Straight Man at a Gloryhole

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Big Dicks

Well into my thirties with a family, I never had much desire to visit an adult store before. Maybe it was because I never had anyone to go with or tell me what to buy. My sex life was good but as always, it could be better. We had three kids and it was hard to find time, or it was always rushed. Nothing like when we were first married and had the rush of that feeling.

While we had both gotten older, we were still in good shape. I was about 5’7, 160 lbs with an athletic body. I still kept up at the gym. I had nice short chest hair which only added to stares from women when we’d go to a beach or pool and I had my shirt off. It was nice to know that other women found me attractive, but I loved my wife and would not want to be with another woman.

She even knew our sex life was in a bit of a rut currently and even suggested I go out and find something for her to wear, or some type of toy for us to use. I’m not one for toys but I was happy to see she wanted to spice it up. Which led me to seeking out this little hidden toy shop about 30 minutes from our house.

I parked on the side with a few other cars, and made my way in. The small shop was dimly lit but i could easily see around. A few aisles of toys and clothes. Displays in the front and the cashier on the left surrounded by a rather large barrier. He looked to be sitting high up like at a pharmacy. I assume to watch people in the store.

“Hey there,” he said with a nod. I just nodded back and he went back to watching his phone.

At least he wasn’t a bother like some people in stores. Maybe he could tell I was a first timer, I thought. Either way, I slowly made my way through the store. I looked at some videos and clothes until I finally found some plugs. It was a set for 4, each one getting bigger. I’ve seen some pornstars use them before and thought maybe my wife could wear them. I picked them up and kept browsing. There was a section with dildos and strap-ons.

“Dam that’s big,” I said quietly. I thought mine was big at 7.5″ but this had to be a few inches bigger. I wasn’t sure how I would feel using a dildo on my wife so i stuck with the plugs and went to pay.

“First time?” The cashier asked.

“Yea,” I nodded.

“I can always tell,” he said with a laugh. “But we don’t bother you here. Only if you give us a holler.” He seemed nice and glad he wasn’t giving him any shit about the toys. Just then, another man walked in. He had a cap on but nodded to the cashier. He nodded back and just straight into a back room.

“Shift change?”

“Nah. He doesn’t work here. He wont be here for long.” The cashier said. I was about to istanbul travesti ask what he meant when it hit me. They probably had some type of video booths in the back. I had always seen and read about them but never got to actually be in one before.

“Oh, I didn’t know those were here…” Not sure what I wanted to do. It was intriguing to me. The amateur videos were always so hard to see but I enjoyed the realistic nature of it.

“Here, why don’t you go check it out,” the cashier said handing mew a few bills. “First time is on me. Ill keep this here for you.” He took the bag of plugs and pulled them toward himself.

“Thanks,” I said grabbing the bills. I guess theres not reason to check it out now. I turned and walked toward the doorway, hidden by a black cloth. Inside, it was even darker. I could make out booths and doors as my eyes finally adjusted. I could hear moaning of women and men from some of the rooms. Probably the videos, I assumed. Next to some booths were men just standing.

It was a little intimidating but I took my time. There were men all ages. Some in shape like myself, others with a very clear belly. I wasn’t sure if it mattered but i finally went into one room and closed the door behind me. It was a tight fit. Just enough room to sit on a chair and have a video screen. I put in the dollar and the moaning of women came through the speakers.

The women were hot and I could feel my cock getting hard. I took out my cock and slowly began stroking. It was nice not having to hide or lower the sounds with anyone around. After a minute, I could hear a door closing on the other side of the wall. That’s when I noticed the hole. Someone had joined the other side to watch me stoke my meat. I wasn’t as nervous as I thought. In fact, it was quite a turn on.

I could partially see his face as the man began to watch me.

“Mmm daddy has a nice cock,” he said. That’s when i knew it was the young guy from the hallway. He must have been early 20s, in good shape and about the same height as me but with a slim body.

“Thanks,” I said. I wasn’t sure what else to do so I turned to give him a better view of my growing member. From the glow of the screen I could see him lick his lips. One of his hands moved down and it looked like he began to touch himself. I couldn’t believe what i was doing right now. Jerking off in front of another guy, some college kid. It was only turning me on more.

“Is daddy going to let me take care of him?” A couple of fingers and his tongue were sticking through the hole. Did he want to suck blow me? It was intriguing but I had never done anything istanbul travestileri like this with another man. And I was married! To my beautiful wife. I had to make a decision then and there to leave and not move forward or to let this guy take me in his mouth.

I got up and slowly moved toward the wall. He reached out and grabbed my shaft and pulled me closer. As I bumped into the wall, I could feel his warm mouth around the tip of my cock. At first I felt horrible for doing this. This wasnt me. This isn’t what I wanted to do. Yet, that all washed away as he took my cock deeper and deeper in his mouth.

“Oh my god,” I exclaimed. He was amazing.

“Mmm, daddy likes how I suck his big cock?”

“Oh yes. My wife has never sucked it like that before.” I didnt mean to give out so much information but it was true. She enjoyed sex but she wasn’t the best at giving head. This guy was on a whole other level.

His lips and tongue worked the head and shaft. I could feel it getting wet. His hands gently rubbed my balls, working my cum out bit by bit.

“Give me your cum daddy,” he begged. Not wanting to hold back any longer or disappoint him, I began to shoot my warm seed down his throat. Rope after rope being deposited into this unknown college kids mouth. He slowly released my cock from his mouth, licking up every drop there was.

“Thank you daddy. Hope I see you again soon,” he said blowing a kiss to me. I feel back into the chair on my side, my dick still dripping from his saliva. I sat there not believing what just happened as I heard him leave his side of the hole. What an incredible blowjob that was.

As I kept replaying what had just happened in my head, someone else had taken the young mans spot in the next room. Was he here to suck me off also? I wasnt sure if I had any cum left. I knelt down and peered through the hole this time to see who he was.

He looked to be about my age. A bit taller, dark hair and beard with a bit of a belly. I saw him unzip his pants and watched as a very hairy and meaty cock fell out. Even flaccid, it was very impressive. The man moved closer to the hole and started to push through.

Did he think I was going to suck it? I had never done that before and never given it any thought. Sure, I had just gotten head from a guy but that was the closest thing to being gay I had ever done. Maybe I could just tell him no…

“You trying to suck this cock or what?” He whispered aggressively. I wasn’t sure what to say. Could I say no? Im sure he would understand. I opened my mouth to tell him but something about looking at this cock in front of me travesti istanbul made me curious.

I was here after all, doing things I had never done before. Why stop now? I moved closer and grabbed it with one hand. I heard him give a pleasing moan, knowing that I was about to begin. My heart raced and hand shook as I moved my mouth closer.

I opened up and began doing what the college kid had done to me. I had never sucked a cock before and now I was thinking about making sure I was doing it right. I bobbed my head up and down slowly to get used to it. I knew I was doing something right as I felt it grow in my mouth.

“Work those balls baby,” he instructed. I did as I was told and began to gently rub his hairy balls. I took his cock out of my mouth and began to suck on them one by one. There was an aroma around them that never experienced before. It was a musty smell but intoxicating. As I kept sucking and licking his hairy sack, I made sure to keep stroking his meaty member.

“Yea baby, work the cock. I need to cum tonight bad.” I knew what that was like. I felt obligated now to please this complete stranger and help him just like I had been helped. I returned my focus back to his shaft. This time, I went a bit faster.

“now you’re getting into it. Fuck that feels good.” It made me feel good that this guy was enjoying the blowjob I was giving him. It turned me on so much, I began stroking my own cock at the same time.

There I was, kneeling in some booth, stroking my own cock with a strangers dick in my mouth. I was almost able to cum again. Never had I been able to reload so fast before.

I wanted to experience tasting cum that I let him know I wanted it.

“Give me that cum. Shoot it down my throat,” I demanded. This must have made him go over the edge because I could hear a little knock on the wall. I now know that meant he was going to shoot him made juice into me.

It took my by surprise the force that it shot out. The first hit my throat and began to drip into my stomach. Pump after pump more came, and I was unable to catch it all. Some went on my face, and dripped down onto my shirt. I didn’t care. I scooped it with my hand and tried to save as much as I could. At the same time, I shot another one of my loads on the wall, the excitement was too much for me to hold in.

“Thanks baby,” he said as he began to button up. I sat there for a moment taking in everything that just happened. I came here to get a few toys for me and my wife to enjoy and instead I got and gave my first blowjobs from men. I felt guilty for what I did but not sorry that it happened.

I finally dressed up, grabbed my bag of plugs and made my way to the front of the store.

The cashier was still there staring at his phone. He noticed my little mess and gave me a smile.

“Hope you enjoyed yourself. Maybe you’ll visit again.”

Oh, I know I will.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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