyes. I rubbed his beautiful thighs and worked my way up to his groin. My hands now only inches from my son’s massive hardon. He started to tremble and mutter something incoherent. I looked back at David’s penis, sticking right in front of my face and threw caution to the wind. I reached up and put my fingers around it. They wouldn’t go all the way around, and my hands aren’t very small. I thought my chest and head were going to explode. The feeling of my son’s erect penis in my hands was electric. As I started to stroke it ever so gently, I heard something coming out of Davids mouth. He was feebly mumbling an apology, “Oh my god, I’m so sorry.”

Just then his penis jerked and grew even larger in my hands, before I knew what was happening a large, streaming glob of pearly white cum shot out of the end of my son’s huge penis and landed in my hair. The girls went crazy. I looked up at David and his head was slumped forward, his mouth agape, and his eyes were in the back of his head. “Oh god… so sorry.” Just then another streaming glob, more this time, shot out harder and hit my upper lip. I instinctively licked my son’s cum from my lip. I don’t know what came over me, I saw my son’s penis ejaculating and knew that I wanted to taste more of his young cum, so I quickly placed the head of his penis on my outstretched tongue. Moving my tongue back and forth along the underside of his massive penis, I was soon hit in the back of my throat with a warm stream of David’s cum. His penis was so large and was jerking with such force, his whole lower torso was involuntarily humping back and forth. escort şehitkamil The large, pink mushroom head of my son’s penis was moving across my tongue passing through my wet lips, then out, then back in. I was shaking so hard, I thought I was going to cum and I hadn’t even touched myself. The eruptions from David’s penis seemed to never let up. I soon had a mouthful of my son’s sweet, warm semen.

I was so intoxicated by the erotic event before me that I had not noticed David grunting and moaning, “Oh god, please suck it… please put it in your mouth…. Oh jeezus….please…”

Suddenly I noticed Candi was on her knees at my side and had placed her hand around the base of David’s penis. She gently moved it from my mouth to point at hers and plunged the head and a couple of inches down her throat. She brought it back out with a pop and when she did, it rebounded up and shot a huge load of cum right on her forehead as my hand was still wrapped around the top half of his shaft. Candi gasped, opening her mouth wide in excitement, and before she had time to do anything else, another huge stream of David’s cum shot right in her mouth.

I found that I was still holding onto my son’s big, hard penis, and when I looked up he was looking down in total shock. He couldn’t believe what was happening. Here I was, fingers wrapped around my son’s huge pulsating penis shooting streams and globs of pearly cum, while Candi was holding the base and aiming it right at her face. Lisa, the girl with the long, erotic tongue, was still sitting there watching this all go down and suddenly grabbed a hold of David’s penis and pulled it in her direction. Three hands on his massive…. cock, there I said it….his huge, beautiful cock… and it appeared that it was nowhere close to stopping it’s release of warm pearly white cum.

Lisa pointed my son’s glistening cock at her mouth and was rewarded with a large glob of cum right in her mouth. She too placed the head of David’s penis at the opening of her mouth and stuck out her tongue. I looked in awe again as I saw Lisa’s sexy, long tongue. It was so long, it must have stuck out 4 or 5 inches from the opening of her mouth. David’s firm butt and thighs were jutting to and fro in orgasmic lurching movements causing his cock to ride back and forth across Lisa’s soft, pink, erotic tongue. Some cum didn’t make it into Lisa’s mouth. Some landed on her chin when she pulled it away to look at it. Some shot up near her eyes and nose.

The head of David’s cock and the first few inches were soon disappearing into Lisa’s mouth. I could feel her tongue and her soft lips on my fingers each time my son’s cock went in and out of her mouth.

The cum that David was shooting in her mouth would dribble out the sides, over her lips and drip on her semi-exposed breasts. I looked down at her breasts and saw that her shirt was unbuttoned and her lacy bra was in full view. Lisa’s breasts were full and round… they were beautiful. I could see her nipples must have been huge as they were sticking through the lacy material. Cum had dripped on her tits and bra, making a wet mess. I made a quick glance around the room and saw many of the girls had either removed their tops or just opened their blouses. Some of the girls had taken a seat with a leg up and were openly masturbating to the scene before them.

My hand was still around the top half of my son’s hard shaft and was getting quite a lashing from Lisa. The feeling of David’s cum on his shaft and my fingers, and Lisa’s sexy tongue licking all over David’s cock and my fingers was sending me into an orgasmic state. I could no longer help myself. I reached up under my already hiked up skirt and pulled my panties aside feeling the slimy opening of my pussy. I was so wet, I had no problem sticking two fingers way up and then out, jacking my fingers in and out, I came in seconds… one hand on my son’s jerking cock and one hand jammed into my super wet, pulsating pussy.

After what seemed like a long time, he was done cumming, but Lisa kept lapping and licking his cock for all it was worth. I finally let go and dropped both hands to my side and just sat and stared at this amazing sight.

Candi had moved back and was hiking up her skirt and removing her panties. Lisa was still working on my son’s ever erect penis and heard Candi tell her to, “Please stick that thing in my pussy.” Candi moved to the couch and was on her knees bent over the back of the couch. Lisa complied and guided David over to the couch. As she looked at Candi rubbing her pussy getting ready for my son to ram his big, hard cock into her, she leaned over and spit out a big glob of saliva, and cum from David’s cock, on to her pussy. I was mesmerized.

Candi felt it ans moaned, “Oh fuck, please stick that hard cock in my pussy!” She worked the spit and cum around the opening to her pussy as David looked on. He had now taken control of his penis and was stroking it just inches away from Candi’s slobbery pussy.

David was going to fuck this young woman in front of all these other young ladies, right in front of me. I looked around at the other girls and saw that most had removed at least part or all of their clothing. I was so horny, I removed my top and unsnapped my bra. My breasts bounced out and I felt so nasty removing my clothes in front of so many other people. I removed my skirt that was bunched up around my waist. I left my panties on.

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