South Keys Plaza Encounter

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As Salam Alaikum, people. My name is Nabila Ali and I’m a young Arab Muslim woman of Saudi Arabian descent living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. I was born in the City of Al Kharj, Saudi Arabia, and my parents, Yasser and Amina Ali moved to Canada ten years ago. We are from the Shiite branch of Islam and if you know anything about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, then you’ll realize that our move was in our best interests.

All things considered, my family and I have adjusted fairly well to life in Canada. We’ve done good. I am twenty one years old, and currently studying civil engineering at the University of Ottawa. A lot of people think us Saudi Arabian Muslim women are repressed and dull, but we’re as sexual and lively as women from any other culture or faith.

Take a good look at me, if you would. I’m five-foot-six, with long Black hair which I almost always hide under my Hijab, light bronze skin and dark brown eyes. Don’t assume that I am soft and sweet, or submissive and weak simply because I am a Muslim woman who wears the damn Hijab, and I won’t assume that you’re an undereducated moron with a case of stupidity wrapped in xenophobia. Deal?

I was walking around the Wal-Mart located at South Keys when I saw a very handsome brother. Tall, masculine and sexy, with dark brown skin and a smoothly shaved head, the brother looked good enough to eat. By the looks of him, I pegged him for a Congolese or a Burundian. Nope, as I would soon find out, this brother came from the island of Haiti. I approached him because, ahem, I needed help finding the washroom.

Like the kind gentleman that he is, the brother in question asked me to follow him, and then he led me to the ladies room. I thanked him, and we exchanged names. The tall, cute brother had a rather unique-sounding name, this I must say. Lucien, what an unusual name, and kind of French-sounding, if I’m not entirely mistaken.

Lucien excused himself and told escort bursa me that he was late for a meeting at the bank next door, and I wished him good luck on his journey. I stood there with a smile on my face as Lucien made a run for the door. Brother’s got a nice ass! I bought a pair of bright pink panties ( yes, Hijab-wearing Muslim ladies like to buy sexy panties too ) and paid for them using my MBNA Mastercard. I got it when MBNA sent their reps at the University of Ottawa. Has a limit of about five hundred bucks, but I don’t use it much.

I hung around the South Keys area for a bit, and then went to the nearby Starbucks for some coffee. Guess who I ran into in there? A certain tall, cute Haitian brother with a great physique, shy smile and sinfully sexy ass. Lucien, the flawless one, as I called him in my mind. I waved at him as he came in, and a smiling Lucien waved back.

Lucien was most surprised when I asked him to join me for dinner. A lot of people underestimate us Muslim ladies, seriously. Apparently, we’re not supposed to be the type of ladies who take the initiative when we’re dealing with males we find interesting. Well, I hate to break this to you but we’re a lot bolder than we’re given credit for, alright? Lucien looks good to me, and what I want, I get. Pure and simple!

Lucien and I grabbed coffee together and I got to know him better. The tall, handsome Haitian stud was a newcomer from Montreal, Quebec, and he was studying business at Carleton University. Oh, and he also ran a small business online and was successful in obtaining a loan from the nearby CIBC bank to help with the costs. I looked at Lucien and smiled, quietly impressed as he flashed me both his Carleton University student ID and his new business cards. The brother’s got potential, that’s for sure.

Lucien was a very good-looking and interesting brother, but there’s only one thing I absolutely wanted from him. Nope, make that bursa merkez escort needed. I wanted to get a closer look at that sexy body of his. That’s why I “accidentally” laid my hand on Lucien’s thigh under the table, and when our eyes met, I licked my lips suggestively and asked the gorgeous Haitian brother if he lived far from there. When Lucien told me that he lived within walking distance of the South Keys Plaza, I was all smiles.

Lucien and I finished our coffees, then hastily left the Starbucks. We made our way through the crowded parking lot, crossed the street and headed toward South Gate, where the brother happens to live. Once we got to his building, we rode the elevator together, making out the whole time. Lucien’s lips tasted even sweeter than they looked, and I knew we would have a lot of fun together once we reached his apartment. Ladies and gentlemen, I am happy to say that the Haitian brother did not disappoint me!

Once Lucien and I got to his place, the Haitian stud and I got our freak on. I was eager to give him a piece of my precious Saudi Arabian Muslim pussy. First, I got on my knees before Lucien and grabbed his long and thick, deliciously dark dick. It stared at me like a cobra. Hesitantly, I stroked Lucien’s dick and then sucked it, and when Lucien came, I drank all of his cum.

Afterwards, Lucien was more than happy to return the favor. I wanted to undress before letting Lucien lick my pussy, and I’d taken off my T-shirt and long skirt, and pulled down my panties. As I unclasped my bra and got ready to remove my Hijab, a naughty gleam crept into Lucien’s eyes and the Haitian stud begged me not to take off my Hijab. Smiling, I nodded, for I find mixing the sacred and the profane deliciously wicked. It’s so haram it’s sexy!

Lucien knelt before me, spread my thick bronze thighs open and buried his face between my legs. The Haitian stud licked my pussy bursa yabancı escort like his life depended on it, his agile tongue and nimble fingers invading my cunt while he teased my clitoris with his tongue. Lucien had me screaming and moaning as he pleasured me, and I cried out his name in English, French and Arabic. Dammit, look what Lucien made me do!

Afterwards, Lucien put me on all fours and proceeded to worship the hell out of my thick, round and juicy Saudi booty. Arab women got booty, folks. Let no one tell you otherwise! I giggled as Lucien spread my plump ass cheeks and licked my asshole. Shoot, I’d gone to the washroom twice earlier but Lucien didn’t care. The Haitian brother ate my ass like it was candy! When Lucien asked me if I liked anal sex, I was thrilled to answer in the affirmative. Lucien smiled, and I knew an afternoon of delights awaited me.

Lucien used Aloe cream to lubricate my asshole, then the Haitian stud pressed his hard dick against my backdoor. I pushed my big Saudi butt against Lucien’s groin, loving the feel of his long, hard dick against my butt. Anal sex is considered haram in Islam, but I don’t give a fuck. I am one of those Muslim women who love anal sex. If you don’t like it, you can kiss my thick Saudi Arabian Muslim female ass!

Lucien’s dick slid into my asshole, and I sighed happily as the Haitian stud began fucking me up the ass. Slow and steady at first, Lucien took his sweet time, letting my ass get used to his dick. Placing his big, strong hands on my hips, Lucien worked his dick up my ass. I begged Lucien to fuck me harder and he did just that, filling my ass with his dick and pumping it in with deep strokes. I screamed in pleasure as I got ass fucked, and Lucien didn’t let up, he fucked me good till I begged for mercy.

About an hour later, I showered and left Lucien’s apartment, but not before taking the tall, sinfully sexy Haitian brother’s phone number. I definitely wanted a repeat of today’s sexual excursion. Lucien was totally okay with that, since he’s a single university student in the Capital, and always looking to have fun. Looks like I found a solution to the problem of boredom that plagued me, ladies and gentlemen. Is that cool or what?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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