Stacy Comes To Visit Me

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Life around my house is never very exciting and everyday is pretty much the same as the next. All that changed one Friday night when my cousin Stacy called me from her place in San Diego. It seems that things at her home had taken a turn for the worse and she needed some time away from her husband and she wanted to know if I could put her up for a few weeks. The thought of having some company at home was a welcome change, and having my sexy cousin provide it was a bonus. I would soon find out how welcome the change would be.

Stacy told me was catching a morning flight out and would meet me at the airport that evening. I got her flight number and made sure everything was set. Stacy is 25 years old, 5’3″ tall and weighs all of 110 pounds soaking wet. When she was growing up in the neighborhood, I often wondered what kind of woman she would grow into. With her silky black hair, tight athletic body, “C” sized tits and her perfectly shaped hips, she reminded me of Alyssa Milano.

I get in my car and make the drive to the local airport. And find out Stacy’s plane was running late. I would have a 3 hour wait before she would land. After a long wait I see Stacy’s beautiful face and flowing black hair making it though the crowd towards the gate. When she arrived in front of me, she gave me a big hug and a kiss. As we walked to the baggage claim area, I couldn’t help but notice how well the years had treated her. The thigh length skirt showed off her well toned and tanned legs, her tight blouse showed off her well proportioned chest, and her smile was the perfect compliment to her pretty face. After getting her bags, we headed for the car and started the trip back to my house in the country. As we make the drive home, we catch up on events of the past years and get to know each other again.

After the 30 minute drive to reach the house, I open park the car and carry Stacy’s bags into the house. I show Stacy her room and give her the $10 tour around her temporary home. After the tour, I pour her a drink and ask if she is hungry. Stacy replies that she is only in need of a shower and some clean cloths before heading to bed. I walk her to the bathroom and start the shower so she could cleanup and relax after her long trip. Once I get the water warmed up, I leave her to wash away the day’s troubles and get ready for bed as I turn on the TV and catch up on the news of the day.

After about 15 minutes, Stacy calls out to me and asks me to please come into the bathroom. Why she was asking for me I didn’t know, but I worried that something might be wrong. Not wanting to just walk in on her, I stick my head in the door and ask her what’s wrong. Stacy says there’s nothing wrong, she just wanted to thank me for the hospitality, and for letting her stay with me. I tell her it’s no problem and that I look forward to having her around in the coming weeks. Then, Stacy asks a question that I could never have imagined and it almost floors me. She asks me if I’d like to join her and help her washup and give her a back rub.

I may be her cousin and 15 years older than her, but I’m also a man without morals who would never turn down a chance to get fucked by a beautiful woman. I quickly undress and slip into the shower to see Stacy in all her naked glory. The sight of her is more than I could imagine and it takes my breath away while causing my heart to flutter. As I enter the shower, Stacy reaches for my neck and plants a hard kiss on my lips with her tongue probing my mouth. As I break our kiss, I grab the bar of soap and slowly run it up and down her glorious body as I say over and over in my head “This can’t really be happening to me. It must be a dream.” I start soaping up her back and work my way down her escort gaziantep ucuz bayan sexy ass and perfect legs. Once they are covered , I reach around her and work the soap up and down her chest and across her flat stomach. As I continue to run the bar over her naked body, her nipples grow and become fully engorged and are hard as erasers and sensitive to any touch.

While I slowly build up the lather on her glistening body, Stacy’s body moves to meet my hands and soft sounds of pleasure escape her mouth. As I continue to rub soap across Stacy’s back and ass I slide my other hand between her legs and lightly touch her pussy. She lets out a gasp and starts moving her hips back and forth against my hand. My fingers are pushed between the silky folds of her pussy and feel how hot and wet she is inside. While this is happening, my arm is around her body as my hand is caressing the perfect breasts that sit at attention on her glistening body. The attention to her nipples and pussy brings a low whimper from Stacy’s mouth as she braces herself against the shower wall. As I work my hands across her tits and rub a finger over her clit, Stacy shutters and reaches back to take hold of my cock and touches my balls at the same time. The excitement is almost too much for me to bear and I need a release or my balls are going to burst..

I turn Stacy around to face me and plant a kiss hard on her lips as I continue to rub her swollen clit with my finger. She backs away from my touch, kneels down and kisses the head of my cock. It jumps a little at the touch of her tender lips as she takes the head in her mouth while fondling my balls. As she licks the head and length of my 7″ shaft, I can’t believe how good it feels and try to control myself. Stacy then slowly slides her mouth down the whole length of my cock until her nose and chin are resting against my balls and bush. As she slowly works my cock in and out of her mouth, I lose the ability to control myself and feel my balls tighten as they get ready to send my seed forward. I warn Stacy that I’m going to cum, but she just keeps sliding my cock all the way into her mouth. She has my cock all the way to her tonsils when I let loose a flood of hot cum down her throat. My orgasm is so intense my knees go weak and I try to pull away from the overwhelming sensations overcoming my sensitive cock. Stacy, feeling me wobble and start to pull away, grabs my hips and holds me in place while she swallows all of my seed down her throat. Six long hard pulses later, my balls are finally done sending their sauce to her stomach. After drinking my seed down without spilling a drop, Stacy looks up with a sly grin on her face and licks her lips. I turn the water off, pull back the curtain, hand her a towel as we head for the livingroom.

There I lay Stacy down on the floor and tell her it’s my turn to please her. I start kissing her soft lips and tender neck and shoulders. I continue my way down to her heaving chest and softly kiss and suck on each one of her nipples. They are hard, red, and a firm 1/4″ long and her 1″ wide areolas are bright red with arousal . I lick and nibble on each of them savoring the taste and texture of her skin until she begs me to stop. I stop sampling her gorgeous breasts only to begin kissing my way down her flat stomach to her silky folds. When I arrive at her bikini line, I can already smell sexual excitement coming from the prize pussy between her legs. For the last 12 years I had wondered what Stacy would look like on her back with her legs spread wide, and now I was getting a dream fulfilled.

As I place my tongue against her pussy, I get my first taste of her sex and escort gaziantep ukraynalı bayan like a kid drinking a soda for the first time, I can’t get enough. I soon have my tongue parting her vulva and drinking the nectar dripping and seeping out of her tight pink hole. I work my tongue up to her clit, put it between my teeth and give it a flick with the tip of my tongue. Stacy jumps at the sudden stimulation and bucks her hips to meet my mouth. Faster and faster I flick my tongue against her clit and Stacy starts to quiver in ever quickening movements. As I continue to touch the tip of my tongue against her clit Stacy lets out a long guttural groan as her body stiffens and her back arches upward. As I continue to flick Stacy’s clit with my tongue, I work my fingers into her pussy and start rubbing the walls her love tunnel as I apply pressure searching for her G-spot. That final stimulation is more than Stacy can stand as her orgasm erupts with an ear shattering scream.

Now I know I’ve found the magic spot and don’t let up or give her a chance to come down from her orgasm. As she continues to quiver and scream out in ecstacy, I rub my fingers back and forth across the G-spot driving her crazy as she starts panting harder and harder. I love the reaction she’s having and I don’t stop licking, nibbling, and fingering Stacy while drinking up the juices flowing from her soaked pussy. I continue licking and eating her tasty pussy, for what seemed like an hour, until Stacy no longer has the energy to move and begs and pleads with me to stop. She begs me to put my cock into her pussy and coat her cunt with my seed and to do it quickly. Stacy is crying out for me to hurry up and grabs for me and tries to pull me closer to her. Not wanting to argue, I took up my position and readied myself for a trip to heaven.

I get on my knees and positioned my arms on either side of her heaving chest while I put the head of my cock against her hot wet pussy. Stacy’s sexual desires have her hot and wanting me inside her, so she starts thrusting her hips towards me. She begs me to stop teasing her and to get on with it, to plow my cock deep inside her. I lean down and plant a kiss on her nipple as I move my hips forward and part her swollen lips. As I start pushing my cock slowly into Stacy’s tight velvet tunnel, I marvel at the sensations I’m experiencing beneath me. Even though I’m only 7″ long, her pussy is tight and resisting my intrusion as I enjoy the sensation of it quivering and squeezing my cock. Once my journey into Stacy’s womanhood is complete, I hold still and soak up the sights and feelings of the moment. My beautiful 25 yr old cousin is naked and sweaty below me, with her arms holding mine, as her legs wrap around my waist and the look of total satisfaction in her eyes. Once I had a chance to absorb the moment, I start sliding my cock in and out of her as she reaches out to me and grabs for my hips. Stacy tightens her legs around my back and starts pulling me into her harder and harder.

Stacy’s in full on “fuck me hard like a whore mode” and soon starts dictating the pace. She wants me inside as fast and as hard as I can and grabs and pulls at my hips and back with unending vigor. I warn Stacy to slow down because I’m having trouble containing my desire to erupt in another orgasm of cum. I somehow manage to keep from blowing my second load of seed too soon and I’m rewarded with the convulsing, gripping sensation of Stacy’s pussy experiencing another orgasm. Stacy’s animated orgasm is more than I can stand and I grab her hips and pull her as tightly to me as possible while sending ropes of man sauce deep into her quivering escort gaziantep üniversiteli bayan body. I coat her vagina and blast her womb with all the baby sauce I can muster and I have the room start to spin due to the intensity of the orgasm. I wait until the last pulse of cum leaves my cock before I release my grip on Stacy’s hips and after a few moments my softening cock slides out. I place it between her firm tits, and she kisses my cock head and smiles at the taste of my seed and her sex.

Even after blowing 2 big loads of cum, I know my middle-aged cock-n-balls have more to give Stacy and I put her to work on it. As Stacy sucks and licks my cock clean she rubs my balls and does something I would never have expected. She took her finger and pushed it thru my anus and hits my prostate glad. The effect is immediate and my cock jumps to attention and is readyt for round three. I roll Stacy over onto her belly and pull her up on her knees. The site of her bare ass sticking up in front of me is out of this world and I want it wrapped around my renewed cock.. I place my fingers inside of her pussy to coat them with her juices, park her sexy cheeks, and spit on her asshole. I take my slick fingers and probe the edge of her ass and get it nice and slick. As she looks back at me, I place my slick cock at the entrance of her ass and grab hold of her hips.

I slowly apply pressure, and my cock starts to slide past her browneye and embarks on it’s journey into her bowels. Stacy starts whimpering and moaning, and soon is breathing heavy as my cock continues it’s travel into her tight ass. With a slow continued pressure, I’m soon buried balls deep in her ass as they come rest against her pussy lips. She continues to whimper in ecstasy while reaching back and tickling my balls with her finger tips. I start sliding my cock in and out slowly at first, but as things loosen up and her excitement builds, I pick up the pace. As My balls continue slapping against her dripping pussy Stacy cries out in a earth shattering orgasm. She shakes and quivers as if hooked to and electrical outlet while screaming like crazy. It’s lucky I don’t have any neighbors close to the house, because they would surely be calling the police. For 25 minutes I pump away at her ass and Stacy is experiencing one orgasm after another. By the time my balls are ready to send the 3rd load into her innermost recesses, Stacy is soaking wet and nearly passed out from exhaustion. After watching her reactions and orgasms over the long period of time, and the tight grip of her ass as me reaching the breaking point. I grab her narrow tight hips, plunge my cock in as far as it will go, and blow streams of hot cum deep inside her ass. We both collapse and embrace for the moment before falling asleep with my cock still in her ass.

A few hours later, I wake up and start planting soft sensual kisses up and down her back, shoulders and ass as I attempt to wake her up. Stacy slowly stirs and smiles at me as she reaches for my cock while planting a kiss on my arm. She compliments me on my ability to completely exhaust her and as soon as we gather our senses, we head back for the shower to clean up. While cleaning up, I ask Stacy why she invited me into the shower with her. That’s when surprise number 2 came out. Stacy told me that she has been working for an escort service since her senior year in High School. She would get calls from visiting businessmen looking for a date and she would get paid very well for engaging in certain activities. Stacy said ever since she was raped in a home invasion, sex lost all emotion and was just an primal act. That’s why she moved to California once she graduated. It became too hard to do her job while living close to home, and dealing with all the memories. She went where there was plenty of money and people willing to pay and hoped to forget her past life at home. She also said that her husband had found out about her double life, so that’s why she came home. She told me she would “pay the rent” when ever I wanted. I told her I was willing to accept an installment plan, if that was ok with her. She smiled and said that could be arranged.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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