Still Dreaming?

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Laying in bed reading a book, yawning, tired from a long day. I put my book down and snuggle under the covers, closing my eyes and drifting off to sleep.

I slowly open my eyes, groggy from sleeping, feeling your fingers caress my cheek ever so softly. Whispering to me, “I am home.” A smile lights up my face, as I become more aware. My hand covering your hand that is now resting on my cheek.

“Hi honey!”

“I’ll let you go back to sleep,” you say petting y hair gently.

“No, no it’s ok, I’m awake.” I say yawning.

“Your tired go back to sleep, my love,” You respond, looking at my still glistening eyes.

“Lay with me then until I fall back asleep; please?” I ask.

Scooting over so you can lay down next to me. I wrap my arm around your waist, your hand again stroking my cheek softly. Placing a kiss on my forehead. I lift my face, my lips meeting yours; kissing you, happiness filling me with warmth from my lips to my toes.

“I missed you.” I say holding you tighter, my breasts flush with your chest, hugging you. Kissing you deeper, more passionately. My body and mind fully awake, my senses perked, feeling the ever present tingling your kisses send through me. “I am never going to be able to fall back asleep now.” I say giggling.

Your fingers moving down the length of my torso, and back up to my shoulders. Chills running through me, my hand sliding under your shirt, feeling the warmth ataşehir escort bayan of your back. Your hand reaching up running my soft hair between your fingers as you stroke the back of my neck. My lips murmuring soft sounds of lust and ignited passion as they kiss yours slow and steady.

Rubbing the back of your neck, my hand still under your shirt. Your hand moving to my exposed breast, taking it in your grasp and gently squeezing it, rubbing your thumb over my nipple. I gather up your shirt, and pull it over your head.

Your arms wrapped around me holding me tight to your now exposed chest, kissing my neck. Rubbing my cheek against your face, as you nibble softy as the most sensitive part of my neck. The spot you always instinctively knew.

Feeling your cock pressing against my panties, now a bit hard, I unbutton your jeans and slide my hand inside grabbing your ass. Pinching it softly. Your lips now moving to my hardened nipples, licking at them, sucking them softly. Soft moans leave my lips, as I grip your ass tighter, digging my nails into it gently.

You stand up and remove your pants and underpants, quickly laying back down. Pulling me on top of you. I place a thigh on either side of you, rubbing my moist pussy against your very firm cock. Letting it part my soft wet lips before letting it very slowly slide inside me. Closing my eyes leaning back on top of you as your cock enters me.

My escort kadıköy hands resting flat against your chest, moving my hips slowly back and forth. Feeling the fire of my burning desire and passion for you lick the inside of my skin, causing me to become flush. Moving my body up and down slowly on you. Pressing you very deeply inside as I come down on you, spinning my hips slow, just letting the feeling of you inside me set in once again.

Looking at your face smiling back at mine, feeling your hands grip my thighs. Thrusting a little bit faster on you, excited by your smile. Delighted by the feeling of you inside of me. Feeling your balls pressing against my ass as I grind my pussy against your cock.

Your hands now gripping my hips, pushing me down on you harder. Feeling the tip of your cock pressing deep inside me, as my body moves against yours. I move up and down the length of your cock, letting you slide in and out of me slow and steady, squeezing my pussy tightly as your cock slides with ease in and out of me.

Looking at you, watching the expressions on your face as you lay there with your eyes closed. I move up and tilt my hips forward at the same time. I move down and tilt my hips backward, leaning forward as I do. Repeating this same motions at different paces, watching you. I see the delight on your face when I find the perfect pace.

Feeling your hips thrust upward as I thrust bostancı escort down on you. Feeling your cock pulses inside of me with every stroke. Rubbing my clit with my fingers my other palm resting flat on the center of your chest still. Moaning more and more, loudly.

Dizzy in ecstasy, feeling you cock engorge deep inside of me. My pussy swelling around it, my body moving faster and harder as my fingers circle my tiny clit fast. Our thrusts working against each others, my hips moving back and forth with each stroke my pussy makes on your cock. The grip on my hips tighter and tighter, the closer you become.

Feeling like I am riding a wave through the forbidden sea, I move steady bracing myself for the ensuing break of my tide against you. Moaning hard, my world spinning as my waters rush with the force of a tidal wave against you. Looking at you hardly able to focus on your features, as your hands push and pull my hips back and forth on your throbbing cock.

Feeling you explode deep inside of me, using my last bits of strength to keep moving a little bit faster, holding my pussy tight, pulling out the last drops of you. I collapse next to you, dizzy and shaking. Laying my head on your chest feeling your heart racing, Just holding you until our breathing slows down a bit. I kiss you, resting on my elbow.

I look at you able to see your face clearly again. “I don’t think either one of us will have any trouble going back to sleep now.” I say giggling softly.

“Or maybe this was all a dream to begin with, my love.” You respond quickly.

“Well if it is I wish to never leave it.” Kissing you once last time before laying my head down on your chest again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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