Stepping Out

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I leave to pick up the babysitter. You are getting ready and still wrapped in a towel. I have dress pants on and one of my silk shirts. You tell me to give you 15 minutes before coming back. I drive very slowly, I arrive back at the house with the babysitter 20 minutes after I left.

We walk in the house and I find you in the kitchen. You look so hot I have to steady myself on the counter. You have a purple skintight short dress on. You hair looks perfect. Your body shows the dress off well. Your legs long and tan, on your feet you have sexy 3 inch spiked heel purple shoes. You simply look at me and say that you thought I would like the shoes. I tell you how much I love everything, especially you! We kiss – and as our lips part you say there are more surprises to come this evening.

We say our goodnights to the kids and babysitter, mentioning that we may be very late tonight. The car is in the driveway and I open your door to let you in. When I get in the drivers seat you say it is very warm in the car and could I crank up the air conditioning. We kiss and start driving with the cool air quickly filling the car.

You tell me how good I look and you rub my thigh and then my chest. Your touch is so soft yet I feel every part of your hand as it glides over my body. I tell you how great you look and that it will be a problem to keep my hands off you. You tell me that is not a problem but an opportunity.

We are off to a club for a night of dancing. By the time we reach the interstate the car has cooled down considerably. I reach to turn it down but you grab my hand and stop me. You tell me that you want the car to get very cold for my first surprise of the evening. When we get to our exit the car is cold. I look over at you and can clearly see your incredible nipples pushing hard against the fabric of your dress. I find this very erotic and you know it. You remind me to keep my eyes on the road and turn down the air conditioning. I do and as my hand is leaving the temperature controls you take it in yours and press it to your chest. Slowly, you take my hand and make it yours as you rub your breast. You feel so good, and so hot. I feel your nipples harden more with the touch of my hand. You put my hand back on the steering wheel and tell me that you will be thinking about having my mouth sucking on your nipples.

You stare at me the rest of the way to the club, continually telling me how much you love me, how good I look and how much you want me. I tell you that it is me who is the lucky one.

We get to the parking lot of the club and find a space. You tell me not to shut the car off just yet. Surprise number two is coming. You shift your Escort Bayan body in the leather seat so that your legs are turned towards me. Slowly you pull up the hem of the dress. It does not take long before I can see your beautiful pussy. I gasp and smile – no panties!! You moan very subtly and tell me that all night you will be thinking about having my tongue on your clit and in your pussy.

You open you legs just a bit more so I can see how perfectly trimmed your bush is. A small beautiful runway of hair leading to your clit. The dark hair is a great contrast to your pink pussy lips. I also see that you are turned on by your sexy behavior. Your pussy juices are glistening in the setting sunlight. I reach to touch your incredible pussy and you grab my hand and say only a little now. You take my middle finger and pull it to your pussy – it slips right past your slippery lips. You moan and ask me to put it in deeper, but you stop yourself and pull my finger out. You tell me to lick my finger – I do and it taste so good.

We go into the club and we are early so we get a good table near the dance floor. We order drinks and start to relax. We sit there for a long while just enjoying each other’s company. We kiss each over frequently – sometimes very deeply with tongues dancing together – but most of the time very lightly with our lips just touching. We are both enjoying the continued teasing that started before we left the house.

After what seems like hours of getting drunk on each other we look up and notice the club has gotten crowded. Lot’s of good looking people dancing and drinking. We get out on the dance floor and your dance is entrancing. So classy, so stylist, so sexy. You are getting a lot of attention from me but also from everyone in the club. Your beauty admired by everybody – male and female. We sit back down and kiss for a long, long time. Your tongue is heavenly as it dances in and out of my month. When we stop kissing you whisper to me that the couple at the next table is watching us. I say – so! You say look at them – they are both very good looking. I look at them and agree with your opinion. They notice that we are talking about them, they smile and the lady immediately gets up and walks toward us followed by her man. They carry their chairs over and ask if they can join us at our table. They tell us how wonderful it is to see another couple as in love as we are. Watching us has gotten them very excited and they want to thank us by buying a round of drinks.

She is very pretty – deep red auburn hair – short. White dress, white stockings and pretty white sandals. Her breast are large, she is not skinny, but not fat Bayan escort either. She looks great, well proportioned with curves in all the right places. He also is good looking, light brown hair, light complexion dressed very similar to me.

We sit for a while and sip our drinks and then you suggest that we should dance. When we get back to the table after dancing they are there kissing each other. We can see their tongues moving together. It is very erotic watching their passionate kiss up close. His hand is on her thigh and her hand is high on his thigh with her pinky teasing his obviously hard cock. You whisper to me that it would be exciting to watch them make love. I agree and we start following their lead by kissing. As we are kissing my hand moves up your leg to your thigh. As I move closer I can feel the heat and energy from between your legs. My dick is immediately hard and pressing against my underwear. When we break from our embrace our new friends are sitting watching us with large smiles in their faces.

The lady tells us they have a suite in the hotel next to the club. She asks if we would like to go and have a drink there – it would be a bit more quite. You quickly say that it sounds like a great idea. We walk to the hotel and get into the elevator and immediately start kissing and caressing. As the elevator is making its slow accent we stop and look at them and I tell them how much we would like to watch them make love. A large smile comes over them and they just say that great minds think alike.

The hotel suite is beautiful. We go straight to the bedroom. There is a king size bed and a Cleopatra chair next to it. I move the chair closer to the bed while you go into the bathroom. He makes drinks while the lady lights what seems like 100 candles. (They are prepared).

You and I get comfortable on the chair while they start making out next to the bed. They are not more than two feet from us. They dance slowly together as each of them explores the back and ass of the other. You are lying in front of me and I am holding you. We are still as we watch this beautiful couple before us.

Slowly she starts to un-button his shirt, she kisses his chest and sucks on his nipples. It is not long before he finishes removing the shirt, throwing it to the floor. She pulls him close and presses her tits to his chest. While they kiss deeply she moves her hands down to his pants. With one hand she works on the belt and zipper while her other hand massages his already hard cock. Even under his pants it looks large.

She gets the belt undone and kneels before him as she pulls down his zipper. He has no underwear on so his cock Escort springs from his pants. She grabs it in her hands and licks the top of it. As she takes him in her month you take your hand, reach behind you and start playing with my hard dick which has been pressed into your back .

He pulls her up and un-zips the back of her dress. Quickly she helps the dress fall off her body onto the floor. All she is wearing is thigh high white stockings. Her tits are milky white with small pink nipples, surrounded by large pink circles and her pussy is shaved completely so her pink lips contrast against her white skin and the white stockings. We can see that she is very wet. He is on his knees now licking her pussy. She lies back on the bed and opens her legs wide –we move ourselves close to watch as he licks and sucks her wanting pussy.

You can’t take it anymore and your dress is off in record speed. You look incredible, your nipples are hard and very erect, your pussy beautifully wet. You jump onto the bed next to her and demand that I strip. Before I know it I am standing next to the bed and you are sucking and licking my hard cock. As your sucking you reach around grab my ass and pull me closer. You take my hand and put it in your pussy. I take my dick out of your mouth and move between your wonderful legs. Your pussy feels so good and I start nibbling your otter lips, careful not to touch your clit just yet. I look up and notice that they have stopped and are watching us intently. I’m thrilled about this and don’t want to disappoint them with the show. They are below your pussy so they can see my tongue going in and around your pussy. As they watch he has his fingers in her pussy and she is stroking his cock.

I slide around your otter lips, inner lips and slowly to your clit. You are loving it. Slowly with my fingers I open your lips and expose your love channel, your juice flow all over my hand. Slowly as they watch every move my finger slides into your pussy. One finger first then two fingers then three. Your are moaning in ecstasy. They can’t take it anymore and she jumps on the bed next to you and spreads her legs. I stop and we sit up to watch. We see his cock slowly engulfed by her wanting pussy. He teases her by only giving her the tip of his cock and then pulling out. But soon he is pumping her in ever increasing rhythm.

You lay back and with your hand take my cock and guide it to your pussy. Everyone is moaning and enjoying the moment. As we continue to fuck you both, the two of you find each other’s mouths and kiss gently, your tongues doing an amazing waltz together. Your hand moves to her clit and you start rubbing her, she does the same to you. Soon all four of us explode and cum together. Not just once but for what seems likes wave after wave of ecstasy.

We lay together for the next hours just talking about life and love. Before we part we exchange numbers for the next time…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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