Stacy Filfulls a Fantasy

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When Stacy handed in her retirement paperwork she felt relieved and excited. Finally she was free and she definitely was not going to teach part time like so many of her co-workers had done. No, she was going to travel and play. She had been thinking of learning how to scuba dive and to include that with some of her future trips. Over the last few years she had been looking several lovely destination places she wanted to visit. Those that included the ocean usually featured some beautiful underwater pictures and the more she saw the more she wanted to experience it for herself. So as a reward to the newly retired and ready to cut loose former teacher, she called a dive shop and signed up for the next available class.

He saw the blinking light on his phone as soon as he walked through the door. “Hey Mike, this is Joe at the store; you have five students for your pool and classroom session this weekend. I have the roster ready so you can call them and tell them your schedule.”

Mike Nelson grinned, hit the dial button and Joe, the dive shop owner, answered on the second ring. “So tell me about my class Joe.”

“Two couples and a single gal. I’ve scheduled the pool times so you can pick the times you want to start the classes.”

“Ok, I’ll head over and we’ll set the schedule. I’ll call them all tonight with the details and what is expected before the first class Friday evening.”

Mike enjoyed teaching scuba and sharing his love of the sport. He had been teaching for twenty years now and over that time he has seen several of his students go on to become instructors and dive masters. You never know how people will react to scuba; some love it, others not as much, while some decide it is not for them.

That night he made his calls but with partial success. With the first couple he got a voice mail; the second answered and received instructions. Last on the list was Stacy, the single woman and when she answered he heard such a lovely voice that he was tongue tied for a moment. After he informed her of the schedule he asked why she was taking the course and what he heard made him smile. Recently retired she wanted to travel and play and thought including scuba to the mix would be a good idea. Mike shared his love of travel and diving and they had a nice long and enjoyable chat. When he disconnected he wondered if she will be as pretty as her voice.

Stacy Weston, newly retired, divorced, and a mother of two grown children who were married with their own families, was ready for adventure. She was ready to spread her wings and explore the world. Enrolling in scuba lessons was definitely a shock to the family but she informed them that now it was her time to seek new adventures. She loved water so why not explore it under the waves. When Mike called and chatted about the class she was even more excited. He is single, probably close to her age and he sounded like a knowledgeable instructor that would introduce her to a whole new world. He was so easy to talk with and his laugh made her giggle. What really surprised her was how turned on she became. Just the sound of his voice made her pussy tingle and nipples hard; something she had not experienced in a long time. When she disconnected she hoped he was as handsome as his voice and more especially, available.

When Stacy walked into the shop she saw a tall handsome man walk toward her. He certainly keeps his body in shape and what a terrific smile too. When he shook her hand she felt a jolt that took her breath away. She was gazing up into his hazel eyes when it dawned on her that he was talking. She snapped back to reality and chided herself for behaving like a school girl.

Mike saw her walk in and he rushed over to introduce himself. Definitely as pretty as her voice he thought as he hurried over. He judged her to be just over five feet tall and his 6’3″ frame made him look like a towering giant. As he chatted with her he hoped she would want extra lessons or maybe private instruction. Stacy instantly felt very comfortable with Mike and imagined being in his arms.

Soon after, the other two couples who are best of friends arrived and Mike escorted them to the classroom.

At the beginning of each new class Mike would talk about how he became interested in diving and in turn asked each student why they were taking the class. He already knew what Stacy would say but hearing it again brought a smile to his face. He looked at her folder and his heart skipped a beat when it showed she was four years younger than he. From their long phone conversation it didn’t appear she had a boyfriend. Maybe, he thought he could change that status.

The next big challenge for Mike as an instructor is the first pool session. This is where the instructor has an idea of how comfortable each person is in the water. It is natural to be anxious but some struggle more than others until they get use to actually breathing under water. Fortunately for Mike, this was a pretty good class. No issues with performing the required skills in the shallow and deep end of the pool. With only five students he was able to give everyone ataşehir escort some personal attention and allow them plenty of practice time. He liked the way Stacy was progressing and kept an eye on her.

Stacy was pleased with how well she was doing. She really liked Mike and wanted to know more about him. The first thing she wanted to learn was if he had a girlfriend because she would like to change that if he didn’t.

I wonder, she thought, if there is a rule about dating your instructor. He turns me on just being around him. Sure glad my hard nipples can’t be seen with this equipment on.

At the end of the pool session everyone changed into their street clothes and gathered their equipment to take back to the shop. Mike was doing his final sweep of the pool area when Stacy stopped him at the door. “May I buy you a drink?” she inquired.

“That’s very nice of you and yes you may.”

On the drive back to the shop Stacy felt like a giddy schoolgirl. Mike was all grins hoping she might be “the one”. Secretly both were hoping this could lead to a relationship.

Once at the shop Mike pointed to bar and grill across the street and suggested they meet after he got everything put away and locked up. Stacy was all smiles when he walked in the door. In addition to his drink order, a whisky sour, Mike ordered a bowl of chicken soup. “I’m always famished after teaching a pool session.”

After a bit of small talk about the day Stacy shared her thoughts about how she was looking forward to traveling the world. “I enjoyed hearing about the places you’ve traveled to go diving.”

Mike smiled to himself then asked, “Yes I do enjoy traveling but there is one question I have wanted to ask you. Are you dating anyone?”

“No, how about you?”

“No. Maybe we could do something about that.”

“I’m not into playing games Mike, but I do like you and I would like to spend more time with you.”

“I really like being with you too; Stacy and I don’t do games either.”

That mutual agreement set the stage for a long conversation about everything. Relationships, money, religion, politics, and even sex were discussed. A true intimate exchange of likes, dislikes, goals, dreams and desires. A meeting over a drink became the baring of two souls looking for a place to call home. There were no deal breakers, no axe murderers, no gold diggers but the feelings that this could lead to a new and much desired relationship.

Mike looked at his watch and exclaimed, “We’ve been here more than three hours. Someone has a final test tomorrow.”

When they stood at her car she asked, “So is this our first date?”

Mike gave her a smile, leaned down and kissed her. “Now it is.”

Stacy hugged his neck and kissed him back. Their tongues exploring and dancing together. Holding him close she could feel his erection pressing against her. Thinking about how it would feel inside made her pussy tingle with excitement and very wet. She was turned on and so tempted to reach down and cup his manhood when they both were startled with someone shouting, “Get a room.”

They separated and had a good laugh as she got into her car. “Call me later?” she asked.

“Sure, what time will you be in bed?”

She gave him a sly grin and said, “Definitely by ten.”

Stacy hurried home wanting to jump in the shower and relieve the ache she felt between her legs. She ran through the house removing clothes all the way to the bathroom. While waiting for the hot water she rubbed her throbbing wet pussy. The water felt soothing but she had other things on her mind. She could still feel Mike’s hard cock pressed against her when she held him tight. She thought of his cock in her cunt as she inserted two fingers deep inside. Her orgasm hit her hard and she leaned against the wall, weak kneed and panting. It’s been a long time she thought.

Mike slammed the steering wheel and pumped his fist with a “yes!” He was very excited about Stacy and everything seemed to be clicking with her on all cylinders. Kissing her a few minutes ago had his heart racing and body eager for relief. He hit the shower and pumped his cock until he shot his load on the wall. He leaned against the wall, recovering his breathing and turned the water temperature to full cold.

That evening Stacy put on her tee shirt, climbed into bed and waited for Mike’s call. When she answered she felt that familiar warm feeling in her pussy and her nipples displayed their hardness with pride.

“Hi there. I’m in bed as promised. Where are you?”

“Heading to the bedroom. What are you wearing?”

“A tee shirt.”

“How long is it?”

“To my waist.”

She could hear him suck in his breath. “What a lovely image. I’m going to take off my clothes so close your eyes.”

She did and the vision of him naked made her instinctively reach down and run her fingers around her aroused pussy lips. “Wouldn’t it be more fun if I watched?”

“Actually more fun if you helped.”

“You’re driving me crazy.”

“Anything else?”

“I’m so turned on I’m wet. Are you naked?”

“I have a tee kadıköy escort shirt on. I hope your fingers are busy.”

“Yes they are but I wish it was yours playing with my pussy. Do you have an erection?”

“Yes and it would love to have your hand wrapped around it.”

“I loved the way it felt against me a few hours ago. Wouldn’t you like more than just my hand?”

“Now you are driving me crazy. Places that are warm and wet come to mind. Are you rubbing your clit?”

She was breathing hard now. “Oh yes, I’m ready to cum; are you?”

“Ready to cum on your tits.”

“Oh Mike, I’m ccccuuuuummmmiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnggggggggg hard.”

“I’m shooting my hot cum all over your nipples.”

After they caught their breath Stacy said, “I’ve never done this before. Do you do this with all your students?”

“No, I’ve never even wanted to with my students. Everything feels so different and wonderful with you.”

“Let’s do this again tomorrow after the class.”

“Gladly. Are you ready for the final?”

“I believe so. See you tomorrow.”

“Have wet and wild dreams.”

“You too.”

The next day all went well for the class or at least as well as could be expected for two people in heat. There were several “accidental” brushings in the pool by both parties and fortunately the other two couples were staying around each other that they never noticed. Everyone passed the written test in good shape and Mike was pleased to see Stacy missed only one question. She stayed after class to help him tidy up the classroom and lock the shop. They adjourned to the bar and grill for a celebratory drink and some cuddling.

Stacy was excited about having completed the first phase of becoming a certified scuba diver. Add to the fact she was very attracted to Mike and he to her increased her exuberance. After a congratulatory toast Mike suggested she consider heading to Cozumel with him next month to do her open water certification there. Stacy was excited about the prospect of his suggestion. This was becoming a dream come true. For a long time she had been looking for a man like Mike and here he sat holding her hand. She hadn’t felt this giddy for many years.

All of sudden Mike looked serious. “I just realized something; do you have a passport?”

“I have a brand new passport ready to be filled.”

“I hope I can help you accomplish that goal.”

“Did you say in class that you have some VHS tapes from some of your past trips?”

“Yes I did. They were taken by either a dive buddy or others on the trip.”

“Bring one tomorrow night and we can watch it during dinner. After dinner we can book our trip to Cozumel.”

“Since we are looking at underwater pictures shouldn’t we wear our swimsuits?”

“I love the way you think. Wear your Speedo and I’ll wear my favorite bikini.”

“How do you know I have a Speedo?”

“If you don’t you should. You have the body for it. Remember, I’ve seen you in a wetsuit. When we did our phone exchange last night I enjoyed picturing you naked. I really enjoyed our ‘chat’ last night.”

“I loved it too. You had me hot and bothered all night. By the way, I do wear a Speedo under my wetsuit. Shall we do a repeat tonight?”

“Call me at 10; I’ll be undressed and ready.”

They had another drink and after some small talk that included the dinner menu options they headed to the parking lot. Some serious kissing took place and this time some hands went exploring to cop a feel of a breast and erection. Finally when Stacy got into the car she looked at Mike and said, “I’m looking forward to dinner tomorrow night and by the way, what would you like for breakfast?”

Mike leaned through the car window and with a smile said, “I would want to start with you and then eggs on toast after that. Call you at ten.”

Stacy was so horny that as soon as she got home she was once again shedding clothes and heading to the shower. Just like yesterday she thought with a grin; this is becoming a habit. This time she held the shower nozzle on her pussy as she rubbed her clit to orgasm. Just a prelude to the fun at ten.

Mike stood in his shower with the cold water aimed at his throbbing hard cock; his will power being tested not to stroke it and cum. The thought of spending the night with Stacy kept his cock hard despite the continuous spray of cold water. He realized he needed to focus on something else and suddenly he remembered he needed to go through his diving video tapes to find one he wanted to share with her. Hopefully that diversion will provide some relief for his aching cock.

Time drug ever so slowly for the two lovers. Mike tried to watch TV and Stacy read the same page four times before giving up. Unbeknownst to each other at the same time they both poured a glass of Merlot and went outside to look at the stars while thinking and fantasizing about the other person. They hadn’t felt this way since they were newlyweds many years ago. But life is different now and maybe this is that second chance they have yearned for.

Stacy answered her phone before the ring had lasted its full bostancı escort bayan count.

“My that was quick, were we waiting for a certain call?”

“Not in the least. I always expect a call from my favorite travel agent this time of night.”

“Maybe I shouldn’t be tying up the line.”

“Very funny Mike Nelson. Thank you for today and the invitation to Cozumel.”

“Thank you Stacy for the invitation for tomorrow night. Now then there is something I do need to ask you.”


Mike slowly stroked his cock, “What are you wearing?”

“Absolutely nothing. You?”

“Only a smile.”

“No erection?”

“My cock is rock hard thinking about filling your cunt with it.” Stacy instinctively reached down with her free hand and started rubbing her pussy and fingering her cunt. She hadn’t talked “dirty” in a long time and just hearing Mike call her love hole a cunt made her even more excited and her pussy even wetter.

“My cunt is throbbing to feel your hard cock go in deep.” Just saying it out loud was erotic. She was ready to match Mike with all the words she had kept repressed. “I want to lick and kiss and fill my mouth with your cock,” she replied as her breathing increased with her arousal. She could hear Mike breathing faster and pictured him jacking off that erection she felt a few hours before.

“Oh baby that would feel wonderful. I want to eat your pussy till you cum in my mouth.”

“I’m getting close.”

“Me too sweetheart.”

Hearing Stacy moan with her orgasm sent Mike over the edge and they both were silent for a few moments recovering.

“I want to be a good lover for you Mike.”

“Likewise. I feel we are on the same page for a lot of things. I have no doubt we will be good for each other in so many ways.”

“I am so looking forward to our time tomorrow. Get plenty of sleep because you won’t tomorrow night.”

It was a long day for Mike and Stacy. Stacy was so excited and nervous that she cleaned the house twice. When she does her house cleaning, she sometimes wears only a tee shirt or sometimes on hot summer days she wears nothing at all. Today she chose to wear nothing. As she was vacuuming for the second time she reviewed in her mind the check list again. Bed linen changed, furniture dusted, everything put away, everything needed for dinner, and the bikini laid out. Thinking about Mike removing that bikini made her wet with anticipation of things to cum….so to speak. The smile on her face reflected the happiness she truly felt and the prospects of an even brighter future.

Mike started his day with a cold shower, a two mile run and another shower. He tried his best to focus on other things just to give his erect cock a rest. He could not get Stacy out of his mind. He couldn’t believe his good fortune after so many years of dates that never panned out. He just hoped and prayed that she was for real and not too good to be true.

At the appointed time Mike pulled into Stacy’s driveway. Like magic the garage door went up and he pulled into the empty spot provided. No sooner had he entered than the door closed. Smart girl he thought, she doesn’t need gossiping neighbors. Wearing only his Speedo and carrying an overnight bag he opened the door to the house. Standing there greeting him was Stacy wearing a lovely black bikini.

He picked her up and kissed her hard. She opened her mouth and pushed her tongue deep into his mouth. Their tongues engaged in a sensuous and erotic kiss. She could feel his erection against her middle and she so wanted to play with his cock. “I’ve been thinking about you all day,” she whispered.

It had been her intention to get naked later but her pussy ached to be filled and she couldn’t think of a good reason to wait. Or at least she didn’t want to try hard to come up with a reason. She pulled away and dropped to her knees gazing with delight at a large erection barely contained in his swimsuit. Gently she pulled his suit down and his cock was pointing straight at her. Her mouth salivated as she put her hand around it. It was so big that her fingers didn’t come close to going all around it.

First she kissed it and then took the whole head in her mouth. The taste of the precum made her pussy tingle. She cupped his balls and slowly took more of his cock into her mouth. Mike groaned from the incredible sensation. After a few strokes he pulled her up and said, “I can’t wait any more. ” He quickly removed her top and then it was his turn to be on his knees pulling down her bikini bottom. Her pussy glistened from its wetness. He leaned forward to run his tongue up and down between the labia lips; touching lightly to tease her swollen clit.

Stacy moaned and grabbed his hair pulling his face even harder against her pussy. When he inserted his finger into her cunt her orgasm was immediate. Her body shook and she gasped as it rolled through. He stood and kissed her with his mouth wet from her cum. Tasting her cum on his mouth almost brought on another orgasm. Mike was driven to relieve the ache in his throbbing cock. He picked her up and set her on the edge of the counter and she guided his cock into her eager and wet cunt. Holding it in her hand again made her moan with delight and anticipation. It was certainly thicker than her vibrator. By using small stokes Mike gently and slowly eased his cock all the way in.

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