Storm Damage Ch. 06

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The big day was growing quickly closer. I was amazed that the girls had managed to finish the repairs as good, if not better, than they had been before the storm and, in addition, add to the master bathroom. While that particular addition was supposed to be done, Tina had yet to allow me to see it, indicating that it was a surprise for tonight.

At the moment I was standing on the back deck, watching them string what seemed like miles of lights on a set of new support wires that they had put up over the deck. Now I suppose I should mention that the deck no longer looked like my old deck. I had taken great pride in building the original deck, only twenty by twenty, but more than large enough for my sunken hot tub, shower and plenty of room to grill and relax after a hard day at work. Tina had surprised me with the new boardwalk around the side of the house, which to me, made it perfect.

Somewhere along the way the girls decided that the deck was simply not large enough for the wedding, and rather than move to a different location, simply “made it a tad bigger”, as Patty put it. That tad bigger added a second lower level to the deck, wrapping around two sides of the deck thirty feet wide on both sides. This new redwood deck was more than four times what we started with, and although beautiful, seemed a bit much to me. As part of that the girls set redwood posts around the perimeter with decorative redwood beams tying the posts together along the top. These beams were then connected with a checkerboard of long support wires that Tina said would have pretty vine type flowers on it. For now they would hold up strings of tiny Christmas lights and strings of artificial flower garland.

I had to admit that they had the place looking very pretty and festive, but then with the wedding only two days away, it needed to be getting close to done. What I really didn’t know was how they were paying for all of this. I was shocked to see a landscape company come in and plant bushes and plants in along the new addition, and all the rest of the torn up back yard flattened and raked and covered with a thick blanket of sod. The yard honestly looked a lot better than I can ever remember it looking.

Tina climbed down off the ladder and walked over to me, wearing the tight little cutoffs and crop top shirt she had taken to wearing in the august heat. Slipping her arm around me and pressing her tits into my side she kissed me on the cheek. “Well what do you think?”

“I think that it looks as pretty as the workers.” I replied with a smile.

“Ohhhh you do know how to smooth talk a girl don’t you? You know what that will get you don’t you?”

“What’s that?” I asked looking down at her.

“A really good fucking.” She answered as she rubbed my quickly hardening dick through my shorts.

“Oh really? What are you going to do, just whip it out and fuck right here in front of them?”

“I could.” She said unzipping my shorts and letting them slide down my legs, leaving me in just the sexy little men’s bikini underwear she preferred me to wear. “But that wouldn’t be fair unless I invited the girls to join me.”

“So what are you going to do, just leave me standing here half naked?” I asked as she stroked my dick hard enough that it no longer could be contained by the small amount of material.

“Oh, certainly not!” she said with a devilish grin, stroking the exposed part of my dick and head. “I’ll leave you standing here completely naked!” she finished, before she pulled the front of my underwear down to expose all of my hard dick and balls.

“You know Sis… If you’re going to wave that thing around out here we can’t be expected to be responsible for what happens!” Patty called from the top of her ladder, where she was finishing tying on the last strand of flowers.

“Yeah. I mean if its hanging out its fair game to sit on, isn’t it?” Sandy called as she climbed down and folded her ladder. She set the ladder against the post and walked over toward us, her big tits wiggling around under her t-shirt unrestrained.

“You know the rules… As long as you leave some for me, I don’t mind if you warm it up.” Tina replied.

“Good. Because I could really stand a hard rod stuffed in my muff right about now. I mean I’m going to have to go without soon enough, right?” she asked as she hooked her thumbs into her waistband and wiggled her hips to help slip the shorts and panties down her legs. She bent over and pulled them off her feet over her work boots and then skimmed her shirt off so she was standing naked except for her boots.

“Damn Sandy!” Patty called. “You have turned into a real exhibitionist nympho lately. I bet you’d get naked on a busy city street if it meant you could get his dick in you.”

“Oh shush… You want it as much as I do. You’re just sore you didn’t get here first.”

“No fighting… or I keep him all to myself!” Tina said with a grin before she leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. “I’m going to start dinner. Why don’t you bilecik escort relax and enjoy yourself for a while?”

“You know I’ll do whatever you want.” I replied as I turned my face to kiss her back on the lips.

“Yeah.” She said with a giggle. “Especially if it means getting a good fucking from my sisters.”

“I guess it’s not a really hard imposition.” I replied.

“As long as it’s hard for me later!” she said, giving my bare ass a soft smack before she turned and walked toward the patio door.

“Well stud… Looks like you’re all mine for a while!” Sandy said, as she knelt down in front of me to finish pulling my underwear down. She pulled my shoes off and slipped my underwear and shorts over my feet and tossed them over her shoulder. She looked up at me with a grin and then slowly engulfed my dick with her hot mouth. In the last weeks she had gone from not wanting any guys to have sex with her, to having Patty teach her how to suck cock, which she learned she enjoyed, as well as getting my dick into her at any opportunity.

It was not unusual to see her walking around the kitchen with nothing on below the waist in the hope that, as she put it, “I would just walk up and stuff my fat dick into her pussy.” On a few occasions I had done just that, including one instance where she was bent over at the refrigerator when I came out from a shower. I really couldn’t resist the view and walked up behind her, stroking her exposed pussy. She quite simply told me to stuff it in her and not to tease her. To my surprise she was already sopping wet and came in a very few minutes. Only after that did I find out she had been watching Tina and I in the shower and frigged herself off before we got out.

I groaned quietly as she practiced her deep-throating on my dick.

“I think it’s more than ready to be in my hot pussy.” She said as she pulled her mouth from my saliva covered dick. She got up and pulled me by the dick, gently of course, toward a lounge chair. She pulled my shirt off before she laid me back on the lounge. I watched her huge tits hang and wiggle in front of my face as she straddled the chair, aiming her pussy at my dick and then bent at the waist slightly to help get things lined up. She sat down slowly, groaning in pleasure as my dick pressed up into her. “Oh yes.” She whispered as she began to ride up and down my shaft. “So good. “

Patty walked over and leaned down to kiss me where I lay, then stood back up and stripped naked, letting me watch her remove every piece of her clothing. She bent over and lowered her pussy to my face, where I helped guide her to my tongue, squeezing her firm bare ass on the way. I always enjoy pussy, but getting to eat pussy while I had another riding my dick always seemed to increase the pleasure of both parts. I went to work, working my tongue between her lips, spreading them wide and licking her moisture up along her slit to her hard nub. I allowed my tongue to slide slowly across it, before flicking it quickly several times with just the tip. I repeated this process several times, each time tasting more of Patty’s juices as she grew wetter. I had licked this particular pussy a number of times and I knew exactly what it took to hit her trigger. I zeroed in on the primary target and sucked her clit between my lips and gently squeezed it while rubbing the exposed tip with the tip of my tongue. As expected it didn’t take long before her whole body was shaking in pleasure. She pulled from my face and dropped to her knees, no longer able to hold her position crouched over me, and sat, panting and trembling near my head.

Sandy was still working my dick with her pussy, slowly sliding up and down at a pace she preferred. Over the last several weeks I had pretty much allowed her to pick her pace and opportunities as she got a lot more comfortable with getting screwed. I didn’t want to push too much for fear of turning her back off again, but that seemed to be less of a worry the last week or so as she became more demanding and much less tentative in her requests. Aside from essentially offering her pussy any time I wanted it by running around half naked, most evenings Tina and I would cuddle in front of the new 60 inch plasma, and Sandy would sit in one of the recliners mostly naked.

Tina seemed to like the way most nights I ended up with a hard-on, and seemed to enjoy having me buried inside her while we laid and watched TV. It was not at all unusual for us to do some slow fucking during commercial breaks, and by the end of the evening the up and down of my dick had me ready to blow a huge load. Tina seemed eager enough to share that with her sisters, as long as I got her off first of course. I had lost track of how many times she had jacked me off to shower her sisters with my cum, or had allowed them to take turns with either pussy or mouth until I came.

Sandy was nearly ready to go. I could see her head tilted back and her hair, tied in a pony-tail today, manisa escort swishing back and forth as she rocked her head with each stroke. I reached up and grasped her bouncing tits, squeezing her huge puffy nipples as I squeezed her tits. She gave a slight squeak at the increase in stimulation and picked her pace up. Before long she was bouncing heavily on my lap, making the whole chair bounce on the deck as my dick plunged deep into her, frequently banging against her cervix. She cried in pleasure as I squeezed her tits in time with her strokes. Just when I was sure I couldn’t hold on any longer, she slammed down and screamed that she was cumming, her whole body quaking and shaking. The spasming of her pussy milking my hard dick was enough to push me over the top and I jerked, spewing the first squirt of cum deep into her pussy, making her cry “OH YES!”

My body bucked and jerked with each pump of cum into her, filling her pussy with my hot cream while her whole body trembled. The two of us eased from our mutual orgasm together, with Sandy slowly lowering herself down until she was laying on me with her tits squished between us.

“God my sister is so fucking lucky!” she said, as she looked into my eyes. “If she wasn’t marrying you, I think I would be!”

“Yes, but he is marrying me!” Tina said as she walked out and put a tray of burgers on the table. “And in only two more days!”

“I know. Isn’t it wonderful?” Sandy asked as she sat back up to look at her sister. “I just don’t know what I am going to do when you finally get married. I’m going to lose this wonderful dick to ride on.”

“Maybe we’ll just add on another addition and move in!” Patty said from where she had laid back on the deck.

“Sounds nice, but I can’t afford any more. Hell I haven’t even seen the bill for the deck yet.” I replied to all of them.

“Who said you were paying for it?” Tina asked.

“Well, I just figured. I mean it is my house. I can’t keep asking you to foot the bill on improvements to my house.”

“Our house!” Tina said sharply. After standing there for a second she walked over and knelt down next to the chair. She leaned down and kissed me. “Look… Money is not an issue.” She said after breaking the kiss.

“I know you have some money. I mean hell, you work hard enough at your construction work, so you must be making something, but I feel bad that all your profits are going into the house.”

“Girls, I think it’s time he knows the truth.” Tina said.

“I agree.” Patty said quietly. “Might as well be before you get married.”

“What you’re all connected to the mob or something?” I asked jokingly.

“Not exactly. We each do what we want. Construction is how we make our money, but not on this piddly little job stuff. We just do this for fun. The company makes the real money, and as major stockholders we make enough to not worry about money.” Tina said.

“Ok, I give, what company and how much money?”

“Most guys are only after our money, which is why we’re not married yet.” Sandy said from where she was still sitting astride me. “Well, them anyway. Me?…you know that story.”

“Ok. What company and how much?” I repeated really not understanding exactly what they were talking about.

“You gotta promise one thing.” Tina said, leaning down toward my face. “You gotta promise not to let it change anything. I love you just the way you are. We fell in love without the money and I don’t want money to ruin what we have.”

I reached up and pulled her face down to mine, and kissed her softly. She returned the kiss, and more, quickly turning it into a sensuous kiss that started my dick growing again by the time we were done.

“Oh keep doing that!” Sandy said wiggling around on my lap. “I haven’t ever felt that before!”

“What’s that?” Patty asked from where she was laying.

“Someone getting hard inside me. It feels so erotic!”

“I promise. I don’t care if you’re broke or a millionaire.” I whispered to Tina. “Besides, who would want to mess up something like this?”

“Good point.” Tina said with a chuckle. “Ok here goes then. You know Carthage construction?”

“The big one up in the city? Sure. They were the general contractor on the stadium. You own part of it?” I asked.

“Um. Not exactly. It’s one of twelve construction companies we own around the country.”

I lifted myself up on my elbows to look at her. “You’re not serious!”

“Actually I am, but Carthage is one of the little ones. We own the company that owns them. Each of us girls owns ten percent. I make a bit over two mill a year right now, and when daddy dies, the three of us get to split his seventy percent. Conservative estimates figure we will have an individual income of around seven mil a year after taxes, assuming that the company doesn’t grow any more between now and then.”

“HOLY SHIT!” I said quietly as I dropped back on the chair. “No wonder guys are after your money!”

“Yep. mersin escort but you…you didn’t care. You were busy with your life and getting your house fixed. You didn’t know we had any money. You just thought we were working stiffs like you, which is really how we want it to be. Daddy is always after us to show up to stupid board meetings and such, but we like to build and we have fun doing it. When I met you and fell in love, I knew you didn’t know about the money, so what you felt was honest and true and was for me. When Patts came down she fell in love with the same things I did, and you seemed to care about her too. We talked all the time I was gone, and I knew everything that happened. I was afraid that after I got back you wouldn’t feel the same thing for me as when I left, but Patty assured me that you were screwing her and pining for me at the same time. That was when I knew that you were the one. You were the first man that seemed able to be in love with one of us and still deal with this weird sharing thing we do. So when you asked me to marry you, there was no way I was going to say no. Now you know about the money I’m afraid it will change everything.”

“You know what?” I asked her.


“You talk too much.” I answered as I pulled her face down to mine and kissed her again. We kissed softly for several minutes before I felt Sandy climb from my lap, allowing my once again hardening dick to slip from her. I felt more than saw her undressing Tina, causing us to break our embrace long enough to pull her shirt off. Tina climbed onto my lap and eased down onto my hard dick, leaning forward so we could continue the loving kiss we were sharing. She slowly eased her knees under her and used them as leverage to ride her pussy slowly up and down my shaft, never breaking the kiss that had clearly turned into making love with our mouths. Our tongues worked in and out of each other’s mouths, taking turns sucking each other’s tongues and allowing them to battle in a complex dance.

Tina slowly rode up and down my shaft, working her pussy closer and closer toward release. I slipped a hand between us and found her clit with my finger, allowing her stroking to work her clit against my finger. She ground her pussy down onto me with more force with each stroke. Her climax almost snuck up on her, causing her body to suddenly stiffen as she was coming down my shaft. I felt her pussy squeeze me as she breathed words I couldn’t hear or understand into my mouth. I stroked her clit with my finger, holding her climax as high as I could as long as I could. Slowly the tension flowed from her body and she relaxed down until she was laying flat on me, with my arms wrapped around her slim form.

“The money really doesn’t matter?” she finally asked when she could breathe again.

“I love YOU. I care for your sisters. Yes, it’s a bit strange getting shared like I do, but if it’s how you want things, who am I to complain. Now I find out you’re rich? What difference could it make? Besides make me not worry about money I mean.”

“God I love you!” she said, kissing me gently again.

“Good thing, since we’re getting married in a couple days.”

“Yeah… it is isn’t it?” she giggled.

“Now, how about some of that good food you cooked. I have a feeling your sisters aren’t going to leave us any if we don’t hurry up.”

“Ok.” She said with another giggle. “Let’s go, stud!”

She got up from my still hard dick and helped me up from the chair. I followed her over to the table and sat down across from Sandy and Patty, who were already digging into their hamburgers. Tina was as good a cook as she was good looking, and even hamburgers seemed like high class food. We fixed our burgers with all the trimmings, tomatoes, lettuce, and condiments. I was just about to take a big bite when I felt a foot in my lap. Patty grinned at me past her burger as she played with my hard dick with her foot. These girls were almost insatiable sometimes. It was always hard for me to tell if they wanted to be fucked or just play around.

Tina chuckled and shook her head as she took a big bite, a squirt of mayonnaise leaking out onto one of her tits.

“You gonna lick that off or you want me to?” Patty called.

“I think I’ll let my husband to be take care of it!” Tina answered, turning to me. I reached down and licked the glob of mayo from her tit and sucked her nipple while I was there, still a bit horny since I hadn’t cum while she was riding me.

“Ohhh looks like someone’s still horny!” Sandy said.

“Maybe.” I said as I took a bite. “What are you going to do about it?”

“Just wait till after dinner and I’ll show you.” She said with a devilish look.

“Well, you better let me get some food first. Besides, isn’t tonight the great unveiling?”

“Yep… that’s exactly what I’m talking about!” Sandy said with a grin.

The rest of the dinner went quietly, except of course the foot in my lap gently keeping me hard. After we finished, the girls all cleared the table, the view of their naked bodies wiggling around as they cleaned up kept me quite hard. If that wasn’t enough both Sandy and Patty made sure to bend over at every opportunity, real or imagined, to make sure I had a good view of their pussies in the view they knew I loved the best.

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