Stacy Gets Her Man

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Hello! I’m Stacy.

I’m 28 years old, blonde and divorced. Oh and I’m a cock-slut.

This is the third in a series of stories about Stacy.

This one started as a drunken fuck and ended in marriage.

After my graduation party which will live with me for the rest of my life (see Stacy’s Graduation) I left school and moved into the real World.

I was lucky enough to pick up part time work teaching Aerobics and Anita my lover at school found work as a receptionist. The fact that we both found work enabled us to find a place of our own and continue to live together.

Our lovemaking continued to intensify but I think we both knew that whilst girl on girl was fun, there was more to be had. I had only seen the one cock in my life up until then; and it was buried in Joanne’s mouth at my graduation party. Sure I’d been to parties and got felt up by horny guys who were rubbing their hard-ons against me but I’d never taken it any further. I don’t think I was convinced that I was Lesbian but up ’til then I’d managed quite well with out cock.

I would regularly call to pick up Anita after work and couldn’t help noticing this guy who kept watching me whenever I was there. I mentioned him to Anita and she told me the guy was single and fancied me something rotten. She wasn’t concerned as she was already starting to date a guy anyway.

The guys name was Don, and I suggested to Anita that maybe she could tee up a foursome for us and we could go to the local hotel for a few drinks to break the ice.

The following night Anita told me she’d spoken to Don and Jeff (her guy) and set up an evening at a local hotel for this coming Friday. I was surprisingly excited at the prospect and my pussy was decidedly damp at the thought of it.

I had to work at the gym on Friday so I took along a change of clothes for later.

After finishing my aerobics lesson I went for a shower; I’d finished lathering all over with soap and started to wash away the perspiration… my hand slipped down my body and across my lightly furred pussy. I had started to trim my pussy hair as a direct result of seeing Joanne’s naked slit at my earlier party. I was extremely excited about the coming night and slipped first one finger and then two into my slippery hole. What with the mixture of pussy juices and soapy water I was pretty soon fucking myself for all I was worth. I wouldn’t have cared if anyone saw me and I honestly don’t know if they did.

I was riding my hand for all it was worth; my fingers were flitting across my swollen pussy lips and my thumb was teasing the nub of my clit. I brought myself to a climax and gave way at the knees as I slid to the floor of the shower. I sat there for a moment with warm water splashing over my body.

Get a grip on yourself Stacy, I thought, what’s got you all turned on…

I stood and finished showering, stepped from the shower and began to towel myself dry. My nipples were like pebbles from frigging myself and my whole body felt alive. I only had one goal for the night and that was to get myself some cock. if it wasn’t to be Don I was going to find someone to fill my pussy before the night was through.

I’d selected my clothing that morning with that specific purpose, I’m blonde with fair skin and vibrant colours really lift my appearance. I’d brought my red silk underwear which comprises a lacy under wire bra which pushes up my breasts and really shows them off and a slinky pair of French lace panties. I topped this with a vibrant deep amber jersey dress that was low cut in the front and clings to my hips like İstanbul Escort a second skin. It finishes mid thigh and to accentuate my legs I wore a pair of sling backs with 2″ heels. I didn’t wear stockings or tights. I had already applied a little musky scent to a few strategic points and finished with a light blusher and a pale lipstick.

I caught a cab to the hotel we’d agreed to meet at, I was planning on drinking so I wasn’t going to drive. When I arrived Don, Jeff and Anita were already there.

Don arranged drinks and we grabbed a table; I started with Vodka and lime. We spent a couple of hours just chatting and getting to know each other and consuming alcohol. Jeff and Anita only had eyes for each other and were getting quite passionate in public. I’d been talking to Don all night and was certainly interested in getting him alone, I reached across and whispered “do you want to get out of here?” to which he nodded.

I took his hand and we stood up, the other two didn’t even notice, so we went outside to hail a taxi.

Anita and I had already agreed that if I was interested in Don and left with him she would stay away from our flat to give me a few hours alone with Don.

We got into the cab and headed for my place. Don and I were kissing passionately in the back of the cab and I’m sure the driver could sense the smell of sex that was in the air. My pussy was wide awake and from the look of Don’s pants so was his manhood.

I threw $20 at the cab driver and we ran up the driveway to my front door.

I pushed the door open and literally dragged Don into the hallway. I turned and reached for him kissing and tonguing him. I reached down to his crotch and grabbed the hardness that was bursting in his pants. That’s was my first mistake. Don groaned and said “no Stacy, oh God I’m Cumming” and promptly shot his load in his pants.

I had no idea you guys were so sensitive. He looked downcast, but I wasn’t fazed.

“You’re not getting away with that buster” I said to him. I took his hand and led him towards my bathroom. “Let’s get you cleaned up a little and try again. Take your pants off while I wet a wash cloth”. He had on a pair of tan chinos and I noticed the damp spot where he’d cum as we walked to the bathroom. He stripped down while I ran the cloth under some warm water.

I turned with the warm cloth to get a real close up of a cock for the first time. I went down on my knees in front of him to begin washing him clean. His pubic hair was damp and sticky from cum and he smelled of sex… I was fascinated to be this close to his penis, I lifted him gently and wiped his balls and underneath him, I was surprised how soft and tender the flesh was; I’d only ever imagined it hard and throbbing. There was a dribble of cum still on the head and I glanced up at him as I reached out with my tongue and just touched his tip, he was enthralled and so was I. The salty taste of his cum was marvelous. A lick became a kiss and I felt the first throb of his passion as my touch began to arouse him.

“Come on Don, if we’re doing this we’re going to get comfortable I’m not fucking you in my bathroom.”

We moved through to the bedroom and Don’s hands were all over me; my butt;

My boobs; my back; and also slipping between my legs to get at my pussy. I wasn’t doing a miss in the groping stakes either and could feel that I was starting to get him hard again.

We took our clothes off and just threw them on the floor; Don stared in awe at my body as I stood there in my silk undies. “Oh Jesus Stacy, I had no idea İstanbul Escort bayan you were so beautiful.”

I reached out to him and let him remove my bra. As my breasts bounced free he moaned and bent to nuzzle me. The first touch of his mouth on my nipple sent a shudder through my entire body and my pussy woke as if stung with a cattle prod.

“Fuck me Don; Fuck me now, I need to feel a cock in my pussy.”

He didn’t need to be asked twice, he bent and slid my panties down my legs and pushed me back onto the bed. He knelt between my thighs with his cock now fully hard and this raging purple head pointing to the ceiling. “Now Don, don’t wait, I need it now,” he reached for me and took me by the hips pulling me all the time towards his throbbing cock. I felt the tip of him touch my outer lips and I began to moan, he thrust forward and pushed his way in and I cried out. In all the excitement I’d forgotten that this was my first penetration and despite years of finger fucking I was technically still a virgin. He was so big and it was so tight it hurt. My reaction and the tightness of my cunt caused Don to pull away just as he came again. He shot this second load of cum up across my pussy and onto my belly.

Don was devastated by this second failure to fuck me and I was beginning to think “this can’t be what it’s like all the time, there has to be more to it.”

We were both drunk, over excited and anxious. I cleaned myself up and lay next to him on the bed. We chatted, snuggled, cuddled and kissed; before beginning to explore each others body. Don began to kiss my neck and shoulders eventually moving down to my breasts, he lost himself there for a while nuzzling and nipping at my skin and kissing and licking my nipples. This was more like it, he moved slowly down my body leaving a trail of butterfly kisses all over my stomach and around my hips. I parted my legs to him as he began to nuzzle my pubic hair and nibble down to my inner thighs. I could smell my sex, my pussy was on fire. “I’ve never done this before” he said to me “but you look and smell wonderful, I’m going to eat all your juices”. Being an experienced pussy eater from my time with Anita I was able to guide his tongue to all my most sensitive areas and to help him find that spot inside my pussy that has us girls climbing the walls. As he teased my clit with his tongue I felt that surging through my body indicating I was about to cum. I groaned and squirmed wrapping my legs around his shoulders and pulling his tongue further into me. I shuddered and came with an intensity which surprised me, I gushed my juices onto Don’s face and watched and listened as he eagerly lapped me up. It may have been his first time eating pussy, but he’d got the taste for it now.

I was really wet and sloppy now and he was as hard as iron.

“Don, I need you in me now, a tongue just won’t do it anymore.”

I moved and let Don lay on the bed; I was going to control this. I knelt astride his body and could feel the heat of his rampant cock as it jerked on his body near my pussy entrance. I took hold of him and held him as I slid my pussy onto the end of him. This time I was ready, I had control as I slid down taking him an inch at a time until I felt my bottom touch his thighs. I had him. I had all this wonderful throbbing cock inside my pussy. It felt like nothing I’d ever felt before. I felt full; he was choking my cunt with this lovely cock.

I began to ride up and down on him gently and he reached up and began to tease my erect nipples. It was like fire in my pussy and I lost Escort İstanbul myself in total passion.

I wanted this guy to cum in my pussy and began to fuck him with a ferocity I didn’t know I had. I know I didn’t orgasm again but as he shot his load deep into my pussy it felt fantastic.

I reached forward and kissed Don with all the passion I had left, as I reached for him his now soft cock slipped from my sopping hole. We both laughed at the sound it made and it broke the sexual tension in the room.

We moved slightly and lay together in that relaxed afterglow that can only be found after a good fuck.

I dozed for probably half an hour and when I began to stir Don was sound asleep on his back. I’d heard a noise in the lounge and I think that’s what woke me up. I moved across the room and opened the bedroom door. I was still naked and as I moved I felt some of Don’s cum dribble from my pussy onto my thigh. Imagine my surprise, in the half light of the room with the curtains open I could see Anita on all fours on the floor with Jeff behind her fucking her doggy style. Jeff looked around and acknowledged me but kept up his pounding rhythm on my lover’s pussy. Jeff knew Anita and I were lovers but I think I surprised him, I know I surprised myself with what I did next.

I walked slowly across the room until I was in front of Anita. I lay down in front of her and slid my body under Anita. Parting my thighs I looked at her and gently guided her head to my cunt. “I want you to lick my pussy clean you slut” was what came out of my mouth. Anita looked at me; she could see I was still damp and sticky from Don. She reached forward and licked the cum from the inside of my thigh before moving up to my pussy lips and beginning the best tongue wash I have ever had. Anita looked to be enjoying it too and her tongue was keeping time with Jeff’s rhythm from behind. Just as I moaned and began to cum; Jeff pulled out of Anita to shoot the biggest load of cum over her butt and back. His second jerk fired his seed over her head to land on my belly. I eagerly reached for it and licked it from my fingers; the salty taste was not unpleasant and was my second taste of cum that night.

I lid from beneath Anita and left them to there night.

Returning to the bed, Don was still laying on his back asleep and I thought it was too good an opportunity to miss.

I slid alongside him and began to lick his sleeping cock gently. He moaned and I lifted the soft flesh from his body and wrapped my hungry lips around the head. He woke with a start “Stacy; what the…” and realized what I was doing. I’ve since found that I’ve never met a guy who doesn’t want you to suck him off. His cock was hard in a hurry and I began to move my head up and down his shaft. I massaged his balls with my hand and continued to love him with my mouth. I dribbled on him to make him really wet and slippery and was amazed to find I could take his full length in my mouth.

Despite the fact that Don had already cum three times tonight I could feel the urgency in his body as I continued to suck and nip and love his hard as iron cock. “Oh Stacy that’s wonderful but I’m going to cum…”

I wanted him in my mouth, I wasn’t letting go. I massaged his balls and felt them tighten and could feel the surge of power through his cock as he thrust to fuck my mouth as he came. The first salty jet hit the back of my mouth and I swallowed greedily. I wasn’t wasting any of this, I sucked and slurped for all I was worth and that load of cum never saw the light of day. I didn’t waste a drop.

What a night. My first fuck, my first blowjob and the first indications that I wanted more cock.

Don and I continued to date and eventually we fell in love and I married my first fuck.

In hindsight I loved his cock and that was never going to be enough, but that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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