Sonia and the Happy Ending Clinic

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My friend Miguel told me about the Happy Ending Clinic. We work together and one day he looked so relaxed, and at peace – really contented. I was curious, was he taking drugs? This was not the Miguel I knew. He was normally, shy and reticent and scared easily.

He would often get teased by the bullies at work who called him a homosexual because he didn’t seem interested in women. It was sheer luck that two of the bullies were sent to work at another branch of the company, and then the rest backed down because their support club had left.

Things were better, but not this good. Maybe he’s finally accepted his homosexuality, I thought. Anyway, the change in Miguel was so remarkable that I approached him and started a conversation.

“Hey Miguel.”

“Hey Sonia.”

“Do you perhaps want to eat with me in the cafeteria today?”

He looked surprised, but he didn’t run away.

“With you?” He asked.

“Yes. Come on, it will be fun.”

“What about those other guys?”

I knew who he was referring to.

“You know I don’t mix with those assholes.”

He smiled shyly, looking as if he was making a decision.

“Okay. It’s not a trap or anything right?”


I was stung by his distrust, however, when I thought it over, I suppose he had reason to distrust the people here. Maybe I was hurt that he included me in ‘the people here’.

We met at the door to the cafeteria and got our lunch, I purposely picked a quiet table away from other people because I thought I could get him to tell me how and he’d changed so suddenly. I started half-way into the meal, hoping he wouldn’t just get up and go.

“You look fantastic.” I told Miguel.

“What?” He asked, and munched further on his chicken.

“You look different today. Calm; reassured; happy. You’re not as shy and nervous as you always seem.”

There, I had laid it out for him. He looked at me calmly. I could see his mind working, deciding what to tell me. He kept quiet and continued to eat.

“Are you taking drugs?” I asked, hesitantly, he just didn’t look the type. He almost choked.

“No!” He said vehemently.

“I don’t do drugs Sonia.”

“Okay, because my gay-dar is just not going off here. I find it difficult to believe that you’re gay.”

“Where does that come from? I’m not gay!” He was getting Miguel-angry now, not very frightening I’m afraid. Nevertheless, it was good that he was defending himself; he might explain yet.

“Okay, then why do you look so different? New girlfriend?” I was down to my last question.

Miguel blushed. Ha! I thought – nailed it.

“You have a new girlfriend?” I asked surprised. He blushed again. Jip, I was on the right track.

“No.” He said it so softly, it was almost a whisper.

“What?” I asked, shocked. Not a new girlfriend? I was ready to pull him over the table and make him tell me.

“Tell me then.” I ordered. He sighed and looked away.

“Miguel…” There was a warning in my voice. He looked back at me.

“Promise you won’t tell anyone.” He implored, he had lovely eyes, which for some reason I had not noticed before.

“Pinkie promise?” I asked.

“Don’t be stupid, just promise. I am taking a big chance on you. I have been watching you, just as you have been watching me. Although you’re trying to be bossy now; you and I are the same. Submissive.”

Oh God, he used the word. How did he know I was submissive? Dammit. I hesitated before I admitted it; I was hoping I could trust him.

“I swear Miguel, and you’re right, I am submissive. Don’t tell anyone that, please.”

For the first time since lunch, he smiled. He really should smile more; he looks cute when he does. He explained to me that he had a kink; a sexual one. Who doesn’t I thought? I have my own kink, and it’s very embarrassing. I prayed that it didn’t come up in the conversation. I thought I had heard wrong when he said his kink was medical fetish. My eyes wanted to pop out of my head; such was my shock.

“Don’t look so shocked.” Miguel said his courage was leaving him rapidly.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” I stuttered.

“It’s my kink too.” I whispered.

Now it was Miguel’s turn to look shocked. I repeated his words back to him and he suddenly threw back his head and laughed. I looked around nervously; thank goodness the cafeteria was almost empty. Miguel clapped his hands loudly.

“What are the chances…?” He was shaking his head and still laughing a little.

When he was done laughing he became serious and I became more nervous.

“We freaks are so few; I cannot believe that we’re into the same thing.” He said, looking even more comfortable if that were possible. I was green with envy.

A conversation followed that left Miguel with a hard cock and me with a wet pussy. I confessed to my arousal first, and he shyly seconded it with his own. It seemed we liked a lot of the same things. He told me about the Happy Ending Clinic, where you could pay for them to indulge you in your fetish. I had never been to any Maltepe Escort place like the Happy Ending Clinic; I was too shy and too mortified by my kink to allow it. However, it sounded like heaven on earth.

We agreed that one day I would try his Clinic. When we left the cafeteria, we were more closely bonded than a married couple. Bound together by our secrets and our kinks.

A few days later, Miguel came to me and offered to go with me to the Clinic. At first I didn’t want to, but he said that if I didn’t mind, he was sure they would let him hold my hand until I felt safe enough for him to leave the room. I now had a different dilemma. The idea of Miguel holding my hand, while the doctors were doing god knows what to me; turned me on, very much. In fact that was what changed my mind and gave me the courage to try it.

I called Miguel and agreed and he said we would take our day off next month and do it. I had goose-flesh when I put the phone down. I shivered in delight.

The rest of the month passed agonizingly slowly, I was a heap of nervous confusion and wanted to run away when the day finally came for our day off.

Miguel drove us there. I peppered him with questions, none of which he knew the answer to, but he promised to stay as long as I liked.

“If you won’t be offended, it will turn me on.” He said.

Imagine my surprise. I squeaked.

“It will turn me on as well; I was just too shy to say so.”

I felt the hot redness of my blushing cheeks and glanced over at Miguel; he had the grace to blush and turned towards the front again. A forty-minute drive later and we parked in the small parking lot.

At reception I was given a form to fill in; along with the standard hospital form, there was a long list of kinks, instruments, apparel and other things to tick off. Miguel assured me that this was normal, so that they could do what I wanted. He showed me where to add other stuff, like submission, humiliation and pain from procedure.

I gave the form back to the receptionist and we were told to follow the arrows on the walls to the examination room. I squeezed Miguel’s hand and whispered to him that I was already afraid and aroused. He nodded in sympathy.

“I know; everything about this place drives me wild as well.”

We entered a room with an open door. Miguel told me to sit on the bed, but I didn’t want to, so I held his hand and stood beside him as we waited. It turned out not to be long. The sexiest male nurse I have ever seen in my life came into the room and closed the door behind him. I was ready to faint on the spot.

He smiled cheerfully (mother of heaven he was gorgeous) and asked Miguel if it was for one or both of us.

“Just her, it’s her first visit.” Miguel explained. The nurse smiled and winked at me – I blushed in answer with my eyes now firmly on his black shoes with rubber soles, which means he made no noise walking down the passage, just like real nurses.

“Well, in that case you are very welcome to stay Mr Cortes. Sonia, I will tell your doctor so this can be a really great experience for you. You can call me Nurse or Nurse Joe, or just Joe, whatever is comfortable for you. When the session starts, I would like you to address me as Nurse Joe.”

He put his hand under my chin and gently lifted it until I was looking in his eyes. I was sure I was going to make a puddle on the floor at any moment.

“Yes Nurse Joe. Thank you.” I squeaked, wanting to sink away into the floor.

“Well then young lady, take this -” he said as he handed me a folded green hospital gown.

“- Get undressed and put it on and I will be back with the doctor in a few minutes.”

He caressed my cheek, then turned, and swiftly left. The room felt cold and empty without him.

“Turn around.”

I ordered Miguel but he was looking down. I looked at what had his attention; there was a bulge in his pants. As I looked, my pussy gushed out juice of its own. This was very arousing.

“Turn!” I was bossy now.

He was supposed to be here for support, not a free ride.

I stripped off my clothes and folded them, then left the little pile on the small table next to the bed because I didn’t know what to do with it. I slipped my arms into the hospital gown that was open at the back. I could feel the cool air on my back and my buttocks, I shivered and goose-flesh sprang up everywhere.

‘You can turn back now.” I told Miguel, who offered to tie my gown at the back. I reluctantly went over to him and let him tie the gown, knowing he was looking at my butt while he did.

After he tied my gown, I went back to the bed and gingerly sat on the edge. It was strange – the gown made me feel small and helpless. All I wanted now was for a big strong doctor to reassure me that everything was going to be all right. I was strangely emotional, I wanted to burst into tears but I didn’t know exactly why.

I flinched when the door opened again and Nurse Joe re-entered with a doctor in green scrubs close behind. He had a green bonnet Kartal Escort covering his hair and green booties over his shoes. The thing that scared me most was that he had a green mask that covered his face from his nose to his chin. Too late I realised he had latex gloves on and I nearly wet myself.

As stiff as a board in fear and anxiety, I stood against the bed with my eyes on the doctor’s shoes.

“This is Sonia.” Nurse Joe began.

I didn’t dare to look up. I felt a gentle hand under my chin. The gloved hand lifted my face until I was looking right into my doctor’s eyes. They looked very gentle and kind and I relaxed a little. He pulled his mask down to his chin and smiled at me.

“Hi honey. Just relax; I’ll take care of everything. You’re going to have a wonderful time, that’s a promise.”

I relaxed and breathed out slowly.

“That’s great. I’m Doctor Nick and I’m going to take care of you today. Joe what does my patient want?”

“An examination, an enema and then a climax, inside and out, pain before and during procedure. Pain is on level 7 and humiliation is on level 8. No penile penetration, no oral and no watersports. Or anything else.” Nurse Joe read off my chart.

“My, my but you are a shy one. Are you sure about the pain level? My shy little patient.” Dr Nick murmured.

I nodded, not looking up.

“The humiliation? Level 8 is pretty extreme.”

I nodded again.

“Okay, we’ll do that then. If you want to stop at any time, you can do so. Remember the word…lipstick.” I looked up, my doctor was waving with his hands, and lipstick was obviously the first word he could think of that I could use.

My doctor then gently helped me up on the bed while Nurse Joe fluffed my pillow. My doctor caressed my leg once and lifted my gown above my knees. I immediately pinched my legs together. My doctor chuckled. I sneaked a glance at him; he took a stethoscope out of his pants – where his cock was! His cock was erect! I felt the pink blush creeping up my face from my neck. Too late I realised I was staring at his bulge, and I was mortified to realise that he knew I was looking.

My eyes followed the stethoscope out of his pants and up his body to his face. He was looking into my eyes and when our eyes met, he gave me a wink and a smile. Doctor Nick and Nurse Joe then pulled my gown right up to chin, exposing my whole body.

To my dismay, my nipples were taught and hard. Dr Nick cupped my right breast and stroked his thumb over my nipple as he listened to my heart which was about to burst. He took the stethoscope off and passed it to Nurse Joe as he cupped my left breast with his other hand. He squeezed them, rubbed my nipples, and then made circles in the flesh with his fingers.

He was giving me a breast exam!

His circles became bigger and slower and he instructed me to lift my arms, which I immediately did. When he was finished, he motioned to Nurse Joe to come to his side of the bed. I watched Nurse Joe wondering nervously if everything was alright with my breasts.

Doctor Nick stuck his hands down Nurse Joe’s scrub pants to where he had a huge bulge. Doctor Nick withdrew a pen light and let Nurse Joe’s pants snap back. The size of the huge bulge remained unchanged and I squirmed in my wetness, pinching my legs together again.

Doctor Nick used the penlight and a tongue suppressor and made me say ‘Aah.’ He told me that everything was fine, including my beautiful breasts. He called my breasts beautiful; I felt the redness creeping up my face again.

‘Leave us alone.” Doctor Nick told Miguel and Nurse Joe.

Miguel looked at me and I nodded and he and Nurse Joe left. I was staring at my doctor’s booties again when I heard the door click softly shut. Shit. What had I just done?

My doctor pulled the visitor’s chair close to the bed and then sat in it.

“Come over here and sit on doctor’s lap Sonia.”

It was somewhere between a request and an order, his voice was husky and low. I was speechless; I was drowning in his voice. It flowed over me like cream over cake.

I slowly moved to him and sat down near his knees. He promptly grabbed me around my waist and turned me so that my back was against his chest.

“Put your feet on my knees Sonia.”

That was not a request and I slowly lifted my legs. He slapped me sharply on my thigh.

“Quickly!” He ordered, and I put my feet on his knees, which were slightly spread.

He pulled my gown back up until it was under my chin.

“Spread your legs Sonia, I want to see your pussy.”

Oh dear god. I spread my legs, they were trembling.

My doctor caressed my breasts with his right hand; he still had his left arm around my waist, keeping my ass firmly on his hard cock.

His hand moved lower and lower still. He was just above my pussy now and my breath was already ragged.

He slipped his finger into my slit, his other fingers quickly followed and he was stroking my pussy, spreading my wetness. I couldn’t look anymore and let my head Kurtköy Escort fall back against his shoulder as I groaned with pleasure.

“Yeah baby, that’s right. Does it feel good?”

I moaned in reply.

“I promise we won’t do anything you don’t want.”

He had found my clit and was gently circling it with a gloved finger. I squirmed and pushed my cunt towards his hand for more.

“Do you like that?” He asked.

“Yes, doctor.” I squealed and writhed under his finger again.

“Is your pussy wet?”

“Yes, doctor.”

“Do you like it when doctor plays with your cunt?”

I nodded vigorously, I could feel my climax getting closer. I pushed my clit onto his finger, my hips were in the air already.

“Don’t stop.” I cried.

He stopped.

“Nooo, doctor please…”

He smacked me hard, right on my pussy. It stung deliciously and I cried out again.

“You’ll come when I give you permission and not before, you filthy little slut.”

He smacked my pussy three times. I lifted my hips again for more because my clit was pulsing to cum now. Doctor Nick must have known this because he pinched my clit tightly between two fingers and it hurt so much it stopped my climax immediately.

I jerked as I doubled up in pain. He pushed me back against his chest and grabbed my nipple and squeezed it painfully. I screamed.

“And this!” He was shouting at me now. I began to cry.

“Who said these nipples could stand up?”

He slapped my breast and then he slapped me on my nipple.

“I’m a filthy little girl doctor! Say it! Say it!” My doctor shouted.

“I-I’m a filthy l-little girl doctor.” I managed to sputter out.

“I like being fucked in all my holes, Sir! Say it!”

“I l-like b-being fucked in all m-my holes, Sir.” I repeated his words through my tears.

“Whose fucking tit is this?” He grabbed and painfully squeezed my breast again.

“Yours. Yours doctor, Sir. Arrrgh.”

He slapped my pussy twice again.

“Who owns this cunt, bitch?”

“You do. You do Master.”

“Aah that’s better. I think I’ve got you right where I want you now.”

His voiced had changed suddenly, he wasn’t shouting anymore. He was quite calm – not gentle and kind. Just calm.

“Nurse!” Doctor Nick yelled.

Nurse Joe must have been right outside the door because he immediately opened the door and then closed it again with a soft click. I realised that he had heard everything and my humiliation doubled.

My doctor removed his gloves with me still sitting against his rock hard cock and Nurse Joe gave him a fresh pair. He pulled them onto his hands and let each one go with a resounding slap. I shivered in fear, my eyes wide in terror and anticipation. As if that wasn’t enough, Nurse Joe did the same thing. He stood in front of me and pulled on a new pair of gloves. He was looking at my pussy as he did so.

“Thermometer.” Doctor Nick ordered.

Nurse Joe reached into the kidney dish behind him. Doctor Nick instructed me to lift my hips while Nurse Joe lubricated the thermometer. Using his gloved hand he pushed my butt cheeks apart and inserted the thermometer with the other.

I gasped. It was ice cold, but not painful. My doctor reached between my legs and started pumping the thermometer in and out of my ass. I can’t say it was nice – I didn’t feel anything.

“Just as I suspected.” Doctor Nick said to Nurse Joe.

“This asshole has been used before.”

He took out the thermometer and plunked it back into the kidney dish then my doctor grabbed my face with his hand and turned it to one side so that he could look at me.

“Tell me Sonia… Have you allowed a man to fuck you in your ass?”

My mouth opened and closed without saying anything. I didn’t know what he wanted to hear. As if he read what I was thinking in my eyes, he tapped my cheek with a finger.

“Tell the truth Sonia.”

“Y-yes doctor. But not a lot.” I hastily added.

My doctor sighed, as if this was a common complaint he heard all the time.

“We’re going to have to wash that dirty asshole of yours; it’s probably becoming infected as we speak. Get on the bed Sonia. Lift her gown Nurse Joe, and separate those legs. We don’t want any infection to spread.”

I did as I was told, in a half-hypnotized trance.

Nurse Joe pushed my legs open and then slightly lifted my ass so that my doctor could administer the enema.

“You see this nozzle patient?”

‘Yes doctor.” It was huge, as thick as a man’s cock and at least nine inches long.

“It pains me to say patient, that I am forced to use this nozzle on your ass. That’s what you let happen to yourself. I would appreciate it in future, if you’re going to take cocks in your asshole, that you make an appointment immediately so that we can clean your nasty asshole properly. Before it gets to this stage again.”

“Yes, doctor.”

I didn’t think about it, I just said it. I was falling deeper and deeper into this magician’s spell. I felt the nozzle push against my asshole which I was squeezing shut.

“Don’t clench patient.”

I tried to relax; it wasn’t enough. The nozzle pressed harder and then my hole couldn’t take the pressure anymore and the nozzle slipped in with a rough push.

“Ouch!” I yelled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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