Storm Ch. 01

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I was sitting in my Chevy truck, palms sweating and heartbeat fast. I was trying not to think anything. But my mind was reeling, thinking a thousand thoughts at the same time.

What if it was not safe? What if I contaminate something really serious like, AIDS or anything? What if I experience this and still remain the same? What if…

I heaved a deep sigh trying to still my nerves. I looked around the parking lot noticing the only SUV parked at the end of the hall. That means Katie was right. It was going to be the one I was supposed to… meet.

For the umpteenth time, I sucked a deep breath and unlocked my seat belt. Pulling out a chap stick I reapplied it on my lips, hoping it was okay with the subtle make-up I wore. Then after a lifetime I pulled my car door open and got down. Crisp cold air of November made me shiver a little, or was it my nervousness?

After securing my car I started walking towards the door with neon red ENTRY sign. I pulled the heavy door and it opened into a hallway. There was no one around and everything was dead silent. All I could hear was my heart hammering wildly inside me. I thought of running away, leaving this spooky building as if I never came here. But then something caught my eye.

It was a security camera looking right into me. I stared at it for a while. Someone was seeing me, even recorded it. So I couldn’t go back anymore.

How bad it would be? It’s not like I am going to die here. If it was dangerous Katie would have never suggested it.

I took a step forward and then another. No one came from behind and attacked me. So I kept going until I reached the end of the hallway.

There at my right there was another door, same as the previous one. It read PUSH on the handle bar. I was curious by now, so I opened the door without thinking much.

It was a small room, dimly lit with red fluorescent light. I had to readjust my eyes before I could take in the interior. Walls were furnished with tiles that complemented the red light. There was nothing but a big digital wall-clock on right wall. A small white sofa sat at the middle of the room and a wooden nightstand beside that. There was an old-fashioned telephone on that nightstand. In front of the sofa there was a table, with some magazines on the glass table top.

Just when I was thinking what to do next, the telephone started ringing. The sudden shrill tone of it made my heart jump once again. There was no one in the room and certainly not in the hallway. So was that call meant for me? I stood there, deciding whether to pick it not, until the call ended. The whole surrounding had already become so spooky I wanted to run.

Then it started to ring again. One more time I looked into the deserted hallway and then I crossed the room and answered the call.

“Hello”, my voice was barely more than whisper.

A velvety female voice answered, “Hello there. This can be a little creepy for the first time. But I can assure you this is all about anonymity and privacy. Please, bear with us.”

It was a relief to hear a human voice after being so scared.

“Please, have a seat.”

I looked at the sofa and then around the room. I could barely find any security camera in those fluorescent lights burning right into my eyes.

“Yes, there are cameras and I can see you, ma’am. There is nothing to worry. Please have a seat so we can talk.”

Something in the anonymous voice held authority and surprisingly I found myself sitting in the sofa.

“Welcome to the Club, ma’am. I see you are recommended by one of our beloved clients. Is that true?”

“Yes, I am” I said, uncomfortably.

“I don’t know if you are aware of our rules so, I’d like to discuss it. If there is anything not per your liking, you are welcome to share. But once you agree to our rules they should not be broken.”

I felt like I was in principal’s office being punished for breaking a rule only except it never happened in my school life and here I could not see the principal.

As if the she could read my thought said in the same smooth voice,” it felt good to break the rules, didn’t it?’

I gulped, gripping the receiver more tightly to my ear. This voice had an addiction.

“I am not looking forward to break any rule”, I said.

“Fair enough, our members here are 100% safe and anonymous and we like to keep it that way. So I would suggest you to place your medical report on the table, please. ”

Hurriedly I pulled out the file from my bag and placed it on the table in front. A several test results were imprinted on the paper, just as Katie suggested.

“I can see you have cold allergy and mild asthma. Do you use inhaler in daily basis?”

“No, but I have to use it when I catch cold.”

“Does mask make you uncomfortable?”


“Good. I see your test results are satisfactory. We would like to satisfy you in every way you wish. Before that if you have any questions feel free to ask.” merter escort

“ermm.. yeah..”, nervously I licked my lips before I asked, “what are the ground rules you were talking about?”

“We run our club in a very secretive manner. Every member in the group is safe and we keep their true identity hidden. No names and personal details are shared or discussed. Our club is legal and drugs are strictly prohibited. Although indulges are cherished as long as they don’t affect our policy. Please pick a business card from the table and there we have our email id. Explore our site and choose partner/partners of your liking. Set up your own profile and arrange the time and date. The club assures you the finest pleasure.”

And then the call ended, just as suddenly as it rang.

I sat there and muttered hello a few times before I realized it was useless. I collected the file from the table when I saw a bunch of cards placed beside the magazines. I looked at the stack for a moment, took one and left.

It was so weird!


I was looking at the building under construction across the road with a coffee mug in my hand. I had just finished my night shift and I was free for about an hour before my ad day begins. I closed my eyes and they burned from lack of sleep. I sucked a deep breath. It’s going to be a long day.

Two years ago I could easily picture myself being a home maker for the love of my life. I could give up my career, my ambitions to make my man happy. My man! I groaned inwardly. I didn’t know Will even thought of being with some girl before I found out he was already married and even had a daughter. I had no clue how long he had been living this double life.

I was so shocked when I found out; I could hardly believe that the man I knew Will was from Med School could even do this.

I remembered how humiliated I felt standing in front of his house catching him with his wife and daughter. They portrayed a happy family and his wife had no clue what a scumbag of her husband was. My eyes stung remembering all the hurt and betrayal and humiliation.

It took me a year to get over from Will. I stopped working at the hospital where I used to work with Will. I cut up all the contacts. His parents were very fond of me. Even they were clueless about their son’s marriage. They apologized to me repeatedly and asked to give Will another chance. But I couldn’t. It had hurt me beyond recovery.

I gave up my apartment and shifted to Katie’s for a while. She had supported me so much. I used to lock myself up in a room for days and cry day and night. My parents came and tried everything to get me out of that room. But they failed. It was Katie who finally did the work. Katie is not my best friend. She is more than a sister; she is behind everything I am today.

Three months later I moved in to my new apartment and started working in a hospital as the dean of Cardiology department. I was trying my best to get a new start but deep inside I was never more vulnerable.

I trust Katie, blindly about anything. So I went for the club in the first place. But it had been two days and I hadn’t checked the website yet.

Something in me was still hurting. I was never a people person. I only loved one guy for 5 years and I was betrayed badly. So I wanted to live alone for a while. But my best friend, with all due respect, couldn’t see me at peace.


“So? How was it?”

I was curled up in my couch and enjoying hot chocolate when Katie finally started interrogating me.

“Okay, I guess.”

Katie took the cup from my hand and sat in front of me. Her face serious, “Hannah, spill the bean.”

“What? It was so… spooky.”

“Yes. Yes it is. What else?”

“I don’t know, I mean… it was so weird. I was there for like 45 minutes and I saw no one in there. I mean, seriously? What kind of a club doesn’t have ANYONE to be seen? What is so big deal about secrecy? I am not going to do some terrorist attack, am I? So, why?”

Katie stared at me with big brown eyes for a while and said, “You don’t wanna come across some of the members in front of your parents, do you? Because if they know your name, where you live, what you do then they stalk you, in real life. I don’t think you want this.”

I didn’t want to admit, but Katie had a point. I was not a social person. So I agreed.

“Look, this club is really safe, you know. Disease free, no junkies and all that. Plus, you will meet the person you choose. Right when you arrange a meeting.”

“Yeah, Ms. over-the-phone told me to arrange meetings and all that.”

“Good. So what are you waiting for? Go, explore.”

“You really did that there? I mean this thing works?”

“One hundred percent”, Katie crossed over her heart, “I went there for a couple of times before I married Steve. It was hell of an experience. And no one had ever mutlukent escort contacted me when I stopped. So yeah, it totally works. ”


Two days later I finally gave in. I opened my laptop and typed the website written on the card. I had to; because Katie threatened me that she would never talk me again if I hadn’t given it a look.

When the page loaded, I was stared at it with my mouth open. And then I called Katie.

“Why on earth you made me go to a BDSM club?” I barked at once Katie answered.

“Whoa slow down! It’s not JUST a BDSM club it’s the finest you can find.”

“Seriously, you thought I would like to go to this place?”

“Yeah, I did. I went there and I survived and I am healthy as ever. What is the big fuss is about?”

“Big fuss is about that I… I am not… I don’t…” hell! I was even having a difficult time to pronounce that, “I don’t do such things.”

“Who said?”

“What do you mean who said? I know. I say.”

“Why you say so?”

“Because I don’t like it.”

“Have you ever tried?”

“No..But I…”

“Hush there already, will you? You had sex with only one person in your entire life and with all respect he is a bastard. So you practically know nothing of sex. Do a favor; mention that in your account.”

I struggled with words but couldn’t come up with any.

“Hannah, hang up the phone.”

Defeated, I looked back at the screen. The Ecstasy Club was written on the top. In bottom line it read, Bondage and Discipline, because Sadism and Masochism makes you wild.

I gulped nervously. I clicked on the load page option which opened into a small page which requested me give them some kind of number. I typed my cell phone number but that was too long for the password. I sat there clueless for a while and I started examining the card I got from the club.

The Ecstasy Club was written in black italics on deep purple background. I flipped it back and found a four digit number at the bottom right.

When I typed the number on the password area the page opened into the previous one. There were several options written in the menu bar. I clicked onto the one that read Home and it showed the gratitude for choosing the club and so on. I returned to the main page and clicked on Members. But it didn’t open right away. I needed to open my account to see others. Register/Sign In option was there which I clicked and it requested me to keep my personal details hidden. It firstly asked me to give my fantasy name. So I gave them.

After setting up the profile when I clicked on the Members option again, it asked me if I wanted to look for a male partner or female. And to my surprise I clicked on the Female option. Then it asked me to be specific about my choice.

I hadn’t ever done this before so I had no clue what to expect. So instead of giving them any option I just clicked on the Match option. That opened into a list of 35 members. I had lost my curiosity already. In reality I wanted to find the person whom I talked the other day, but it was so difficult to find her among all these profiles.

I closed the laptop and went to sleep. It was a stupid idea.


A week went by and I finally managed to make Katie understand that I couldn’t do this. And thanks to God she finally gave in.

I got really busy with work and had totally forgotten about the club. I was on call tonight and I had to stay at the hospital well past midnight. I didn’t had chance to check the phone all day. So when I went for the mails and calls I saw one mail from The Ecstasy Club. For some unknown reason I knew it was the person I talked to other day. And suddenly I got nervous.

I am a straight girl. I was in love with a MAN. And I only date men. But due to some unknown reason, I was happy that the woman mailed me. Oh! I didn’t even know it was her.

I was going nuts, I knew.

Thankfully, it was her. Because the mail said:

Beloved Gabriella,

We hope our first impression towards you wasn’t unpleasant. You have set up a profile but haven’t asked any member yet. Is there anything not per your liking? We wish to hear from you.

Love, the Club.

I started typing but then deleted it. Closed my laptop and went to sleep. With my closed eyes I could hear her voice. It felt good to break the rules, isn’t it?

I shivered, exactly the same way I did at the club. I couldn’t sleep. I had to answer the mail.

I wish to meet you this Saturday at the club. The same time?

I felt foolish. And my cheeks got warm every time I remembered the mail. But the arrow was already in the air. So I could just hope it hit the Bull’s eye.

Next day I spent checking otele gelen escort my phone every five minutes interval. But there was no mail. Well there were many, but not from the address I wanted.

I was so disappointed when I opened the site at home later that night. It was weird but I really felt low; like a rejection I was not ready for yet. Then I remembered Will and it all went downhill. I sat in front of my laptop, chest tight and about to cry any moment.

Then I heard a ping.

I thought it was from some stupid insurance company which had a great deal for me at this forsaken hour.

Five minutes later when I checked my phone I was smiling like a Cheshire cat. I convinced myself that my offer would get rejected but the happy part in me said, at least she answered.

I opened the message and it read:

We have rules. You have to choose from the members.

I typed out, I am well aware of the rules. But you are a part of the Club, a member too. So what if I choose you?

The reply came five minutes later.

True, I am a member. But for the beginners I would suggest not to choose me.

She wasn’t being easy. So I chose to push a little further.

Who said I was a beginner?

Ten minutes passed by but her reply didn’t come. I was anxious. What if I had really pushed her beyond limit and she decided to kick me out of the club.

If you are really interested, meet me at the club in 10 minutes.

It was her reply and I was shocked and happy and was looking back and forth from the clock that read 1:10 and the screen which read 10 minutes.


I looked at the car dash board. It was showing 1:35 when I jumped down my car and locked it. The same SUV was parked at the same place. I doubted anyone had driven the vehicle meanwhile.

I walked past it and pulled the door open which read ENTRY. Then the same deserted hallway met me, the security camera again looking at me. I walked towards the end of the hallway with more confidence than I had the last time.

I pulled the door open and found the same small room; the sofa, table and the telephone at its exact position. I took the receiver to my ear and said, “I am here.”

“I know”, said the velvety voice. I felt my heart hammering wildly.

“Can I see you now?”

“No, you have to be prepared first.”

“Instruct me.” I couldn’t imagine I was saying this.

“Look at the wall to your right, you will find a changing room. You will be wearing nothing but one piece of article. And you get to choose what you want to wear.”

Then the call ended.

My hands and feet were cold. She had so much authority in her voice. I put the receiver down and went to the changing room.

The room was equally dimly lit with soft yellow light. Three of the walls had mirrors and the other held a closet. I pulled the closet door open and there were corsets, feathered boa, fur hats, lacy bikinis, stockings, decorated dance masks and several other things I was seeing for the first time. At the bottom there were knee caps, stilettos, boots and several boxes. In front of the mirror there was every piece of make-up you could find. It was a woman’s dream come true.

Dream or desire?

I stripped down my clothes without any thought. I looked around the room and finally I decided which piece of article I wanted to wear.


When I stepped outside the changing room, she was sitting on the sofa.

I sucked a deep breath at the first sight. She was wearing a corset which made her breasts form a beautiful heart shaped cleavage. Her creamy complexion was complemented by the black of the corset and the bites of the brown laces. The room was lit with soft white light now, no more fluorescent red. In the gloom light her face was covered with a beautiful dance mask which covered most of her face, leaving only left side of her lips and chin. The contrast of blue to her bright red lips made me warm from deep inside.

As I exited the changing room she stood up from the sofa. Her boots were only a couple of inches high which made no courtesy to her tall slender form. The ankle of her boots rode up to mid calf. The G-string she was wearing had several buckles and the stockings made the sight even dangerous.

When she stood in front of me I found her taller than most men I ever met. She was at least six inches taller than me minus the boots and I am 5’9″.

She had body of a goddess. She had curves right in the places but she wasn’t fat. She was toned, all over and I could bet she had abs under the corset thing. Her hair was midnight black and it was softly curled that cascaded around her lithe shoulders.

I had to tilt my head back to look into her eyes. And when I did I was lost.

Her eyes were brightest of the blue; One of those kinds that changed color with emotion. At least I thought so. Her face was secured under the mask but I knew she was taking in me too.

She looked at my form, my naked form and slowly walked around me.

I was nervous, under the close scrutiny. I had never been naked in front of other soul except Will. But I didn’t want to think about that. I wanted to think about her and I wanted her to like me. Like me in the way I liked her; wanted her.

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