Step Mom lends a Hand Pt. 03

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Jake felt like he was going to explode. Danielle had been giving him looks all week, on Monday, she had cornered him after breakfast and backed him up against the table, her hand reached down, stroking the hard, eager bulge of his cock, straining for her hand.

She whispered, “No playing with yourself, Jake, your Dad has a one-day business trip Thursday morning, and I want you to save it, have a nice, big load in your balls, and your step Mommy will make the wait well worth your while.”

She made sure that Jake got more than enough looks at her awesome body for the rest of the week, not just sunning totally nude on the patio, which she did just about every day, but “accidentally” running into him upstairs, completely nude, when they were retiring for the night, and, getting up in the morning, Danielle was happy to parade her nudity past Jake’s eager eyes when she headed for the shower. Jake could feel his cock, almost howling for release, and it took all of his willpower, plus the remembered promise of his step Mom to make it well worth his while, to resist the urge to stroke it.

Thursday morning and Jake was awake at dawn, he heard his Dad saying goodbye to Danielle, and a few minutes later, Danielle opened his bedroom door. She was wearing a robe, and she smiled, her eyes locked on his, the robe dropped to the floor, and Jake almost lost it right there.

His wildly sexy step Mom was wearing a 6 strap black garter belt, long black stockings hugged her legs, a set of sheer black, see-thru crotchless panties, and a demi-cup bra that just cradled her breasts from below, leaving the top 3/4 of those luscious melons naked to his eyes. Her large nipples were red and swollen, stiff and hard. Her neatly trimmed nest of pubic hair was framed perfectly by the open crotch of her panties, and Jake’s cock throbbed at the idea that this might be the time he got his cock inside that tight, inviting opening.

Her eyes took on a lust-fueled gleam, and she crouched over him, her hands eagerly caressing his rock-hard bulge. Mindful of the load he had saved up, and not wanting him to waste it by going off in her hands, she positioned herself, notched his cock-head against her, and pushed down.

Jake felt the heat engulf him, as she thrust her body down, taking his cock in right to the balls, in one deep thrust. Jake growled, his cock was in a tight, wet hugging sheath of steamy juices, oh fuck, it felt incredible.

Danielle growled with pleasure as she felt Jake’s cock slide up her easily. Oh yeah, his hard cock was just what she needed. The idea of fucking father and son had been a long-standing fantasy of hers, ever since Jake started to fill out as a hunky, well-built, good-looking teen. Knowing that Jake was just as horny for her as she was for him, had enabled her to put her fantasy to reality.

“Ummmm, yeah, istanbul escort I know how good it must feel,” Danielle purred, “but I don’t want you to cum too fast, I’m going to fuck your hard cock at my own pace, Jake, step Mommy’s going to enjoy this, and make your cock explode!”

Jake felt the grip around his cock, then she loosened up, slid up his shaft and down again. Holy fuck, his step Mom had awesome muscle control as her heated center stroked his cock, keeping his cock seriously hard, but light enough to keep his orgasm at bay, Jake filled his vision with the sight of his step Mom’s body, clad in that super hot lingerie, riding up and down his pole, god it felt so good, he didn’t want it to end.

Danielle smiled down at Jake, her mind casting back to her teen years. This was just like the way it had been with her brother, first the hand-jobs, then the blow-jobs, and then the hard, driving feel of her brother’s solid 8 inches filling her cunt, bursting her virgin barrier, tearing away that barrier to pleasure. Her pussy started to cream up crazily, slick and hot with her juices, as she recalled the pleasure, the large zing of pain as he deflowered her, then the pleasure growing, quickly replacing the pain, turning it all to pleasure, and soon, she was humping up at his hips madly, her orgasm racing at her, she felt the spasms starting, squealing and crying out as her orgasm burst inside of her. Her brother had given a loud growl of pleasure and buried his cock, she could feel the coursing warmth that flowed into her, her brother’s cock pumping and jerking, jetting his passion for his sister deep inside her.

The heated remembering caused her own orgasm to rise, Danielle rode her stepson, sliding her fiery tightness up and down on him, she tossed her head back, her movements picking up speed. She tightened her inner muscles, clasping at Jake’s throbbing cock like a velvet-lined vice, her orgasm was so close, and she wanted him to explode his load right as she came.

Danielle whispered huskily, “Look at me Jake, I’m looking into your eyes as I slide my hot, wet pussy down over your thick, stiff cock. Ummm, oh yes, I can feel your stiff hard cock stretching open the tight walls of my pussy, again and again, can you feel the grip of my hot pussy?”

Jake nodded his cock the center of his universe. The tightness of his step Mom, milking at his throbbing, twitching length as she rode his pole, the juicy, heated pussy was ready to made him blow every drop.

Danielle growled, “I’m sliding my throbbing, fiery pussy up and down, faster and faster. Fuck me hard and fast Jake, I want it now! I want you to cum for your step Mommy, feel my tight pussy fucking your cock, and cum for me NOW! Fill me, Jake, pump every drop deep inside step Mommy’s cunt, do it, do it, do it, yes, istanbul escort bayan yes, YEEESSS!”

Danielle’s voice let out a low-pitched wail, and she felt the spasms start, her inner heat clamped tightly at Jake’s cock, ready to suck out every drop.

Jake had never felt such exquisite tightness, Danielle’s pussy was the ultimate gripping receptacle, fiery hot, moist, and oh so tight, it sucked and milked greedily at his throbbing shaft, demanding every drop he had. As Jake saw her shuddering in climax above him, her cries of orgasmic pleasure filling his ears, he groaned from pure pleasure as he reached his peak, Jake felt his cock jerk, swelling to a massive urgency, as the spunk streaked up his shaft, Danielle’s pussy rippling with spasms milking eagerly at his shaft. He arched up into her, as deep as possible, and felt the jetting of his cock, spraying his heated load, his cock jerking over and over in repeated pulses, his cock eager to fire off every drop, and her pulsing pussy just as eager to milk every drop out of his throbbing prick.

Danielle could feel the throbbing pulses of Jake’s cock, squirting wildly inside her hot tunnel, over and over, and the heated load he was pouring into her, she smiled as she felt his load splattering her deep inside.

As they floated through the afterglow, Danielle could feel the need growing again quickly. After her earlier adventures, of stroking Jake’s cock to a spewing gush, then sucking his cock until he filled her mouth with wet sperm satisfaction, she had gone to her husband and been fucked hard into the mattress, remembering what it was like. Now, she knew she needed it again soon. Fortunately, Jake’s youth would bring his cock surging back, with a little help.

She climbed out of bed, and whispered, “Watch me, Jake”.

Jake did so, watching as his step Mom did a cock reviving striptease, removing her filmy lingerie piece by piece, slowly, until she was totally and gloriously nude.

Taking him by the hand, she led him into the shower. Under the warm spray, he washed her down, sliding thick soap suds all over that smooth skin, listening to Danielle’s cooing sounds of contentment. She took the soap from him, and with her hands slick with soap, she worked over his cock and balls, smiling as she felt his cock grow back up to full glory, hard and eager, ready to fuck her again.

Toweled off, Jake watched the sexy sight of his step Mom arranging herself on her hands and knees. She looked over at him and told him what to do.

“Fuck me from behind Jake. I love it, getting fucked doggy style, it’s so fucking hot, fuck your step Mommy just like a dog would!”

Jake mounted her, taking her from behind, sliding his bloated, steel-hard cock as far up her tight, burning cunt as he could.

Danielle squealed escort istanbul with pleasure as his swollen cock opened her up again.

Jake gripped her hips tightly, grunting out, “Oh Fuck, yeah!” as his cock was encased by the feel of her fiery, tight, hugging sheath wrapped around him like a tight glove of pleasure, hearing her squeal of delight as he drove it in right to the hilt.

“Yeah, give it to me!”, Danielle cooed, “That feels so damn great! Let me have it all, Jake, fuck your step Mommy, ride my pussy, and shoot your hot load deep inside me! I wanna feel you squirt, my hot pussy wants my step-son’s thick, juicy spray, let me have it!”

Fired up by her excitement, Jake was happy to oblige. He plunged into her again and again, going right to the balls. Danielle was grunting passionately as he gripped her hips tightly, plowing her most inviting furrow. The sight of Danielle’s sexy ass cheeks rising and falling in time to his plunges, and the feel of her fiery, tight cunt wrapped snugly around his cock kept Jake steel hard as he gave her a doggy style power fucking, driving deep up her quivering heated tunnel, again and again.

Danielle was grunting and squealing with pleasure, she loved getting it from behind, and Jake’s stiff cock was ramming her in just the right way. She knew she would soon be crashing into another massive climax.

Her sounds of joy and delight urged Jake on as he power fucked her steamy depths over and over again. Jake’s grunts of passion joined hers, as he could feel his nut sack cinch up tight, his balls locked into firing position. Jake could feel the cum building, he knew he was gonna cum massively. The feel of Danielle’s tight burning fuck-hole, wrapped snugly around his throbbing cock, eagerly milking him, brought Jake to the boiling point, he could feel his cock thumping, getting set to flood his step Mom’s cunt. Jake’s cock started to jerk and swell.

“Yeah, let it go, Jake, let me have it! Shoot off that thick load, flood your step Mommy’s horny cunt with that thick juicy load of spunk you have for me, cum in me, cum in me NOW!” Danielle gasped.

Just before he exploded, she wrapped a warm hand around his balls and gave them a gentle, firm squeeze. Her squeezing hand, her hot sexy words, and watching her ass jiggle slightly, as Jake drove his aching cock into her steaming cunt over and over, shoved him over the edge. With a roar of pleasure, he let it go, his cock buried deep, erupting in her, throbbing wildly, as he shot his hot cum deep inside her step Mom’s eager tightness.

Danielle howled with pleasure as her cunt wrenched wildly, her orgasm tearing into her, making her body shake like a leaf in a storm. Danielle could feel the warmth of his liquid satisfaction filling her eager tightness again, and she used her muscle control to give Jake what her husband enjoyed so much, Jake growled with pleasure as his step Mom’s cunt clamped around his prick, he could feel the tight milking grip eagerly sucking every drop out of him.

Danielle flopped down, sweaty, spent, and very satisfied. She smiled, she had the whole day and night, and she was intending to put that to good use.

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