Spunky , Perky

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The knob pressed into the blond’s ample ass and provoked a startled gasp as she tried to apply yet another coat of glossy red lipstick to her pouty lips.

“Sorry.” I started to shut the door to the tiny bathroom. Behind me the stereo boomed and people were laughing.

“That’s okay,” she said, sliding out of the way and waving me back in. She was in little pink shorts that clung to the curves of her bottom, high heels and a white crop top with the word SPUNKY! stretched across her large knockers in big black letters.

I came in and shut the door behind me.

“I don’t mind if you want to whip it out,” she said. “All that beer and ogling women must make your cock very big.”

“Mmmmm…beer and sluts,” I muttered, as I slid by her ass on the way to the toilet. I opened the lid and lifted the seat.

“The beer makes the sluts easier and prettier.” She turned and eyed me. “I though I saw you having your tongue cleaned by a red head?”

“She didn’t like it when I asked for some head.”

“Oh, that’s because she’s got such a small mouth. Her pussy could take a mountain gorilla though.”

“That would be the guy who has got her in the pool house right now.” I unzipped my jeans. I was ready to piss a swimming pool. “Are you staying?”

She was obviously a woman who liked a dare. She nodded, looking down curiously at the bulge in my jeans.

“Okay, excuse the pre-cum. That red headed bitch was hot.” I pulled my lizard from my briefs and flopped it over the toilet. I looked kırklareli escort up, pleasure on my face, as the yellow stream arched into the toilet. She was staring intently. “You like?”

“I’m jealous.” She slipped behind me, pressing her boobs into my back and grinding her pelvic bone into my ass. Her hand slipped over my right hand which was holding my cock. “Let me!”

I took my hand away and she starting doing circles over the toilet. She began to slip her hand up and down my dong. It stiffened but still flowed with piss – after four beers I wasn’t stopping for a while.

“What a big hose!” she cooed. She let a bit splash on the seat. “What a messy boy!”

The door to the bathroom popped open, and the room was filled with the rapid thud of some techno-dance song and the sound of happy partiers. Then in rushed this perky cheerleader type. A stacked brunette, in a blue tank top and matching mini-skirt. On second look she wasn’t looking so perky.

“I’m gonna puke. Let me at the toilet.” Then her eyes focused on Spunky and me and my cock making like an Italian fountain. Spunky’s hand had shifted with the cheerleader’s entrance and I was now pissing on the floor.

“That’s sick!” the cheerleader said, not taking her eyes off of us.

Spunky just laughed and aimed my now almost completely errect cock at the cheerleader. The cheerleader (Perky) squealed as her top was quickly drenched in beer fueled piss. Because she wasn’t wearing afyon escort a bra her large nipples came quickly into view. She raised her hands, dumbfounded, to her knockers.

“Oh my god.” Then she flopped down, unconscious.

Spunky was really laughing now. She squeezed the last drops of piss into Perky’s open mouth.

“Have a nice taste you cheerleading bitch!”

Perky moaned, still unconscious, and smacked her lips.

“I always thought she was a piss drinker,” said Spunky.

I shook off my amazement and dragged the piss soaked cheerleader into the shower. Then I shut the door and grabbed Spunky by the shoulders and shoved her against the bathroom sink.

“What the fuck did you do that for?” My cock was still out, hard and slid between her thighs, but I didn’t give a fuck.

“I always wanted a monster cock to teach a stuck up bitch a lesson.” She clamped her legs around my dong. “Wanna teach me a lesson?”

I growled and flipped her around. With great deliberation I pulled down her shorts to reveal her ivory bottom. No panties, of course.

“Oh, an ass man,” she cried. I lifted up my large right hand and slapped her pale white curvy ass. It left a nice red hand print.

“You fucker,” she yelled. I thrust her legs apart and began to stroke her pussy with my hand. It was warm and wet and she moaned when I lightly squeezed her. She quieted down immediately.

“I’m a bad girl,” she purred, looking at me in the mirror.

I amasya escort reached down and took my cock back into my hand. Slowly I began to trace the head along her cunt lips.

“Such a nice fat head!” She lifted her ass up, eager. I pushed in, letting the lips suck around the helmet. She moaned, feeling it pop inside of her. I ran my hand up and down my shaft and looked at where my head disappeared into her. I looked up, locked eyes with her in the mirror and began my slide down into her. I slid in slowly and forcefully, letting her shudder and shake and moan for all she was worth.

I grabbed the bottom edge of the crop top and pulled it up over her face. She reared up grabbing for it, her boobs jiggling wildly, large globes with ripe red nipple centers.

I started fucking her with abandon. She gave up on getting the crop top from around her face and just rested her hands on the mirror and sobbed with pleasure as I jack-hammered her on my cock.

Just as she climaxed the cheerleader woke up and sat up in the shower.

“You fuck that whore!” she called out.

I dropped spent Spunky onto the bathroom counter where she slid down twitching, and whirled around to the cheerleader.

“You need some manners!” And with that I unloaded the giant wad of cum I had built up with Spunky all over Perky’s startled and then pleased face. Spurt after spurt. Her tongue hung out of her mouth trying to catch all the cum, but there was much to much.

“I want some too,” cried Spunky, and she joined the cheerleader in the shower, but that was all she wrote. Spunky began to lick Perky’s face while the pompom girl started squeezing Spunky’s boobs like she was hoping for some milk.

I left them to hunt for that red head. She’d be Oral Annie after I gave her some stretching exercises.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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