Spicing Up the Second Anniversary

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Jeremy and Alisa had been married for two short, but incredibly blissful years. They met six years ago when she was 18, and he 19. Both fell passionately in love with one another and nothing could come between them. Of course they had the usual ups and downs all couples had, but their bond was so strong nothing could ever significantly cause a rift between them. They were adored as a couple by everyone. Jeremy was an incredibly handsome man, standing just slightly under six feet tall, with perfect chiseled features, short curly black hair, and deep brown eyes. His rich, smooth dark skin glistened and his hard body incredibly toned. Alisa, by no means paled in comparison. She was just barely over five feet, incredibly curvaceous, with shoulder length reddish-brown hair and dreamy brown eyes. Her tanned, olive complexion complimented his chocolate one superbly. They were quite the picture of perfection when they were together. Within five months of meeting Alisa, Jeremy asked her to marry him. He, the regular playboy, had fallen in love with this exquisite creature and could not imagine his life without her. She, however, having been burnt in a previous relationship, was reluctant, but the passion and longing Jeremy instilled in her caused her to give in.

By the time she was 22, Alisa knew for sure Jeremy was the only man she wanted to be with. He raised desires in her so strong; she thought she would die of inexplicable happiness. Their wedding was magical, surrounded by all their friends and family, Jeremy and Alisa vowed to spend the rest of their lives loving each other. Their marriage was bliss for the most part. The sex was incredible. Their relationship had not changed as some do after marriage. If anything the romance and passion between them burned even stronger. They could talk about anything, and each was each other’s rock when things went wrong. It would be an understatement to say that theirs’ seemed to be the perfect life. As the years went by, they fell even more deeply in love, if that were possible.

On the evening of their second anniversary, Alisa came home from work early. Although she was not the greatest cook, she earnestly set out to prepare dinner for Jeremy. She cooked his favorite meal, put his favorite beer in the ice bucket, and then proceeded to get ready. She took a long, luxurious shower, primping and perfecting herself for her adoring husband. After showering, she massaged herself well with warm vanilla sugar lotion, his favorite scent on her. She then took her time doing her make-up, lining her dark eyes with black kohl, just a bit of shimmering gold dust on her cheeks, and smoothing her lips with a beautiful light pink gloss, making them look even plumper. Finally, she slipped into the very simple, but incredibly sexy, black silk chemise Jeremy had bought for her birthday that year. Hearing his car pull into the driveway, she quickly lit the sandalwood incense on the dresser and turned off the lights. Hurrying downstairs, she turned on the stereo, their favorite CD already loaded in, and sat down in the living room just as he opened the door.

“Baby, I’m home,” Jeremy called out. There was silence. “Sweetheart, are you there?” The entire house was dark, but he remembered seeing her car in the garage. He walked in the kitchen and saw the pots on the stove. Confused as to why Alisa had turned off all the lights at this kastamonu escort time of the day, he proceeded through their elegant dining room, noticing the table set for two, with his favorite beer in the ice bucket. Jeremy smiled as he heard the faint sound of their wedding song coming from the living room. Walking into the dark room, he called out for her again. Jeremy suddenly felt two arms slip gently around his waist. He turned around to find his beautiful wife smiling up at him.

“Happy Anniversary sweetheart,” Alisa whispered.

“Happy Anniversary baby,” Jeremy replied. He leaned down to her, wrapping his arms tightly around her, and kissed her softly, leisurely slipping his tongue into her more than welcoming mouth. They stood there for a few minutes slowly taking each other in, enjoying the closeness of just being in each other’s arms.

“You look…gorgeous, simply gorgeous sweetheart,” Jeremy finally told her. He wanted to go upstairs and change out of his work clothes, but his desire for her at that moment was overpowering. Suddenly he was kissing her again, his hunger for her clearly undisguised. Alisa felt weak with the unbridled passion Jeremy was showering on her, and if he hadn’t been there to catch her, she felt she surely would have fainted. Jeremy slid her onto the sofa and covered her small frame with his. He continued kissing her deeply, much to her pleasure. He slid his hands down her legs, and back up under her chemise. Alisa moaned softly as he touched the insides of her thighs, his finger tips just brushing the lips of her pussy. Jeremy moved his finger lazily up and down the slit, teasing her as he continued to kiss her. Alisa broke away, whispering hotly in his ear, “Please, baby…”.

“Please what?” he mocked her playfully.

“Please…please put your fingers inside me,” Alisa whispered shyly. Although she loved sex, she was always a little shy when it came to talking dirty. But Jeremy adored his proper little wife. Because of her shyness, it excited him even more when she finally let go. He slowly, gently slipped one long, thick finger inside her pussy, and she moaned softly in pleasure. He curled it upwards, finding her g-spot and slowly stroking it, causing her to whimper beneath him. He continued this sweet torture until she asked for another finger. As two fingers penetrated her, he rubbed her clit with his thumb until her soft moans increased to deep gasps of pure pleasure. It always amazed him how soon he could make her cum. As she continued to moan deeply, begging him to stop although she didn’t actually want that, he kept drilling his fingers into her, faster and faster, stroking her g-spot vigorously, while rubbing her clit, making her cum a second time. As her muscles squeezed his fingers a final time he took them out and licked them clean, smiling devilishly at her.

“I love you sweetheart,” Jeremy told her as he kissed her deeply one more time. It seemed as if he just couldn’t get enough of her sweet mouth.

“I love you too Jeremy. That was so good sweetheart. Mmm, I can’t wait to have you, all of you, deeply inside me,” Alisa replied smiling up at him. Jeremy got up off of her and stood up.

“That will have to wait my dear,” He told her wickedly. Looking at her, he saw her beautiful face crumpled sadly. “Come on, Alisa. Don’t do that. You know kayseri escort I would love to fuck you right now on this couch, but tomorrow morning you will be livid with me for it. I’m going to take a shower, and while I do, I want you to take out the food for us. After dinner, we have all night sweetheart. Plus, I have something very special for you.” Alisa smiled at that. She loved presents, but even more so, she loved when Jeremy became dominant. Not in a scary, but in a sexy, showing her who’s the man way. As he strolled out of the room, she got up and went into the kitchen doing as he said. She took out the still very warm food, and set it on the table. After she had done what she was told, however, she proceeded upstairs and lay down on their bed waiting for him to come out of the shower. She was hungry, but more for Jeremy at that moment, than for food.

Jeremy came out of the shower to find Alisa lying very provocatively on their bed. Her already very short chemise was raised up even higher giving him a glimpse of her bare pussy. He knew she wasn’t asleep even though her eyes were closed. He knew she was taking him in through the very tiny slits at the bottom of her lids, waiting to see what he would do next. She looked so delicious he couldn’t resist any longer. He got in the bed and lay down next to her. He turned to her and kissed her softly. He then slid his hands under her and raised her up so he could easily pull the chemise over her head. As it came off, he lowered his head and kissed the tip of her right nipple. She shivered slightly in his arms and he came over her, sucking on her right nipple, as he manipulated the left with his other hand. She moaned begging him to suck harder. He sucked her nipple so hard, and gave it a little bite, as she gasped out loud. He gave her other nipple a pinch which made her moan even louder.

“The…the other one,” Alisa managed to plead.

“What about the other one?” Jeremy teased her.

“Jeremy…baby…please, please suck it. Suck my nipple. Bite it. Bite it…oh yes! Bite it hard…oh yes,” Alisa moaned. To her shock, he soon stopped.

“My turn, baby,” He said softly to her. She smiled at him, and climbed on top of him. Alisa started kissing him deeply and then ran a trail of kisses down across his chest, down his stomach, stopping at his hips and returning upwards. She slowly encircled his right nipple with her tongue, flicking at it lightly. A moan managed to escape him, which drove her onwards. She sucked on it gently, then kissing her way across his chest to his left nipple she did the same, this time applying more pressure. As she sucked vigorously on this nipple her fingers quickly began working on the other. She then moved on downward with her hand, finding his already rock hard dick. She brought her hand to her mouth, licked her palm, and then encircled his dick with her wet hand. She slowly moved her hand up and down, enjoying the friction between her hand and his smooth, long, hard cock. She brought her lips down to the tip of his cock, sucking on just the tip of it. While she worshipped the head with her tongue, her skillful hand moved up and down the length of his thick cock. She trailed one finger along the thin line on the back side of his dick making him shiver with excitement. She sucked hard on the head, then starting licking his kıbrıs escort dick all over. She couldn’t take him all in her mouth, but he did not mind, as her adroit tongue danced on his dick. She began sucking even harder making sure to put her attention on the corona, which made him moan loudly. After a while he could not stand it any longer, knowing he would cum if he let her continue. Jeremy ran his fingers through her hair and gently pulled her back off him. Sliding his hands along her sides and back up he lifted her and smoothly rolled her under him.

Kissing her hard, he asked her what she wanted from him.

“I want…I want you to make mad passionate love to me with your mouth sweetheart. Lick my clit until I scream, eat my pussy until I can’t take it anymore…”

“That’s my girl,” he smiled and kissed her again. He led a trail of kisses leaving one pair of lips for the other. He kissed her sweet pussy softly, his slight mustache tickling her senseless. He began darting his tongue along her slit, letting it teasingly slip inside and out. She raked her fingers through his hair urging him upward to her clit, but he kept on teasing, licking her all over, making her scream out her anguish. He finally relented and flicked her clit with his adroit tongue several times. He then started sucking on it, sucking harder as she begged for it. While his skillful mouth sucked the life out of her clit, making her see stars, he pushed a single finger inside her pussy curving it upwards to rub her g-spot. The intensity of both these actions made her cum rapidly, but she still couldn’t get enough of her man. Suddenly she felt the deep, carnal need for his long, thick cock inside her, pushing into her until she could bear it no longer.

“Jeremy, please…please put it in…put it in now baby!!!” He didn’t need another word. Jeremy withdrew his finger, licking it clean, and moved up her body, slowly, deliberately rubbing against her which sent a bolt of desire through the both of them. Alisa spread her legs out under him and she felt him pull her outer lips apart, slowly rubbing the head of his cock along her slit. She whimpered in pleasure wanting him to give her the mind blowing fuck she’d been craving all day long. He rubbed it up and down the slit and slowly pushed into her. As he penetrated her the first time, he subdued her moan with a soft kiss, pushing his tongue into her hot mouth the same way his hard dick was driving into her wet, tight pussy. He gave her a few slow pumps, and as her moans increased, his speed increased. She quickly wrapped her legs around his waist, and he eagerly pushed deeper into her. He started driving his dick into her faster and faster, harder and harder, until her soft whimpers turned into full-scale moans. His long cock filled her pussy full, and he reached down with his right hand to stroke her clit in rhythm. She used her muscles to squeeze his cock hard until he moaned loudly. He grabbed her hips and starting driving his dick into her so fast, she couldn’t take it anymore. She began to cum hard, and feeling her pussy get even slicker he pumped faster, making her cum again. As she came the second time, her head spinning in oblivion, he let go, his cum squirting up into her well-used pussy, making her orgasm all the more intense. When he shot his huge load inside her she thought she would die from the pleasure of him coming in her. As they both came back from the head-spinning, mind-blowing orgasm they had experienced together they laid in each others arms. He rolled off her and pulled her against him. Alisa buried her head in his chest and he tightened his arm around her as they drifted off into sleep, deeply satisfied…for the moment.

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