Stages of Pleasure

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She’s been thinking about it all day. What he’s going to do to her. How good it will feel. It’s driven her to distraction. The way her mind ponders the little details. The sights. The sounds. The smells. The taste. The touch.

She takes a shower and soaps herself. Touching. But she knows that there’s touching. And then there’s touching.

There’s the touching that’s allowed. The touch that goes with having a shower. An inevitable necessity. A function.

Then there’s the other kind of touch. The kind that almost feels as if it shouldn’t be allowed. As if there might be an unspoken a law against it.

But who’s watching? Who’s going to stop her?

And isn’t the feeling of doing something naughty part of the appeal?

Touching in this way is a kind of self-indulgence. Potentially culminating in a climax of self-love. Or just serving as a tease. An aperitif perhaps. Which is how she treated it.


She wears what she considers to be her most sensuous dress. And underneath she’s clothed in lingerie that’s to die for. Putting it on for him she feels wondrously sexy. Already she’s getting wet for him.

He arrives in mismatched blazer and smart trousers. The blazer artvin escort he takes off and hangs up on the clothes hook. And just to watch the simple action of him taking off his jacket is a pleasure too exquisite for words. He wears a well-fitted shirt. It looks good on him. It will look even better once she’s undone a few buttons.

She cooked him dinner. Good food. Good conversation. Good wine. Eyes meeting. They both know what’s coming.

After dinner he takes a tumbler of whiskey and follows her to the bedroom.


Long and indulgent. It’s almost agony because there’s so much desperation to just be there. To have him inside of her. But they know the build up will only intensify what follows.

Breathless kisses. Hands clambering. Fingers dismantling layers of clothing, exposing new treasures of nakedness. Each reveal only makes them hungrier for each other’s bodies. He grasps her breasts. Oh fuck. She loves his hands. But his mouth is even better. He’s covering her in kisses. Her cheeks. Her nose. Her lips. Again and again he returns to those lips, wanting her more and more. Never satisfied.

Now he kisses her neck. Now her collarbone. Now her breast. aydın escort She gasps. He reaches the nipple. She squirms. It’s almost too much. And now his mouth is tracing a path downwards over her stomach. Where’s he going next? His teeth nip her flesh. She wants him. She needs him. Keep going. Don’t stop.


Unlike anything she could have imagined. He doesn’t mess about. His tongue smothers her. Satisfyingly warm. She writhes. Legs wriggling. Toes curling.

She looks down at his head buried between her thighs and plunges her fingers into his hair. But he doesn’t need the encouragement. He’s racked with desire for her. Desire to witness her pleasure. Desire to share in her ecstasy.

His hands clutch her around the middle. Fingers pressing into a supple body. His face pinned to her pelvis.

Fist-clenching pleasure builds throughout her body. She can’t help herself. She throws her head back and groans for him. Pleading for more.


It’s like she’s no longer there. She’s in another place. Another stratosphere.

She opens her eyes and notices his trousers and her bra lying strewn across the floor. There’s something poignant about the way balıkesir escort they’ve fallen but she can’t say what it means. She flips her head over. Her gaze is caught by the lamp softly lighting the room. She remembers buying it from an antique furniture store shortly after she’d moved in.

He does that thing she loves. Where he catches her clitoris between his lips and teases her with his tongue. But at this point she’s only partly conscious of exactly what he’s doing. All she feels is pleasure. Sometimes tingling. Sometimes surging. Sometimes buzzing. Invading her. Overwhelming her. It won’t be long now. His tongue is firmly pressing. Fuck, she sighs.

When his fingers enter her she knows. It’s coming. The tips of his fingers find that perfect spot. She feels herself contracting. Just a few well-placed strokes and a world of colours explodes around her.


She’s ridden her orgasm all the way to the shore. Now she lies sweaty and panting for breath. He gazes down at her body. Flushed and glistening. But the glance from her eye tells him she’s ready for more. And the smile on her face. It drives him crazy. He HAS to have her.

She sees his expression. Overcome with desire for her. With urgency he positions himself. Nudging. Ramrod hard.

She knows. The first orgasm has only just subsided but still she knows. She knows that as soon as she feels him enter her she’ll be cascading towards another. And after that? Well. Who knows? She braces herself. He pushes his way forward. Fuck. How she loves his cock.

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