Straight Guys Can Fuck Ch. 3

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“Don’t light the house on fire, and no wild parties!” My dad told me, standing at the front door with a suit case slung over his shoulder. Next to him, each carrying another bag were my Mom, and Mr. and Mrs. Tamson, Ryan’s Mom and Dad. Ryan and I stood in front of them in my living room nodding our heads to their comments.

“All right then, Buh bye, see you Sunday.” My dad said, as I returned the good-bye, he was out the door. Next was my Mom, and then both of Ryan’s parents, and once all the farewells were given, they were all out the door and shutting it behind them, Ryan and I were alone.

It had been six months since our two families had taken a trip to Virginia beach, where Ryan had taught me a very valuable lesson. We hadn’t seen each other for more then a few minutes at a time since then, as we go to different schools. However since we were now 18, and finally deemed old enough to stay home alone for an entire weekend, here we were together at my house. Our parents take a winter trip to my cabin up north every year for a weekend. I usually am forced to stay at my grandparents house during this trip, while my older sisters got to stay at friends houses. My sisters were once again at their friends houses, and Ryan’s younger sister was at his aunts house, and his older one also at a friends house. Unlike other years however, our parents had decided we were finally old enough to stay alone, on the condition that we were together. So my straight friend, and experimental homosexual partner was sleeping over my house for the entire weekend.

I couldn’t be more excited about the weekend. If you don’t know from my last two adventures at Virginia beach, Ryan has been my long time best friend as a result of the friendship my parents and his parents have shared our entire lives. He’s also served as my gay fantasy in my otherwise heterosexual world for as long as I can remember. For years I’ve dreamed and lusted of his hot defined body, which as a result of the many sports he participated in, was much more muscular then mine, and as you’d know if you’ve been doing your homework, last summer, my fantasy came true when Ryan taught me that straight guys can fuck.

As we heard our parents pull away and honk twice as they flew up the street beginning their journey to my cabin on the lake, Ryan turned to me.

“So, What the Hell is up Cuz?” Ryan asked me in his city slang that I’ve come to expect from him. Since he lived in the city, and I lived in the suburbs around the city, we had a totally different way of speaking. He called me cuz a lot, because we’d grown up as close as cousins, even though we shared no relation.

“Uhh, not a whole hell of a lot.” I replied. Which was the truth, life had been nothing short of completely dull since summer came to an end and my senior year of High School started.

“Oh What the fuck!” Ryan exclaimed, catching me completely off guard as he stepped closer to me in the living room. He immediately dropped to his knees in front of me and reached to the fly of my jeans unbuttoning them and then unzipping them, causing them to drop to the floor.

In that split second I realized excitedly that Ryan had the same idea about this weekend as I had. We had an entire house to ourselves and as I had planned, it seemed he as well wanted to further test his theory that straight guys can fuck. Not only that, but that straight guys can fuck in any place.

I found myself standing there in my Adidas T-shirt and blue boxer shorts as Ryan sat on his knees before me. I let out a sigh as he jerked my boxers down to my ankles, letting my semi-hard member flop free.

“There’s what I’ve been waiting for since this summer!” He exclaimed taking my smooth meat in his hands, I felt as if pulses of electricity were shooting from my cock to the rest of my body as he rubbed my stiffening snake with in his hands. He cupped my dangling balls and let them roll in and between his left fingers as he began jerking my cock back and forth and twisting it from side to side. I moaned even louder.

I was rock hard now at my full six and a half inches. I felt weak in the knees as he continued his hand job, and realized I really might fall down. I backed up to my dads reclining chair, and with Ryan’s hands still groping and feeling my shaft and testicles, I fell into a sitting position in the lazy-boy. Ryan down on his knees in front of me, began jacking off my engorged prick with both hands at a blinding speed. I realized that we were alone in the house and let out a huge yell at the top of my lungs!

“OH GOD YES!!! JACK ME OFF YOU FUCKER!!!” I screamed, and then let out a grunt of pure pleasure as Ryan began to go even faster working my dick between his hands. Before I knew it my head was spinning and I was bucking my hips up and down in his grasp. Then spots flashed before my eyes as an intense feeling of pure untouched pleasure exploded in the form of a white liquid from my rigid member. My sperm poured from the tip of my penis all over both of Ryan’s hands. I let out a sigh of deep satisfaction xslot giriş and slumped over in the recliner as I watched Ryan lick up every drop of my cum from his hands.

“How’s that for the start of a weekend alone cuz?” Ryan asked licking up the last drop of my man juice from his hand.

“Oh fuck…” I panted out, looking in amazement at my hot stud of a friend. He smiled one of the boyish smirks I’ve come to know of him, and the look, coupled with the spot of semen that dribbled from the corner of his mouth turned me back on again. I decided I should pace myself for the weekend though, and reached down to pull back up my pants and boxers. Ryan’s hand knocked mine away from pulling them up.

“Oh no you don’t!” He demanded. I should have known my more athletic friend wouldn’t need a rest already. Instead he stood up, and unbuttoned his baggy jeans, and ripped them and his underwear off in one swift motion. He then pulled off his big baby blue North Carolina Tar Heels basketball jersey and stood before me in his nude splendor. His body was probably even more buff and tone then it was during our summer vacation. Every ripple flexed on his well defined body as he came towards me again.

“Suck me off now bitch!” He commanded, I was happy to comply. I stayed seated in the reclining chair as Ryan got up on it and, using the back of the chair to support himself with his hands, he stood spread eagle with both is feet on the arms of the plush reclining chair. His purple headed soldier stood at attention inches from my face, I let a long hot breath out onto the tip of his prick, he groaned. I let my tongue snake out from my mouth, and let it barely touch the tip of the his cock head, I twirled in around his piss hole, and he moaned.

“Jam it down your throat cuz!” He shouted and bucked his hips forward, the head of his man meat smacking off my closed lips. I Opened wide the second time and he shot forward again without mercy, I gagged and felt as if I were going to throw up for a second as his mammoth member, that as I’ve said could probably be near 8 inches, shot all the way into my mouth and hit off the back of my throat.

“Take it all in Mark, I know you want it down your throat!” He sneered, it only turned me on more. I began bobbing my head back and forth with my left hand cupping his big dangling balls. As my right hand stroked what portion of his dick wasn’t jammed in my mouth. As I continued the deep-throating of his cock I quickened the pace of the strokes on his cock, whipping Ryan into a frenzy he began humping forward wildly giving my mouth an intense fucking. Adding to all of this was the recliner rocking crazily back and forth, nearly causing Ryan to slip out of my mouth and tumbling backwards off the chair a few times. He held on tight though as I orally pleased his well endowed sex organ.

“Oh Shit!! Come on! Oh Shit!” Ryan muttered as he continued the rocking back and forth of his hips with the rocking of the chair. He began to do so with more and more force until his loose sack of testicles slapped noisily off my chin. “HERE I CUUUM” He began to scream slamming into my now aching oral passage with even more strength. Before he could live up to his proclamation however, The recliner was rocked back too far and tipped completely backwards. I was sent rolling backwards in a nude tumble with Ryan until we came to a stop on our backs half on top of each other.

“Holy shit!” I exclaimed catching my breath.

“Yeah…” Ryan panted. I then felt his hard on pressed against my leg. I reached down and wrapped my hand around his python. Twisting and jerking furiously at his shaft I felt Ryan quickly tighten in my grasp and heard him gasp.

“HERE WE GO!” He shouted, and then I felt his cock spasm with in my hand. Hot liquid hit my hand and leg. Ryan’s cock continued to jerk and twitch as more of his hot man juice squirted all over him and me.

We laid there naked and entangled for a moment panting and catching our breath.

“We need to clean ourselves up.” He explained. I agreed and stood up.

“Follow me.” I told him and padded off through the kitchen, he followed me in his muscular nude splendor to the back door leading out onto my enclosed back deck. As I slid the gliding glass door open I saw Ryan’s eyes light up. It had been a while since he had been over my house, and since then my family had gotten a jet tub.

“Holy shit cuz!” He said excitedly, I watched his tight ass bounce from behind as he rushed to the steaming water. He jumped in and settled into the hot water. I followed him in and reached over to the control panel on the tub, pressing a button causing a motor with in the tub to whirl to life. dozens of jets began to come alive with in the hot tub filling the water with bubbles making everything below the water invisible to us.

“This is sweet dude!” He stated, I agreed. As I had a split second to think about the weekend, and how it had just begun, Ryan was moving across the tub towards me again. This was going xslot to be the greatest weekend of my life I thought as Ryan pulled himself on top of me in the steamy bubbling water.

Our sex organs met down in the bubbling water and we both began to bump and grind our hips and lower bodies against each other, causing our penises to rub together, and causing an electric feeling in my crotch. Ryan brought his open mouth down to mine and I opened mine in acceptance letting his tongue enter my mouth, and mine enter his. We began exploring every inch of our orifices with our tongues as our sexes continued to rub together below the hot water. I felt myself begin to sweat profusely from the heat in the closed in deck area as Ryan and I continued to rub our bodies together and shove our tongues in each others mouths.

I began bumping and grinding more quickly as I felt myself building up towards a release again. Suddenly Ryan stopped the action and got up from on top of me.

“Turn around and bend over!” He demanded. I obeyed. I leaned off the side of the hot tub and stuck my ass up out of the water. I heard Ryan splash around a bit behind me in the water, and then felt two of his hands on my ass cheeks. He parted them quickly exposing my puckered anus to him.

I felt his hot breath on my asshole briefly before he buried his face in my ass and began eating out my ass hole, licking around it and then swiftly and suddenly darting into my asshole with it sending me into a frenzy.

“Fuck me now Tamson!” I demanded through clenched teeth. With my ass now moist I heard Ryan pull his body up out of the water, again parted my cheeks with one hand, and then I felt the head of his monster touch my hole. With his fuck pole in place Ryan gripped me around the waste and with extreme force pushed his slick shlong into my tight anal passage. I loosened myself for the first entry, but the pain was brief. After receiving the ass fucking I had on the beach from the huge black Police Officer in Virginia I was ready for anything to enter me, and actually found anal stimulation quite pleasurable.

“Ooooh yes I’m tight aren’t I Ryan?” I stammered

“Oh yeah your tight as fuck Cuz! Now shut up so I can fuck your brains out!” He exclaimed. Before I could reply he slammed his entire length into me with amazing force then banged me forward off the side of the tub. From then on he didn’t let up. As water splashed around us and up out of the tub Ryan began to buck like a wild bronco grunting with each inward thrust as I bounced back and forth in motion with his intense anal assault.

“Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck!” Ryan shouted over and over louder and louder as her rammed my ass harder and harder. Ryan’s hands left his tight grip on my waist to reach up and latch onto my shoulders. From this grip Ryan was able to jam me back down onto his ram rod just as he slammed his his dick forward, bringing us together with extreme power causing water to splash up everywhere as his balls slapped off my ass cheeks hard.

“SHiT yOU KNOw hoW TO taKE a FuCKiNg!” Ryan informed me in a shaky voice created by the intensity in which he was slamming into me in the hot tub.

“OoOOOOoH GoD YoU giVE a GreaT FuCKiNG!” I replied back to him equally as shaken as he continued to bombard my anal canal. But as he increased to blinding and violent speeds I was too caught up in a whirl of satisfaction and pleasure to even notice as my vision became clouded and my hearing impaired. Aside from the intense pleasure I was getting from the anal stimulation I was receiving from Ryan’s fucking, I was pressed up against the side of the jet tub, with my own cock sitting right in front of one of the jets that shot pulses of air out into the hot water, stimulating my sex organ and quickly throwing me over the edge. Ryan slammed deep with in me, and with his entire hunk of meat buried in me he stopped. I could feel his dick twitching wildly deep inside me and then liquid equally as hot as the water we were in flooded my insides in hard jet pulses. Meanwhile my own engorged prick went wild and I felt as if I were about to pass out as if I was being drained of my entire insides as let out a turret of my semen into the tub in one long hard stream from the most intense orgasm I had ever had.

It was only Friday night and the weekend was just beginning. After the hot tub, Ryan and I watched some TV, not bothering to put on any clothes. We watched a movie, and then played some video games for a long time, all in the nude.

When we finished playing video games, it had gotten late, so Ryan and I went up into my parents room and got into the bed naked together under the covers. We grind and rubbed our bodies together until we came all over each other. We fell asleep drenched in pools of our semen, I’d have to clean my parents sheets before the weekend was over but I didn’t care.

The next day we woke up and ate breakfast in the nude, me catching as many glances at his muscular body as I could. When we had finished our breakfast we took a shower together to wash off the dried cum from the night before. I washed Ryan first, soaping up my hands before rubbing his shoulders as his back was turned to me. I let my hands trail down, soaping his back, I then let my hands glide around to his rock hard abs. I traced my soapy hands up and massaged his solid pecks, and then brought them slowly back down past his belly button. My hands lowered until I was soaping up the brown patch of pubic hair at the base of his hardening cock. I then grabbed his cock with both hands and massaged the soap into it, squeezing and pulling at it, he quickly became erect, and with my soapy lubricant I jacked him off to ejaculation.

His cum floated harmlessly down the drain and then he began washing me. He masturbated me to my climax as well. As we let the steam flow around us and the water fall down onto us I told him “This is the greatest weekend ever!”

“Hell yeah cuz! Its so great you agreed with me that straight guys can do each other!” He exclaimed.

I agreed. We continued going about the day entertaining ourselves in my house alone, in our birthday suits. We made dinner, and after I had cleared the table I took one look at Ryan’s tight defined ass as his back was to me and he was washing the dishes. I came to Ryan from behind, my dick pressing against his closed ass cheeks as I kissed and sucked on his neck. He turned and pushed me back onto the kitchen table.

I lay down and he climbed up onto the table over top of me and we serviced each other orally sixty-nine style. I couldn’t contain the intense pleasure I was receiving from the fast paced mouth fucking he was giving my dick, and with a groan and moan of pleasure I shot my wad down his throat. He gagged a bit and I apologized.

“I know how you can say your sorry.” He informed me. He got off from on top of me, and kneeled in between my legs. Spreading them apart and resting them up on his broad shoulders Ryan entered me and assaulted my ass. When he had finished with me that way on the table. He pulled me over to the counter, where he sat up on it, with me sitting in his lap, slapping my ass and commanding me to bounce up and down. I obeyed, and sent Ryan exploding in an intense orgasm deep inside my not so tight anal cavity.

We continued the day with various taboo sex acts in various places in the house. That night I got a disheartening call from my oldest sister that threatened to ruin the rest of the weekend. The persons house holding the party that night, which my sister planned to attend, was no longer able to have their house used. My sister had offered our house, and warned me that she and her friends would be there at 8:00.

Ryan and I put on clothes for the first time since we both got completely naked yesterday afternoon. We cleaned up the house, and by 8:00 when my sister and her friends all arrived, we were ordered down into the basement, which as well as a game room, had been converted into my sisters bedroom after my two sisters got tired of sharing a room a few years ago.

We watched television laying on my sisters bed for a long while. When I looked over at Ryan after some time, I saw that daring look in his eye and I knew what he was thinking, and it turned me on.

“Your sister and her friends are partying upstairs.” He said.

“Well, yeah!” I replied even though none was needed, the music was blaring and could be heard from all the way down in the basement.

“So, why can’t we ‘party’ down here?” He asked devilishly.

“Well, who say’s we can’t-” I began to reply but Ryan had already crawled across the bed and tackled me down onto my back. He began kissing me on the neck and then looked me in the eyes.

“Fuck me in my asshole cuz!” He ordered. My eyes lit up with excitement. Up until this point in time that weekend, I had allowed Ryan to dominate my ass with his muscular body and large cock. Now he was ordering me to fuck him in that hot defined ass of his. How could I resist?

Uncommon of me, I took control overpowering Ryan and turning him onto his back. I ripped off his tank top and rubbed my hands over his pecks, squeezing his nipples. I bent over and nibbled on them, and then pulled my own shirt off.

Next I climbed off of him so I was next to him on my sisters bed and unbuttoned his baggy jeans. Pulling them down and off, he laid there in black boxer briefs that tightly outlined his fully engorged organ. I licked my lips, my own cock hard in my pants. I rubbed his cock briefly through his underwear then, again uncommon of me, I barked out an order.

“Turn over!” I stated. He smiled wickedly at me, and did as I said. with him on his stomach, I pulled off his tight underwear and looked down at his hard ass. Parting his cheeks, I bent over and lightly licked up and down the crack, Ryan shuttering under me.

I then let my tongue find his puckered hole. Once there I licked around it a few times, pulled back a bit and spit on it, and then buried my tongue into it. He tasted wonderful as I let my tongue explore his hot insides. I pulled free finally, and took off my pants and underwear quickly, my cock already completely hard, I spit in my hand, rubbed it into my organ and pulled Ryan up onto his hands and knees on the bed.

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