Space Trucking

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The small tug bumped to a stop on the rocky surface. Three small rocket driven grapples drove into the surface anchoring the vessel to the speeding rock. It seemed small in the dark vastness of outer space. After a short period of time, the airlock of the craft opened. It was eerie in the loneliness all around. Then there was a rush of air that dissipated instantly into the vacuum. A clumsy lone figure emerged in a shiny silver spacesuit and slowly backed down the landing ladder to the surface.

He clipped the life line to the reinforced ring at the edge of the airlock. Safety is the first rule of a sole prospector in space. There was no one in the area to assist if an accident occurred or if he drifted off helpless in the weightless atmosphere to his doom.

The suited figure did a thorough inspection walk around the area of the anchored tug, searching for any dangers the scans hadn’t picked up from orbit. In the process, he collected a bag full of rocks to run through the small assay device on board. The results would confirm the scans made from orbit.

They had disclosed that this asteroid was made of an amalgam of rare and valuable ores which, when sold would fund the prospector’s life at a level of extravagance he had only dreamed of. He had found the “Lasseter’s Reef” of legend.

Since the human race had embarked into space, the metals used in space vessels had sky-rocketed in price and created a new gold rush into the ether and vastness of the universe.

It was a lonely, friendless occupation as a Space Prospector, with the only human contact at the far flung frontier outposts. Where repairs and supplies could be obtained and a man could get a drink and a whore. Here hard men, disgruntled with the life on Terra, had fled to make their fortunes or die in the attempt.

It was amazing the advances man had made since the First World War when the alien hordes had descended on Terra to rape it of its natural resources. Finally mankind, all races, colour and creed had joined forces to defend the home world. It had lasted almost a decade but eventually humans had beaten the aliens, driving them out of the solar system. It was thanks to the infinity drive that Win Enterprises had developed giving man faster than light space travel and unlimited energy to power the new wave of laser cannons and photon torpedoes. It gave humans the power and equipment to overcome the invaders.

After the war, still in the euphoria of victory, humans were united for the first time ever and started to work together for the benefit of all mankind now known as Terran’s. Hunger and disease had been wiped out in the following decade. All mankind were equal. Free health care became universal, peace reigned in the world for the first time in history. All the time, effort and money was now used to make the world a utopia for all the peoples of this great planet. It was a world of good.

With all the advances though, there was nothing seriously changed with human nature. Man would always be man, greedy and envious of someone else’s successes. It had spawned the masses of space pirates who plundered the lonely outposts of space, in particular the Space Prospectors. Hundreds of prospectors and their space crafts had disappeared without trace after reporting sightings of space pirates.

The lonely spaceman was a skilled prospector and cast his experienced eye over the rocky surface. He was excited by what he saw. The next two weeks would be spent in mindless sampling of the big asteroid. The assays and sonic maps of the asteroid would be enough to sell a percentage of the rock to a mining company. He would get them to do the mining and sit back and think how to spend the money that would flow in.

First things first though, he had to get to a settlement with a Registry Office and register his claim on the asteroid. He already had one in mind. Just thinking of the rough settlement he had in mind made him smile. He had a friend that ran the local bar and grill. A red head, mid-thirties, trim figure and a touch over 5’6.”

He was looking forward to catching up again. The last visit had ended badly when he got into a bar fight and virtually destroyed her bar. It had been wrecked in the past but not like that. It was after all where the hardened miners congregated to blow off steam and get with some human company, decent food a good hangover and some female affection. But when two men have designs on the same woman at the same time, serious trouble isn’t far behind. Testosterone and pride rears its ugly head.

With the assaying completed and a small amount of raw ore, Fury secured the tug contents and prepared to head back to civilisation. The ore would give him enough credits to exploit his find and enjoy himself. With the ship stowed, Fury fired the infinity drive, jettisoned ardahan escort the landing grapples and lifted gently from the surface.

With the ship orbiting the asteroid, Fury programmed in the 3 dimensional co-ordinates of the Asteroid Bar how she had invited him in for a nightcap. After a short period of dancing to the music, how their kisses had gotten stronger, deeper and more demanding. They explored each other’s bodies until she took his hand and led him to her boudoir.

She pampered him first with a hot oil massage, relieving him of all his tension and once relaxed, she lay beside his naked body in nothing more than a pair of transparent panties. He saw they were already damp at the crotch. Her head rested on his chest while her finger traced the spider web of scars across his chest. There were plenty of them earned over a rough life.

Her finger was seductive, slowly moving downward at a snail’s pace until it circled his navel. They chatted softly in to the night, while she continued to trace his chest. The dull roar of the 24 hour bar never far away in the background.

Her finger continued its idle search of his body as they chatted but decided to change to a more seductive explore. It descended, coming to the wiry mat of pubic hair. She carried on, twirling his short, curly hair and then gently grasped his cock.

His breath caught in his throat, and his heart rate jumped in anticipation. She slowly stroked his manhood and her lips kissed their way down his body towards her active hand. She reached the tip of the shaft, slowly teasing him with her lips, with her tongue and grazing teeth. The seduction caused him to arch his back from the bed. Eventually she kissed the head and slowly took him into her mouth.

Sighing with sublime pleasure, he relaxed as she gave him a blow job, raising him to surf the edge of climax and by manipulation of his shaft, bringing him back down from that edge. Only to repeat, building back to the point of no return and again denying him his climax.

In bringing herself into position for her to take him into her mouth, she had exposed her own sex! Fury took full advantage. His fingers and thumb began to play a sweet duet to her on her moist gusset.

Then, he tore her wispy panties from her body and completely exposed her sex to his teasing fingers and expertly played her like a fine, exquisite musical instrument.

Her intimate lips began to swell and opened up, like a sunflower to the rising sun. This allowed his fingers access to her sweet depths. Her woman’s sweet odour caressed his sense of smell and she felt his erection harden and pulse in her mouth.

His probing fingers slid deep into her, searching and seeking her hidden pleasure zones. Her hips pushed forward to drive his fingers deeper while his thumb caressed her clitoris. She spread her legs wider inviting him.

His gasp as she took his rampant cock deep into her mouth was music to her ears. Then she positioned herself on his body. Her breath caressing his manhood as her hips slid over and onto his face. She cried aloud when his tongue touched her swollen clitoris and sucked it into his mouth. His teeth rasped gently across her swollen pleasure button. In pleasure, her hips slammed down hard on his face. His tongue delved deeply into her sopping wet pussy. He tasted her labia whilst her tongue caressed his erect cock slowly and sweetly.

They caressed and pleasured each other orally, their hips writhing and bucking as their climaxes slowly built. His tongue and lips brought her from heavy pants, through to wanton mewls, through to needy moans and finally to a crescendo of loud passion. Her thighs clamped tightly around his head as she began to climax her sweet juices. They spilled into his mouth while she screwed her pussy harder and harder onto his mouth and on to his delving tongue. Her “la petite mort” ravaged her body as she flooded his mouth with her cum and he lapped it up hungrily much like the cat that got the cream.

All this, while her tongue and mouth sucked on his cock, bringing on his ejaculation. Her actions and flushing orgasm excited him. She forced his length deep into her receptive mouth and throat. His body stiffened and his sperm flew and drenched her mouth. It overwhelmed her ability to swallow it all and the excess semen ran out and drenched his loins.

He grabbed her, pulled her up to him and wrapped his big arms around her. He kissed her sweet mouth as they lay holding each other and recuperated. Soon they would be ready to begin all over again…

While his space craft moved swiftly towards the frontier outpost, a shadowy vessel trailed behind him. It was painted black with no registration numbers displayed. It appeared silent and sinister as it travelled.

The adıyaman escort time passed quickly and Fury’s ship was soon parking itself in orbit around the Asteroid city. He was awoken as timed, quickly showered and dressed in black jeans, black and dark red patterned leather cowboy boots and a matching dark red top with black flashes across his shoulders and upper chest. He looked handsome and ready for a night out.

He called Space Control for landing permission and directions to a landing bay. Once settled on the concrete landing pad, he secured the ship, set the alarms and shut down the drives.

Entering the pressurised area, which was mostly below the surface of the hollowed out rock, he headed for the USF (United Space Federation) offices to secure his claim. Whilst there, he also converted some of his samples into credits. With his business completed, he eagerly headed to the Asteroid Bar & Grill, and to the glamorous red head who ran it.

She was a mature woman with a woman’s needs and desires. She had several lovers that courted her. It didn’t bother him too much. Time and distance was the hurdle that made their relationship open ended and fortunately, he had only ever been there once when one of her other lovers was in town. That didn’t end to well. They had busted up her bar!

He pushed that episode to the back of his mind. He was excited as he approached the bar. His last strike made him comfortable with asking her for a commitment, to spouse him and travel with him as his wife. The butterflies were flying formation in his stomach and he tried to calm his racing heart.

He paused at the outer door, composed himself, gave himself the once over, and checked he had the surprise in his pocket. With more bravado than he felt, he pushed the swing doors open and walked in checking the room for old friends and enemies.

Noticeably absent from the bar was the red head he was seeking. Then he noticed that the drapes were drawn on her private dining room. Fronting the bar dejected, he ordered a “depth charge” and sculled it down as fast as his heart had sunk. He ordered another drink and his mind wondered who had the pleasure of her company tonight.

He saw there was a new barmaid here tonight. A pretty young thing with auburn hair and a very alluring body, barely covered by her working uniform. He moved to a table in a quieter corner where he could keep his eye on who came and went. He purposefully sat with his back to the wall. Carrying as many credits as he had, he knew he was a target for many of the small ‘never do wells’ that frequented the bar. A quick unethical whisper from someone in the USF office in the right criminal ear could spell serious trouble for someone in his situation.

The new barmaid sauntered to his table. She was even better on the eye close up. She had deep blue eyes and a pretty smile. She hadn’t been out on the frontier long, he could tell from the sparkle in her eyes still. The frontier was rough on women. It crushed their spirit as they realised it wasn’t the adventurous place they had imagined, but instead a rough, hard Spartan life with small hope of finding a rich prospector who was still young and attractive.

Sure they were all heavily muscled but a prospector’s life was hard on the body. Most prospectors were part cyborg with replacement robotic parts. Even Fury had his fair share of repli-parts, bought and installed at ungodly cost but a man needed to be fit. Cripples just didn’t last long working the ‘roids.

“Hello my name is Janine, I will be taking care of you tonight,” she said with a smile.

“G’Day Janine, they call me Fury and yes I do look forward to you ‘taking’ care of me,” he replied with a wicked grin as his mind conjured up a vision of her naked and sweaty, under his body, later in the evening.

But for now, he ordered, “A beer and a steak dinner and apple pie and cream for afters. Real steak, real apples and real cream.”

He slipped a credit disk into her hand and watched her eyes widen when she realised how much money she was holding. She hurried to the bar and returned with a cold frothy beer and telling him she would pick the best steak out just for him.

She returned with a huge steak and veggies, just what several months on space food made him lust after. The steak was cooked perfectly, bleeding as his knife sliced through it. Sitting back, after demolishing the meal and washing it down with another beer, he told Janine to wait a while before the apple pie.

His eyes kept drifting towards the private dining room and as the night grew late his plans started to dissolve in an alcohol based haze. His attention began to focus on the new girl Janine, and his alcohol fuelled lust. When she came over to take his empty karabük escort glass, he asked her for a bottle of Earth Bourbon, knowing it would punch a sizable hole in his travel money, and asked her if she would join him in a drink.

Fending off his groping hands, she explained, “I’d love to Fury but my shift isn’t over for another 2 hours”

“Mmm I can wait Hun,” he muttered.

With a quick glance around the bar she kissed him whispering, “Don’t get too drunk cowboy, you might not get into the saddle.” She winked at him.

With a gentle smile, Fury returned the wink, and began to nurse his drink. There was music playing in the background. Old songs from his youth. Anthems he had ridden to war listening too.

He hated when memories of the world war came crashing back into his consciousness. All he remembered was the constant sorties in his fighter craft, day after day, endlessly flying off into danger. In the beginning they were heavily outnumbered with inferior craft and weapons. They suffered heavy losses. Many of his mates never returned and then came the change that bred success.

The infinity drive was created and it put the Terran’s in the driving seat. No longer were their craft slow and clumsy in comparison to the alien ships. They were faster, more agile and had unlimited fire-power. Without doubt, it was the winning fluke that saved the human race from extinction and drove the aliens running for cover and back to their own galaxy.

The Terran’s had not forgotten that experience. Now they had heavily armed cruisers with a company of space marines aboard on constant patrol, always vigilante for incursions into their sphere of influence. Never again would the humans be caught off guard. Their first experience of E.T. had shaped their diplomatic outlook for future encounters, and was not towards peaceful co-existence.

His reminiscing was interrupted by Janine hopping into his lap in her civvies, which he was happy to notice, concealed even less than her work clothes. She handed him his change from his credit and he slipped a large tip into her cleavage, what there was of it! He ordered a bottle of champagne and they toasted the night, then moved to the music end of the bar and danced for a while.

After a few dances, she leaned in close and whispered, “I really need to get off my feet Fury. It’s been a long day at work. Will you escort me home?”

“Of course My Lady,” he offered gallantly, “Let’s get your coat and we will go”

With a throaty chuckle she responded, “I live upstairs. It’s a perk of the job. Just bring that bourbon and that stiff cock in your pants”

“Oh you noticed that did you?” he smiled guiltily. “I thought I had kept that secret”

With a quick kiss, she took his hand and led him to the back stairs and on to her room. It was compact to say the least, barely enough room for the queen sized bed, the dresser and the small alcove with a shower and toilet. Space was a premium in space.

Closing the door, Fury turned only to catch Janine as she threw herself into his arms and tightly embraced him. She showered his grizzled face in hot kisses as she hung from his neck and pressed her young nubile body to his.

Catching her breath and taking him by the hand, she led him into the tiny shower area and began to strip her clothing in a slow sensuous dance teasing him coyly. She covered her secret places shyly. He pulled her to him and held her tightly. He kissed her soft red lips, biting her lower lip suggestively and tugged her hair free.

Janine unfastened his clothing and stripped him, swiftly dragging him into the shower and dowsing them in cold water, giggling aloud.

“Slow down, this is a marathon not a sprint. We have all night,” she whispered in his ear, full of naughty promise.

He gasped at the cold water. Slowly, the water turned warm and then very hot just the way he liked it. It washed the stresses away. Janine began soaping and massaging his body which felt good to him. Slowly he began to relax and to respond in kind to Janine’s attention. He soaped her body and caressed the work day aches from her body till they were both aroused and panting hard.

Janine slid down Fury’s body coming to her knees, eyeing his erect cock as she gently caressed it.

“My god it’s beautiful, perfect and so big,” she murmured softly. She looked up at his smiling face and began tonguing the head. He leaned back against the wall whilst the scalding water ran down his body. It didn’t take long for his climax to crash through his body. He had after all, been alone in space quite a long time without any female companionship.

He enjoyed jettisoning his spunk all over her face and mouth. He let the shower water clean her off before whisking her off her feet. He carried her to the bed, dropped her softly on the duvet and stood over her admiring her nakedness. He thought how fortunate he was to have met her tonight especially as his plans had been dashed. He lowered himself to the bed beside her. He kissed her softly as his hands explored her pale flesh. He heard her soft moans of need which spurred him on.

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