Spin the Freshman Wheel Pt. 01

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Jenny was looking forward to be starting her first year of university having been told there had been a place for her after being rejected months before. Since she was a late acceptance there was no room left in the first year accommodation buildings which meant she had been allocated a spare dorm room in house of second year students. Jenny was already nervous about making new friends and now that she was going to be living with students who knew each other already she was all the more scared that she might not fit in. Jenny had been in a two year relationship and was upset that she wouldn’t see her boyfriend for months apart.

The large house that had once been an old mansion had been transformed into a student accommodation. There were twelve dorm rooms on the upper floor and two large open floor rooms on the ground floor which were mainly used for house party’s. When she nervously stepped inside her new home for the next few years she didn’t receive the welcome she thought she would. Downstairs was cluttered with empty beer bottles and cigarettes from the aftermath of the previous nights house party. She walked into the adjoining room in the hope that she might find one of her soon to be housemates to find a girl passed out on the sofa wearing nothing but her bra and knickers.

Jenny spent most of the day unpacking and alone in her new dorm room. She’d only been there for a few hours and already she felt out of place. She had met a handful of her housemates throughout the day in passage to the toilet and kitchen who had all seemed nice enough but since they were hungover hadn’t been the most welcoming, she had however been invited to have some drinks downstairs with them later that night.

She nervously descended down the stairs and into the communal room where all of her housemates were drinking and laughing with each other.

“Hey look it’s our new housemate! Finally we have got another girl, come and meet everyone.” Chloe said.

Several drinks later Jenny felt like she was starting to fit in and all of her worries had been forgotten. She’d been introduced to her fellow housemates throughout the night. She had learned that she wasn’t the only first year to be joining the house and that another guy was going to be arriving a week later. The seven guys and four girls whom she’d been chatting with had all seemed very welcoming and nice to her she thought, they had even invited her to the house party they were hosting the following night.

Jenny was excited to be going to her first house party where her boyfriend wasn’t in attendance. Before she had met him she loved to wear outfits that made her feel sexy, but her boyfriend didn’t like other guys seeing her body. She had wore jeans and a T-shirt the night before but after noticing how revealing some of the other girls outfits were she was looking forward to finally wear one of her short skirts to the party.

After hours of dancing, playing drinking games, and meeting new people Jenny was starting to feel the affects of the large amount of alcohol she had consumed. She knew she was drunker than she’d ever been before but wasn’t ready to stop partying, she headed up to her dorm room to take a little breather.

Chloe and Paige were sat drinking on Chloe’s bed whilst they chatted.

“Your going to owe be twenty pounds Chloe.” Paige said.

“Oh no I’m not, I’ve never lost a bet. I Happen to be a great judge of character, you of all people should know that.” Chloe laughed.

A few minutes later Chloe’s door was pushed open and a guy with a smile beaming across his face walked inside.

“Well baby was I right about her?” Chloe asked her boyfriend.

“Looks like you owe my girlfriend some money Paige.” He remarked.

“What! Tell us every detail.” Paige told him, pulling him down to sit between the two girls.

“Well baby I followed her upstairs like you asked and once she came out of he toilet I told her she had forgotten her drink. She told me that she was going to her room for a break and she jumped at my idea of having a drink in her room to catch our breaths. We were both sat on her bed and I was sure that she was slowly edging closer to me minute but minute. Soon enough she was practically sitting on my knee, my right hand was pushed up against that short pink skater skirt she was wearing. I riskily started to slowly raise her skirt up her thighs whilst we chatted until I uncovered her little white thong.” He said.

“What a slut, she must have felt her skirt being pulled up.” Chloe told him.

“Oh she knew baby. She was red in the face but acted like she hadn’t noticed my hand travelling up her thigh as we spoke. I couldn’t resist any longer and cupped her pussy in my hand. She told me that she had a boyfriend and that she couldn’t sleep with me, but she made no attempt to stop me whilst I rubbed her soaked knickers. I told her that we didn’t need to fuck and that she wouldn’t feel guilty if I just enjoyed her in other ways. I didn’t need to persuade her she pulled my head between her legs almost instantly and well you can guess what happened next.” He continued.

Paige pulled her friends boyfriends mouth istanbul travesti tight against her own lips and began kissing him.

“Mmm he is telling the truth Chloe, I can taste that sluts sweet pussy on Callum’s mouth.” She said.

“Thanks baby you’ve done a good job your going to get an extra special treat tonight but me and Paige have some planning to do for tomorrows party so I will see you later.” Chloe told her boyfriend.

Part 2

Jenny awoke feeling greatly hungover after a night of heavy partying. She shamefully remembered how she had let a guy into her room and had let him eat her pussy after she’d teased him and all behind her boyfriends back. She felt ashamed whilst she lay thinking about what she’d done for almost an hour before vowing to herself to never let anything like that happen again. It hadn’t been one of her housemates and would most likely never see the guy again so nobody ever need know she told herself. On the way back from her much needed relaxing bath she had ran into Chloe in the corridor.

“There you are Jenny I was looking for you last night, it was really fun wasn’t it? Well me and the girls really like you so I’ve left you a fancy dress outfit for tonight’s school disco themed house party that we hold every year so that you can match us. I’ll come and get you at six.” Chloe said and walked away.

The last thing Jenny wanted was to have to face another night of drinking but she loved how friendly the girls had been to include her. Chloe in particular she thought was one of the sweetest girls she’d ever met. Once the hangover had passed she was counting down the hours before she could party again. After applying her makeup she stripped out of her clothes began to change into the outfit Chloe had left for her.

She finished buckling her black velvet high heels and walked to her mirror to take a look at herself. A pair of white cotton thigh-high socks ran up her pale white slender legs all the way up to the two dark green bows on the back of her thighs. The crease of her pale ass had nowhere to hide sat just below the dark green and white plaid mini skirt. The top three buttons were missing from her white blouse causing the top of the black mesh bra underneath to be visible. A plaid tie hung around her neck and her long brown hair hung down her back in a ponytail tied with a matching green plaid bow.

She felt sexier than she’d ever felt, her boyfriend would never have let her go to a party wearing what she’d changed into. After turning around and bending over only slightly she was able to see the black thong in between her ass cheeks and decided to slide on a pair of under skirt shorts. Even with the shorts she felt like she was dressed rather slutty but when the four girls came bursting into her room she felt more at ease seeing them dressed just as slutty as her.

“Wow Jenny you look so hot! She will make a fine addition to our group won’t she girls? The guys won’t know what hit them when we walk in.” Said Chloe.

“Hold on there’s just one problem. There that’s better, the naughty in naughty school girls is there for a reason.” Ellie said pulling Jenny’s shorts down and tossing them aside.

“We were just talking about how we’d like you to be part of our friendship group and although we know it’s a bit of an American tradition we have a little initiation for you if you want to join us?” Paige asked.

Jenny was overjoyed that she was already part of a group after only a few days after stressing about not fitting in. She eagerly told them how she’d love nothing more. The room suddenly became dark when Lucy had placed a blindfold over Jenny’s eyes and was slowly led out of her room. She felt excited and yet slightly nervous as she treaded carefully down the corridor.

“Don’t worry I was in your position once, your going to have a lot of fun.” Ellie whispered into Jenny’s ear while guiding her into the large open room.

She knew they were now inside the communal room from the sound the girls heels made on the hard floor as they walked. The girls gently lowered Jenny onto her knees and then with the force of Chloe’s heel pressing into her back she was forced onto the ground. The sudden force has taken Jenny by surprise and before she had time to process what was happening to her she felt her hands and ankles being spread out and tightly bound. The girls left her tied face down in a spread eagle position whilst she began to question them on what they were doing for a few minutes.

Something soft was pushed into her mouth as a gag and suddenly the blindfold was pulled from her head and a burst of light blinded her. When her eyes eventually adjusted she saw Chloe stood above her head alongside the guy who she had let pleasure her the very night before!

“This is my boyfriend Callum but you don’t need an introduction do you. Last night your teased my boyfriend and begged him to lick your pussy didn’t you slut!” Chloe shouted in her face.

Jenny was horrified. She couldn’t believe what was happening. She looked around and saw that all of her housemates were sat around the room completely naked except for the other girls. She saw istanbul travestileri that she had been tied down to some sort of circle on the floor and began to struggle.

“Our new housemate has cheated on her boyfriend with mine and now it’s time she learns how cheating sluts get punished when they are caught. Most of will remember how the game works when I had to punish Ellie last year but for those who don’t let me explain. As you can see Jenny here is tied to a wheel surrounded by several signs and four lucky people will get to spin her around, whichever sign she ends up facing the lucky person will get to preform whatever act is written upon it for two minutes.”

More pointless struggles came from Jenny’s bound arms and legs, her muffled screams were loud but couldn’t be understood.

“If you keep on screaming then I will add more rounds onto the game you cheating bitch do you under stand?” Exclaimed Chloe, pulling Jenny’s thong down to her ankles.

“Kyle why don’t you give her a spin?” Chloe asked.

Jenny couldn’t see Kyle approaching her but soon felt his two hands grip her skinny ankles and forced her into a sudden spin. Around and around she spun until she began to start to slow, everyone cheered but it took a while for her eyes to focus back from dizziness to be able to read the sign she faced. ‘One in her pussy a pussy on her mouth’ the sign read.

Paige was quick to jump from the couch and join Kyle in the middle of the room. Whilst she waited for Kyle to apply his condom she took the knickers out of Jenny’s mouth, bent over in-front of her face and backed herself up until she felt her pussy pressing against her nose.

“You’ve already been sucking my juices from my thong now you can taste the real thing.” Paige told her.

Kyle pulled her skirt over her asscheeks revealing her spread pussy to the room. When he placed the tip of his reasonably sized cock at the opening of her hole she began to struggle with her legs.

“Chloe come over here and guide her head for me. We told her what would happen if she struggled let’s give her a stern warning rather than another spin as a final warning. Make sure her tongue licks my asshole, she doesn’t deserve my pussy.” Said Chloe.

Her pussy was spread wide open and was dripping in her juices, a little part of her was clearly enjoying what was happening even if she wasn’t aware of it at the moment. Kyle easily slid straight inside her tight hole and began to fuck her as fast as he could for the next two minutes. Chloe held her face inside Paige’s ass and occasionally yanked on her ponytail to encourage her to stick her tongue inside her asshole. She could barley catch her breath as she took in the bittersweet taste of her housemates asshole whilst she was being fucked by another. Two minutes of fucking her pussy was more than enough to send Kyle’s load shooting out into his rubber whilst still buried inside of her.

“That was a fun warm up, hopefully the next one will be more of a punishment for her. Tyrone I’ll let you have the next spin.” Chloe said.

Jenny watched as Tyrone walked over and squatted in-front of her face, she gulped when his large dark cock pointed only inches from her face. Grabbing her wrists he sent her spinning once again, she had seen some of the other signs and prayed she would land on them with the size of his cock but when she stopped she’d landed on the worst possible one. ‘Fuck her asshole’. Knowing she would make a fuss Ellie took her thong that had already been pushed to her ankles by the guy sat next to her and gaged her again.

“He’s too big! I’ve never done anal! I’m sorry for what I did!” She tried to shout but what came out was nothing but muffled noises.

Tyrone stretched a condom over his thick cock and started to rub lubricant around Jenny’s asshole. Since it would take a few minutes for him to even get inside of her Chloe gave him an additional two minutes of time. She whimpered when she felt his large tip pressing against her puckered hole.

“This really will teach you for being a cheating slut. It’s a good job your gagged my cock is way to big for your virgin asshole!” He told her.

After two minutes of slowly easing himself into her whilst she cried out in pain he was finally balls deep after applying plenty more lube her was ready to start his final two minutes. Her hole gripped his cock when he pulled back and her insides felt like they were being torn for the very first time when he took his first thrust down. Her eyes began to water from the pain and she looked up to see the others enjoying themselves watching her.

The three girls to her right were all sat with a guy either side of them whom were fingering and playing their pussies whilst they watched her get anally fucked. Ellie was lay on her side on the couch to her left sandwiched between a guy who was licking her pussy and another who’s cock she was sucking.

Jenny could feel the large cock that filled her asshole pumping whilst her hole tightly gripped around its girth. Tyrone grunted loudly as he took one final thrust and pumped his load into his condom whilst balls deep in her asshole. travesti istanbul Almost everyone gathered behind her after her had pulled himself out.

“Holy fuck look how big her gape is! Now that is a worthy punishment. Considering she never had a cock in her ass before she didn’t make any mess, Ellie wasn’t quite so fortunate was you? And that cock was nowhere near as large his Tyrone’s.” Chloe laughed.

“I wouldn’t have whimpered like she did though!” Ellie said taking a break from sucking the cock in her mouth.

“Oh look you’ve made Ellie jealous. Not a good idea when she’s spinning you last. But before that Callum you can have a spin.” Chloe told her boyfriend.

Still recovering from being fucked in her ass for the first time she was sent into a fast whirl. She couldn’t find the courage to look up once she has stopped and instead waited to be told what her next punishment was to be. ‘Naughty schoolgirl detention’ read the sign Chloe tore from the post.

“I was hoping you’d land on this one at some point. Now Callum is going to make you confess what you really are to all your housemates and if you are not telling the truth then you’ll be punished.” Chloe told her.

Jenny’s eyes lit up in fear when she saw her hand her boyfriend a wooden metre ruler. He united her ankles from the corners of the wheel and forced her on to her knees before rebinding them again so that her ass was stuck in the air. WHACK! He brought the wooden ruler down onto her pale asscheeks with enough force for her to let out a whelp. WHACK! WHACK! He delivered a further two blows increasing the strength with each one leaving strips of red marks on her ass. Chloe took the knickers from her mouth once more.

“Now then tell us all what you did.” Chloe demanded.

“I teased her boyfriend and let him lick my pussy behind my boyfriends back! I’m so sorry! Please no more whipping it hurts so much!” She shouted.

“You won’t be whipped again just tell us how much you wanted my boyfriend to fuck you.” Chloe replied.

“No I told him I couldn’t do that to my boyfriend.” She pleaded.

She stepped back and gave a nod to Callum. WHACK! You could hear the air break as he brought the ruler down against her red raw ass, this time her screams could be enjoyed by the others. WHACK! WHACK! He delivered two further brutal blows that tore open her sensitive red skin.

“I WANTED HIM TO BEND ME OVER AND FUCK ME! I EVEN WHISPERED IT HOPING HEAD HEAR ME, I’M A SLUT!.” Jenny screamed with tears rolling down her cheeks from the pain.

WHACK! It was Chloe who delivered one final crack that she delivered to the middle of Jenny’s dripping slit between her legs that made her legs give way sending her crashing downward.

“Finally I just wanted to hear you admit what you are and take your punishment for what you did. Now I promised Ellie that since she too admitted to something under similar circumstances last year that she could have the last spin, I don’t know what she has in store so I’m going to sit back and enjoy.” Chloe said taking a seat next to two other guys.

Ellie took all but two signs down before addressing Jenny.

“As you can see I’ve left two signs up. If you land on one the your free to go however if you land on the other then you have to face the punishment I had to endure. Since there’s more guys than I had to endure and I’ve added a twist I thought it was fair you had a chance to avoid it.” She said.

Not wanting a reply she made sure she hadn’t any change to and sent her spinning. She slowed down and escape seemed so close as she saw the sign but slowly passed it before landing on what Ellie was counting on.

“I win! Now three guys are going to fill your holes and another two will fill your hands. You have two minutes to ensure all five cocks explored their cum onto and into you or you’ll endure two more cracks from the ruler.” Ellie told her.

Jenny couldn’t believe what she had already had to do never mind what she was about to have to do, yet she could still feel how wet she was and her increasing need to cum was becoming more and more apparent in her mind. Whilst the five chosen guys untied her the four girls and two remaining guys we’re setting up their view to watch. Paige and Chloe were being fucked doggy style whist Lucy and Ellie who were in the same position were having their cunts licked by them. What had shocked Jenny was that although Chloe had punished her for wanting to sleep with her boyfriend she was now willingly letting him whilst Tyrone fucked her.

Jenny was lowered cow girl style on to Callum’s cock which her wet pussy engulfed. Two cocks filled her tiny hands and another filled her mouth which she clamped down on when the last cock entered her ass making her airtight. She tried her best to mask the pleasure she was now feeling but let out moans when she got to take a quick breath. With one minute left she began to tug vigorously on the two cocks in her hand and suck wildly on the one down her throat as she felt herself about to cum from the two cocks in her holes. As she felt a hot load being sent down her throat and spurts of stick cum covering her ripped open blouse onto her tits she began to shake and scream as she came. Her holes tightened around the cocks that filled them and the sensation she was feeling was enriched by feeling two cocks twitching as they shot their loads into the condoms that filled her.

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