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Dear Keith,

Come spend a semester in Washington, DC and open doors for a successful career after you graduate!

As one of Washington’s top academic internship programs, Capital Semester (CS), provides our undergraduates with

Keith stopped reading and hit “delete.” This was definitely not on his list of things to do. He went back to his inbox and clicked on an e-mail from the University librarian, Lori Jackson.


Please come to the sixth floor circulation desk today for access to the books you reserved. I should be at the desk any time between 3:00 and 5:00. After five I’ll be in my office, room 611C.

Hope to see you soon,


The clock read 4:41.

“Shit,” Keith said. Any hope of catching her at her desk rather than having to find her office and seek her out was now gone. He threw a shirt on and picked up his list of books. Keith was a college student, and was forced to ask for reserve books for his semester research project, which meant that he had to go to the library to use them, his window of opportunity for which was rapidly diminishing.

He left his apartment and strode the five blocks to the library. He walked in the door and found the usual sight for a Sunday afternoon, only a handful of people in an otherwise quite large building. He made his way up the stairs to the sixth floor where his books were being held, and saw fewer and fewer people as he went higher into the building.

As he had predicted, the circulation desk was deserted on floor six. He hadn’t been able to make it on time, and had no choice but to find the librarian’s office and ask for her help. He went around the corner where the offices were, and saw light coming from under only one door. He walked down the hall and stopped at the one that said Lori Jackson, room 611C. He saw that the door was slightly ajar, and since the light was on, he pushed the door open and went in.

“Knocking also works, you know.” She was sitting there in her desk, which was facing the door, and all of a sudden Keith didn’t know if it was the small size of the room or the tone that she addressed him with that shocked him and rendered him momentarily speechless.

“Sorry, I saw it was open,” said Keith, relatively indifferent as to what was really happening, but still mildly startled by the forward and direct nature of this woman.

She web tasarım was really remarkable. Not to look at as much as in her posture and attitude. She looked sharp and devilish, despite the office setting that Keith had stumbled into, with her sitting behind a desk. All he could see was her red button-down shirt, which exemplified her medium-sized but shapely breasts.

“Keith, is it?” she asked, looking down at her desk and shuffling her papers around.

“I’m the one with the three documents from the political science department,” he said as he sat down opposite her at her large wooden desk.

“Yes, you are, it looks like I have two of them here…it seems like one got left next door. Excuse me a minute.”

She stood up and revealed to Keith that she was wearing a short denim skirt that only came down to about mid-thigh. He tried not to stare as she walked past him toward the door. She was commanding when she walked, and Keith felt slightly intimidated by her presence.

When she put her hand on the door to open it, she turned to Keith and said, “After I leave push this file cabinet against the door, please.”

“Why?” I blurted out. I didn’t realize what I was saying until she replied, “You’ll be glad you did.”

With that she turned and walked out the door, closing it behind her. How strange of a request, Keith thought. Why would she want me to move it against the door? It was as if she wanted me to barricade her door so she couldn’t come back in. Regardless, Keith decided he would move the cabinet and then wait for something else to happen. The last thing he needed was to get stuck here during the time he so desperately needed for his assignment.

He pushed the cabinet, which probably weighed around sixty pounds, from its position in the center of the wall all the way to the door, placing it in the corner as to wedge the door shut. No one could open the door, he thought to himself, except him. He started to walk back towards the chair he’d been sitting in when he noticed something about the wall where the cabinet had been. The file cabinet had been hiding a hole in the wall, about four inches in diameter that strangely enough, as Keith looked at it, opened into the next room.

The realization hit him all at once. It was a gloryhole. He started to get excited, and even more so when he remembered who was likely to web tasarım ankara be on the other side.

Lori, he thought to himself. A bulge began to appear in his pants.


This is working out better than I had planned, Lori thought to herself. He’s in there and he found the hole.

Lori was eager for some action. She had indulged herself every night for the past week with her vibrator and collection of erotic literature, but somehow she had reached a point where she had to make it happen, and for real. She was now living out her fantasy, a situational sexual encounter where she was in complete control. And it made her horny.

She watched the light coming through the hole in the darkness of the next room, waiting for the relief she so desperately needed. Finally, she saw a hard cock of average size poke through the opening of light, and she walked over and knelt in front of it.

Here goes, she thought with a flush of excitement. She kissed the head of the dick. She saw it strain and try to get closer to her mouth, to no avail. This time she opened her mouth and engulfed virtually the entire length. She closed down only when she had the whole cock in her mouth, and she felt a groan of pleasure from the recipient on the other side of the wall, in the other office. She rotated her head up and off of his dick as she licked, popping off the end before sliding back down and letting his cock melt into her mouth.

She let him pump into her mouth and then backed up further and raised her right hand to the hole. She slowly wrapped the base of his shaft in her firm grip, and as she sucked and licked on the head of his dick she gently tugged on his cock, stepping up the pace towards his orgasm.

Suddenly, though, she felt slightly discontent again. There was something missing from this encounter. Maybe the novelty of the gloryhole had worn off; maybe she just needed something better. Lori decided to stop and end this stage of the encounter. She was going to the other room to have her way with her student.


Keith pushed into the hole with his hard cock, and was sure that the warm mouth his cock was being ravaged by would come back to at least finish him off. When his thrusts met with nothing, he realized he had no idea what he was supposed to do. If she didn’t come back, was he supposed to stand there and wait, or should he move the cabinet and pretend like it didn’t happen? He suddenly heard a knock on the door.

“Keith, open up,” said Lori.

“I’m coming,” he said, not realizing at the time that she may have taken it as a pun, or worse, thought he was actually coming without her.

Keith pushed the file cabinet back to its original position, pulled his pants on, and opened the door.

“I’ve got that last item you needed,” said Lori. The strange relationship that had developed between these two individuals was getting stranger by the minute.

She made the movements look so natural that Keith hardly even knew what was happening. Lori had walked around to the front of the desk where Keith had retaken his previous seat, and when she got there sat on the front of the desk and lifted her leg up so she had one foot on his chair and one foot on her desk, skirt around her waist and pussy positioned directly in front of his face.

Her pussy was a wealth of flesh, a velvety oasis for his hard and straining cock.

“Fuck me right here. I don’t want to move, I just want to get fucked.”

“Can do,” said Keith, as he stood up and dropped his pants again.

His cock got stuck on the elastic band of his boxers, and he walked over to where she was seated while he pulled his boxers off, letting his erection spring free. Lori looked up at Keith with a look of a woman who was getting exactly what she wanted, and this put Keith over the edge. He needed to get inside her pussy as soon as possible.

Without hesitation, he lined his hips up with hers, and thrust his cock forward towards her glistening folds. Her pink lips parted and gave way to his straining head, which met firm pressure inside her tight walls. He slid inside ever so slowly, pulling out half as far as he sunk in each time, until gradually he became buried up to the hilt, and she let out a sigh of pleasure. Once he was buried, he slid back out with the same slowness and intent that he had used going in. Lori Jackson, the librarian, sat on the edge of her desk and thrust herself onto his cock, her pleasure taking her beyond the edge of self-control and reason. Tucked away in room 611C, the two fucked each other senseless, while the deserted library walls were the only ones to hear their collective pleasure.

After it was over, Keith packed up his materials and turned to leave, uttering a quick ‘thank you’ almost jokingly, which was met by a smile from the librarian.

“See you next week, if I need more assistance,” he said, sure that he would return.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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